got me lookin so crazy right now

“Cause I know I don’t understand just how your love can do what no one else can. Got me lookn’ so crazy right now, your love got me lookin’ so crazy right now.”

Can we talk about the fact that this song define so much their relationship? Anyway, I really tried to draw bum in my art style but Koogi way to draw him is way much better than anything in this world <3 

ye chapter 19 had some effect on me

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Time loop

Hope you guys are ready for angst!

(With happy ending, though - I’m not capable of writing fics that end badly)

This is the long-ago promised time loop fic, mixed in with “the first ‘I love you’” prompt from @brizzbee

I hope I got my Latin right but if I didn’t, I would appreciate someone providing me with correct translation.

Possible warnings: dark themes, major character death (not permanent!) and suicide (also not permanent!)

Beta-read by RomanceShipper




Alec is rudely awakened by the chorus of Beyoncé’s ‘Crazy in Love’ blaring from Magnus’ phone.

The warlock stirs from sleep beside him, raising his head from its spot on Alec’s chest where Alec is sure he was drooled on during the night. Gross, but he guesses it’s one of the things that happens in relationships.

“Fuck,” Magnus hisses as he flails for the phone vibrating on his bedside table, barely managing not to fall out of bed in the process. Finally, he grabs the phone and swipes his finger angrily over the screen. “WHO DARES TO DISTURB THE HIGH WARLOCK OF BROOKLYN?!”

The voice that booms out of him is magically amplified and Alec smirks. He can bet that whoever is on the other side of the line wouldn’t be impressed by the high warlock right now - with his crazy bed hair and drool tracks on display.

“For fuck’s sake, Daniel, do you have any idea what time it is?”

Alec has no idea either. A quick glance at the clock on the other side of the room tells him it’s quarter past six in the morning. Certainly not the earliest time he was ever woken up, but it’s Saturday. They were supposed to have a lazy day spent on nothing but sleeping, eating, and watching bad reality TV. And probably a fair amount of fucking.

He sort of feels like he wants to yell at this Daniel person as well.

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Schrodinger’s BTS: Part 2

Teaser, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5Part 6, Part 7

You looked around the hallway and realized that you felt extremely uncomfortable. The door had slammed shut behind you and now darkness almost completely surrounded you. You quickly regretted leaving Jin and whipped around to reopen the door. You opened the heavy door slowly, and glanced around the room.

The room was exactly the same. The warm fire place still burned and you hugged yourself thinking of its warmth. You glanced in the area you had left Jin, but your eyes didn’t land on him. In stead they just way the empty spot where he was before. You sighed in disappointment and you glance at the bed. You gaze landed on someone else. You knew it wasn’t Jin. The man’s eyes were closed and he bobbed his head along to whatever song was playing in his expensive over sized headphones.

“Suga?” You called out tentatively. The man does move or even acknowledge you. You walk closer as you push the strap of your night grown back up your shoulder. You call out his name again but this time you reach towards him and your fingers lightly brush his bicep. He slowly removes the headphones and opens his eyes.

“Hey jagi, I was wondering when you’d come.” His eyes twinkle as he smiles up at you and you can’t help but notice how attractive he is. He reaches up and puts his hand on the back of your neck pulling you down towards him. His lips met yours and you soften into his kiss. He continues to kiss you as his hands lazily explore your body. He pulls away from you. You stumble back dazed.

“Do you want hear the song I’m listening to? I think it reminds me oh you.” You stutter out an yes and climb into the bed with him. You puts the head phones on your ear carefully and presses play. A slow, sensual melody flows into your ears. You bite your lip as you listen to the lyrics.

I look and stare so deep in your eyes.
I touch on you more and more every time.

You gulp and glance over at him. “I didn’t know you listen to this kind of music.” you mutter sheepishly. He laughs darkly and you shutter sending chills up your spine. You could feel his mood shifting and you began to feel yourself becoming aroused. The music flowed around you heightening your mood. You start to pull the headphones off so you could talk to him but he stopped your hand and just shook his head at you: giving you no explanation. He leaned close and moved one of the ears of the headphone so he could whisper in your ear.

“I want you to keep your eyes closed no matter what. Can you do that Jagi?” You nod your head furiously and squeeze your eyes shut. He softly guides you into a laying position and removes your gown and panties.  You can feel hi move away from you on the bed. You listen for his movements but you quickly realize that you can’t hear anything but the music. You melt back into the words as his fingers lightly brush up against your ankle.

‘Got me lookin’ so crazy right now
Your love’s got me lookin’ so crazy right now’

Suga’s finger started to make their way up your leg creating a trail of heat where ever they touched.

‘Got me lookin’ so crazy right now
Your touch got me lookin’ so crazy right now’

His fingers finally reached your core, and you gasped as he lightly pinched your clit then he quickly withdrew his fingers. You breathed out a couple of curses as you tried to rub your thighs together to compensate for the lack of friction, but his strong hands held your legs open.

‘Got me hoping you save me right now your kiss
Got me hoping you slave me right now’

Suddenly you feel Yoongi’s tongue on you. You gasp and moan at the new feeling. Your hands tangle in his hair as he lightly sucks on your clit. Your hips move in rhythm with his tongue. He slides two finger inside of you and hooks them hitting your G-stop. Your hand shots up to your mouth as you try to hold in a scream. The coil inside of you was tightening as he fingered you. Your hips bucked against him and you could feel him smirk against you.

Just as you’re about to release he moves away and you feel the bed shift. Startled you open your eyes, pull off the head phones and watch as Suga pulls a mirror out of the chest at the foot of the bed. He hangs it on one of the hooks on the bedpost so that you can see yourself.

“Didn’t I tell you to keep your eyes closed?” He says and you feel heat rush to your cheeks. You had completely forgotten about that rule. His hand worked quickly and his clothing fell to the floor. Your eyes made their way down his body. Amused at you staring, Suga makes his way back onto the bed and lays on his back next to you

“Ride me Jagi. That’s your punishment.” You slowly obey and climb on top on him. “No, face toward the mirror, so you can watch yourself.” You face the other way. With your ass facing Suga you sank down on top of him. You heard him moan as you start to move. Your eyes glance up at the hanging mirror and you watch as your face contorts with pleasure. You watched yourself ride him and you couldn’t help but play with you breast. Yoongi muttered quiet a ‘fuck’ as he also watched you. He placed a hand on the small of your back to help you as you moved. You glance as Yoongi face in the mirror as you rode him. He looked lost in his own pleasure. His lips were slightly parted and a bead of sweat rolling off his brow. You moaned as you noticed how tightly his eyes were shut, as if he was trying to control himself. “Yoongi” you chocked out as another wave of pleasure hit you. His eyes shot open and met your in the mirror and you could see the self control snapping within him.

“Yoongi!” You cried as he started to move under neither you. He placed both of his hands on your hips and he moved to bring you down to met his thrusts. You bounced on top of him as he completely took control of your body. A scream tore through you as you felt you orgasm hitting you. You shook as the pleasure ripped through your body and you felt Yoongi shift as he sat up. Your bare back pressed against his chest as he planted his feet on the mattress.

He ponded into you mercilessly. You tried to scream in pleasure but all the came out was a broke whimper. One of his hands kept himself stable on the bed while the other pinched you nipples. Your walls clenched as your second orgasm flowed through you and Yoongi came soon after your name leaving your lips. You laid there with him for awhile before you begrudgingly decided to venture back into the mysterious hall way

“I’ll see you again, Right Yoongi?” you whisper to his sleeping form as you messily pull on you nightgown and head out the door. You could almost hear the music playing in the background as you entered the hall. You smiled and thought about him. You probably would like that song forever. 

We hope you enjoyed this part. There will be more to come. 
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Your lips taste like tomorrow, and every time we kiss, I can’t help but smile because all I can think about is how there’s nothing better than knowing I can kiss you as much as I like.
To me, it doesn’t matter that you fall asleep next to me at the bar. As long as the cab is dropping us home together, I don’t care that we missed half the night. All I want is to be near you.
I don’t write happy poems, anymore, but for you, I’ll make any exception.
I find it incredibly relevant that I thought I’d found the love of my life last year and then I met you. I met you and my world stopped. I met you and I knew I had finally found something else that I needed to fight for.
God might have solely put me on this Earth to bring you chocolate bars and coffees on your longest days at work, because your smile in those small moments is enough to make my entire day. I’d sooner go broke buying you Starbucks than missing that.
You’re the only person I like enough to stay sober for because I would never, ever, want to mess this up for a few drinks. You couldn’t possibly understand how big of a deal that is for someone like me.
I gotta tell you, you gotta know. I’m about to explode. I’m about to have planes write it in the sky and I’m about to order a blimp with your name on the side. I’m about to write it in your business textbook so the next time you go to study, you’ll know. I’m about to have it written on your favorite type of cake just so you can eat it up the way you’re eating me up. Is that weird?
“I love you.”
—  “got me lookin’ so crazy right now”–MVG
H2OVanoss - King For A Day Part 1

Summary: Falling in love with all the wrong people is never okay when your life is already mapped out for you, but love has never cared about your family or whether you’re in the midst of war. Mafia!AU.

Please look at the tags to see all of the pairings within!

Chapter 1: got me lookin’ so crazy right now

Jonathan remembered his first sighting of him like it was yesterday.

The three of them were walking Lui’s little concubine around the mall. Marcel was on Mae’s right with an easy arm around her, blabbering a mile a minute. A silent Fourzero took her left side, although he was more instep with an equally quiet Delirious, who brought up the rear. Today they had no real goal except to distract the girl from the blatant rejection by the boy she was ordered to love – the boy they were to serve.

Daithi de Nogla’s orders had been vague as ever; entertain and remove her from their presence while he and Droidd ‘dealt’ with their uncooperative heir. He didn’t care how or what they did as long as they gave the pair space and time to reassure the troublesome Calibre that nothing would change with Mae’s abruptly new existence, that no, she wasn’t replacing anyone, and no, David was still unofficially allowed to be his bed-warmer.

He would make a good consigliere, and Aslan a trustworthy underboss. Although Jonathan was somewhat disappointed that Marcel hadn’t been selected as to become the boss-to-be, it allowed their trio to remain together in the role they worked best in. The other three were always destined for higher things, for their balance wasn’t equal – Lui was their epicenter, with the other two were satisfied in taking the secondary and tertiary positions around him.

He gave a snort. Their holy trinity fought far too much to be on flat footing with each other to be deferential to Marcel, anyways.

But for now, they were all capos, all equals in the game until Lui hit twenty one. It would be three short years before he could assume the position of boss.  

Lazily, his sky-blue eyes drifted to study the slyph-like slip of a girl in front of him.

Mae was certainly pretty. With brown eyes, honeyed skin, and glossy dark hair – she was the perfect physical match for Lui. She was tiny compared the three men that guarded her; they were all at least a head taller than she is – at least, he and Scotty were. She was shy for the moment, likely feeling awkward with being protected, but there was no way around it – she was the concubine, part of the image that Lui Calibre now had to uphold towards their sizable army, and she was not permitted to run around unescorted lest she bring harm to herself.

It was almost too bad that Lui had his sights set firmly on a particular tall Irishman.

“G-guys? Could we stop in here?” she whispered quietly, tugging gently on Basically’s arm.

“Of course.” The curly-haired man spoke indulgently, grinning before he turned towards his friends. “Scott, Delirious…which one–”

“I’ll stand outside.” Jonathan yawned, waving them off. “You know how useless I am at clothes.”

“Yeah, I know.” Scott piped up dryly. “You’re wearing my pants and Marcel’s boxers.”

He yawned, running a hand through his closely-cropped hair. “See? I’ve resorted to stealing clothes when I don’t even know where mine are!” He giggled, causing the bespectacled girl to snicker along with him.

“See, we’re not that bad, Mae.” Marcel said broadly as he mimicked Delirious’s motions. “Relax. We’re your family now. Just don’t let Jonathan’s brand of stupid rub off on you.”

“Well excuse me, Basically I Do Nothing!” Jonathan teased, shoving his elbow into his friend’s ribs. “Who was the one who got stuck on the roof in eleventh grade and cried like a little bitch?”

“Not me!”

“Well while you two beat each other up, Missesmae and I are going to explore.” Scotty rolled his green eyes as he wrapped an arm around her shoulders.  “Seriously, Marcel, let Delirious do his thing, for fuck’s sake.”

“Now you’re starting to sound like Nogla.” he rolled his eyes back at him as he grabbed the blond man’s free hand. “Let’s go. We’ll be out in a bit, man.”

Jonathan gave a noncommittal nod as he meandered towards the benches. As he sat down, he pulled out his phone to check his messages.

He scrolled quickly, typing out a sentence or three to one of his own men, Cartoonz. The man was out ensuring shipments on the docks, and hopefully everything was all in place.

Not waiting for a reply, he sent a missive to Droidd, asking when they were allowed back home, and he shoved his phone back into his pocket.

He began to idly observe the other shoppers, watching as they strolled by, laden with bags full of merchandise. In a few short hours, if Marcel and Scotty had their way, he would be too. He sighed, slumping comfortably in his seat as he cast a glance towards his left.

And then he glimpsed him

His heart must’ve skipped a beat or two, because he couldn’t breathe at all. 

The man was laughing uproariously, his head thrown back in merriment. Powerful tendons strained against his lightly tanned skin with the motion; Jonathan was transfixed as the Asian man tilted his aviators low enough to give one of his companions a sly look, exposing chocolaty brown irises full of mocking mirth. Thin pink lips were parted, showcasing perfect white teeth and a wagging tongue begging to be bitten.  His frame was broad and brawny, and his thighs were encased in a smart pair of tailored dark jeans that hugged his posterior. His shoulders were draped in a neon red, and on his back was an emblazoned-

Jonathan sucked in a sharp breath, his focus snapped to a screeching halt by the all-too familiar symbol embroidered on the scarlet shoulder blades of his object of his ogling. A regal white tiger cat frozen forever in a ferocious roar was splashed almost gaudily across the man’s back, and he visibly recoiled at the sight before he collected his wits, schooling his features into one of impassivity. He stood up without a sound and ducked into the boutique his comrades and his charge were in, his retinas darting about as he combed the racks for the three. Catching sight of Scotty first, he strode over and grabbed his arm.

“What the-” The blond man spun around, bewildered. “Delirious?”

“Flip your jacket inside out, Fourzeroseven.” He ground out, staring past his childhood friend in search for the other two. “We have some unwelcome company outside.”  

Alarmed at the seriousness in the tone of the usually-playful blue-eyed man, he obeyed without hesitation, pulling his sleeves inside out. “Should I get Marcel and Mae?” He asked as he shrugged on his now-reversed hoodie that banished the advertisement of a monkey head adorned with a cigar. “She’s trying on clothes with him right now.”

“We should be okay. I’ve never seen one of the guys before, and the other one I’ve never actually met. Tell Marcel to do the same.” And with that, he left the blond to his own devices as he went back outside to take watch and to stare at his nameless but attractive mortal enemy, who now stood outside of a sports store, chatting amiably with a man who was built like a football player who apparently wore a shirt under his shirt. Who the heck does that, he thought curiously. He didn’t notice that before when he scoped out the infamous Moo Snuckel at their boss’s last meeting.

Wistfully, he wondered what the name of his partner was, and he hopelessly prayed in the deepest crevice of his heart that he would never have to face the handsome Asian man out in the streets.

The protective knife in his pocket never weighed more heavily, and he half-heartedly wished (though not for the first time) that he had been born in a different line of work.


To be continued…


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Got me lookin’ so crazy right now
Your love’s got me lookin’ so crazy right now
Got me lookin’ so crazy right now
Your touch’s got me lookin’ so crazy right now
Got me hoping, you page me right now
Your kiss’s got me hoping, you save me right now
Lookin’ so crazy, your love’s got me lookin’
Got me lookin’ so crazy, your love

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Oh, my…Why, Stanford—I mean, Stanley, whoopsie—He…he didn’t tell ya? ‘Course, he probably thought th’ whole incident was no big deal, but believe me, folks, our rivalry started over way more’n a petty lil’ business spat, hoo boy!

No…it started with that old man…AN’ A DANG JUMBO-SIZED CHILI DOG.

See, Th’ Tent’f Telepathy is actually a pretty recent attraction, mind you!  Sure, I got myself a reputation real quick jus’ by bein’ my own peachy lil’ self, but I’ll admit this place ain’t as dusty or ancient as th’ Shack. 

So when I started settin’ up shop…it was about a year before th’ Pines twins arrived, if you’re lookin’ for exact times…Dear Stanley already had a bone t’pick with me, lemme tell ya!

Now, for those’ve you who don’t know, right next t’my old man’s auto shop is this odd lil’ café specializin’ in chili dogs and Reuben sandwiches. It’s been around for decades. Mascot’s a turtle.  They got free wifi but only on Tuesdays.

Literally nothin’ about it makes any sense t’me, but then again, neither does anythin’ else in this crazy town, am I right?  Y’got me!

Anyways, every weekday I had t’walk past that ol’ place on my way home from school ‘n all.  I could ignore th’ smell’f sauerkraut n’ turtle wax, sure, but one day in particular, I just couldn’t ignore this wrinkly old farmhog’f a man scarfin’ down chili dogs right outside like there was no tomorrow. 

An’ remember, I’m just standin’ there, mindin’ my own business, a completely innocent bystander, y’got that?!  When all of a sudden this guy shouts back towards the shop for ‘em to “put it on his tab,” and’f course—innocent bystander, remember?—I turn my head, thinkin’ he’s talkin’ t’me.

Well, wouldn’t y’know it, our eyes meet, we both freeze, and next thing I know, HE HURLS HIS LAST REMAININ’ CHILI DOG AT ME.

And now, I was irate about a lotta things in that moment.  Th’ chili in my perfectly snow-white hair, th’ bun crumbs now all ichy up inside m’collar…but let me…lemme tell ya…there was one thing in particular that made every drop’f my blood boil.


Course, my adorin’ public rushed to my side, and Stan Pines’s local approval ratin’ only went down, but still, can you imagine that humiliation?!  My ear smelled like sausage for a full week after, dangit!

So you see, he started it! I didn’t do a lick’a harm (besides takin’ half’f his customers, that is), but he completely started it!  And it was that incident gave me my epiphany that Stan Pines an’ I were gonna be enemies FOR LIFE!!!

Course, everythin’s different now, of course, hehe!  We’ve both done things we ain’t proud of, but I’m willin’ t’let bygones be bygones.  I’m a changed Gideon Gleeful, remember?

Course, not gonna lie…gettin’ back at him with those tomatoes on Pioneer Day felt pretty good…

Felt…felt real good…heh…

…I don’t suppose any of y’all know if Stan’s ears’re too big t’lodge a chili dog in, right? 

Just…just curious.

  *~*~Lil Gideon~*~*

Song Lyric Sentence Starters

“Don’t wear me out, don’t leave me here.”
“You don’t have to say what you did, I already know.”
“I’m addicted to the thrill.”
“Now there’s just no chance for you and me, there’ll never be.”
“They sleep with a gun and keep an eye on you, son.”
“Thousand armies couldn’t keep me out.”
“LIke a bone, I’m so breakable.”
“One more word and you won’t survive.”
“I’ve lost who I am.”
“It’s the worst kind of pain I’ve known.”
“Come on skinny love, just last the year.”
“I won’t soothe your pain.”
“I cant understand why my heart is so broken.”
“This is the end, pretend that you want it, don’t react.”
“I’ll take everything from you, but you’ll take anything won’t you?”
“I won’t ease your strain.”
“I know that the end’s beginning.”
“The love that you lost wasn’t worth what it cost.”
“The damage is done.”
“You want your independence, but you won’t let me let you go.”
“Don’t you wait for me.”
“I would have loved you all my life.”
“I can’t stop this feeling, deep inside of me.”
“I wake in Montauk with you near.”
“And you wait for me.”
“In time, you’ll be glad it’s gone.”
“You’ll be waiting in vain, I’ve got nothing for you to gain.”
“The beach is so cold in winter, here.”
“There’s a light, there’s a sun taking all shattered ones.”
“I wanna kiss you.”
“If you need a friend, there’s a seat here alongside me.”
“So ashamed, but I need you so.”
“I’m high on believing that you’re in love with me.”
“You know I care.”
“I just want to stay.”
“Your spine is ablaze, felling any foe with my gaze.”
“It’s so loud inside my head.”
“The only thing that’s on my mind is who gonna run this town tonight.”
“You’re never going to fit in much kid.”
“Holy water cannot help you now.”
“I won’t be the one who shakes you up, I won’t be the one who lets your heart break.”
“I wanna and I wanna love.”
“When you leave I’m begging you not to go.”
“As I drown in my regrets, I can’t take back the words I never said.”
“I wanna take you somewhere.”
“There’s no place to go where you’re not there.”
“I touch the place where I’d find your face.”
“You can wait, but I don’t wanna waste my love.”
“Just remember who I am in the morning.”
“How I’m feeling and my pride is the one to blame.”
“Your heart’s a mess, you won’t admit to it.”
“The damage is done so, I guess I be leaving.”
“And no rivers and no lakes can put the fire out.”
“I’m not giving up so, I’m giving in.”
“I get lost all the time, in my thoughts, in my mind.”
“See they were there when I woke up this morning, I’ll be dead before the day is done.”
“Your bridges were burned and now it’s your turn to cry.”
“I haven’t been all that you could’ve hope for.”
“You come through like a light in the dark, give me sight.”
“Girl I refuse, you must got me confused with some other guy.”
“Your words in my memory are like music to me.”
“You don’t get burned because nothing gets through.”
“Now all your love is wasted.”
“This is the end.”
“If you held on a little longer, you’d have more reasons to be proud.”
“They can careless as long as someone’ll bleed.”
“This world is gonna burn, as long as we’re going down, baby you should stick around.”
“I was dead when I woke up this morning.”
“We might not make it home tonight.”
“They’re gonna rip up your heads, your aspiration to shreds.”
“She’s lost her sense of light, she has to hold my hand.”
“Follow the hands as they move, trying to make out your move.”
“It makes no sense, but I’m desperate to connect.”
“I talk to the shadows, hoping you might be listening cause I want you to know.”
“I know I don’t understand just how your love can do what no one else can.”
“And in the morning I’ll be with you.”
“I need you, get up.”
“I’m miles from where you are.”
“I’ll escape if I try hard enough.”
“Let me occupy your mind as you do mine.”
“I talk to the shadows.”
“If we’re gonna die, bury us alive.”
“You’re loves got me lookin’ so crazy right now.”
“Let me in where only your thoughts have been.”
“Had I known we might be two kids without their jackets, my fear would come alive, I wouldn’t loathe her now.”
“I don’t know who I want to be.”
“I told you to be patient, I told you to be fine.”
“I know that you’re gone but sometimes I swear I hear your voice when the wind blows.”
“It’s all gonna shift, it’s out of our hands.
"You say Y-E-S to everything, will that guarantee you a win?”
“Your kiss got me hoping you’ll save me right now.”
“Pick apart the pieces of your heart, let me peer inside.”
“If you let my soul out it’ll come right back to you.”
“All my tears have been used up.”
“Nothing stays the same.”
“You’re thirsty for blood.”
“What’s your name?”
“I need all my self control.”
“You’ve done nothing at all to make me love you less.”
“You’re walking away, but we’ll always be watching you.”
“I am lost in all your hidden kisses.”
“Please, take your time.”
“I can stay awake for days, if that’s what you want.”
“Your love is deadly.”
“I’m nothing without you.”
“I don’t tell you how I crave for you.”
“You look good with your patient face and wandering eyes.”
“Tell me would you kill to prove you’re right?”
“Do you really want me?”
“Do you really want me dead?”
“I just want to hold you.”
“I can be a china doll if you want to see me fall.”
“You fit me better than my favorite sweater.”
“But I wish I was dead.”
“I’ll be right behind you.”
“You’re standing there, but I can’t touch you.”
“I still remember that day we met in december.”
“No one compares to you.
"I bleed when I fall down.”
“Your face is like a melody, it won’t leave my head.”
“Come back when you can.”
“I’m scared that you won’t be waiting on the other side.”
“If all you wanted was me, I’d give you nothing less.”
“You find yourself powerless.”
“All I want is the taste that your lips allow.”
“I search my world but I can’t find you.”
“Tell me would you kill to save a life?”
“I’m only human.”
“You stare at me like I’m a stranger.”
“I have bad bones in me.”
“You’re in my veins and I cannot get you out.”
“I’m forced to believe you’re probably right.”
“I crash and I break down.”
“Maybe tonight I’ll call ya.”
“Have you ever been lost in a different world?”
“Give me love like never before.”
“I wanted to ask you, what do you do in the daylight.”
“You’re all I taste at night inside of my mouth.”
“Don’t you see how I watch your every move?”
“If somebody hurts you, I wanna fight.”
“Don’t throw me to the dogs.”
“We’re forcing what is wrong.”
“Buy me a beer until I’m happy to be here.”
“You don’t have a bad bone in you.”
“You run away cause I am not what you found.”

camila: the only time i ever call you mine i only love it when you touch me, not feel me, when i’m fed up that’s the real me, when i’m fed up that’s the real me babe [the actual worst noise i have ever heard in my entire life i literally hope my ears fall off so i never have to hear anything else ever again] got me lookin so crazy right now, your touch got me lookin so crazy right now, got me lookin so crazy right now, your touch got me crazy now


you can leave your hat on (part two)

[part one] [whole thing on a03]

Derek waits in his private office-slash-dressing-room, a nervous grin lighting up his face and his heart beating with anticipation. Should he get dressed? Maybe it’s a bit too obvious, Derek thinks, so he reaches for his change of clothes. But Stiles would think it would be funny, right? Derek steps back, making his decision and sits naked on his desk, crossing his legs nervously and watching the door. So Stiles will barge in, face flushed and probably clothes dripping from the beer he spilled earlier and will see Derek, sitting there–

Derek pulls the hat off of his head and positions it on his lap. Maybe he should angle it a little. Derek tilts it to the left, then changes his mind and tilts it to the right. If this is going to be a Moment, something he and Stiles will laugh about in the time to come, it should be a memorable moment. Something that will become a private joke, a silly, sexy, thing that they’ll joke about how they got together.

The desk is cold on Derek’s bare ass, and he shifts a little. Derek checks the clock; he’d timed his performance for the end of the night when Stiles’s shift was over. Which should be now.

He waits.

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