got mangu

have you ever made a character so complex, so relatable? a character whose struggles resonate with what a lot of people are going through on a daily basis? getting someone that strong shown on a tv screen, giving those people a bit of hope? if this character can do it, can find happiness, surely there’s a way for me? showing said character in a positive light, showing how they are worthy of love. showing that these people aren’t their diagnosis, that there’s more to them beneath the surface. that they are actual humans with actual valid feelings, hobbies, favourite artists, films, food…that they’re just like everyone else? showing that they have a place in this world, and if everything seems hopeless there’s always a way to overcome what you’re going through… only to fuck it up completely the next season, using said character’s mental illness as a plot device, making, us, viewers feel like what’s what everyone sees when they think of a mentally ill person. as if we don’t get that feeling enough on a regular basis. like we are nothing, like there’s no depth to us. using something as serious as a suicide attempt for more drama? and more importantly, not allowing this character speak for themself. letting everyone else explain their struggles, as if they know what this character is feeling. julie andem can relate. she really did that.