got mine for 22$

asoiaf major acarna - north edition - XVI The Tower (Lyanna Stark)

 The tower in major arcana tarot represents change, disaster, and upheaval, all of which reflect Lyanna as she was kidnapped and taken to the Tower of Joy at age 16 by Rhaegar Targaryen. Her disappearance led to a war, to her death at a young age, and ultimately to a change to the monarchy, bringing Robert Baratheon to the throne.

For @mockingbird-22, Happy birthday! Mobster AU. This is based off this post you made, which I swear I’m still planning to write for you!

Summary:  Barry grinned as he watched his Lenny’s eyes widen in wonder and amazement. Watched as his Lenny took in the high end hotel, the tailor made clothes already sorted and put in the proper place.

Smirking as he leaned back, Barry was content to simply watch and listen as Len marveled at things he’d only dreamed about up till now. Barry would give this man, his Lenny the world, and damn any who tried to stop him.

Ooh, gun.

A .22 cal rifle.

My new pride and joy.

The new cleaning kit.

My distress when I realized the major part of the cleaning kit I got wouldn’t fit into the chamber. I ended up going back to Wal-Mart to get a BoreSnake instead.


There you go.

Classic pose.

Ooh, gurl, work it.

“Safe-aim” behind invisible barrier.


I can’t wait until I can go to the range and shoot!

I don’t wanna give up. I don’t wanna loose hope. I wanna go back to the days where we were so excited when we got the trailer for 6a. I wanna go back to the night that random cheek scene was leaked. I wanna go back to the joy we felt when Dylan was back on set. I wanna go back to watching a leaked Russian version of 6x02 and not understanding a word. I wanna go back to “remember I love you” , “I think I loved him” , the whole jeep scene before he was taken. REMEMBER REMEMBER REMEMBER. I wanna go back to the red string bed scene, it brings me so much joy. I wanna go back to the time we died with Lydia then came back to life when she did as she felt the warmth of her true love begging her to open her eyes. I wanna go back to “Stiles saved me”. I wanna go back to analyzing every scene. I wanna go back to all the wonderful memories tw created. I want to always remember my reactions, how stydia can make me cry when they share a simple look in the eyes. Take me back to the start. I’m going to look for a brighter side to this Dylan situation. I don’t want my dreams to end. I don’t wanna think about the possibility of stydia never sharing kisses in the hallway when no one is looking, or having a make out session in their room that escalates to something else. I don’t wanna think about their banter that I’ll miss or them holding hands. I wanna see them date. I just wanna feel complete because after all of this speculation I don’t feel like the story is over. Here’s to hoping this is all a lie and Dylan is actually in 6b.