got married pls

jk rowling if ur out there and ur reading this I want u to know that we have beef ok?

Speedhonk Badonkadonk

@kokoro4kakashi Christmas has come late! BUT BEHOLD! IT GENMA!

“Raido, for fuck’s sake, can you stop touching my ass for five minutes?”

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It’s a Date

Anon asked: could you do a haechan we got married scenario pls :) similar to the Mark one but you can change the theme if you want

yO I LOVE. MY KIDDO. so much that this turned out longer than i anticipated but whaTever. i also still know next to nothing about wgm so. here you go i hope you enjoy.^^

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it appears to be tucker family tradition to have feelings for one of your best friends at some point

it also appears to be a tucker family trait to blush starting from your ears; why else do they hide their ears with their hair/hat?

in the end it wasn’t the protestors or some questionable remarks made by the people running the event about how we should respect police officers because “they came out here to protect us even though they don’t all agree with us” or even the straight couple that got married in the middle of a 🌈pride🌈 event. no. apparently my girlfriend refusing to come to this thing with me hurts a lot more than i thought and honestly i had to bounce so i could cry in my car far away from all the happy gays out here for a good time