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Why not anon? Also I did both if you don’t mind :D  Hoooo boy, this is very long, brace yourself!

Ruki Headcanons:

  • After being together for a while Ruki memorized how Yui likes her tea and Yui memorized how Ruki likes his coffee. Often times when Ruki’s stressed he ends up randomly making tea for Yui. Watching her enjoy drinking calms him.
  • While getting ready for an outing its not uncommon for Ruki to barge in yui’s room last minute to do her makeup. He ignores her protests. She dating da best so she gotta be da best.
  • The closer they get in the relationship(and especially when they get married) Ruki stops calling her ‘Livestock’ and starts using her actual name a lot. Yui still blushes cause he sounds so smooth.
  • When he goes shopping he only brings Yui cause he is not keeping her with his brothers. Plus, he wants her to be by his side as much as possible. (And she doesn’t pile up random stuff into the cart like some people*Cough*Kou&Yuma*Cough*)
  • Once they were all invited to a halloween costume party, and while they were discussing costumes, Yui jokingly suggested Ruki’d look good as an angel. Long story short Yuma and Kou took this seriously and bought Ruki a full angel set costume(the wings, halo, everything) and forced him to wear it. “Oh, was this your idea, livestock? Well, as punishment, you must wear one too.” After the party he swore to never make food for them again until they had takeout every day for a week and he snapped.
  • On rainy days Yui sneaks up on Ruki and before he can react bundles him up in a blanket, brings him a cup of hot chocolate and cuddles up next to him so they can watch the rain together. Its a nice, quiet ‘together’ time for them both.
  • On lazy days, Yui lays her head on Ruki’s lap as he reads out loud to her while she drifts off to sleep.
  • The mukami’s started taking extra care of Yui (making sure she ate enough, wear her coat while its cold outside) when she got sick for the first time. Because when Ruki found out, all hell broke loose- he was constantly running around the mansion, making sure her room was heated, and she had enough blankets and that she took her medicine and drank all the soup he made her. Against their and yui’s protests, he overworked himself to the point where he had to rest for a few days. They don’t want a repeat of that.
  • When they’re out on a date on more than one occasion has Ruki given her his jacket. Yui once told him she’s cold on purpose when she saw a group of girls eyeing Ruki. She smirked at her plan as they took the hint and left.

Yuma Headcanons:

  • Naps are not uncommon for Yuma, especially after a day of hard labor. But if Yui takes a nap she won’t be able to sleep at night, so they make themselves comfortable as he snuggles on her lap while she reads a book and plays with his hair.
  • Yuma has the craziest bed hair in the morning, and Yui won’t let him leave the room until she’s fully combed it.
  • When it’s that time of the month, Yuma always makes sure Yui takes her iron pills and is always warm and well fed and cuddled. One time, when he came back in from gardening he found her laying down on the kitchen floor with a bowl of chocolates and strawberries, crying through a mouthful. He sighed as he layed down beside her and she cuddled up to him.

“What the matter, sow?”

“The strawberries… don’t have… chocolate on them..” She sniffled

Yuma sighed and rubbed her back. “Alright sow, don’t worry, I’ll melt the chocolates and we can dip the strawberries in em, deal? Now stop your crying, your face is getting as red as my tomatoes!”

  • Yuma grows all of Yui’s favorite fruits and vegetables and has a spot in his garden for her favorite flowers.
  • He gets low key jealous whenever she uses store bought fruits and veggies in the dishes she makes and won’t talk to her about it until she makes something using stuff from his garden and apologizes.

“Yuma, whats wrong?”

“Ah, nothin really. But y’know, I bet that tart tasted real good even without the fruits from my garden, right? I’m sure the store provides better stuff than what I grow but who knows~?”

*Yui mentally facepalms* JFC Yuma there’s no need to be so shady-

  • Umbrellas are hard to share when its raining cause Yuma’s too tall and the rain would still hit Yui. But Yui’s too short and Yuma would have to walk crouching awkwardly. So the only solution(to yuma lol) is to have yui hide in his jacket while he holds the umbrella.
  • After a hard day of work they sit on the steps overlooking the garden and eat popsicles to cool down while they dried. (They ended up hosing each other so Ruki gave them some popsicles and wouldn’t let them in the house until they’re dry)
  • Yuma doesnt notice when his clothes rip while gardening but Yui does and is always ready to make sure they’re mended.
  • After a fight with kou, Yuma always locks himself up in his room for a while. After he’s cooled down enough, Yui knocks on his door holding a tray with mugs of hot chocolate with extra whipped cream and some warm cookies she baked. Yuma cuddles with her for a while before ranting about Kou and eating the stuff she made him.
  • Sometimes they tell Ruki that they’re going to walk home from school today and to not wait up for them. They like to walk home together as it often gives them a chance to spend time together and talk or simply enjoy each others silent company after a long day. The walk usually ends with Yuma carrying Yui piggyback style.
  • As they get farther into the relationship, Yuma makes efforts as to not call her Sow, and try something else like ‘Sugar’ or ‘Flower’. Yui thought it was sweet but both agreed that it was cringe-worthy so they just settled on ‘Yui’.

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Mukami family headcanons :3

• Since yuma’s an early riser he turns on the coffee maker for ruki since he wakes up right after

they have weekly movie nights which often result in yuma and kou fighting over which movie to watch (ruki has to break them apart while azusa literally sits there watching and eating the popcorn. he eats it all. even the kernels. they have to make more.)

ruki tried to make a reward system thingy by hanging up a board on the kitchen door and putting golden stars next to the name of whoever did a good deed or behaved for the day. but of course decided it was a bad idea after kou had not so secretly constantly took both yuma’s and azusa’s stars and put them next to his name (lil shit)

ruki also made a swear jar cause someone *coughcough*yuma needed discipline. he then realized soon this was also a bad idea after yuma smashed the jar while chasing kou around the house

Azusa sometimes watches yuma garden. and sometimes yuma gives azusa little tasks like picking small fruits or watering the plants. its a silent bonding time for both of them

Before kou heads out for an interview ruki always makes sure to make vongole bianco to keep kou in a good mood for the day

On the rare occasion ruki brings them along to shop, the cart usually ends up piled so freakin high cause kou needs the set of strawberry scented organic shampoo and yuma needs a new shovel 

“yuma you have other shovels”

“yea but this one is made with the finest quality!!!”


and then they freaking realize azusa is no where to be found. ruki tries calling from the announcement speaker thingy and its not until a customer screams that ‘theres someone sleeping in the furniture section’ do they find him crawled up with one of those heating blankets

“Ruki…. can we… get this one? its…warm”