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Clave or Circle: is there a difference?


Some rough ghost concepts from my perpetually pending personal project.


I’ve just finished rewatching Gravity Falls – it’s like, my summer series now and I have to watch it when I’m on break. I really love this series yall ghghgh ;; so have some older dipper doodles because my art style is changing again (lol) and a redraw because the backgrounds in Gravity Falls are lovely imo. They feel very solid and they compliment the tone of the story really really well and I just?? really love the art direction of Gravity Falls, I haven’t found anything like it really so it feels special to me! The chilly forests populated with huge old trees remind me of when I took a vacation to Oregon when I was 9– it was summer, but it was cooler and wetter than dry as heck Utah and it all felt so magical. Gravity Falls reminded me of why I want to move to Oregon and as such it will always hold a special place in my heart

A few changes!

Hello loves! ( and welcome new followers i never thanked! )

So school is coming up, which is a time taker; and i work part time, which is definitely a time taker ( i can’t doodle on notes???).  Also, ctn animation expo is coming up!! I really don’t feel that i’ve created things worth while, but i really  want to take this opportunity to bring a portfolio!

So, with what ever time i will have, i wanted to start focusing closely to my own work, and put my little tumblr projects to the side. Which ,sadly, includes miraculous moves :’) i was really hoping to get to a certain point, but i don’t want to focus on a project that i feel won’t be beneficial to me. don’t get me wrong!! it’s been incredible practice, and i’ve learned a lot about clip studio just by playing with it like this!

Don’t worry tho, i’ll write out the prompt i planned out with a couple doodles for visuals haha<3 thank you everyone who’s read it up to this point! sorry i never got to much breakdancing lol;;; 

With that, i will have less time to provide fan art or other fun fandom things :’) so i will most likely be going silent for most of the season;; ( outside of sharing personal work, which i am shy about so bare with me lol;;;; )

I might have time for a couple commissions, however. Only because work hours needed to be cut for school;; these are a bit up in the air for now, but very likely! ( as long as my customers will be patient with me haha;; )

Thank you for taking the time to read! 

i am pretty active on twitter and instagram @starrycove  if you use those medias! i like uploading sketches to the instagram snap chat thing lol;; 

Thank you all for liking me and my little unprofessional doodles :’) your support means the world to me, and really inspires me to think i can achieve my goals!! 

y’all are great<3