got more tattoos

Unknown: (grab his nose or boop it?)

Yoosung: What are you d– oh!

definitely boop it

uh from what we’ve seen from the lyrics it seems to me more like he’s comparing who they were before like he’s saying louis’ still got same red lips and same blue eyes, he’s got couple more tattoos than when they started, they still wear the old white tshirt but it’s not the two of them, because things change and they grew up, he cant touch what he sees - he literally wrote it around the time they stopped publicly interacting whatsoever and the hiding of what they felt went full on, i think the same part goes with the we’re not who we used to be, because they have to hide and so they’re not themselves on the outside, just two ghosts of what they used to be WOW 


i still can’t believe this actually happened.

mikey @gerardisnotcis and i met at the fiatp show in stuttgart in february and got talking about pencey prep and i told them the story of how they came to be my first proper favourite band and also how much this album means to me and i may or may not have cried a bit over mikey’s copy. so fast forward a few days and actual angel in human form mikey decides to buy a copy for me.

thank you so much, i can’t even put in words how much this means to me just thank you!


So this is a somewhat serious topic (also TW for periods and stuff):

for the past year (as far as I can remember at least), I’ve been having excruciating abdominal pains during the night. There’s no schedule, no pattern, to tell me when the episodes hit. The pain is hard to describe, the best things I can compare it to, is a mixture of period cramps and constipation. It comes in waves and can keep me up for hours. I’ve found that taking 2 ibuprofen and a Gravol ward it off and let me pass out long enough to get some sleep, but obviously this shouldn’t be a long-term solution. I’m probably killing my liver with all these drugs lol.

I’ve seen a doctor, got my blood tested, got an ultrasound, and nothing shows any abnormal results. When I first started experiencing these pains, I remember looking it up to try and find answers. There seemed to be a number of other trans guys on testosterone who were experiencing the same pains, but no one had a definitive answer as to what caused them and how to fix them.

I’ve only recently discovered more conversation about these pains. I found an interesting article that stated it is recommended to get your uterus and such removed after several years on testosterone. This is the article if anyone’s interested in reading it.

While I’m happy that there is a potential solution, and I want these pains to stop, I really don’t want to go in for another surgery. I haven’t experiences any extreme dysphoria since getting top surgery. My reproductive organs haven’t really bothered me mentally, so it hasn’t been a pressing matter to get them removed. Sigh. I don’t know what to do.

I try really hard to just sort through the submissions and keep my mouth shut so that this blog will be about tattoo imagery and only tattoo imagery because I know that’s why you’re all following it. And I’d rather just be that silent entity working behind the scenes; it’s less work for me. But, y’all, there is a limit to the amount of poorly-drawn, hypersexualized, racist nonsense I can put up with in one submission without my head exploding, and some of y’all are pushing it today. Please stop this.

Ok, I’m going to back to what I was doing.. Thanks for your time.


i tried imagining what Eren’s tattoos might look like in Kings Upon the Main and it got sorta out of hand 

BTS Reaction to their GF Having A Lot of Tattoos

“BTS reaction to their GF having a lot of tattoos? Like tough appearance but super cute personality (Like what you did with the exo bf but bts gf ya know) thank you I love your blog 💕💕💕” 


I think Namjoon would find a girl with many tattoos very sexy. And with her cute ass personality he would find her even sexier! He would always like to ask about her tattoos and wonder if she would be getting any more.

“Bring your sexy cute ass over here”

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Seokjin would sometimes worry over the amount of tattoos she had, but most of the time he would just think she was very artistic. He would love when she mindlessly traced over them out of habit. When the two were alone he would always stare at them and then wonder why he was so crazy in love with her.  

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I think that just like Namjoon, Yoongi would find the tattoos sexy as hell. He would love the fact that each tattoo held a memory that was special to you. Sometimes he would draw you little designs that you would like to get tattooed on you. Even when his GF got more tattoos he would be so encouraging and enthusiastic!

“Yes baby, you should get the tattoo that I drew for you!”

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When Hoseok and you were in public he would always be a tease about your tattoos. He didn’t really care about your tattoos, he just cared about you. He had to admit that at first your tattoos threw him off at first, but as he got to know you he was intrigued at your personality. But he did find them very interesting. Sometimes he would get caught staring at his favorite one then laugh cutely when you ask him what he was staring at. 

“Awh, your tattoos are very cute!”

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Jimin would find you confusing. He would constantly question, “Is she cute or is she sexy?!” When he held her in his arms he would always lightly trace over her tattoos in absent minded affection. Jimin would praise you whenever you got a new tattoo because he always thought that it would hurt really bad.

“You are so confusing I swear, like am I supposed to pinch your cheeks or slap your ass?!”

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Taehyung would absolutely ADORE your personality and your tattoos. He would always brag about you looking “cool” to the other members. With Taehyung, I think he would always ask about the story behind your tattoo. He would gush and drool over your cute sexiness. 

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Jungkook would love you and your tattoos to pieces. Sometimes he would be cute about your tattoos and other times he would be really kinky with them. Your personality contrasted to your looks and he absolutely adored how you were so cute and fluffy on the inside, but looked like you could kick some serious ass on the outside.

“Awh your tattoos are so cute and artistic!”

“I can’t wait to get home so I can trace those tattoos of yours, with my tongue.”

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Ah, this was so fun to make! I’m yelling!

-Admin Lia

some random Sirius Black headcanons that just occured to me:

  • he is really into Ancient Runes. nobody really understands why he picked in in Year 3 (some think he did it to impress some girl. they’re dead wrong of course) and nobody knows why he’s so friggin’ good at it, because for once, Remus can’t do his homework for him. 
  • the truth is: Sirius is a total nerd for runes. why? because it’s wild, unbound magic in its purest form - you can’t learn this kind of magic by theory, not by practicing a lot, you just have to feel it
  • and Sirius is so there for magic that’s as instinctive and impulsive as that
  • that being said, Sirius probably has ADHD. We all know he’s smart af, but we also know that he’s impossible when it comes to homework and paying attention in class and all that. only what really sparks his interest gets him to go into hyperfocus. Ancient Runes is just one of those things. Making up elaborate pranks is another.
  • (he’s also really into rune poetry, but no one can ever find out. No one.)
  • if you don’t agree with me on all this, then please explain all the runes on Sirius’s body, and the ones on his wand
  • thank you for your time
  • my thanks, as always, goes out to @thegingerhalf whose patience for my ramblings is incredible
The Colour of Love

Request: Hi! Could you do an imagine where Marauders are speending their first holidays after school and Lily and Reader say they would go ice skating but Sirius is terribe and she helps him and they spend the rest of the day together and she paints his tattoos with colouring pens please???? 💓💕

Since the nice and carefree Hogwarts years comes to an end, you couldn’t spend so much time with your friends than before. Of course it wasn’t so easy just split you apart; even if you all had jobs or further studies and trainings, you still found a way to devote time for each other. The boys shared an apartment and Lily practically lived with James anyway – but you knew it’s just a matter of time now before they will move together.

But even if you met almost every day, you still missed those little moments you had during school, things you could only have if you lived together. Like knowing every little thing about the other, if they had a problem and need a cheer up or a shoulder to cry on – you were there for each other immediately. Or randomly fall asleep at the marauders’ dormitory, knowing they were mocking at you but waking up and seeing there’s a blanket over you. Studying together which always turned into never ending talks, which talks were about everything but your studies. Or, in a lot of cases, them pulling you in one of their pranks.

It wasn’t even a question you’ll spend the holidays together. On Christmas Eve you just eat and drink and talk a lot; it was long past midnight when you finally fell asleep – all of you in the boys’ living room. The first thing you felt your aching neck, as you slept through the night in a half sitting, half lying position, leaning on Sirius’ chest. Your heart leapt when you looked up at the boy who was still sound asleep, with one of his hand lazily around you. Because you spent seven years together and you haven’t realized your feelings for him. You couldn’t tell when it started, you just noticed that incredible amount of happiness you felt when you first saw him after you haven’t seen each other for more than a week. You missed your other friends too, but it was something else, something more; something that made your chest burn and your mind racing, causing you smiling so much you could not stop, flushing and feeling everything’s hot around you, even Sirius’ cold hands as he touched you.

But several months passed and you still had no idea what you should do with these feelings. He was your best friend. One part of you wanted to tell him your feelings, hoping he’d feel the same, but the other part of you were scared to ruin your relationship forever. So you just wait, maybe these feelings will just go away. But in fact, they just became stronger.

It was Boxing Day and you exchanged presents – as always, the guys could surprise you with something that was also useful and funny. You spent the whole morning there, in your pajamas, still talking and eating way too much sweets.

Only after lunch you came up with the idea. – “We should go ice skating.”

“Yes!” – Lily yelled immediately, her eyes sparkled up. – “I haven’t done it in years.”

Both of you stood up quickly, discussing where would be the best place while you disappeared in the bathroom, changing your clothes at last. There was a nice outdoor rink nearby, so you went on foot; the weather wasn’t so cold and it was snowing so you wanted to walk a little. You went between Remus and Peter, Lily and James in front of you with Sirius, but you could tell something wasn’t right with him – he was too quiet. Taking two big steps you reached your hand out, grabbing Sirius’ arm and pulling him a little away from the others, walking behind them.

“What’s up with you?”

He shrugged and looked at you like he didn’t know what you were talking about. “Nothing.”

Closing your eyes, you let out a big sigh. “Listen, you can lie to me if you want, but I know something is bothering you. And you know I won’t stop asking until you tell me, so…”

But he didn’t want to tell you, no matter how nicely you asked or pleaded, until you reached the edge of the rink. The other were already take on their shoes, slowly slipping on the ice.

“Okay, I only ice skated once. I was seven, and the whole thing ended in blood. And tears.”

As he finished, you stopped dead with a pair of skates in your hands, looking at him with raised eyebrows, but then narrowed your eyes. “You’re a whiny baby.” – And before he could’ve respond anything, you continued. – “Take these on.”

Finding a smaller ones for yourself, you plopped down on a bench, and he followed, but just standing in front of you. “What do you mean I’m a whiny baby?” – He asked in a sulky voice.

“I mean you had a bad memory and you refuse to try it again. You’re not seven anymore.” – You stood up, clinging on him. – “Well, sometimes you are.”


“Take them on.” – You cut him off, speaking in a low voice and looking into his eyes. – “I’ll help you.”

He huffed but sat down on a bench, following you on the rink a minute later. Before you stepped on the ice, you grabbed his hand – you had no gloves on and you could feel the same heat again, even if both of your fingers were numbed with the cold. He was constantly looking at his feet, taking baby steps which made you smile.

“Don’t laugh.” – He warned, still staring down.

“I’m not.” – You said with an innocent voice before you turned face to face with him, grabbing his other hand too. Slowly, you started to going backwards, pulling him with yourself. You gave him instructions, how he should move his legs and hold his body until you fastened your pace, and he got some more self-confidence too.

“That’s really not so hard at all. Don’t let me go!” – He added quickly, right before James slipped next to you so hard you lost your balance and fell off to, pulling Sirius with yourself too.

“Sorry!” – Prongs said but jumped up and was in the middle of the rink before you could even move yourself.

Sirius sat up and leaned above you, his face concerned. “Are you okay?”

But you just laughed. “Sure, I had worse.”

He sighed and shook his head. “That’s terrible. Can’t we just use some magic?”

“Sirius, this place full of muggles.” – You stood up and reached out your hand, helping him.  – “See that kid over there?” – You pointed at a little boy who was no more than six, but acted on the ice like a professional. – “He’s pretty good.”

“I hate you.”

“Oh, do you?” – You turned to him again, but now you let go of his hands.

“No, Y/N, come back!” – He shouted but with a muffled voice, hands reached but you weren’t close enough to him. You suffered with him for another half an hour, until both of you fell off too many times and had enough bruises for the rest of the year. But the others still wanted to stay – or maybe just because they wanted you to stay alone for little while.

“At least tell me it wasn’t so bad.” – You grinned, walking throughout a park.

“It was.”

“You just saying that because first time there’s something you can’t do perfectly.”

“So you think I can do anything else perfectly? Thanks, Y/N.” – He said proudly, causing you to roll your eyes; and in the next moment, you found yourself on the ground, snow covering you everywhere with Sirius on top of you, smearing snow all over your face. It tickled and caused you to laugh too hard; your stomach started to hurt but he didn’t stop, until your laugh disappeared and he was scared, so he stopped. – “Are you okay? Did I hurt you?”

You covered your face with your hand, acting like you’d start to cry in any moment – before you pushed him down, so suddenly he was completely surprised.

“That wasn’t nice! That was NOT NICE!” – He tried to speak while you do the same with him, laughing even harder than before, until he grasped your wrists, and you collapsed next to him in the snowy ground, still laughing. You still tried to catch your breath when Sirius jumped up and helped you too. “Now come on, or you’ll get cold.”

And he was probably right – the weather was really cold now, wind was blowing, and the melted snow in your clothes and hair just made it worse. You decided to go to your apartment, since it was just around the corner.

Sirius immediately pointed his wand at your fireplace, making the room warmed up instantly. He took off his shirt while you disappeared in your bedroom, changing your wet clothes into dry ones.

“So how is that you could change your clothes and I can’t?” – He asked while you made hot chocolate in the kitchen.

“Well, I have clothes. You don’t. Sorry.” – You grinned but bit your lip, handing a mug to him and sitting down on the fluffy rug in front of the fireplace.

He raised an eyebrow. “I think you just really wanted to see me without shirt.”

You took another sip. “Sure, Sirius. Your naked chest is the center of my world.”

You spent a couple of hours with doing nothing, just talking, until it was completely dark outside and your living room was just dimly lit too. Both of you were tired and a little sleepy; he rested his back against the couch and you pressed your head on his shoulder.

Suddenly, your eyes found a little counter at the top of the desk near to you, full of colouring pencils that you all take out. His eyes were closed, but when you started to colouring the runes on his left arm, he looked down at you, starting to speak slowly “What the hell are you doing?”

“I was bored.” – You said, painting the moon on his skin. He got more tattoos in the last few months, though he already had some when you were still at Hogwarts. He was never thinking much about it; if he liked an idea he decided he needs that on his skin, like the tiny representation of the giant squid behind his left knee or the motorcycling dog on his lower back. But he also had some more meaningful images on him, each portraying his friends some way.

He watched you in silence for long minutes, until he had a really colourful deer on his side. - “You’re worse than a child.” – He mumbled, but you could hear the smile behind his words.

“Shut up.”

Leaning closer, you started to colour a symbol right under his collar bone, wondering what does it mean, but when you raised your head up to ask he was closer than you thought, and you froze, staring into his grey eyes before your gaze slipped down on his lips, and he closed the tiny gap between you.

It was so slow and deep and intense, the pink pencil fell out from your hand and he smiled onto the kiss as your hand lost in his hair at the back of his head. An almost trembling breath escaped your mouth after he pulled away, though there were still just inches between you.

“Good to know you’re a better kisser than an ice-skater.” – You whispered, causing him to growl and pulling you on himself for another kiss.


anonymous asked:

can you describe all of bittys tattoos and piercings? im speciically curious about the roman numerals and whether he has a dick piercing the public needs to know

omg would bitty have a prince albert??? the world may never know.

ok so the roman numerals are 6.26.15, the date gay marriage was legalized in the US (there’s a version floating around that says 6.30.12, because it was a placemarker i forgot to edit but i fixed it on the original post. me at 1am: ok 6 is vi, easy. 26 is x…x…? v? or vx…just put an x ill fix it later. ok 15….uh….). 

ok so my idea is lardo and bits met in college, lards was a punk already and bits is just a smol southern boy. bits has a rough time being so far from home and so unsure of his future and lards is like “ok youve always got me tho so what if we got matching tats” and they were supposed to be bigger but lards only got as far as a circle on his elbow before bits called it quits. she got a match and now it’s a thing they do every year.

the second tat is the rainbow (obvs reasons), then moo-maw’s recipe, then senor bun, then a beyonce quote down his abs: “If everything was perfect, you would never learn and you would never grow.“, then the flower bed, then lardo laughs at him for getting the tattoo bug and everything else piles in as well, tats that don’t necessarily mean anything, but just look nice on his skin. There’s a cross on his shoulder (bits is a religious gay fight me), a tribal design on one bicep, some dripping clouds on the other, a gentle pulse down his forearm. the numerals were next - bitty cries when lardo sketches them onto his pec (he wishes he’d gotten the flowers on his other shoulder, so they would fit over his heart instead). He calms down with his tats after that - he wants to make sure every single one makes him feel as good as the last. That’s when he gets the piercings (4mm gauges, 3 cartilage studs in each ear, bar through his left brow, lip ring, septum, tongue??), and as lardo sinks a needle through his septum she tells him about a business idea she has and for the first time in a long time bitty has a plan for the future and designs himself a little logo to sit low on his back.

He also has more circles with lardo on the backs of his calves, two for every year theyve been friends. No idea what they’re going to do when there’s 80 of them.