got lost.


Instead of going *backwards* in time when she goes thru the stones in 1945, Claire winds up in 2015?! Jamie promptly discovers her wandering about the woods and helps her track down her husband (with the help of Google)… only to find he’s in his nineties and in a nursing home in Boston?!?! Shenanigans happen and she winds up having to marry Jamie?!

i think i had a dream where tobin and corrin reenacted the scene from titanic where the girl stretches her arms out and the guy is behind her. tobin was the girl


I was trying to design casual outfits for Human Allura and Coran and then thought what mysteries could be under the jacket, then I imagined and I laughed.

If I ever get stuck in space, I want to be wearing that shirt.

Whatcha gonna do, where are you gonna go,
  When the darkness closes on you?
Is there anybody out there looking for you?
  Do they know what you’ve been through?


  • Hunk, frosting Keith's birthday cake: Hey Lance, how do you spell Keith's name again? I always get the 'i' and 'e' mixed up
  • Lance: I’ll have you know that I got second place in a spelling bee once so you can trust me when I say that it's spelled q-u-i-c-h-e
  • Keith, from across the castle: THAT'S NOT HOW YOU SPELL MY NAME AND YOU KNOW IT LANCE

Me: I went from shipping a blonde and a brunette to shipping another blonde and brunette. Such a coincidence.

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