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Alex has had a lot of fucking respiratory issues in his life and he does notbing to remedy them because he forgets his inhaler constantly and does stuff he shouldn’t and wears his binder for too long and goes too hard for things like zooming from one class to the other too fast and then he gets an emotional support animal and its a cat he adopts from the SPCA and when he gets the medical history he learns his cat has had a respiratory infection in the past and he’s like “lol same” and he names his cat Roger bc it’s a subtle musical name and he loves musicals and then one day his boyfriend (…,,yes Thomas) is at his dorm (he has a single which is better for him because he can keep the cat there easier)(he has ESA permissions to keep the cat dw) and like he and Roger both end up having a coughing fit bc they were playing too hard and Thomas just stares at them before going “wow alex, this cat was meant for you. You both cant exist without dying because of your lungs”


I have a problem 🤔

Not enough hooks to hang the harnesses up 🤔

virizion: damien put his face on keemstar as his header, hes racist

me: its not like he did it because keemstar runs a popular (probably the most popular) channel focused on youtube drama and damien has only been posting anti drama recently, no lets ignore that and say damien is racist for just making a joke about him being the host of drama alert! 

(i would reply to virizions post abt it but uh xe blocked me after xe found out i tried to kms last night lol)


♡21/10/17♡ - 🐚 saturday 🐚

finally! the end of my almost-three-weeks long hiatus (ive been living in queue for so long) even though i already have a good two spreads completed (´~`ヾ) just been way too lazy to take good photos because i have to wake up at exactly nine in the morning to do so~

anyway, this is my exam schedule and spread! didn’t have time to complete a full one during the exam week, but i think i did decently on time for once. ♡ remember to check out @doctorsafraid and her stickers on etsy @mochiandmoon - quote ATTICSTUDIES for a discount! ꈍ .̮ ꈍ

colour scheme: 🐚💫🐚💫


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