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Just read the completed translated version of the YOI bonus manga (WHICH Y'ALL CAN READ HERE) and realized how canonically close Yuri and Otabek truly are, despite only being friends for 2-3 days.

- Yuri “breaking up” with Otabek for not allowing him into the club but realizes only Beka is willing to put up with his complaint and listens to him bitch so that’s not an option.

- Yuri going to several clubs to find Beka (even though he got kicked out) and was spotted by Emil, Sara, Mila & Miche gang and even asking them if they’ve seen Beka.

- Yuri telling Mila off that Beka is his friend and will not leave him alone. And also that Beka could just say it straight to his face if he is pissed off at him. 

- Will not skate the exhibition if he couldn’t find Beka and talk to him.

- Exchange numbers with fellow skaters (!!!) even though it was completely out of character for him. 


- Beka thinking of how Yuri’s probably pissed at him even while dj-ing.

- Yuri baring his back and showing off the clothes he bought when they went shopping together in Barcelona (!!!).

- Beka noticing AND having “eye-contact” convos with Yuri. Followed by a deadly smirk and giving Yuri what he wants: a banging song.

- Yuri telling Beka everything, needing his help for his exhibition, his passion, insecurities, wanting to skate something that he truly loves. (also sitting so close to each other and looking like absolute boyfriends having a date at a beach)

- Beka agreeing and decides to help Yuri with his exhibition that would surprise everyone, “the Yuri that he most wants to see”.

- Yuri SPONTANEOUSLY demanding asking Beka to be on the ice with him for his exhibition after the pair skate surprise from victuuri. (Forehead touches and all – apparently that’s how bros ask a friend for a favour)

The wildest thing is that these are all official.

There are now members excluding Non-members from roleplaying, and when I call them out for it, they’re like “but ur a member so be quiet”

Members act like they were never non-members. We’ve all experienced our membership expiring (unless you’re spoiled by your parents), and when we first join the game, we’re non-members. Treated like shit by both AJ and Members. 

When I was a nm, I got kicked out of fashion shows, clans, packs, and parties, simply because I was a nm. And whenever someone hosts a non-member only party, members feel entitled enough to show up and wreck the place, harass the non-members that went there. I wasn’t even allowed to roleplay, one of the few things a nm can do, because I was a nm. 

And now that all these members are doing shit like “COYOTE PACK MY DEN” or “Needs babysitter for two kids and a grandpa! MEMBERS ONLY” When you call them out, they pull shit out of their ass like “well i’m in 2nd grade” or “BUT UR A MEMBER!!!”.

Please do not exclude non-members, a group on AJ who can’t do much of anything, from the things they can do

John, wrapped in a Kylo blanket, surrounded by Kylo merch: I hug Adam all the time (he just waits for me to be done, lol).  Also it’s so cool that i got my ass kicked by a powerful star wars villain! I’m living the dream!!!

Some People: Adam doesn’t hug John back–what an evil imperialist. John is secretly suffering.

Twenty One Pilots Asks [Answered]

No one asked nor cares…but I wanted to answer some more of these.

2. How did you first hear about Twenty One Pilots? Their cover of Can’t Help Falling In Love came up on Tumblr.

6. What is your favourite Twenty One Pilots vine? They have so many funny ones. But I really love the washroom one and basically all of their extreme phone pinching ones. There is also the breakfast and vining one, the one where Jenna yells hot lava, the one where Josh thinks he got a strike during bowling but didn’t, and of course, JOSH YOU’RE OUT OF THE BAND (all of the vines where he got kicked out).

7. Pick one; Fairly Local music video or Tear In My Heart music video? Tear In My Heart.

9. Do you have/want any Twenty One Pilots tattoos? I am so far a tattoo virgin (really want a few though). I plan to eventually get a long line next to a shorter line (representing all the T’s uncrossed and the I’s undotted).

10. Which album is your favourite so far? Vessel holds a very special place in my heart.

13. Can you rap the second verse of Ode to Sleep? Yup *insert hair flip*

15. If you met Josh & Tyler, hug, handshake or fist bump? Definitely hug. I feel like I’d feel safe.

16. What is your favourite tweet from either Josh or Tyler or the band account? I don’t have twitter so I’ve probably missed some really good ones from them. But my favourites are:

21. Self-titled album or Regional at Best? Depends on my mood, but I typically lean towards RAB because it is happier sounding, but again, depends on how I’m feeling.

24. Do you have either the self-titled album or Regional at Best on CD? I WISH. I’d sell my soul for them. But I plan to make my own copies of them based on these Reddit posts: Self-titled, Regional at Best

27. Would you rather see Twenty One Pilots in a small venue, a big venue or at a festival? I have the tendency to get a bit claustrophobic but I’d still say small venue. I like the more intimate setting and feel of it.

29. What is your favourite Twenty One Pilots song? Holding On To You.

30. Have you introduced Twenty One Pilots to any of your friends? I’ve tried but none of them really ended up becoming fans. At this point, I’ve given up on trying to get people to listen to them because I realize that their songs are kind of aimed to certain people and not everyone relates to the lyrics and because of that, they aren’t able to truly appreciate the songs.

32. Can you rap Zack’s verse of Kitchen Sink? Sadly, no. But I’m working on it.

34. Ukulele or piano? I love both and play both but I think I’d lean towards piano.

37. Goner or Truce? Goner.

39. On a scale of 1-10, how much do you love Jenna Joseph? How about…100?

40. What is your favourite thing about Josh Dun? Really? You want me to pick one thing? I’d have to say…his personality (I know, sounds cliche). From interviews and videos, he really seems like a true dork and I find it really adorable and can’t help but swoon because of that.

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89. So, the last person you kissed just happens to arrive at your door at 3AM; do you let them in?

Probably not x) He’s a great friend but nah… I don’t let boys invade my space at 3am. I mean, if he got kicked out of his dorm or something, I might let him stay, but my parents probably won’t be fond of the idea lmao I still live with mommy and daddy. No guy can step in my room. I have ppl watching me all day.Even if I want to hide him, I can’t LMAO SO NO. IT’S AN ABSOLUTE NO x)

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“My party was discussing Overwatch that day while playing Paladins and two of them began debating over who was more similar to Widowmaker, Kinessa or Cassie, and as a stupid joke I said “excuse u guys it’s clearly Grover cuz his grappling vine skillz plus he thicc”. I got kicked from the party. D’: XD” 

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headcannons for middle school jeremy?

  • Jeremy was unnaturally tall for a middle schooler 
  • Clumsy 24/7 and was going through the WORSE growing cramps
  • Braces
  • Was a cub scout with Michael and got kicked out of cub scouts with Michael 
  • Jeremy narrowly passed gym because the gym teachers almost got sued when Jeremy fell from the rope during the rope climb and got hurt
  • Michael and Jeremy would swap lunches, Michael usually had a homemade lunch by his mom and Jeremy got school lunch
  • Jeremy met Christine the summer before Freshmen year

I’m already in love with this game. It hits real hard as a young adult. Mae is a fantastic protagonist.


politicians: your “”””science”””” is fake

scientists: yeah ok sure

Hey, A friend commissioned me to do a Dan.Va with a selfie game and I thought it was funny so I hope you enjoy it as well.

I’m so sorry.