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I didn't know you watched Zoo?! Who's your favorite character? What did you think of the second season finale? Did you know the character who plays the "grown up" Clementine also played Greer Danville, the lesbian in love with her bisexual bean Brenna Carver, in Chasing Life??? Ps: I love your blog :)


My favourite character was Chloe :( you should have seen my texting history while I was watching that episode! Right now my really digging Jamie, but I also really like Mitch and Abraham (I just love them all lol)

I’m actually watching season 2 for the first time now, I actually had to rewatch season 1 because I had left it for so long before I watched so I haven’t seen the finale yet! There is a twitter I follow deathtodickens that live tweets while she watches and her commentary on the show kills me! 

NO!! I haven’t seen Chasing Life but I’m gonna add that to my list!

aw shucks anon thank you! I’m glad you like the obnoxious mess that is my blog! 

Reminder that my favorite writer zeba blay who got me through the deepest depression of my entire life in college and changed my life and motivated me to learn acknowledges my existence

need to rant plz don't mind me I'm not looking for discussion just ranting

I swear this series will never stop haunting and destroying me….

So the last mother fucking episode of Na***o (I censor it for my own sake) is Hin**a’s wedding…again…why..did she not get an entire MOVIE for her and her selfish love??? Now the last episode is dedicated to her god for saken wedding…
That’s not even the worst part… I did this mistake of scrolling the tag and immediately starting crying

Sakura.. the fictional character who got me through some of my hardest school days. She inspired me so much and it kills me to this day seeing what’s become of her and this series I once loved.

Every single time I think she can’t be hurt anymore, that there’s nothing more they can do to destroy her..
I’m proven wrong every time! They show her watching all the happy couples while she is completely alone…& the only “comfort” she gets is a letter from Sasuke with the word congratulations on it..meant for N & H….. that’s what she blushes and smiles at…that’s the final scene she receives in this series.
How can anyone human being who watched/read this series from the beginning be truly ok with this scene and just overall ending… it’s pure evil and beyond cruel… Sakura the main heroine in the series, who has overcome so much and basically been sad since the beginning…she didn’t get to have a happy ending (call it what u will guys that’s no happy ending and that’s coming from someone who loved Sasuskau at a time) it’s miserable and it hurts me.

To think Hin**a the side character who really never had much to offer to the series besides holding an immense love/obsession for Nar**o got an amazingly happy ending meanwhile Sakura the actual heroine whose character actually impacted the series in many fucking ways is left with the worst ending I’ve ever seen. I wouldn’t wish this ending on any character.
and we all know it doesn’t get better because she then has a child and is left to raise it alone while everyone else is a couple raising there’s just like the creators truly despise Sakura and want to make her suffer in any way possible..& I know it’s just goddamn fiction and I’m insane for caring so much but it really does hurt me deeply. I loved this character so much she really was and sadly still is important to me so whenever I see how miserably she is treated and continues to just hurts…

it hurts a lot and I wish I can wake up one day and not give a fuck…

okay end of rant..


I have never been a huge fan of the movies, from the first time I saw the first movie. But even still, this date is important to me, because the hype of the first movie was what got me to read the books. And my life has literally never been the same since. Everything about me today, from my newfound career path to my significantly better mental health, has all been a result of reading these books. They’re not just a work of fiction to me, they were life-changing. They reached me at exactly the time I needed them most, and they got through to me in a way like nothing else ever had. I’ve met some of my favorite people because I read these books. I may become distracted by other things as time goes by, but nothing else ever, ever take the place that The Hunger Games has in my heart. It is still my favorite story, ever. 


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“I’ve got ­­­­­­­­­to admit, he pulled it off.”

Ron surveyed the crowd outside The Burrow, making note of how much everyone was enjoying themselves. He certainly was, holding Hermione close as they swayed together.

“That was so lovely of Bill, throwing Fleur another wedding reception for their second anniversary, since the first one was… interrupted.”

As they danced, Hermione could see that Ron was lost in thought.

“What are you thinking about?”

Rom started slightly, and looked down at his girlfriend. “I was just remembering our first time dancing together at Bill’s wedding. That memory got me through a lot of long nights on watch.”

Hermione blushed. “Me, too.”

He pulled her to him, his voice low and husky. “You looked fucking amazing. Do you know how badly I wanted to kiss you that night? I had it all planned in my head. Bloody interruptions.”

“It’s fine, love. I have to admit, I was hoping for that as well. It’s a good thing we can do a lot more than snog now.”

Her hands surreptitiously slid down his back before settling on his firm buttocks, giving them a quick squeeze.

“Miss Granger, are you propositioning me?”

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24 & 38 with Q?

24 - “I trusted you”
38 - “Oh well good for you” 

“I’m happy where I am, Q. I like being on a ship; not popping up all over the galaxy.”

Q just rolled his eyes, looking quite bored at your statement. “Oh, well good for you.” He mused out. “I’m so glad pushing buttons all day is more fun than hanging out with me.”

“I trusted you, Q.” Was your sharp response, stepping up into his personal space. “Putting me in danger all the time. Leaving me on planets when you got bored. I’m not going through that again.”

“I’ve changed! I promise; no more leaving whenever I get bored.”

“No, Q.”

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From your local comic shop—
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Let’s Go Fast!
High-speed storytelling, more answers, death, Jane.

The gang is almost all together, for now.
Every time you hold an issue in your hands, you can remember where you were in your life at that moment. One thing I’ll always remember about this issue is that this is where I became completely comfortable writing this book. As a piece of advice right around issue 3, when I was really struggling, Grant Morrison told me that he doesn’t really get comfortable writing a series until about issue 4, and issue 4 was probably the hardest for me to write, but once I got through that everything started to move a lot faster, and I had a lot more confidence—I felt like I knew what I was doing. I had a tremendous amount of fun writing this one, and the issue that follows it. Again, I want to thank everyone for their dedication and patience in allowing us to get the book right. I feel we are getting closer to the schedule getting more regular again, and we’re doing our best to make that happen. Next week, we’ll get an awesome Director’s Cut of Issue 1, so be on the lookout for that.
On the left, you’ll see the metallic version of the awesome main cover by Nick Derington, followed by the remarkable variant by Farel Darlymple, and then the regular (also awesome!) non-metallic cover to the main.
Farel and I went to school together in NYC at The School of Visual Arts, and not only is he an awesome human but also an incredible artist.
We also get another little gem from Brandon Bird in the back of the issue, the newest installment of Bane’s Coloring Corner, a somewhat presidential one.
Lots of love

The team killed it on this one, and here they are:
Written by Gerard Way (I mean I did ok)
Art and cover by Nick Derington
Colors by Tamra Bonvillain
Letters by Todd Klein
Variant cover by Farel Dalrymple
“Bane’s Coloring Corner” by Brandon Bird


Hey guys! I am so unbelievably happy to announce that my secret project is officially finished! After four solid months of work, Table Fables is complete. 

Now, Table Fables is a labor of love - 84 illustrated pages of item tables and generators to make dungeon masters’ lives a little easier. Inside you’ll find a ton of cool things including but not limited to: a full character generator, a disease generator, a kingdom generator, potion generator, a magic items table, a scavenging table, a curse table, a dream table and a ton of other little fun things!

If you want to check it out on Amazon, click here! It’s a super cheap, fun little book meant to make DnD a little more interesting. Thanks for reading! 


Happy 23rd Birthday to Monsta X’s main vocal Yoo Kihyun

Imagine an entire Star Trek show about a group of people who aren’t members of the bridge crew or one of the higher ups, and each week it’s them trying to do their job while crazy shit happens that they don’t really understand, like:

  • They get an announcement from their superior officers that goes “You may notice a child walking around the ship in a captain’s uniform. That is in fact the captain and is to be treated the same as always. We’re quickly working on a solution.”
  • A transporter mishaps causes the chief engineer to turn into a vulcan. They try not to stare at the ears, and move on.
  • Shots of them reacting to superior officers running through the background in the midsts of a red alert that they don’t know what it’s in response to.
  • “Did you hear the away team landed on planet that had five years pass before they got them back?” “Man, I’m glad I got skipped over for that assignment.”
  • Trying to figure out if the rumor that their commander got kidnapped by an alien race that considers them their god is true or just something made up by a bridge crewman to mess with them.
  • Popping in and out of existence and taking bets on which All Powerful race it is that’s doing it and why.
  • anytime Weird Shit happens on the ship it’s never explained. why are there chickens in the Jeffrey Tubes? why does the captain have a double? why did the chief medical examiner briefly turn homicidal? they don’t know and neither do you.
  • Each episode ends with them pouring one out for the crewmembers who died that week.
today in class
  • Professor: Epics traditionally focus on war, right? I'm wondering, is there anyone in this class who knows what the very first sentence of Vergil's Aeneid is?
  • Me, standing on a desk, swelling with pride, the ghost of Vergil placing a kind hand on my shoulder: THIS IS WHAT THEY MEANT WHEN THEY SAID MY CLASSICAL EDUCATION WOULD PAY OFF ONE DAY

inspiration for witches

  • witches of the forest and the night - they change into wolves during the day and roam the green forest of trees searching for fellow caged creatures. The set free winged and wise owls under the moon, that illuminates their pearl feathers.
  • witches of the winter and stars - foggy winter evenings become hues of blue filled with starry nights for the witches. they live in old victorian schools surrounded by trees made dead by the harsh cold season. they wear bewitched moonstones around their necks that turn them into deers enchanting the frozen forest…
  • witches of the sea and precious gems - these witches live and breathe the sacred salty air of the shore. they use precious gems to channel their inner soul to undulate crashing waves into the grey sea. they dance and drown beneath the crystal watery surface like silver sea-sirens.
  • witches of burning fire and flames - golden wreathed witches filled with the radiance of bright fire and flames. they use blazing candles to illuminate the darkness in their cathedral of trees. their familiars are foxes as red as the sun and as sly as smoke from their fires.