got kicked in the head so many times

i don’t usually make things about ships on this blog, despite the fact gryles is the blood in my veins, but i decided since this blog isn’t actually a daily news blog, or an update blog for nick, it’s just a blog that is only all about nick so i can post what i want. so here’s forty-two (42) gryles fics you should read.

picked undone, and again by biggerthanthesun
words: 37,389 / side: daisy/harry

“I need you to know that I… I want you all the time. Me wanting you and us doing this,” Nick says. “We’ve been weirdly steady for two people who aren’t even dating and I still want you more than ever, you know? I’m not even tired of it, I’m not even tired of you. You’re like a constant thing for me, I’m afraid I’m a bit mad about you.”

The one where they’re not boyfriends. Where Nick’s mad for Harry. And Harry was mad for Nick. Until he wasn’t anymore. (Canon-compliant).

at the gates by ymorton
words: 33,707 / side: omc/omc

“I feel I already know you,” he says, laughing.

Harry looks at him, surprised. Nick feels it too?

(gryles, reincarnated)

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/roast em’

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Aries: Boi, looking like a mad toddler who just lost their red power ranger. Boi, asking for an adult but but really what you need to do is read a motherfucking book. Boi, walking around here like you run shit but really you just stepped on some. Head ass lurking in the shadows just waiting for someone to lit yo wanna-be Goku ass up. Angry looking self. Looking like the next care bear head ass. “Call me Petty the Panda”, head ass. Claiming that you know everything but don’t even know how to spell ‘spaghetti’, head ass. Always wanting to turn little shit into a fucking competition, pumped like Sonic shit. Always doing shit you know you shouldn’t be doing in the first place, risk-taking-at-the-wrong-time fuck. Don’t know how to accept that your wrong sometimes, stubborn ass boy.

Taurus: Got em’. Always talking about ‘I told you so’ but you really should be saying ‘I didn’t know’ head ass. ‘Stubborn till the day I die’ looking self. Don’t know the answer but still front like you do, wise yeller ass fool. Telling others you pity the fool but really they pity you, head ass. Talking about “presh off the runway” but really, “phresh until Monday” there-is-always-a-sale looking self. Never lets go of petty shit, head ass. Has everything that anyone has ever done wrong to them on the back of a Baskin Robbins’s napkin their back pocket. Claiming somebody on the Internet who don’t even know yo under-a-rock head ass. Don’t even feel like moving to get the remote next to you, lazy ass self.

Gemini: Mother fucka’. You talk too much. Your breath has killed my eyebrows and eyelashes hair’s cells and got me looking like fucking Voldemort in this hoe. You need some breath mints and some holy water because that mouth need Jesus. Keep breathing through that nose, thirst trapping ass. Keep asking about someone’s life only to use that shit on them an hour later, nosy self. Talking about “fuck these hoes” but really it’s “nobody has to know” head ass. Type to not to want to upset someone but #FuckBoiiii appears to ruin it. Make up some shit and forget that you did a week later, trouble making self. Start drama on fucking Club Penguin, head ass. Make a sim called “Thotnatisha SuccGreen” and fuck everyone on the street, hoe self. #ThotNation Got two phones for weed selling and your so called hoes. But really it’s your Momma and she want her money by tonight or she kicking your no-rent-ass-paying out.

Cancer: OOOH, now I’m bout to get you. Always asking “what are we?” when you dead ass know the answer, insecure self. Moods be shifting faster than how many times can Spongebob cry you a sweater, emotional self. Playing bitches faster than Mario Kart, head ass. Is the glass half empty, or not, pessimistic self. Can’t even trust your own reflection, always on the look out fuck. Quit ridding on so many people’s dicks who don’t give two shits about your clingy self. Quick to play that innocent card when you get confronted on some shit, Barney the Dinosaur ass child. Crying to that one song you heard when you were dating that one girl from Build-A-Bear Workshop Online and you caught her in a bed with some other person, lonely self. Don’t even hit someone up on their funeral unless you know they really dead, stay on the suspect ass. Thinking you got mad haters but really its the same one bitch who be commenting “You ugly skank ass hoe” on your IMVU profile since 2008. 

Leo: Bout to light your fake circus looking wig on fire, bitch. Mad disrespectful when it comes to that big ass pride of yours. Not afraid to bite someone but more scared of what they got, drama starting ass.Telling mad lies about some bitch you don’t know of, but she apparently got beef so you gotta Chief Keef. Lips looser than an IKEA desk chair, mother fuck. Keep telling yourself that people will wait on you head and toe, watch how fast you lose followers on Twitter, you ‘but-i’m-almost-famous’ ignorant self. Demand all you want, that crown looking mighty rusty, fam. Rolling in the deep, but you actually rolling with the sheep, following trends like its the Barbie, sheep self. Skull thicker than a thick bitch doing squats at 24Hour Fitness, stubborn self. Don’t care if you don’t like this like that or them like the way they are. Fix your eyebrows before you come for me, hoe. Eyebrows looking like they lift pigeons, wanna be thug self. 

Virgo: Bro, oh my God- no body cares bruh. You stay getting on other people about fixing their lives but yo dumpster living ass has no fucking say! Keep assuming that bull shit and which your ass get mistaken for a real life Patrick the Starfish. How is that ego of yours? Still buried under all the amount of shit that comes out of your mouth, “i’m super-man!’ head ass. Keep judging other’s like you aren’t the type to throw it back on a bro on Saturday and praise the Lordt ™ on a Sunday. Bro, ain’t no body perfect so stop with the bull shit, and come down from those raggy ass stairs you sit your raggy ass ‘throne’ upon and come fuck with these hands if you wanna. Bro, The Starkeisha Cheer Team song, I”’m Petty”, was made just for your life fam. Stop getting mad when these hoes pull a ‘you’ on you’. Type to play mind games, but get made when you get CRISS CROSSED, meme looking self. Pull out game getting stronger and stronger even though you know damn well this girl setting your ass smooth the fuck up. YOU ARE THE FATHER.

Libra: Words itself, can not explain how fed up I am with you. You keep asking for advice knowing your ass isn’t gonna listen in the first place. Non-listening self. Like, do you mother fuckers comprehend the word “no”? Like is it in y’all vocabulary? NO, MEANS, NO NO NO. NO NO NO NO. Bro, that word can save you from all this little shit your dumb ass think there-could always-be-peace, dumb self. Choking on that dick of self-improvement, huh? Open your fucking eyes, and take off those damn rose sunglasses because shit is about to get real as fuck the minute you get out of high school. Acting like life is a anime- bitch, your grades won’t automatically improve with every time senpai looks at you!  Ain’t nobody care more about you then you do- all these little friends and squads you so called got will eventually leave your ass in the dust. Talking about “Oh, my bitches got me” hoe, your bitches are now  free while you still trying to get a ‘get-out-of-free-card’ they apparently got for you. It’s been 7 months, and your still in jail. Start making moves with your not-wanting-undesirable-traits head ass. Bitch you ain’t perfect. Wipe that fake smile off your fucking face. Wanna be ‘bad and boujee’ but really you ‘sad and lonely’, fake self. Flip a coin on your grades, careless self. And learn that just because you do one small thing for someone, doesn’t mean that they fucking owe you their loyalty.  Balance is the key, head ass. Wanna be Judge Judy, underdeveloped self. Can’t take a hint, in-denial self. 

Scorpio: (We have our regularly scheduled meeting at 2:00 AM. See your ass then.) 

Sagittarius: You literally are the reason why roasts were even properly termed and noted- fam, WHAT IS YOUR LIFE? You stay acting like your doing all this crazy and fun shit, but bitch. You just blow stories up to make your ass sound better. Wanna be ‘Wild and Out’ but really your barely on the same level of American Ninja.Your not even that fucking wild to begin with- you just say some wild and or stupid shit, at times. When your not being a little irresponsible fuck or being a cocky cunt because you got into some lame’s pants- your pretty dope to talk to. But see, see- you and that mouth again. You claim not to care but then your ass get mad when some hoe don’t call you back on Tuesdays after 11 PM. Always on stand by to fight, but never on stand by to get right, head ass. Keep fucking with those types that bring you down and anyone who doesn’t think like you do is apparently stupid. Keep up that same argument with yourself, and see how fast catch these hands, fam. Told your teacher that you want to be a brick wall when you grow up, head ass. Your problem not mine, tactless ass self. Tell a bitch what you want her to do, but won’t listen to what she want you to do, selfish self.  Say your single and your not dating, but claiming three hoes on campus, fuck boy in some cargo shorts during February dumb self. Also getting angry when things don’t go your way, toddler power self. They call you, ‘Closer to hell’ more then they call your actually name, always-hitting-my-arm-while-you-laugh violent self. Threaten me on the daily but won’t put on the chef hat to cook this beef. 

Capricorn: Bet your the type to cheat on Tic-Tac-Toe, mother fucker. Looking like someone fucked up your taxes last year and now you don’t even trust your own momma, head ass boy! Bet your ass was born with a checklist in hand, to see who the fuck woke you up, grumpy old man self. “Well I can do bad all by my self” bitch did anyone ask?! Stay being distant with your Dora the Explorer head ass, fam. Ain’t no body got the time to sit here and figure your shit out.  Only fuck with somebody if they got the goods or you just like being better then they ass, ego-self-boosting fucker. Claim you got the keys, but really all you got is this Wii wheel. Driving towards a better future head ass. Failure isn’t an option when really you live in denial,  controlling self. Be the type to plan out your unborn daughter’s whole life, don’t want any surprises self. Try to control the world, yet can’t even control they own life head ass. Stuck in the 90s head ass. Doesn’t even have beef, the fool got that unseasoned chicken breasts.

Aquarius: I’m lost for words, yo- you really are a reckless son of a bitch. Are you even fucking here right now? Bet your planning on your next escape from your momma’s house, huh? Calling up your home boy to come smoke you out at 3 AM, but get mad when he calls for a ride to Walmart to get some groceries, selfish ass. Talking about how you got the squad to back your ass up, but the minute the cops pull around they running faster than you can even sing y’all anthem. Minute you start getting roasted, they laughing with them.  Keep claiming that your rebellious and just so weird. Watch your ass be in the back alley of a club, throat deep on a guy name Ashley who is feeding you lies to boost that overconfident ass ego. Young, wild and free, head ass. But your really Dumb, broke, and over that show Glee. Yo, do you even know how to fucking not do something? Is your whole life a dare? Nah, its not wanna be edgy ass fool. Don’t know how to love but wants it, contradicting self. Unpredictable because you scared of real life, escapist chimpanzee. 

Pisces: I’m ready for your fake ass. YOU. ARE. NOT. INNOCENT. You’ve done some how do you say shady ass shit, fam. Don’t even act like your ass didn’t laugh when your friends or even family do something or have something terrible done to them. Two face looking rainbow monkey self. Cry over split milk, baby self. Cry over being angry, matter of fact. Using people but get mad about being used, sensitive self. Wanna be dark and emo but can barely say no to someone who wants money. Saying you don’t have a soul, but got upset over that old cat dying in front of your living room window, caring self. Claiming that nobody knows you yet posts mad shit about your life on the internet. Wanna be that cool dude in school so you backstab the fuck out of your close circle to fuck some prep or jock to just end back right where you were freshmen year. Stupid and alone. Learning life lessons from cartoons when you really should be fixing that resume. Claim you understand but really you don’t give a damn. Go smoke and try to explain life to a tree, dead ass boy. Fuck you and your bull shit. 

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do you have any good gryles fic recs?

if this is love

He’s not fucking thirty yet, but he is way too old for Harry fucking Styles.

Or: Nick Grimshaw has done some stupid, ridiculous, mad things in his life, but falling for Harry Styles might be the stupidest thing yet.

this lift is out of service

Nick is a heart-broken physical therapist just back in London after a six month stint in the States. He’s trying to get his life together. Getting caught up with new patient Harry Styles was never part of the plan.

i should ink my skin with your name

Harry bites his tongue and stops himself from saying something really, really stupid like: I love you. He could get away with it, he knows. Nick would probably laugh it off, but. But he’s not up for taking that risk. Instead he pulls out his phone and texts Louis: We’re banned from Radio 1 Breakfast. :( x

or the one where everyone but them knows they’re dating

and if this is the only thing i want

And it’s insane. This entire thing is insane. “Nothing,” Nick says firmly. “We’re just – I’m not going to do anything. We’re friends, we go out, we snog sometimes. End of story.” It’s already been pretty uncomplicated, Nick thinks, so really, it should be able to just keep going the way it’s been going without any kind of issues.

“If you say so,” Aimee says, and if she sounds doubtful, or mocking, or like she’s humoring him Nick chooses to ignore it.

and how many years i’ve missed you

“So my god, Nick,” Harry folds himself down into a chair, his long legs splaying out under the table. His foot knocks into Nick’s and Nick kicks him back reflexively, his body remembering how to act around Harry even after all this time. “This is bloody crazy,” Harry shakes his head. “It’s been ages, yeah? It’s got to be like, what, five years or something?”

Seven, Nick thinks to himself. You were just nineteen and I was twenty eight and it was seven years ago, not five.

Drunk In Love

Pairing: Dean Ambrose x Reader

Word Count: 1,270

Warnings: Swearing and alcohol

Summary: You have a little too much to drink and accidentally spill your feelings towards Dean.

A/N: I’ve had this sitting on my desktop for a while now and I didn’t have any use for it so I thought I’d just share it with you guys. Since it is from a while ago, I’d like to apologize for any errors I might not have caught!

Originally posted by vaniwin

*Not my GIF*

It was no secret that you weren’t that much of a drinker. Yeah, you had the occasional shot, but that was only during a celebration. You’ve never really gotten drunk or experienced a hangover and now that you think about it, maybe that was a good thing. However, that didn’t stop your closest friend, Dean Ambrose, from constantly trying to persuade you to come to the local pub with him.

“C'mon, doll! You’ve been working your ass off lately and I think it’s about time you just kick back and relax” he pleaded.

Of course, you weren’t too keen on the idea of going out for drinks with him of all people. You’ve known Dean for a long time now and you knew exactly just how much he loved his fair share of alcohol. In fact, you wouldn’t be all that surprised if he ended up staggering drunk in the middle of the afternoon. Well maybe not that drunk, but just enough to impair his judgement. On the other hand, if anyone could read you, it was Dean. He could tell when you’ve been stressing out.

“So what do ya say, sweetheart?” Dean asked.

He was now bouncing impatiently waiting for a response. When you met his gaze, you instantly felt drawn into his soft, baby blue eyes. It reminded you of a cute little puppy. It was no use fighting the urge to say yes.

“Fine, fine! I’ll go!” you caved.

Dean gave you a big smile, putting his dimples on full display.

“I knew you couldn’t say no to the big ol’ puppy dog eyes” Dean chuckled.

You roll your eyes and playfully punch his arm.

“Whatever” you giggled.

Though you seemed reluctant about going, inside you were quite pleased that you had yet another excuse to hang out with the lunatic fringe. You hate to admit it, but there was something different about Dean. He had that kind of face that immediately stopped you in your tracks. With a guy like him, he’s probably used to that abrupt pause in a person’s natural expression when they made contact with him. Not to mention, that nonchalant fixed stare and weak smile you gave him all the time. You were almost certain the way you blushed was a dead giveaway.  Of course, you tried your best to push your feelings aside. There was no way you were going to risk losing what you already had with him.

It wasn’t long till you two had finally reached the bar. Everything was just like you imagined it to be; several conversations being spoken in loud voices that competed with the heavy metal music that prevailed the atmosphere. It was a generally young crowd comprised by university students, but it was too dark to tell for sure. Everyone was either slumped over in their bar stools or socializing in small groups, with the exception of one woman who was crying in the corner. Dean took your hand in his and slowly led you through the large crowd. His hand felt soft and reassured you that there was nothing to worry about. Though, that feeling was very short lived since he was eager to get to the bar.

“We’ll take two” Dean said to the bartender.

You picked up the shot glass and looked at Dean.

“Cheers!” he exclaimed.

You brought it up to your mouth. Well here goes nothing. You felt a burning sensation on your tongue which then proceeded to turn into a bitter taste that ran down your throat. Shot after shot, you felt reality slowly slipping away in favour of fantasy. You didn’t mean to drink as much as you did, but you felt so exhilarated that you didn’t even notice. It wasn’t too long until you were convinced the room was spinning.

“De-Dean! Why is the room sp-spinning so fast?!” you slurred.

You hopped off the bar stool and attempted to walk across over to Dean, who was socializing with some other group of people. Everyone saw you struggling to keep your balance and you were well aware of it. It felt like you were being possessed. Your legs didn’t work as you told them to and neither did your arms. You know that your brain is sending signals, but whether your body was receiving them was a whole other story. You stumbled the whole way, flailing your arms in the air to attain some sense of stability.  You were about to fall over, that is, until two arms wrapped around you.

“Careful, Y/N” Dean said sympathetically.

Dean was very gentle with you, after all, he’s been there and done that. Though, that didn’t stop him from finding it amusing at just how drunk you were.

“How many drinks did you have?” he laughed.

“I-I don’t know what you’re ta-talking about!” you stuttered.

It was pretty obvious that there was no way you could get home safely by yourself so Dean picked you up and carried you to his car.

“Aw, come on! Just one more dri-drink!” you whined.

“Maybe another time, doll” Dean chuckled.

It was when you sat in the passenger’s seat of the car the alcohol really kicked in. The jokes you told suddenly seemed ten times funnier and you finally got the courage to flirt with the guy you’ve been head over heels for ever since you met him.

“D-Dean, I just-I just can’t stop thinking bout’ ya!” you begin to ramble. “It’s almost like you’ve infested my thoughts, ya know? I mean, love scares me. It re-really does. But somehow you’ve ma-made me feel so… reassured”

Dean’s eyes widened. You couldn’t quite read the expression on his face, but that didn’t stop your drunk rambling.

“I find rejection so te-terrifying. Like, here you are opening your heart to someone who doesn’t want it. I’ve be-been through that more times than I can count. And lemme tell ya, it sucks. You end up feeling lonely, heartbroken and sad as fuck” you slur.

Of course, you finally realized what you were saying, but it was too late. The damage was done. You had finally made your declaration of love, the speech you’ve been rehearsing in your bathroom mirror for months now. The silence felt like venom that seeped through your skin and spread to your whole body. Your hands trembled and it wasn’t too long until you felt yourself tense up. The silence wasn’t something Dean intended, but he was well aware of it.

“I… I’m sorry!” you blurt out.

You ran out the car, ignoring Dean calling after you. You scrambled to get your keys to open your front door, but your hands are so shaky you drop them. As soon as you bent over to grab them, you felt a heavy force weigh down on your shoulder.

“Y/N…” Dean said.

“If you came here to make fun of me, then go for it. I don’t care” your voice sounded shaky this time around

“Y/N, wait…” he said again.

“Just go ahead and tell the whole world that I have a huge crush on Dean fucking Ambrose!” you yelled.

“Y/N, you’re not listening to me” Dean spoke softly.

“Tell them all I’m just a fragile-“

The next thing you knew, Dean’s soft lips crashed into yours. Not innocently like a tease or anything, but passionate and loving. The warmth from his lips radiated and spread throughout your whole body. You felt so relieved you couldn’t help but smile onto his lips. He pulled away for a moment and gazed into your eyes.

“Truth is, Y/N… I’ve kinda liked you for a while now too”

Dorm Disorder (Chapter 1) 🌙

A/N: I’m going to put a trigger warning on this entire story because this series isn’t going to be all sunshine and rainbows. It’s about mental illnesses, abusive parents, cigarettes and alcohol, so don’t say I didn’t warn you! x

Character Appearance: OCs, Kris, Kai, Chanyeol, Luhan, Baekhyun, Amber

Warnings: Mentions of bipolar disorder, cigarettes, alcohol, self-harm

Word Count: 10,215

Soundtrack: Let Me Stay By Your Side // Luhan


Originally posted by fyeahluhan

Illnesses aren’t a joke. Mental illnesses, especially. Take it from someone who is actually suffering from it. I didn’t ask for any of this. I didn’t ask for my dad to leave us, I didn’t ask for my mum to be an ex-junkie, I didn’t ask to be claustrophobic and I especially didn’t ask to suffer from bipolar disorder.

My name is Ciara and I’m nineteen years old. To be blunt, I’m a fuck-up. Period. I was never a perfect little ass-licker like every goddamn girl out there in the world. Instead, I’m the exact opposite; I have cuts on my wrists, I smoke, my family is in a mess and my head is spinning round the globe with so many thoughts. Oh, and my best friends are my violin and my mum. I was a floater for the longest time, always spending time with my mum who is an ex-junkie like I said. Now don’t point fingers and start calling her a bad influence and shit. Sure, she’s the woman who went through so much and turned to drugs when it got so rough that she just wanted to kill herself. But, she’s also the woman who raised me up from nothing and kicked her drug addiction just for me and taught me how to live without anyone, a lesson learnt after my father left. My life was pretty messed-up for a long time…until one day, I walked into my therapist’s office and saw him sitting in the waiting room.

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zenxenophilia  asked:

You guys are doing awesome so far!! Congrats on reaching 60 followers! :) (fans self) Whew! Those yandere asks have me all flustered. Mind if I request some for the ladies? Specifically TFP Airachnid and TFA Blackarachnia and Slipstream? :3

Transformers: Prime


- She’s past Megatron on the yandere scale. But that’s really to be expected.

- You’re the very light of her being; a trophy more beautiful than any she’s ever had. Most of all, you only seem to grow more beautiful the more she sees you. You’re Airachnid’s very joy, and she’d do anything to keep you close at all times.

- Whether you be cybertronian or human, it doesn’t matter how long you’re able to avoid her; she always catches her pray. You’re tied up in strings of sticky webs as you frantically struggle to get free, but she only seems amused by your attempts. It makes you sick.

- This is the relationship you’d have to be reaaaaaaaally obedient in if you actually want to stay alive. Otherwise, she’ll have no problem with preserving you like… other trophies.

- She treats you like a pet, but still refers to you as her lover. Even as she treats you the same as them, the insecticons still somehow acknowledge you as their Queen’s mate.

- Airachnid keeps you on a constant lockdown. You’re never away from her; she even takes you on missions if she’s able to get away with it. Claims you’re her “lucky charm”, but you know she’s just trying to keep you from escaping.

- Threatens you to keep you to herself. Everyone thinks you’re dead; if you go back, who will remember you? You’ve already been forgotten. She’s the only one who will love you as much as she does now!

- Please tread carefully.

Transformers: Animated


- She’s not a very deadly yandere, but god is she an obsessive one.

- The event that turned her into an organic “mutation” left her with some abandonment issues; you probably ended up showing some sort of kindness to her that left her falling in “love” with you.

- Actually, that’s probably exactly what you did.

- You meet her while you’re in Detroit to visit family; your grandmother’s home was going to be full of your cousins, uncles, aunts and more for a reunion. Your mother/father/parent had somehow managed to convince you to go, so now you’re stuck walking all the way to her home on the outskirts of the city because your car died a week before you had to fly to Detroit.

- And thus, you encountered a spider-woman.

- She was pacing around angrily and kicking dumpsters into trees and cars, setting off their alarms in the process. You winced at the robot’s tantrum– at the time, you had assumed it was one of the many inventions Detroit intelligence had come up with– and asked her what was wrong.

- “Hey, are you alright? I dunno about you, but that seems like some next level anger.”

- Her head whipped to face you so fast you were worried it came loose. 

- And thus, began the story of her stalking you the entire time you’re in the city. 

- Next thing you know, she’s got you tied up in a tree in the middle of nowhere-ville forest as she calls you affectionate pet names and asks about your interests.

- Good luck! 



- You can’t even tell she’s interested at first. She’s so snarky when it comes down to you– apparently she’s snarkier to you than anyone else.

- At first, you assume it’s because you’re a human. Y’know, organic racist robots from outer space and all that. You knew, by getting into this mess, you’d deal with those eventually. 

- But no. She’s being mean to you because she likes you.

- A little too much.

- You’re really not that interested in a relationship at the moment; Slipstream overhears this as she “so happens” to pass by the exact room you’re in, talking to someone who might’ve been asking you out. 

- The person who asked you out doesn’t come to work/school the next day.

- Next thing you know, Slipstream of all bots is flirting with you. The robot who told you a week ago she was sentient and, in fact, not an AI, and has been nothing but a bitch to you the entire full 7 days you’ve known.

- You know it’s a bad idea. Your gut is telling you it’s a bad idea, but you don’t really have a choice either way; so you start flirting back. That basically sealed the deal for her. Now, you’re all hers. 

- You’re being carried everywhere; Slipstream’s constantly following you, taking you to work/school and picking you up, being overly-affectionate with you whenever possible. She makes snarky comments on anyone she sees you hanging out with; insulting their clothing, appearance, whatever it may be. They’re not good enough to breathe the same air as you, sweetheart.

- Anyone who shows romantic interest in you dies. And she makes it an important point to note this to you wherever you go.


pokemaniacgemini submitted:
Now that chapter one of Caretaker has come to a close (and with a spectacular cliffhanger, I might add!) I feel it’s time for more speculations. To start with: Asriel.

We know now that Azzie is still alive and kicking, which brings so many new questions up it makes my head spin! And we all know the lovely mods intend to keep us hanging by a thread with their spoiler images (are you guys…Muffet? 0.o) so we can only draw our own conclusions. Now, there’s a lot we could speculate here- why Asriel and Chara are both alive, how Asriel got that sick scar, why Asriel is hanging out in Snowdin forest instead of New Home, where Toriel and Asgore are, or if they’re even still alive- but I’m going to focus on just one thing.

“Don’t even try to escape!”

Azzie seems pretty ticked off here, but why? He’s only just spotted Frisk for the first time, and from what we know of Asriel in canon, he’s not the type to just attack on sight. So what happened? Could it be that the fateful trip beyond the barrier still happened, but played out very differently, perhaps making Asriel’s view of humans less than savory? Perhaps other humans have fallen and done terrible things, making him want this one dead? Or maybe…


Asriel isn’t talking to Frisk here at all, but to Chara? I know, seems strange, but bear with me. Going back to canon Undertale, we know by Asriel’s own admission that Chara didn’t treat him very well growing up. From what we can tell, it was an abusive relationship. Given the chance to actually grow into adulthood, it’s possible Asriel got sick of Chara’s crap. Maybe they had a falling out. Perhaps, after that, Chara moved to the ruins and proceeded to kill any humans who fell down, maybe as their own twisted way of trying to apologize? And perhaps Asriel found out about this, and didn’t appreciate it? So in that hypothetical situation, we would have Asriel, already angry at Chara for abusing him, now even more angry with them for killing innocent humans. Asriel orders Chara to stop, another fight happens, and Chara shuts themselves away in the ruins, blaming humanity for ruining their relationship with Asriel. Alternatively, what if a human fell down and the two disagreed on how to handle it? Maybe that’s when Asriel finally told Chara off, and Chara stormed off to the ruins, etc.

Cue Frisk falling down. Super bad luck for them, as Chara now hates humans EVEN MORE than before, and is probably looking for someone to take their anger out on. And on top of that, this loathsome brat stole their reset ability! How infuriating! Chara chases Frisk all the way into Snowdin forest, now getting worried because what if Asriel sees them chasing another human? He’d probably be upset, and, in Chara’s mind, in some serious danger of Frisk killing him. They become frantic, trying to catch Frisk before they meet any other monsters, but lo and behold, who should appear but Asriel himself?

Naturally, Asriel is surprised to see Chara out of the ruins, especially since they clearly put a good amount of effort into keeping themselves in and everyone else out (hence the gate lock being on the ruins side.) It takes him a second, but he realizes that Chara isn’t alone- there’s a small human trembling at his feet, obviously having been running from Chara, who is wielding a knife. God dammit Chara, not again! Asriel’s reaction to this is: “Ggnrgghh!!” And getting angry enough to summon fire magic, ready to confront Chara again and fight them if need be.

Now of course this is all wild speculation, honestly the idea struck me and I ran with it, so I basically pulled this out of my ass. Lord knows I’ve sent in specs before that turned out to be embarrassingly wrong, and we never can tell what the mods have planned!

One other thing I noticed is that Asriel looks damn near exactly like his “god of hyperdeath” form in the game, which seems odd since that was probably just a projection of what he thought he’d look like as an adult. This could either be a completely unimportant stylistic choice by the mods, or it could mean something huge. As for the scar, who knows? Maybe Chara caused it somehow, harkening back to the abuse of their childhood. (Though I somehow doubt it…)

Anyway, that was all I had to say for now! Thank you to the mods as always for putting up with my ramblings, and also for this amazing comic. And congrats on finishing chapter one! You guys are great! (Also I hope you don’t mind I’ve dubbed you the “Mint-Chocolate-Ship” in my mind. Geddit? Ship, instead of chip…? I’ll see myself out.)

archival-hogwash  asked:

Hi there! Big fan here, wondering if you'd be down to take on the "famous person is interviewed about when they were in love and HOLD UP IT'S their long-lost love" for RogueJedi (Bodhi Rook x Luke Skywalker)?

Oooh, a chance to write two of my favorite Space Disasters! Yes please! 

Also, you are the sweetest! (blushes) (throws a fic at you)

Bodhi was comfortable, sprawled out on the couch, feet up on the ottoman. He was  half-attending to his phone and half-watching the television when Jyn came out of the kitchen with a plate full of sandwiches and offered him one.

Bodhi took the sandwich. “You’re the best.”

“You know it.” Jyn sat down on the couch next to him, leaning against him slightly.

“Cassian is right there.” Bodhi said, gesturing at Jyn’s boyfriend seated at the kitchen table, head buried in his laptop.

“Well, I’m cold and you’re right here. Deal.” Jyn said.

The television droned in the background, “And next up we have Commander Luke Lars, with his new book ‘Skywalker.’ Commander Lars, it’s good to have you with us.”

Call me Luke, please.”

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ever since that one ask, I just had to.

I Saw Mommy Daddy Kissing Santa Claus

The entire house smelled like Will’s favorite cookies. The perks of being Santa Claus. Lily was running around in her princess onesie, jumping onto the couch as she watched Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas and ran back every two minutes to check the microwave timer for the cookies.

The front door opened, letting in a draft of cold air into the warm house. Nico peeled off his beanie and smiled as he took in a deep breath. “That smells good, are those for me?” he asked.

“No, silly they’re for Santa!” Lily shouted, the excitement bubbling in her voice. Nico gave Will a knowing glance and a sly smirk.

“Come on Lilypad, sit down and watch the movie,” Will said as he caught his daughter mid-run and hefted her onto his shoulders. Nico left his shoes and coat in the front and came to sit beside them, greeting Will with a kiss and his daughter with a ruffle of her hair.

When the cookies were finally ready, Lily pulled out a special plate she’d made in class with a rough doodle of Santa and a Christmas tree. Will piled the cookies onto the plate as Lily began to make chocolate milk to go with it.

“It’s already nine thirty, young lady,” he said. “Set that up for Santa and then go to sleep okay? Or else Santa won’t be able to come inside.”

She nodded quickly, her wavy hair falling in her eyes and face in a tangled frizz. Nico gave her a smiled and gestured her over. “Doesn’t Daddy know how to do your hair?” he said.

“Um, Daddy hasn’t had time to watch YouTube videos for that,” Will said, defending himself. Nico raised an eyebrow. “I don’t understand braids.” Nico snorted and finished fixing Lily’s hair so she could sleep. “Here you go, darlin’ fresh out of the oven,” he said as Lily bounded back.

She took the plate and set it on the coffee table beside the Christmas tree. Then she took the glass of milk. As she set it up perfectly, Nico walked over to Will and wrapped his arms around him. “You’re sharing right?” he whispered.

“Those are for Santa,” Will answered.

Nico hummed. “Oh yeah? Well what about Santa’s little helper?” He pinched his arm lightly, making Will jump.

“Okay I’m going to sleep,” Lily announced. “You too, Papa and Daddy, you have to sleep too. Santa won’t come if you’re awake.”

Will chuckled and nodded. “We’ll go to sleep too, honey no worries.” She smiled and bounded up the stairs. Will and Nico followed to tuck her in and Will sang a soft lullaby until she fell asleep.

They crept out of her room quietly and went to their own. Nico put an alarm for midnight since Lily had a bad habit of waking up several times shortly after being tucked in. As they got into bed, Will asked, “You put the gifts in the closet right?” Nico nodded.

Nico scooted closer and smiled. “You’re wearing the Santa suit this year right?” Will felt his cheeks redden and nodded. They always traded off the suit; last year it had been Nico wearing beard that was long and white and boots and a suit of red with a cap on his head. It was their way of making sure that if Lily happened to come downstairs, she’d see Santa and not one of her fathers.

Still the suit felt embarrassing to wear since it had added fluff for that big jolly Santa belly. Nico got a kick out of it and seemed to enjoy playing Santa, but not enough to do it every year. Will secretly believed Nico enjoyed seeing him so awkward in the suit.

“There are so many dirty Santa jokes going through my head right now,” Nico chuckled, his voice muffled into Will’s arm.

“Is there one about the naughty list?” Nico nodded. “You’re a horrible person.” Nico laughed and Will rolled over on top of him. “I know a way we can pass time,” he whispered. Nico raise an eyebrow and smiled.

“Mm, eating cookies?” he suggested.

Will considered it as he held himself over his husband. “That’s good too. But that can wait.” He leaned down to kiss Nico and the concept of time melted away.

When Nico’s alarm rang, both Nico and Will were catching their breaths. “Alright Santa, dress up time,” Nico panted, a mocking smile plastered on his smug face.

Will groaned and got up, pulling out the red suit. “When do we get to tell her this isn’t real?”

“Not for a long time, William.”

Will put on the suit and went to the closet to grab the gifts. Once Nico got dressed, he helped him with the others. “If she comes downstairs, she’s going to see you,” Will warned.

“I can hear her snoring from here,” he whispered back. “She’s fine.” He handed Will another box and he arranged them under the tree while Nico helped himself to cookies.

“One, if she’s fine, why do I have to wear the suit? Two, those are my cookies, you jerk.” Nico shrugged and continued to eat, a mischievous smile on his face. “That’s why you’re on the naughty list every year.”

“Oh really?” he smirked. Will snorted and took a cookie from the plate as he looked at the tree. “Come on do the laugh, it’s fun. Especially in the suit. The padding jiggles.” Will frowned as Nico tried to stifle his laughter. “Do it, come on,” he insisted.

Heaving a sigh, Will put a hand on his belly and let out a, “Ho, ho, ho!” Nico laughed, muffling the sound with a cookie. Will enjoyed seeing him so happy and carefree. He laughed again and Nico beamed. He was right. It was fun.

Will let out another playful Santa laugh and Nico rushed to cover his mouth, laughing. “Sh! You’ll wake her up,” he whispered. Will smiled and wrapped an arm around his torso. “I told you it was fun, Mr. Grinch.”

“I’m not the Grinch, I’m Santa,” Will pouted. Nico laughed and tugged on the fake white beard. Will leaned down slowly, until his lips met Nico’s. Nico threw his arms over his shoulders and pulled him closer, the smile still lingering on lips.

“Now Santa, what would my husband say?” Nico said with mock disdain.

“You’re really enjoying this aren’t you?” Will whispered. Nico tilted his head back in a silent laugh and nodded. Will huffed, but Nico pulled him into another kiss and sighed contentedly. “You taste like my cookies.”

“And you are leaving strands of plastic white hair on my lips.” Will smiled, with his tongue between his teeth and bumped his nose against Nico’s. “I never thought I’d say it… but I love the holidays.”

Will gathered the remaining cookies and the glass of milk. “Let’s finish these in our room. I keep worrying Lily will come downstairs.” Nico nodded and followed him to the room. They ate the cookies and before going to bed, Nico put the empty glass back beside the cookie platter.

The next morning, Will woke up before Nico, as always.

But that was wrong. It was Christmas Day. Lily should have been the one dragging them both out of bed before even Will would’ve woken up. He looked over at the clock and saw that it was seven in the morning. He frowned and leaned over to wake Nico.

Amore, wake up,” he said as he shook him. “Nico, hey.” Slowly, Nico’s eyes fluttered open. “Lily hasn’t come downstairs.”

Nico glanced at the clock and yawned. “She’s probably still asleep.”

“On Christmas Day?” Will questioned. “This is the one day of the year when every child wakes up before the sun is fully out.”

“Love, maybe she’s just tired. Come on, enjoy the extra sleep.”

Still, Will couldn’t shake his uncertainty. He laid back down and rested his head against Nico’s chest as it rose and fell with his slow breaths. He dove into a sort of half sleep before starting awake. Something was wrong. When he looked over at the couch, he saw that the clock read nine thirty.

Okay, that just wasn’t right. Even if it wasn’t Christmas, Lily was as much of an early bird as Will. She was always awake by eight. “Nico, come on, she’s not up yet.” Nico groaned and opened his eyes as Will got out of bed.

He left the room and started up the stairs to Lily’s room. Halfway up, he heard Nico rushing to follow. Lily’s door remained closed.

“Lily? Wake up, darlin’ it’s Christmas. Aren’t you going to open the presents Santa brought?”

“I don’t want anything from stupid Santa!” Lily shouted back immediately. Both Will and Nico stared at the door in shock.

“Lily, what-.” Nico tried the knob as he spoke and was shocked to find it locked. “Liliana open the door.”

“You go away!” she shrieked. “Go away, go away!” Will held up a hand to stop Nico from answering and pressed his ear to the door.

“Lily, why are you crying? What’s wrong? Why are you talking to Papa like that?” Through the door, he could hear Lily’s sobs, heartbroken and filled with grief, her breath stammered and shaking. “Lilly, open the door.”

After a few long seconds, the door opened. Lily crashed into Will’s legs, shaking with sobs and a miserable look on her face.

“Lily, love what’s wrong?” Nico asked leaning down.

Suddenly, Lily lashed out and began to hit Nico, her tiny fists not causing any damage but her face twisted with enough anger to make up for it. “I hate you, I hate you!” she screeched.

Nico seemed frozen in shock and Will leaned down to pull her away. “Liliana, we do not say that word, you know that. Why in the world are you talking to your father like that, huh?” Lily wouldn’t look at him, but her eyes were bloodshot and tears continued to streak down her face. “Liliana, look at me,” he said sternly. Her blue eyes flickered to him guiltily. “What is going on?”

Her face crumpled and she began to stutter over her words involuntarily. “P-Pa-Papa d-d-oes-sn’t l-love you no m-m-more!” It took Will a moment to register her words. His mouth opened and shut, confused. “I s-saw him.”

“Saw him what?” Will prodded. Nico had finally unfroze and sat cross legged behind her.

Lily seemed like she wanted anything but to say whatever she was about to say. Then:

“Kissing Santa.”

A very long pause ensued after which Nico burst into nervous laughter. “It’s not funny!” Lily screeched at him, more tears falling down her face.

Nico covered his mouth and shook his head. “Oh my gods. Oh, Lily.”

Nico,” Will hissed.

Nico looked over at him and groaned, a relieved smile still on his face. “I think we have to tell her now.” Will stared at him blankly. “Unless you want her to hate me for the next few years, I really think we should tell her now.”

“Tell me what?” Lily asked, her eyebrows furrowed. Will looked at Nico and nodded. Nico left and Will pulled Lily into his arms and carried her back into bed.

“Lilypad, you’re not supposed to talk to Papa like that. Understand? Now I get that you were upset, but… I promise you, Papa didn’t do anything bad.” Lily started to protest, but Will put a finger to his lips. “I need you to listen to me, honey. Papa and I weren’t going to tell you because we didn’t want to make you upset, but I think we have to now.”

“Tell me what?” she asked, aggravated.

Will sighed and took her hand. “Santa Claus isn’t real, Lily.”

Lily stared at him in disbelief for a few seconds. “Yes he is, I saw him last night, kissing Papa.”

“That was me,” he explained.

She frowned. “Nuh-uh. He was fat and had a beard. You’re skinny and you don’t have a beard.” Nico whistled and held out the red suit.

“True, but look. The suit comes like that.” He gestured for Nico to bring it over. Then he started putting it on again and held his hands out in a presenting gesture. “See?” Lily stared at him in surprise.

Nico sat beside her and she glanced at him, without the hatred and betrayal in her eyes. “Why did you tell me he was?”

“It’s just something fun for kids,” Nico said. “It makes it more exciting to believe and to make cards and cookies.”

She looked from Nico to Will and back. “So… you kissed Daddy last night? Not Santa?” Nico nodded.

Will sat on the other side of her awkwardly with the suit still on. “I love Daddy very much, Lily.” Nico looked up at him and smiled. “Very, very much.”

Lily looked at them and started crying and laughing nervously. Then she threw herself onto Nico and wrapped her small arms around him. “I’m sorry, Papa, I’m so sorry! I don’t hate you. I was scared. I’m sorry. I love you, Papa.”

Nico rubbed her back soothingly. “I love you too, babygirl.” Will smiled and pulled both of them toward him. Nico and Lily laughed as Will pulled them onto his lap. Nico kissed him lightly on the lips and Lily had a vice grip on both of them.

“Why don’t we go see what your presents are, Lilypad? We can make pancakes for breakfast.”

She nodded and hopped to the floor excitedly. She ran down the stairs and squealed with delight when she saw the amount of presents under the tree. Nico chuckled and stood, pulling Will along with him.

At least he wouldn’t have to wear the suit anymore.

I want it that way

Characters: Sam Winchester, Reader

Pairing: Sam x reader 

Warnings: Implied smut (a little more than implied maybe not full on smut though), grab your tissues cause this one made me cry! 

Wordcount: 2000ish (sorry a little short but I hope you like it!) 

A/N: So I got this request by request @crazyfangirl345 ; Sam x reader plz to I want it that way by the backstreet boys. Thanks 😄

I have struggled with it for a while partly because I haven’t listened to that song for 10 years or so and partly because this will be my first Sam one shot and I wanted to do right by him (I’m a Dean girl but I love Sammy!) So I had this idea to do a one shot for Sam in the same style I did She Waits for Dean. First of all let me be clear the fics aren’t connected I just drew inspiration from my own writing style in that one shot/series. Also this will solely be a one shot not a series – not because I don’t love Sam but because I don’t want them mixed up in my crazy brain lol.

It takes place at the beginning of season 8 after Sam has spent a year with the reader like he did Amelia in canon. (Remember all I write is Sam’s thoughts since it is his POV not how I feel about him)


He stood silently in the middle of the room watching her sleep. Watching her breath. She looked so peaceful, so beautiful lying there spread out across the bed. He kept watching her. Her Y/H/C almost floating across the pillow, the way her lips curled up a bit when she breathe in air, the way the silver moonlight slipping in through the window made her naked back almost glisten. The sheets falling gently over her legs and her ass. He traced every line of her body with his eyes. The lines and curves he had gotten to know so well this past year. How to touch her to make her arche of the bed, when to be gentle and when to let go making her scream his name as she came collapsing against him. Christ he could almost hear her, feel her, taste her. She had been his fire, his one desire for so long. He didn’t want to walk away, but he had to. He had no choice.

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Pizza Cravings: Again (Yoongi)

by popular demand, here’s part 2! forgive me my part 2′s are always mehhh

Genre:  the fluffiest a bickering argument can get

Word count: 1592

Rating: N for Not too much of a potty mouth this time


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Request: Death is peaceful, Life is much harder

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‘Death is peaceful, easy. Life is much harder.’ ~Bella Swan

If only Alec had gotten there a second earlier. Maybe- maybe then he wouldn’t be covered in your blood, distressed as he watched you wheeze rapidly, the shallow breaths no where near enough from the oxygen you needed. Whether it was the speed vampires were going or everything was in slow motion you couldn’t tell.
“What?” You heard Alec’s panic voice.
You heard Alec whine pained. He was losing you…and you both knew it. Every sound escaping him was pained and was no sound that a human would make. He was making distraught whines and whimpers.

You’re going now.’ The voice was was clear.
The three leaders and Jane’s face came into view. Their mouths were moving but sound kept escaping you. You couldn’t figure out what was being said.
It doesn’t matter… It’s over.’
How had it lead to this?

The receptionist let out an ear piercing scream along with you - hers crazed, yours terrified.
You didnt even feel the letter opener go in, you felt the after affects of it being there. You breathing was rapid, each bit of air cherished but it wasn’t enough. You knew that.
You fell backwards but before you could hit the floor, Alec had caught you. Demetri and Felix had a solid grip on the receptionist.
I’m going to die.’
“We need to do something! They’ll die!” Jane yelled out.
“They won’t survive the change with this!” Afton retorted.
“Someone call Carlisle!” Alec cried out.
Someone must have because Alec quickly looked down stroking your face. “You’re okay. You’re okay.” What did he say? There was no sound.

“Don’t remove the blade, it’s right above their heart and it’s most likely made contact judging by their breathing.” Heidi said calmly, phone pressed to her ear. “He’s on his way. He says not to change them.”
‘No they don’t have medical experience, they need to change me.’ Your thoughts became more first person perspective and a pain had grew but your wound had begun to send waves throughout your body of sheer numbness.
It just got more difficult to breathe.
You didn’t see Alec’s panic when your breathing drastically slowed, your body still and your eyes cloudy. “No, no, (Y/N), stay with me!”
Chelsea suddenly leaned over you to your ear. “Okay, little one. It’s time. It’s time for you to fight for your life.” With those final words, your eyes rolled to the back of your head.

“Help me stop the bleeding. All of you.” Chelsea said as she held pressure around the wound and Heidi kitchen roll, toilet paper, anything that could be used to slow your bleeding.
There was so many close calls, you had went a funny colour, you stopped breathing momentarily before something kick-started you back up again.
“What’s happening?” Jane asked.
“Their fighting for their life.” Chelsea said knowingly. They had to keep you going until Carlisle got here and it’s was only getting more difficult as time went on. You were no longer conscious but you were breathing which was what they needed.
Little did they know, you could hear them. Chelsea was right, you were fighting death with everything you had but it was so difficult now. It was like trying not to fall asleep. You didn’t know how long you’d been at this but you were close to giving up.
“Stay with us (Y/N)!”
I’m trying.’
“Come on (Y/N)!”
‘This is too hard.’
“You can do this.”
Not for much longer.’

When Carlisle finally arrived he jumped straight into action. He mumbled medical terms that no one understood but were unsure if they wanted to know. It only made them more aware of how fragile a human is.

When you woke up you were beyond drowsy.
Everything was blurry and your left hand was very cold and stiff. A bright light was shone in your eyes before you heard a
“Their okay. I’ll give you a moment alone.”
“(Y/N)?” You knew that voice.
You turned your head to find Alec holding your hand and watching you with anticipation. “Alec?” You croaked.
“I’m here. I’m here.” He said as he scooted closer to you.

In that moment the whole event rushed back to you, emotions building in a matter of seconds. You nearly died and were aware of it. You couldn’t help the sobs the escaped you.
Alec smoothed your hair down. “I know, I know, my love. You’re okay.” He said soothingly.
“It was so dark…I…I couldn’t breathe.”
Alec stroked your face putting his face near yours. “It’s over now, you’re okay.” You let out your tears and after a few minutes, you stopped.
“My little fighter,” Alec smiled in relief. “Never stop fighting.”

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Any HCs about Luffy's s/o with his hat?


Luffy’s hat

  • The first time he slams it on their head they’re not even together yet
  • They have a weird nonveral communication with it
  • If Luffy slams it on their head, he’s about to kick someone’s ass for hurting his s/o.  (Kick their ass, I got your flower meme)
  • When Luffy puts it in their lap, he wants them to watch over it.  In a way, it’s like they’re protecting a part of him
  • When he puts it on their hat gently, it’s Luffy’s way of saying that he wants to protect them.  
  • It’s ultimately a sign on love and trust.
  • It’s probably the most intimate thing that Luffy actually does.
  • He loves seeing them in his hat
  • They sometimes use the hat to try to hide their blush, Luffy gets annoyed at that (”Why are you hiding from me?  You’re pretty!!”)
  • Whenever he’s worrying that it’ll get damaged he gives it to them
  • They will defend that hat with their life
  • He likes resting his head on their lap, so he puts his hat on their head so it doesn’t get smushed
golden (final)

summary: Even through rough seas and shifting hearts, people can sometimes find a way back to each other.

pairing: jimin x oc

Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7


Everything was better with you.

She twirled the ring on her necklace, the cool air in the office a refreshing contrast to the heat outside. Sinking deeper into the soft plush of the couch, she looked up as Dr. Song came into the room.

“So, Kibum comes home from dive school today.” she said, settling into the chair across from her and opening up her folder, Kim Nari printed in heavy black on the front. “Are you excited?”

“God, yes. I missed him so much,” Nari said, smiling down at her hands. “I’m leaving from here to pick him up.”

“Did you talk to him at all this week?” Dr. Song asked, glancing at the folder in her hands. “Last session you said you were nervous about seeing him again.”

“I’m not nervous about seeing him, so much as…nervous he won’t notice a difference?” she said, trying to work out the thoughts in her head. “I’ve been working really hard this past year, really trying to let this round of therapy work for me, and I’m terrified that people can’t see the change I feel.”

Dr. Song smiled at that, placing a comforting hand on Nari’s knee. “I guarantee you, Kibum will notice a difference. You’ve done something amazing, Nari. You’ve worked incredibly hard to be healthy, and anyone who matters will notice that.”

Nari smiled back, a little bit of her nerves melting away. “Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

Dr. Song watched as she played with the ring again, her eyes holding a knowing glint. “Have you talked to Jimin recently?”

Her fingers stopped moving, her hand falling limp into her lap. “Not since a few weeks ago. We don’t talk, exactly. Not really, anyway. We just let each other know that we’re okay.”

“Does he know you’re feeling better?”

Nari was quiet for a moment, genuinely contemplating lying to her doctor. Eventually, she shook her head. “No. I haven’t told him yet.”

Dr. Song nodded, closing the folder and tossing it on the desk. “Are you nervous he won’t notice a change, either?”

Nari shook her head again. “No, it’s not like that. I just…” She trailed off, unsure.

“All your feelings are validated in here, remember?” Dr. Song gave her an encouraging smile. “You can just say whatever you’re thinking.”

“I want to do right by him,” she said, staring down at the hands in her lap. “I need to be sure I can handle all aspects of a relationship with him, including going public. I couldn’t live with myself if I hurt him again.”

“And you don’t feel ready to handle that yet?” Dr. Song asked.

Nari looked out the window, the sea on the horizon shinning with the early heat of June. She watched as a tuft of clouds attempted to cover the sun, wispy white turning golden with their efforts. Everything that color reminded her of him, of her Busan boy with the beautiful smile.

She looked back at Dr. Song, who was waiting patiently for an answer to her question. Nari gave her a watery smile, her fingers coming up to play with the ring on her necklace again.

“I just have to be sure.”

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A Wish Is A Dream Your Heart Makes - Part 4 and Epilogue

Word Count: 2468

Warnings: um, nothing too bad, but can’t give anything away.

Written by: @just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms and @atc74

Italics will indicate a flashback or internal thoughts

Thank you all so much for all of your support for this story.

Master List

Oh, and if you’re not following one of these talented writers - go do it. It’ll be worth your time!

Sorry if you get double or triple tagged!

“Dean, stop.” You held your hand out, knowing it would not keep him at bay. “Baby, you don’t want to do this.” I pleaded with him.

“Oh, but maybe I do. You know, since you left, since you made your ‘little’ confession, I have been doing a lot of thinking.” Dean pushed himself off of you, leaving you shaking on the floor.  “You thought you knew what was right for me, for us, since the beginning. My entire life I have been doing exactly what everyone else wanted. My dad, Bobby. Then I did what I needed to for Sammy. Then you come along and cast a fucking love spell on me. That one really takes the cake, Sweetheart.” Dean was pacing back and forth, hands animated, further emphasizing his point.

“The past four days have been really hard without you. But I didn’t know what I was going to do. How could I trust you again? How could I ever know if it was real or the Matrix? Is a baby that important to me or is having you enough? I never got my answers though.”

Dean sunk down to one knee, his face only inches from yours. “The real problem I have with all of this is that I really do fucking love you. But you should have asked me. Now I am faced with a real conundrum, Y/N. Do I turn you and make you mine for an eternity or turn my back so you can end me like the monster I am?”

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No More, No Less [ft. V]

“I can’t give you the sunset, but I can give you the night.” 

Erin McCarthy, High Stakes

Genre: angsty 

Word count: too short

Warning: it sucks guys, i’m not even kidding

Maybe it was the tenderness of his touches.

Or the softness of his lips.

Or the roughness of his hands.

She wasn’t sure. 

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Miss Stanford [Sam Winchester AU] (Part 5)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Series Title: Miss Stanford
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters: Sam Winchester x female reader, Dean Winchester, Mary Winchester, John Winchester, Jo Harvelle, Ellen Harvelle, mentions of Jess Moore, mentions of Castiel
Warnings: I said ass, like, once, along with son of a bitch. Sorry kids.
Word Count: 2,097
Short Description: Alternate Universe where you’re Sam’s girlfriend and you both go to Stanford. After getting to Lawrence, you get to know Sam’s family better, along with some family friends. Once you meet Sam’s family friends, Ellen and Jo, some interesting information gets revealed to you that you hadn’t expected.

Disclaimer: not my gif

[Y/N] = your name

The sound of laughter woke you up the next day, and it was so familiar that you were sure it belonged to Sam. But as you rolled over in bed, you found Sam sleeping soundly next to you, which proved your theory wrong. You smiled when you saw Sam’s hair curling messily around his forehead, as he looked more relaxed that you had ever seen him. Sam usually had this expression that permanently made him look like an adorable puppy; with his forehead slightly creased and his big beautiful eyes slightly widened. You loved it, but Sam looked like he didn’t have a trouble in the world when he slept.

“You’re staring.” You yelped, nearly falling out of bed when you heard a deep, gravelly voice that most certainly didn’t belong to Sam.

You turned around and glared at the grinning person at the door. “Dean!” you whined, a smile threatening to surface.

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Arachnids (Peter Parker x Reader)

(So this one was a lot of fun to write, and I kinda made the reader like the black cat, if you guys know who she is) 

Request: Yes ! (“I’m a vilain and and enemy of spider man, I know it’s peter parker but he does not know my identity we go to the same school and one night Peter discovers my identity. The next day we must make a presentation together”)

Warnings: Light swearing

Word Count: 1,160

Your job was simple really.

All you had to do was go into museums, or jewelry stores, and steal all kinds of stuff, diamonds,necklaces,bracelets, and sometimes when you got lucky even crystals.

You then took them to the men that hired you, and they would give you half of what the item was worth. It was easy, it was simple and you still hadn’t been caught.

And then Peter Parker got bit by that damn Spider.

You had met the web-slinger multiple times when you were “working”, and you had no idea who it was. The first time you met him he had caught your hand in a web as you were going to grab a diamond, that you had worked to get out of a glass case.

“Well, what do we have here.” He said, standing tall, crossing his arms over his chest.

You wore a wig to hide your hair color, and a tight black suit, that you left a little open at your chest, and it flicked at the top as a collar, you wore a black choker around your neck and a black small mask that went over your eyes, and had holes so you could see, obviously. You usually wore emerald green contacts, to cover your eye color.

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Day Off Part One

Bio: you decided to take on what you thought was just one demon, dean and Sam make you stay in the bunker while they went on a hunt which you really didn’t want to do, so you decided to spend your free time messing with the brothers while they where gone.

Warnings: light swearing, a bit of violence at the start, and fluff.

Authors note: this is my first ever fic I have written please feed back there will be multiple parts to finish this off!

It had been a pretty rough hunt, you had gotten pinned down by a demon, while his demon friends kicked you in the ribs again and again. They laughed as you screamed in pain, whenever you lifted your head they punched you, losing count how many times your head bounced off of the concrete you were laying on. You had gotten flipped onto your front as they kicked you. You got on your hands and knees attempting to get up on your feet, they kicked you in the stomach and you where on the floor again coughing up blood, “just kill me already you sons of bitches” you yelled at them, they laughed when one stepped forward and said “what? Kill the Winchesters bitch? I don’t think so, we’re having too much fun.” You raised your head and smirked, they looked at each other confused when they noticed Sam standing behind them gripping the demon blade tightly, as they ran towards him you used all the strength you had and managed to stand up, you staggered backwards about to fall back to the ground you felt a tight grip around your waist, “don’t give out on me now, sweetheart” Dean said as he supported you on your feet, he led you outside of the abandoned warehouse where Sam was fighting the demons, (and doing a pretty good job of it) your vision blurring and then your legs gave out, before you hit the ground Dean had his arm under your legs and was carrying you to the impala.

Dean carefully slid you into the back-seat and sat down next to you, resting your head on his lap, waiting for Sam to finish his little party with the demons. Dean brushed the back of his hand against your cheek, “everything is going to be okay” he whispered as he kissed your forehead.

As he tucked your hair behind your ear he noticed Sam walking towards the impala. When Sam got closer he noticed you laying down with your head in Deans lap unconscious, “you want me to drive?” Sam offered, Dean just nodded. They stayed in silence for most of the drive back to the bunker, until you started to move, moaning at the pain when you did so, your eyes fluttered open instantly locking with Deans, “what happened?” You said while trying to sit up, freezing about half way “no, nothing, I think I’m going lay back down, if that’s alright?” You spoke quickly groaning in pain, “yeah of course it’s alright, sweetheart” Dean replied smiling sincerely helping you lay back down resting your head back in his lap. “You haven’t answered my question” you stated, “we’ll talk about it when we’re back at the bunker, okay?” Dean replied softly brushing his thumb against your cheek “get some rest, we’re nearly there” you smiled and nodded at him and closed your eyes.

When you opened your eyes next you were in your room in the bunker, you sat up quickly, a bit too quickly, you sat there for a few minutes getting your breath back. You then held your right side, spun round kicking your legs out of the bed and stood up, you stumbled but then regained your balance and made your way to the kitchen where Dean was cooking and Sam was reading, neither of them had noticed you yet, until you shuffled over to where Sam was sitting, Sam looked up at you taking a sip of coffee, “you look like shit, Y/n” you laughed which turned into a groan “yep, you’re not wrong Sam” he laughed, Dean had spun around leaning against the work top, “good morning, I’ve made pancakes”

-Part Two-