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asoiaf & got characters // pt. IV - Rhaenys Targaryen (daughter of Rhaegar & Elia)

“Rhaenys was a child too. Prince Rhaegar’s daughter. A precious little thing, younger than your girls. She had a small black kitten she called Balerion. […] Ser Amory was almost as bestial with Rhaenys. I asked him afterward why it had required half a hundred thrusts to kill a girl of… two? Three? He said she’d kicked him and would not stop screaming. If Lorch had half the wits the gods gave a turnip, he would have calmed her with a few sweet words and used a soft silk pillow. […] “Rhaenys was a little girl, Aegon a babe in arms. When Tywin Lannister took King’s Landing, his men killed both of them. He served the bloody bodies up in crimson cloaks, a gift for the new king. And what did Robert say when he saw them? Did he smile?”

“If one day… you have someone that you like please tell me. Alright?”

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Jon & Sansa parallels 6/∞ : Faith

Jon could not find in him to pray to any gods, old or new. If they were real, he thought, they were as cruel and implacable as winter.” - Jon, A Game Of Thrones

“Stannis vowed to burn the grand sept of Baelor too, if he takes the city.” “Let him. […] I want it burned.” “Hush, child, the gods will hear you.” “Why should they ? They never hear my prayers.” - Sansa, A Clash Of Kings


Modern AU, Runaway AU

Gray began to erase Sansa’s vision, blurring it, then suddenly bursts of white exploded behind her eyes as her head hit the glass behind. She couldn’t afford to pay it any mind, too focused on trying to breathe, lungs desperately pulling against the barrier of the hands around her neck, windpipe crushed in a cruel grip. She should never have gotten in the car. She’d thought, foolishly, that she could talk to him, resolve things, settle them once and for all. He’d had the same idea, apparently, but a much different outcome in mind. Girls didn’t dump Joffrey Baratheon, he’d informed her before lunging for her throat; he decided when he was done with them. And he’d decided he wasn’t done with her. Now she was going to die for her stupidity–

the pact of ice and fire

The dragons are about to dance again, so another pact is to be made, to be sealed and last

It will bring the Dawn and set a fire to light away the Long Night’s darkness

No men can stop these two souls from meeting in a mist of love and hate

Theirs is the song of ice and fire,

 and to their hearts belongs the world’s fate

Jon & Sansa parallels 7/∞ : The Pomegranate

And commanding them would be red-faced Bowen Marsh, the plump Lord Steward who had been made castellan in Lord Mormont’s absence. Dolorous Edd sometimes called Marsh, “the Old Pomegranate, which fit him just as well as "the Old Bear” fit Mormont. “He’s the man you want in front when the foes are in the field,” Edd would say in his usual dour voice. “He’ll count them right up for you. A regular demon for counting, that one.”Jon, A Storm Of Swords

Petyr cut a pomegranate in two with his dagger, offering half to Sansa. “You should try and eat, my Lady.” “Thank you, my Lord.” Pomegranate seeds were so messy ; Sansa chose a pear instead, and took a small delicate bite.” - Sansa, A Storm Of Swords