got lol

Some random doodles….. One in which was my first reaction when I just played Mae in Astral Projection the first time.

Also this little AU/Story my sis @j4m-ch4n made, based on this idea that Angus was actually also in this drama club/class and he had to play in Hamilton. I jumped on the bandwagon cause I could see Mae in it as well (she only got 4 parts to play while Angus got to be in the WHOLE play… so she didnt complain much lol). 

Bonus doodle of a MaeBea moment in which Mae try to act elegant to practice for the play…. Keyword is ‘Try’ lol. 

*returns to tumblr after not posting for like 3 weeks*

*sees that some mutuals haven’t been posting about svu either*

*thinks “omg guys what’s going on, where are you?”*

*realizes the ironing*


Short fan comic I did of Yellow receiving an adorable gift from Pink. This took longer then it was suppose to as I had redesigned Pink three times over, I tried keeping her hair as close to the mural as possible whilst figuring the rest out for myself. I also used Lion’s colour palette for hair and skin, added flower on her chest as it seems to be her motif.   

I’m glad I finished this though, I’m quite happy how it has turned out.