got my brother the dvd today and look what was in the end credits

Request: Infinite

Request: Heyo! Can you please do an imagine where the reader and Dean really like each other, and they spend a night watching a movie (Perks of being a wallflower maybe? Your choice) and then the movie ends, and they dance to No.1 Party Anthem by Arctic Monkeys? Just really cute and fluffy:) Thanks!

Word Count: 734

Here it is, I hope you like it. I haven’t seen Perks, but I’ve read the book and I sorta skipped past any details so this should be spoiler-free. Thanks!<3

“Oh, come on.” You look up at him with puppy dog eyes (you know fine well he can’t resist). “You chose the movie last time. And the time before that. And the time before that!”

Dean rolls his eyes, “My movie taste is immaculate and you love it.”

“Doesn’t mean I don’t want to choose myself, once in a while! Come on, pretty please?”

“Fine. Fine. No chick-flicks!” He warns, and you grin widely.

“Would I?”


Ten minutes later, you’ve situated yourself on the couch, snacks littering the area around you, from popcorn to chocolate. Your sorta-regular movie nights with the elder Winchester leave nothing to be desired.

Alright, maybe one thing… see, since you met up with the brothers during a somewhat disastrous hunt in the middle of Montana, trying to get rid of a pack of wolves on your own, you struck up this friendship with Dean. And even since not long after that, you’d hoped it would evolve to become something more than just that, but so far, no dice.

“So, what are you forcing me to watch?” Dean asks, and you roll your eyes.

“Don’t be silly, you’ll like it. If you don’t… I’ll do dish duty for two weeks.” You bet, and his eyes widen.

“That’s some confidence you got there. Come on, then, let’s see.”

You press the button and the menu for Perks of Being a Wallflower pops up. Almost immediately, Dean groans and covers his face with his hands.

“What did I say about chick flicks?”

“It’s not a freaking chick flick!” You say, “It’s a good film. Better book, but whatever.”

“You can’t make me watch a chick flick.”

“I’m not making you watch a chick flick! Come on, remember the dish deal? I’m sure you’ll like it. Not a chick flick.” You remind him. He groans again, then nods.

“Fine. Alright. Whatever. I’m holding you to the deal, though.”


As the credits roll, you wipe at your eyes (you’re not the crying type, staring death in the face every other day, but films like this often leave you rather wistful) and upon looking over at Dean, find him smiling slightly.

After a moment of watching the words scroll down the screen, he turns to you.


“It wasn’t terrible.”

“You loved it!” You say indignantly. When he shrugs, you raise an eyebrow, “Don’t you lie to me, Dean Winchester.”

“It had a nice message, I guess. A little screwy around the edges, but sure.” When you look at him expectantly, he laughs, “Fine. I liked it. I was wrong to say it was a silly chick flick and I should have more trust in your film-choosing ability.”

You grin victoriously, tossing a piece of popcorn into the air and deftly catching it in your mouth, “I’m not going to tell you I told you so.”

“You just did.”

“Oh?” You grin, running a hand through your hair, “I didn’t notice.”


When you flick the DVD player off, the TV’s been left on a music channel which is currently playing No. 1 Party Anthem by the Arctic Monkeys, which just so happens to be one of your favourite songs. You jump up as soon as you hear the familiar tune, dragging Dean with you.

“Dance with meeee!” You demand, and he laughs.

“I don’t dance.” He says tonelessly, but you let out a whine.

“Pleeeeeease? You’re being boring today.”

He rolls his eyes, “I am not boring.”

“Prove it.”

“Fine.” He takes your hands in his and spins you around dizzyingly, sending you into giggles. The familiar tune filters through the room and you dance together, just being silly. Sometimes you spin together, then you boogie about like no-one’s watching (because they aren’t) and you just laugh your way through the song.

As it ends, the notes fading away to silence, he pulls you in close to him. You’re both breathing heavily, having just spent the past few minutes leaping around, but your eyes are full of energy as you gaze at each other.

He leans down, just barely brushing his lips against yours. You smile slightly as he pulls away, looping your arms around his neck and kissing him again, deeper this time. Automatically, his arms tighten around your waist, pulling you flush to him. He smiles, lips curling up against yours.

Suddenly, you understand what it is to feel infinite.