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TRISHA: Stanley?
TRISHA: I’m sorry if I’m interupting anything, but visiting hours are up.
STAN: Oh, okay.

STAN: Sorry I kinda lost it for a sec, dude.
KYLE: ‘for a sec’?
STAN: Shut up.
KYLE: You shut up.
TRISHA: Visiting hours.
KYLE: Oh, right, sorry.

STAN: You’re coming back next week, right?
KYLE: Is that even a question you need to ask.
KYLE: You know I am, dude.
KYLE: Just as soon as I can.
STAN: Good.

STAN: I’ll see you then, though?
KYLE: Yeah.
KYLE: Feel better soon, dude.
STAN: I’ll try, but no promises.
KYLE: You promise to try though, right?
STAN: Yeah! Yeah.

KYLE: See you, Stan.
STAN: Bye, Kyle.
TRISHA: Alright, come on, Kyle. I’ll show you out.

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How would the GOM + Kagami react to somebody pointing out the scratches on their back from doing 'it' with their S/O?

Heeeheee, here you go! Thank you for the request, and please continue to support me! ♥ 

Also, to the anon who keeps persistently sending me pointless hate mail. Thank you for all the effort you are putting to ruin my day. ♥ I love you just as much as everyone else. There, I’ve acknowledged your presence in a post of mine. Happy? 

Kuroko:- He would blink expressionlessly for a moment, and then turn his eyes to the person who asked the question. He would then ask in a deadpan voice whether it was the first time the enquirer (presumably Kagami ((if the S/O isn’t Kagami, of course))) had ever seen such scratches, effectively rendering the asker into a flustered, annoyed and insulted mess.  

“Perhaps it is an usual sight to you, [enquirer]-kun, because you may be a little new to something like this." 

Kise:- Kise would grin happily and nod in agreement excitedly, possibly getting a light blush on the cheeks [(>///w///<) like so]. He would then begin babbling about it until the enquirer is forced to shut him up physically. 

"Y-Yeah, []-cchi was a bit… agitated last night. But it was really, really fun and I would like to do it again-ssu!" 

Kagami:- Kagami would blush a furious red and try to deny it, but will end up blurting out something explicit. 

"U-Uh, no, those aren’t scratches left by []’s fingernails when we had sex last night and got really intense and she felt really— No, shit, I mean— Aah, damn it!" 

Murasakibara:- He would look back over his shoulder at the scratches before saying something explicit in a lazy, innocent voice, making the enquirer feel very uncomfortable. 

"Oh, these…? Yeah… []-chin said she felt really good last night… I had sex with her for hours instead of being lazy for once…" 

Aomine:- He smirked at once when the enquirer mentioned it. But when he admits it, he admits it with a scoff and tells the enquirer that it wasn’t such a big deal (though he’s secretly very pleased with himself that he managed to take you to such heights). 

"Huh, what, those scratches?” His smirk would widen here and he would scoff. “Yeah, they’re from my girl. So? Don’t tell me you’ve never had a girl do that before." 

Midorima:- He would immediately turn a furious shade of crimson and deny it repeatedly, trying very hard to get the image of you moaning his name in pleasure out of his mind. He got the scratches when he accidentally scratched his back too hard after some mosquitoes bit him, apparently.

"T-That is incorrect, nanodayo. I simply got bitten by too many mosquitoes…" 

Akashi:- He would raise an eyebrow, tilt his head to a side and smile coolly before telling whoever it was in a menacing tone that it really was not any of his/her business, effectively making the asker wet his pants. Despite his tough exterior, Akashi is actually very private about his sex life (even though he’s not very shy behind those closed doors mmhmm if you know what I mean hehehehehe (ಢ⊱ಢ 。)

"I do not believe that that is any of your business. Remember your place, peasant." 

Happy With You

Hey, guys! So, I decided to write this fic about the omelia dinner party we’re having on 13x02. Basically, it’s what I wanted it to be haha

I based off a little from these anon prompts that were sent here:

“Can someone write about omelia’s dinner party in 1302? :)“

“Imagine if the Omelia dinner party results in Owen burning the cooking because he’s too distracted by Amelia so they order pizza for everyone instead 😍” 

“A fic about a dinner party with people from the LA practice. Charlotte warning Owen he must behave and Sheldon telling Amelia the same” (I changed this one a little bit).

Also, thanks to @jia911 for proofreading it and as always, to @jordan202 for being an amazing friend and for her huge help.

Owen woke up to the sound of his alarm going off. Startled by it, he quickly got his cellphone from the bedside table and turned it off.

“God, why did you set up that stupid thing? It’s freaking Saturday!” Amelia groaned, hiding her face in the crook of Owen’s neck.

“Because it’s already 9 am and we have a bunch of stuff to do. You know that if I didn’t setup the alarm, we would probably wake up at noon.”

“Don’t be dramatic.” She finally lifted up her head to look at her husband, smiling at him. “Hi.”

“Hi.” Owen smiled back and admired her for a few seconds. They had been married for a month and Owen still couldn’t believe how lucky he was to have such a beautiful and amazing wife, who he knew loved him as much as he loved her. It all still felt like a dream, where they could wake up from their happy bubble at any moment. And the best thing of it all was that Amelia wasn’t freaking out. She didn’t seem to be regretting her decision or anything, like Owen had thought she would. That first month of marriage was all he had hoped for. They had lots of sex in every room of the house, watched a bunch of mundane real estate and reality shows, cooked together - well, Owen cooked, Amelia tried to help - and went to sleep late talking about everything. Owen knew that their whole life wasn’t going to be like that, of course they would argue sometimes, but he was even excited to see what silly little arguments they would get into. “How did you sleep?”

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She came over twice. We clearly hit it off, hence the twice. Had a good time. Reached out for time #3 and she replied she was trying to figure out how to get to the hospital. Apparently, her meds were lost in the mail and she waited (way) too long to try to track down replacements. She got light-headed, nearly passed out and hit her head, twice.

So, because I’m not an asshole, I took her to the emergency room and spent the next 6 hours with her while she got tested and checked out. Other than the hospital aspect of it, it was still kinda fun. We got to chat a lot, and I did feel a bit of a deeper connection. We even friended each other on Facebook. And she ended up being ok, health-wise.

Tried to set up a next meeting for real and she got super flaky. Wouldn’t text me back for days. Wouldn’t confirm plans. So, I took the hint and moved on. She was a chaotic 24-year-old stoner (whip smart, but lazy as hell). I’m a 38-year-old dude/non-stoner. It was definitely fun, but, yeah, it was never gonna last anyway. I wouldn’t have minded a few more fun times though.

Weirdly, we’re still friends on Facebook. She likes my posts fairly frequently, too.

Preference #14: He Walks In On You Changing

Michael: You were getting ready for the night you had planned out with Michael. It wasn’t anything fancy but you both just wanted to spend some time together and figured you’d grab some dinner and go watch a new movie that just came out. You had taken a shower and were getting ready in your room. You only had just slipped into your underwear when Michael suddenly barged in, making you let out a tiny yelp.
“Oh- whoops!” Michael said with a little chuckle as you swiftly covered your chest with your arms. “Sorry, babe! Didn’t think you were changing.”
You groaned loudly and watched as Michael wandered further in to rummage around some drawers for something. “Michael,” you said sternly, trying to motion to him to get out of the room. He turned to you, and looked at you questioningly. “What? It’s not like I haven’t seen it all before.”
“Well, I’d appreciate it if you left the room so I could get ready properly for tonight,” you said. He studied you for a second and then let his eyes fall all the way down your body. He crossed his arms over his chest with a small smirk on his face. “Oh, now what?” you rolled your eyes.
“I’m thinking that,” Michael spoke up, walking closer to you and sliding his hands onto your bare hips, “maybe we should skip that date night.”
You knew exactly where he was going with this. You kept your arms covered across your chest and lifted your head higher, “Oh yeah? And what exactly did you have in mind?”
He smirked, his thumbs running soft circles on your hips as he pulled you closer to his chest. “I’ve got a few things in mind,” he hummed in response, leaning his head down to kiss you. You were going to tease him by pushing him away and protesting that you two should go out, but then he was pressing his lips to your neck, sucking and nibbling on your soft spot and you caved in.
“You know what? I like that idea,” you murmured with a giggle. You felt him grin against your neck and in the next second you were being pulled over to the bed.

Ashton: You and Ashton were planning on going to the beach since the weather was finally warm and the sky was bright with the sun shining. You were upstairs in your room, getting ready for the day by the water, while Ashton was downstairs. You hummed a song stuck in your head as you rummaged around your closet, trying to find a cute swim suit. You pulled out your favourite one and threw it on the bed before lifting your shirt over your head, then sliding out of your pants and bra and underwear. Just as you were putting on the bottoms to your bathing suit, you heard the door click open.
“Hey, Y/N-” You spun around to see your boyfriend standing there and squealed.
“Ashton!” You shouted, covering your bare chest by crossing your arms. “Don’t you ever knock?!” Just now noticing that you were standing there half-naked, his eyes widened and your face turned bright red. He quickly covered his eyes with his hand and rushed outside. “Whoops!” he said with a nervous chuckle. “Sorry!”
You sighed, shaking your head and worked fast to throw on your bathing suit top before swinging open the door to stare up at your clumsy boyfriend. “What did you want?”
“I just needed to get my phone,” he said and then noticed how flustered you still were. “Hey, babe, don’t worry.”
“That was so embarrassing,” you scowled. He chuckled, shaking his head. “How? It’s not like I haven’t seen you naked before.”
“Yeah, well, those times are different,” you pointed out, looking away. Ashton put his fingers under your chin and lifted your head up gingerly to face him.
“Well, I think you’re beautiful,” he said with a soft smile. “Every last bit of you.”

Calum: You had the day off and were lounging around your home while Calum was off at band practice with the boys. After a while of being lazy, you figured you’d be productive by taking a shower and then cleaning up the place. You only got changed into your bra and underwear before deciding against clothes. It was way more comfy to you and it wasn’t like Calum would be home for a while anyway. So you started cleaning up the house, blasting your music while you did, so you could dance around and sing along.
You didn’t hear the front door opening while you were cleaning your room upstairs, or hear Calum saying he was home. After a few minutes, you heard someone chuckling at the bedroom door and yelped at the surprise, spinning around.
“I could get used to coming home to this!” Calum said cheekily, flashing you a grin as he noticed how embarrassed you were.
You scowled, your heart still beating fast, “Next time you come home, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t give me a heart attack by sneaking up on me.”
“Not my fault you’re too busy listening to your music to hear me,” he pointed out. You just gave him a look and he burst out laughing, shaking his head at you before planting a kiss on your forehead. Eventually he’d leave you alone to finish cleaning up and you made sure to put on some clothes this time before joining him downstairs.

Luke: You let a sigh of relief as you left the bathroom, turning off the light and hugging the towel tighter to your body. You had been on tour with Luke and the rest and had been stuck in that stuffy bus for a while now, with no means of a proper bathroom. You mostly had to shower in the venues, but the guys had a few days off in one of the cities and had checked into a hotel room with an actual bathroom and shower.
You hummed to yourself as you walked over to your suitcase, trying to find an outfit to wear for the day. Once you found something, you let your towel fall to the floor. Just as you were about to put on your underwear, the door opened and Luke walked in.
“Oh!” he gasped when he saw you naked and covered his eyes with his hand. “Shit – I’m sorry! I wasn’t- I didn’t think you were-”
You giggled and walked up to him, taking his hand away from his face. “Babe, look at me.”
He squinted one eye open and you couldn’t help but smile at how adorable he was when he was embarrassed. “You’ve seen it all before,” you pointed out as he looked at you fully.
“Don’t be shy now,” you said, taking his hands and placing them on your hips. He gulped and bit at his lower lip, tugging at his lip piercing as his eyes desperately tried to avoid your lower half. You smirked at how flustered he was getting and leaned on the tip of your toes to kiss him. It wasn’t long after that when that kiss turned into a make out session which you eventually carried over on to the bed.

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can you do a blurb/imagine where calum/ashton gets insecure after i talked to a guy .

Sure! :D
I got two ideas so I’ll do both lollll (sorry for any mistakes!) sorry that it’s late! ~Z.x

You were walking down the street with your orders from Starbucks in your hands. Your free hands were tangled in each other and you walked around the streets of Sidney. The sunny summer weather made you and Calum go out for some shopping and of course he wanted to spoil you a bit, even tho you protested. You sat down on a bench because all this walking made you a little bit tired. But as you putted the bags down you felt a tap on your shoulder which made you turn around quickly. And there was Chris, your ex boyfriend who you broke up with which you both agreed on. A smile was placed in his lips which made your lips curl up too.
“Hey Y/N!” He said in a happy voice.
“Chris, oh god it’s been so long!” You said and hugged him. “Wow you look good, you’ve changed a bit since I saw you the last time.” You smiled at him and he chuckled a little.
“Yeah, the new haircut does a lot? I’ve also got a bit taller so now I’m almost towering over you! What are you doing here?” He knew that you preferred lazy days indoors with a movie and just having a cozy time, but you also enjoyed these summer days and just wanted to be out all day.
“Shopping.” You said shortly. He just nodded and looked over you shoulder.
“Oh, so you’re with that guy?” He said in a little lower voice but you could hear that he didn’t want to sound rude. You looked back at Calum he just gave you and him a weak smile.
“Yeah and this guy is Calum… My boyfriend.” You ended with a proud smile. He just nodded with a smile on his lips and looked at Calum.
“Oh okay, we’ll I’m not gonna disturb but yeah, it was nice to see you again!” He ended the conversation with a quick and tight hug before he walked back to his friends. You looked at him as he walked away. He wasn’t like this usually… You thought at lease… He seemed so judgemental and stuff about Calum, why would he even care who you were together with? It’s not like you talk anymore. You heard someone clear their throat behind you and you spun around quickly. Calum looked at Chris and then down on the ground.
“So, uhm… Who was that?” His voice was a little bit quieter than usual. You sat down beside him and sighed.
“We’ll yeah but like, how do you know him?” He probably knew that Chris was your ex, he just wanted to hear it.
“He’s… My ex.” You and Cal didn’t really have the ex talk even tho you’ve been together for 6 months. You’ve mentioned Chris one time a while ago when he saw a picture of you and him hugging, a really old pic.
Calum just nodded his head and looking back at the ground.
“Yeah I understand why he was you’re boyfriend, he’s good looking, I even heard you say it.” He said. With confusion written over your face you watched him look to the same direction, avoiding your eyes. Was he… upset or something?
“What’s wrong?” You asked as he sighed and you could see the sad and a bit angry expression on his face. Just as the words left your lips he gave you the same confused face.
“What’s wrong? Well maybe it has something to do with the way you looked at him, it’s not the same way you looked at me, god you where practically mesmerized by him.” he said and you could hear that he tried to stay as calm and quiet as possible. He had his left hand running through his hair down to his neck. You just laughed lightly and you saw in the corner of your eyes that he turned his head towards you. Your eyes met his confused for a few seconds before you spoke up.
“Really? He just looked so different, I didn’t even think it was possible for someone like him to change that much.” You laughed. He just shook his head and looked down. Then suddenly it hit you. Maybe he was… Insecure? You placed your hand on his lower back and rested your head on his shoulder to whisper “plus, you’re the only one I would ever want. I would never go back to Chris, because I have the best boyfriend in the whole wide world.” You smiled at how cheesy that sounded and you could see him smile. You smiled wider and kissed his neck. You leaned back a little bit so that he could rest his back against the backrest. He looked you in the eyes before he pecked your lips blushing. You giggled,
“And you’re adorable.” You said and pecked his cheek while he giggled blushing harder.

You and Ashton went to one of your guy friends house, Ric, for a summer party he organized. His parties were the best. Both you and Ashton knew him, but you’ve been Ric’s best friend since you were 12 years old. Ric always had the funniest parties ever and one of the many reasons were the many people which you always could tell because of how many cars and people standing outside of his house. As in this moment when you and Ashton walked from a parking lot a few meters away and saw his front yard. You and Ashton walked hand in hand trough the door where you met Ric and some of his friends.
“Hey guys!” Ric said with a wide smile and a beer in his left hand.
“Hi!” You said returning the smile and gave him a quick hug.
“This is Anthony, Tyler and Kyle.” He said and turning his gaze from you to them.
“Yeah I know we’ve met them before Ric.” Ashton said with a laugh. Ric held his beer can up in the air.
“We’ll this isn’t my first so excuse the memory.” He giggled. You just shook your head and grabbed Ashton’s hand again.
“We’ll we’re gonna get something to drink, but it was nice seeing you again!” You smiled towards the boys where Anthony had his gaze running up and down your body which made you feel a bit uncomfortable and ashton tightening his grip around your hand. You walked into the kitchen where Ashton grabbed a beer. He leaned against the counter while you poured up a drink in a red plastic cup.
“Did you see Anthony?” He asked and too a swing of his drink. “God he was staring.” he said after he swallowed. You raised your eyebrows and giggled.
“Yeah I couldn’t miss that.” You took a sip of the drink and went into the living room which was probably just as big as your house. Just as you stopped in your tracks, you saw your best friend, Y/BF/N a few meters away.
“Oh my god, Ashton I’ll be right back.” You said and walked away towards her just in time as one of Ashton’s friends came up to him. You walked up to Y/BF/N with a huge smile.
“Hi!” You said over the loud music distracting her from her friends. She gasped when she saw you and quickly hugged you.
“Y/N, oh my god it’s been so long.” You nodded your head and looked towards the guy standing in front of her.
“Oh hi I’m Y/N, Y/BF/N’s friend.” You said and reached your hand out. He shook it and said,
“Nick, Y/BF/N’s boyfriend.” You looked at her with a proud face and then looked back at Nick. You nodded your head and smiled at them.
“Well then I’m not gonna interrupted, I’m here with Ashton, talk to you later!” You said and gave her one last hug. You started walking back to Ashton but a hand that was placed on my shoulder made me stop. Just as you turned around you saw Anthony.
“Hey Y/N.” He said.
“Hey.” You said and looked at Ashton over your shoulder were his friend took all of his attention, you thought. You looked back at Anthony with a kind smile, even tho you weren’t in the mood of talking to him. Don’t get it wrong, Anthony was quite good looking and kind, but you were in the mood of dancing with Ashton.
“You look really good tonight.” He smiled.
“So I haven’t been good looking the other times you’ve seen me?” You joked and giggled. He laughed too and nodded his head.
“You’re right, but you look even hotter than you usually do.” He flirted. There was two things you could say but unfortunately you said the wrong one, that was probably the alcohol starting to kick in a little little bit, that stuff was strong.
“You don’t look that bad yourself, have you been to the gym a lot more since I saw you the last time?” You said and touched his arms. They weren’t the same size as Ashton’s, but they weren’t small. He flexed and you just laughed.
“Yeah a little bit.” You just smiled and thought of a way to go back to Ashton, so you said the first thing that came to your mind.
“We’ll I’m gonna go to Ashton but I’ll maybe see you later.” You said. He looked to the side to find Ashton giving him a little glare.
“He doesn’t seem that happy with us talking I think.” You looked to his direction quickly where his gaze turned from angry to upset. He turned away and looked at his friend who just kept talking and talking. You shrugged your shoulders and said bye one more time before you headed to Ash. When you walked beside him you smiled to his friend. He quickly looked at your two and nodded his head before leaving. I stood in front of Ashton to look him in the eyes but he quickly turned his head to the side.
“Ash…” You said and tilted your head to the side. He sighed and looked everywhere in the room except for you. “Hello?” You said a little bit louder.
“What?” He asked in a calm voice but you could see read him from the expression showing off in his face, he had a mix of hurt and anger. You sighed and placed your hand on his his arm.
“Are you okay?” He just nodded his head.
“Yeah why wouldn’t I?”
“You know how good I am at reading you.” You giggled. He just sighed again and swallowed hard. He was silent for a few seconds. He leaned against the wall behind him and cocked his head in the direction of the crowded dance floor. You looked over there and turned your head back to him.
“What?” You asked confused, even tho you were sure you knew what he meant. He rolled his eyes.
“Anthony.” He spoke. You sighed and gave him the look that showed ‘are you serious’.
“What are you trying to say?” He took a breath before he shook his head, rolling his eyes again.
“Oh god.” He said and ran his hands through his hair before dropping them to his side and looking you angrily in the eyes. “Don’t stand here wasting your time on me, looks like his muscles are more interesting than me.” You sighed and looked at Anthony and back to Ashton.
“Are you serious?” You raised your eyebrows with a tiny smirk playing on his lips. “You’re being ridiculous.” You sighed and looked away from his eyes.
“Sorry what was that? Am I being ridiculous because my girlfriend was flirting with another guy?” He laughed and shook his head. His gaze dropped to the floor and you could see the sad look. Your heart broke a little at the sight and you took a step closer to him.
“Ash…” You touched his cheek but he turned his face from your hand.
“But yeah I know, he’s way more better looking than me, I saw how your were complimenting his muscles a-”
“Ash, stop.” You sighed but were more confused at the last part. “Wait, what?” He didn’t answer but just looked over at Anthony. He frowned and had this jealous look in his eyes. “I just asked if he’s been to the gym lately-”
“Yeah exactly, that’s a compliment.” He said and ran his right hand over his left arm.
“I just didn’t know what else to say-”
“So you decided that you would flirt with him when you have a boyfriend in the same room. But I get it, he’s better looking th-”
“Stop.” You said sternly. You hated insecure Ashton. It broke your heart that he couldn’t see how absolutely perfect he is. He looked you in the eyes with a softer expression and sighed. “There’s no other guy out there who’s more better looking than you. Anthony is a douche, I know because he cheated on one of my friends and he isn’t my type, plus he’s never gonna look better than you. No one can look better than you, no one can be as kind and loving as you are, you’re seriously the perfect guy and I would be the most stupid person ever if I would ever let you go.” A tiny smile played on his lips and his gaze returned to the floor once again. I lifted his chin up with my finger and pecked his lips softly. “And that day will never come.” I finished. His smile grew bigger. “That’s the perfect smile I love.” He blushed and giggled which made me laugh a bit. I kissed him more lovingly and ran my hands over his arms. “And god, your arms make you even hotter, if that’s even possible.” He just smiled and kissed you hard and passionately.