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Alright but real talk. Amethyst knows for certain comparing Steven and Rose is Bad™. When is it time for Garnet and Pearl to realise this. Tell me.

So somehow i managed to get 7A*s and 4As in my GCSEs!!! (Don’t worry, I’m aware there’s only 3As here but I got an A in my maths last year!) I have never been this happy before oh my gosh I am delighted:’) I hope everybody got the grades they wanted and deserved and if you didn’t, it’s not the end of the world❤️


I don’t think there was ever a time where I thought, ‘No, I don’t want to act.’ But there was a time when I was like, ‘I don’t want to be famous.’ It’s one aspect that I will say is not cool; it’s just not me. People think being an actor and being famous come hand in hand, and that if you don’t want to be famous you shouldn’t be an actor. But it’s like, who are you to tell me what I should and shouldn’t do? I always enjoyed performing.

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I saw your gorgeous picture of Will teaching Hannibal to shoot and all I can think of is that scene where Beverly is giving Will shooting pointers and the potential awkwardness/angst he might be feeling since she's obviously not around anymore... I just wanted to share, I thought you find it interesting.

Aw, thank you!

I’m in the minority on this, but I don’t think Beverly and Will were ever best friends or close friends or even friends. They had the potential to be, but they never got that close. Or if they did, Beverly coming to the prison to see Will, not to visit or see how he was doing, but as a messenger for Jack pretty much sealed it for me that they were not friends.

Which doesn’t mean Will doesn’t still feel sad or guilty about Beverly’s death post-season 3. But I think after everything that’s happened from then to now, he’s had time to process and move on.

Don’t tell me you know what it’s like
Unless you’ve repeatedly slammed your head into a wall just to make the noise stop.
Until you’ve convinced yourself a million times that there is not one person who gives a shit about you.
Until you’ve taken a blade to your flesh and you can’t even see the seriousness of it because who gives a shit right?
Until you’ve spent months alone because you’ve been rejected by everyone you know.
Until you’ve destroyed yourself time and time again because you’ve decided that you don’t care anymore.
Until you’ve failed in everything you’ve tried because the plethora of symptoms that comes with mental illness has held you back at every turn.
Until you wake up everyday wondering who you will be today.
Until you’re so prepared to be hurt that you don’t even get hurt anymore.
Until you’ve seen the look of horror on people’s faces when you’ve blurted about your illness because you forgot people don’t wanna hear that shit.
Until you’ve latched on to someone you’ve known for two minutes because you’re so desperate for some kind of attention, affection, love.
Until you’ve pushed away people you love because your mind wouldn’t let you believe you could be loved,
Because you convinced them they didn’t love you,
Because your constant questioning stopped being cute and started being overbearing.
Until you’ve tried to convince people that you’re amazing whilst simultaneously self-deprecating in an attempt to force them to realise what a fucking mess you are so they can leave you now before you’re too attached.

Don’t stand there and tell me you know what it feels like.
Don’t tell me everyone has those days
Because you don’t fucking having these days!

—  Those Days, CC (the coffee table book)
daenerys targaryen: the same way

ANON REQUESTED: Daenerys x fem!dothraki! Reader The reader is one of the dothraki girls form Khal Drogo’s khalesar and she stays with Dany after Drogo dies and is Dany’s right hand and they slowly fall for each other or something along those lines it’s up to you. Thank you so much!! I love your blog💕💕

Daenerys barely showed grief in public when Khal Drogo died, but when you two were alone, she weeped all day and night along with the death of his son. You rode with Daenerys still, when hundreds of others went out and followed the stronges one. Sick and children stayed, and Dany is left to rule them. The dragons were the only thing that can make her happy during the day.

“Khaleesi,” you called out on her as she stared at you. “Is something wrong?”

You were in Dany’s chambers in Meereen, and she would often times called you to sleep beside her as company. Sometimes, the two of you would stay up late talking about what you missed the most whilst traveling with the khalasar, and often times you two would talk of Meereen, and her mission in the city. You were sitting by the balcony, overlooking the whole city when you felt her eyes on you.

“Your Grace?”

Daenerys walked and sat beside you, as she smiled. “You’ve got quite a taste for Meereen, don’t you?”

“It is a beautiful city,” you answered as the lights in the city got brighter and some music started playing somewhere else, voices in tongues you couldn’t understand.

Dany looked over at the city, and she smiled softly, then she looked at you. “If I take back the Seven Kingdoms would you be with me?”

“Forever,” you nodded, as you followed her inside. She started to take off her sandals, and she patted the space on her big bed.

But you refused, “I’m sorry, Your Grace.”

She looked visibly upset for a few seonds, but she nodded. “Alright,” she said as she laid down. You closed the door to her chambers, and you bid the guards posted on her chambers a goodnight, as you walked to yours. Once you stepped inside, you immediately flopped on your bed and sleep.

Dany laid awake that night. Why? What am I feeling?, she thought as she laid there awake through the night. Is has been months, am I feeling right?

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