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The best thing about the boys being 6 and 8 was that they were both finally sleeping through the night, and going to bed early (by shadowhunter and warlock standards at least). Magnus would happily admit that he was pleased, especially as it gave him and Alec more time to… canoodle… so long as Alec was not needed at the institute or something.

And canoodling was fun. Not always sexy times, but also prolonged make out sessions, or intense cuddling without extra little bodies squirming in between. It meant that no matter what they were currently doing, there was always the possibility of more.

Like now, they were just snuggling on the couch having finished a glass of wine each and were content whispering to each other about their days, and the boys. “So, then Max told me that I was too old to understand the complexity of Star Wars. Me! I was at all eight of the premieres!” Magnus softly laughed. “I think we need to take away Simon’s uncle privileges.”

Alec laughed with Magnus, the laugh echoing through Magnus’ lungs. “It certainly sounds that way.” Alec agreed, nuzzling into Magnus, letting their cheeks brush, and then kissing Magnus along the top of his jaw next to his ear.

“Nope.” Magnus smiled, but frowning when Alec pulled away.

“What? Not tonight?” Alec asked.

“No…” Magnus smirked, “I just thought the best place for your lips was on mine.”

Alec met his smirk with one of his own, before squirming down slightly and nuzzling his nose into Magnus’ neck. “Then you’ll have to wait.” He said beginning to kiss Magnus’ neck.

Magnus moaned softly and ran his fingers through Alec’s hair. Alec (despite being the smaller of the two got his hands under Mangus and managed to shift them so that Magnus was below him, kissing down to Magnus’ collar bone, and beginning to undo his shirt for better access.

“You’re not going to come up for long enough for me to take your shirt off.” Magnus huffed. He felt Alec smirk and shake his head against Magnus’ shoulder. “Fine.” Magnus sighed. “Lavish me with your affections. I’ll wait.”

Which Magnus meant… for ten seconds, before his hands untangled themselves from Alec’s hair and trailed down Alec’s back to the hem of his t-shirt. “That didn’t last long.” Alec commented against Magnus’ skin.

“It’s been a while.”

Alec snickered, “You mean a couple of days?”

Magnus shrugged, knowing that it had been a couple days in reality, but they were both still getting over the couple years of not doing much canoodling. “You know what I mean.”

“Mmm” Alec agreed into his skin, having hardly stopped his kissing during the whole conversation.

“You know.” Magnus said, and Alec grunted, not wanting to stop. “I was talking to Tessa about this the other day, and how she and will handled getting alone time, running the institute, and raising two kids and she told me…”

Alec looked up at him. “Will you stop if I kiss your mouth?”

“Well, that’s certainly one way of shutting a person up.” Magnus teased.

“But are you talking to get me to really kiss you?” Alec asked. Magnus shrugged, and Alec attacked him.

Magnus smirked, and began really rucking up Alec’s shirt now that he had slightly better access, running his hands over scars and runes. Wrapping his left arm and leg around Alec, Magnus heaved his shoulders twisting so that Alec was beneath him, while not breaking their kiss.

Alec pulled back, nestling into the pillows, “Well hello there.” Alec raised his eyebrows.

“Hello.” Magnus responded and winked. Alec pushed Magnus’ shirt from his shoulders and magnus sat up to take it off, and toss it across the room as he pulled Alec up and pulled off his t-shirt and threw is across the room as well. “We didn’t need those.” He smirked, pushing Alec back down.

He then began nuzzling and kissing Alec, much the same way Alec had been doing to him, until a sleepy voice said, “Papa? What are you doing to Daddy?” Magnus jerked up and saw Max in his firetruck pajamas rubbing his eye with a stuffed blue beetle in his hands. (He was going through a phase where any blue characters were automatically his favorites, and the blue beetle was to represent the super hero).

Alec snickered. Probably because he was currently exempt from explaining what they were up to. “Just having special Papa-Daddy time. What’s the matter Blueberry?” He graciously got up, removing himself from Alec. An act he knew was hard to make look gracious, but with hundreds of years of practice Magnus knew that he looked suave, well, as suave as he wanted to look before his son.

“I’m thirsty.” Max said, missing Alec’s whispered, “Me too.”

Magnus turned to Alec and gritted his teeth, “Okay Max, I’ll get you a drink.” He kissed Alec’s forehead and whispered, “We can deal with your thirst latter.”

He walked over to Max and took the yawning boy’s free hand and led him into the kitchen as Alec sighed, and got up, collecting their shirts.

“Why do you and Daddy need special time?” Max asked as Magnus got him a cup.

Magnus looked heaven ward and took a deep breath as he got ice for Max’s drink. “It’s just something all parents need.”

“But why?” Max asked, sleepy and confused.

Magnus filled up Max’s glass, “To express our love and maintain our relationship?”

“That seems silly.” Max said, taking his glass from Magnus and heading back to his room.

“Someday, I hope you understand, Blueberry.” Magnus muttered watching his son wonder back through the loft before following Alec back to their room.

Just wonder what would Mangus and the others react after watching Thor: Ragnarok. Like, *Loki got tie up* Mangus: Only if Loki’s this easy to catch……./ *Heimdallr shows up, looking kickass* All of them: WAIT/ *Thor’s hammer shatters* Everyone:………… Alex the awesomeness: at least he won’t lost it anymore/ *Loki get punch by the Valkyrie* Everybody just turn and look at Sam when Sam just like: guys this is a movie based on a Loki wearing two super BIG eyebrows/

Feel free to add more srsly. These are what I’m thinking through the whole thing.