got kicked

  • psychic: *reads my mind*
  • my mind: so HERE'S how it goes once we win (and we will be winning) make no mistake - we'll be what - we're ALREADY winning - right - and we'll tell em straight out they'll let crutchie go or they keEEEEP getting POUNDED - dave what the hell did they bust up your brains or something as i recall dave we all got our ASSES kicked they WON - won the bATTLE - cmon - jackie think about it, we GOT them suROUNDed - here's what i think joe's a jerk he's a rattlesnake - you're RIGHT and y'know why a snake starts t'rattle - no, why - cause he's scared - SURE - go and look it up the pOOR GUUUUUY'S head is spinning!!! why would he send for the GOONS an entire army dozens of GOONS and the cops and - you know you might be right - THANK YOU GOD - if he wasn't AFRAID - exacTLY he knows we're wiNNING
  • psychic: what the fuck

“Seriously! How does a fraidy-pony, vampire or not, get the one-up on ME?!” -Justice
“I was being serious, son. Your own hubris ‘got the one-up’ on you. Apparently in the form of a vampire pegasus that preferred to run instead of fight.” - Sonar

I had this sitting around for a while, needed to wrap it up and “finish” it. x3 Something of a what-if situation; what if Justice got his butt kicked by a vampire pony that doesn’t want to fight but also would rather not die?
The lesson: Never underestimate the power of a pegasus to beat the snot out of you with their wings. The pegasus in question? Pony!Rori. xD

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I'm stalking my middle school grade friends who I've lost contact since about 3 years ago in Instagram and I remembered this one time I sent a shipping percentage thing where you put the names you want in each box and it gives u the result if the pair is perfect or not, long story short, one of the people I insert their name into the box is the admin of the group and I got kicked immediately (aroused anon)

((What the heck does that mean))


So now here is how Option C plays out. This answer, I have to say, caught me off guard with how funny and sexy it got. I just giggled and chuckled as they went back and forth. Even though this answer doesn’t improve the relationship, I think it’s the most fun response.

I really got a kick out of MC commenting on his white t shirt….that just killed me! I love that someone decided to notice how Zig is only wearing a plain white shirt and leaving us all swooning and slayed. LOL. And then, he turns the tables of the joke on MC to the point that she thinks she’s offended him! I was proud of her for hanging with his teasing until it got there…I just knew she would start to panic. Because she doesn’t want to objectify him…as if that’s even possible for her to do. I am loving all of this!!!

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It's those simulator games in girl games websites or shit, I don't know! I randomly founded that damn thing and just wanted to tease my friends, I sent it into the class's group and I got kicked out of the fucking group (aroused anon)



politicians: your “”””science”””” is fake

scientists: yeah ok sure

I’m already in love with this game. It hits real hard as a young adult. Mae is a fantastic protagonist.

soooo uh it turns out our leaseholder for our place is a raging alcoholic and has been lying to us about our room mate’s payments and loses our payment slips/forgets and accuses us of not paying…..we’re working out trying to find another place but right now we can’t afford an actual move…..if you can donate to, please do, we have to avoid being at our own home now because of how bad he’s gotten and we are so tired

This is why I got kicked out of the bard college

Context: after saving a town from a bad water to wine curse, we got invited to a fancy party filled with vampires. While my party, consisting of a human ranger, a barbarian vampire child, a half elf Druid, and a human fighter, was being lured places by hypnotic vampires, my halfling bard decided to see what the band was up to.

Me, ooc: I tap the flute player on the leg and see if I can give it a go.
DM: okay roll to see if he believes that you actually have training for the flute.
Me, ooc: I rolled a 17.
DM: okay he hands you the flute, roll to see how well you play
Me, ooc: okay btw I’m gonna play “Run Away With Me” by Carly Rae Jepsen and I’m gonna play the flute with my nose
*i roll a 2*
DM: the flute player rips his flute out of your grasp after hearing you play a single note with your nose. He wipes the mouthpiece of his flute on his shirt and looks really disgusted about having to continue playing. You get kicked off the stage.
Me: I guess there was a reason they kicked me out of the bards college.