got my mom's presents in the mail today that jack has to open

black-throatedblue  asked:

Or Outlaw Believer + 26. You know how I feel about Outlaw Believer, lol.

Number twenty-six: I got you a present

Post season four. A delicate blend of knotty and fluff, just the way you like it, Jay. Sorry this took so long! 

Huge thanks to lillie-grey for the beta <3

Henry lopes down the stairs, swinging himself forward using the banister. They’re fighting again. Mom and Robin. To their credit, they’ve gotten better about hiding it from him and Roland, but he can tell when the bowstring of his mother’s temper pulls taut. She’s taken to locking herself in her study after their quarrels to cool off. Before, she’d retire to the vault, but a few weeks ago Emma ambushed her there in the middle of the night, wanting to pick a fight. Morning broke with one of his mothers concussed on the beach and the other streaking a highway of fire into the woods.

(She doesn’t go out at night unless she has to now, and no one’s seen Emma since, but he doesn’t think about that now).

He stops in front of the study door, rapping a gentle rhythm with his knuckles.

Are you ok?

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