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It’s been a while since my last imagine so here’s a quickie <3

When Vkook spots you from across the room

JK: *mesmerized* Wow, ain’t she a cutie

V: *bang bang* she’s mine

JK: *frowns* Hyung! that’s not fair, I saw her first!!

V: That’s not how the world works Kookie, now listen here and watch me, you gotta take action first

V: *yells in pain: falling onto ground and clutching chest* AGH, UGHH SOMEONE HELP ME, I’M DYING

JK: *ignores and steps away from V to approach you

V: *looks up and notices JK; gasps* JEON JUNGKOOK

JK: *walks back to V grinning* Hehe, I got her number

V: *playing it cool: smoothing out shirt* psh you got me, I was just warming up yaknow

JK: *smirks* same, but in the end who got her number ? *clicks tongue*

V: *snaps* HEY, YOU LITTLE SHIT *JK starts running* GET BACK HERE *runs after him

Jin: *whips head around to see vkook running* WHAT THE FUCK, WE’RE INSIDE FOR GOODNESS SAKE, THIS ISN’T THE PARK


RM: *constipating in the bathroom but heard everything* ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?

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He was Just Leaving (Young Remus Lupin x reader)

A/N: my smol bean remus :’)) i may write a part two hehe

Request: Hey I was just wondering if you could write about Remus liking a quirky hufflepuff and Remus is too shy to ask her out so Sirius pretends to flirt with her which makes Remus jealous? It would be amazing if you could! Love your account it never fails to make me smile 😁😊

word count: 631
warnings: none

“You’re staring, mate,” Sirius mutters to Remus who’s got his head propped up with one arm. He watches you as you’re deep in conversation with the rest of your hufflepuff peers. He sees you laughing, holding your book and flipping through the pages, reading passages to your friends.

“Moony!” James yells, elbowing him.

“Hm? What?” Rem snaps out of his haze, falling off the hand supporting his face.

The other two marauders snicker at him. “You really like Y/N, hm?” James waggles his eyebrows.

Remus blushes slightly and clears his throat. “No! What are you talking about?” He glances back over at you; your laughter has all but stopped and he can’t help but smile at your joy.

Sirius scoffs, “So, you wouldn’t mind if I asked her out, then?”

His eyes widen at the thought of his precious Y/N with his jerk of a best friend. “Uh- well, do actually like her? I wouldn’t take her for your type, Pads, that’s all.”

Sirius is grinning at how flustered Remus is getting. “Not my type? She’s absolutely gorgeous! And she’s really nice, funny too. What’s not to like?”

“M'just saying.” Moony shrugs and stands up, grabbing his bag. “I’m going to the library. Got a few books I forgot to return. I’ll see you guys.”

Later, you’re sitting in the library, as well. You and Remus smiled at each other and waved. A large part of you wishes he’d just come over and sit with you. You’ve always been quite fond of him.

There’s a tap on your shoulder. You look up, hoping more than anything that it’s him. “Oh, hey, Sirius.” You greet the dark haired boy standing above you.

“Mind if I sit?” He gestures to an open chair next to you.

You shrug, turning back to your book. “Go ahead.”

He seats himself beside you and places his hand on the pages of your novel, pushing it down to the table. You narrow your eyes at him. “Sorry, Y/N. Just wanted to let you know that I think you’re really, really gorgeous.” He smirks. That’s when you realize his other hand is resting on your knee, sliding up ever so slightly.

Your face flushes and you sit up a little bit. “Well, thanks. Uh- you’re not bad yourself, but I-”

“Hey, Padfoot! Can I talk to you for a minute?” You hear Remus call from a small distance away. There’s a sharp “Shh!!” that follows, but he doesn’t seem to care. You can’t help but feel relieved. Sirius is cool and all, but you’ve kind of got your eye on someone else. Someone who’s taller and reads a lot. Someone who just so happens to be in the library at the same time as you, all the time.

Anyway, Sirius comes back over to sit down, but Remus is right on his tail, pushing him out of the chair. “He was just leaving, actually.” Moony says, through his teeth.

Padfoot gives him a sly grin, “Oh, was I? Alright, then.” And with that he leaves.

“What a guy, right?” Remus laughs awkwardly and clears his throat. “Um, Y/N, I was actually wondering- there’s a Hogsmeade trip this weekend- or a little get together after the quidditch game tomorrow- just- uh- would you wanna hang out sometime?”

You smile widely. “Oh my God. Well, yeah! Yeah, I’d love to.” Dear God, you’re blushing. You’re blushing so much. “I’d better go, then.” You pick up your book and stand up.

“Oh, yeah. Yeah, me too.” He goes back to grab his bag. “So, I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“Yeah.” You nod. “Gryffindor common room?”

“Where else?” He chuckles. “I’ll see you.”

You go your separate ways, butterflies erupting in your stomach. You have a date with Remus.

Breakfast in bed

Genre: Angst (is it tho? idk it’s more sad at first but idk how to describe it) / Fluff!

Request: can i have a scenario where you’re stressed out/sad and mark tries to cheer you up (as your boyfriend)? hehe take your time to do this and have a nice day/night ahead!!

A/N: This is my first request aaaah thank you so so much I really hope you like it!! I was so happy to see your ask lmao I got so excited I started writing straight away 😅 

Word count: 1,591

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TalesFromRetail: Not your average retail store

Hi everybody. I’m a long time lurker and this is my first post here.

So I work retail, but not in the same sense a lot of you guys do. I still put out stock, make and arrange product displays, count inventory, and sell product.

I work in a gun store.

I really like my job and my co-workers and I have a lot of fun at work. I’m also passionate about guns as a hobby so i basically get paid (not very much) to enjoy my hobby.

So anyway we are subject to a pretty strict set of laws that dictate who we can sell guns and how we do it. One of the big no-no’s in our industry is something called a “straw purchase.” A straw purchase is where someone who cannot legally own a gun gets someone who can to purchase the gun for them. This is punishable by a large fine and a hefty jail term. I do not mess around when it comes to this kind of stuff. My bosses also back me up 100%. If my sketchometer even flickers I won’t make a sale.

So enter Sir Sweatpants (SS) and Lady Sweatpants (LS). I’m calling them this because they came in wearing matching sweatsuits. Sir Sweatpants was excited and looking at everything. Lady Sweatpants was ambivalent. Sir Sweatpants had been talking to me about a particular AR15. We had been talking for about 15 minutes when this happens

SS: So man I’m looking at getting this gun for my girl.

Me: glances over at LS who is halfway across the store playing on her phone like she has been for about half an hour

Me: It’s a nice rifle man I’m sure she’ll enjoy it

SS: Yeah man so I really like it and I think I’m gonna get it.

Me: Cool. I need your drivers license and a concealed carry permit if you have one.

SS:Yo baby come here

LS walked up to the counter still playing with her phone.

SS: Give the man your license.

Me: Hold up. I can’t take hers I need yours.

SS:Nah man it’s for her, she’s gonna do the paperwork. I’m just gonna pay for it.

Me: Yeah, it doesn’t work like that. You came in asking questions, you handled the rifle, you expressed interest in it, you said you want to buy it. That means you fill out the paperwork. You get a background check and if you pass you can take it home and give it to her.

SS: It’s for her though.

Me: Alright hang on here real quick. Ma'am will you follow me?

LS follows me to another part of the store out of earshot (hehe) of SS.

Me: Alright ma'am so you’re interested in this rifle?

LS: Not really. He wants a gun for around the house and said I could use it.

Me: Ok. Is there a reason why he didn’t just come in and buy it himself?

LS: Yeah. He got a couple felonies a while back and got out last year. He said he needed me to get it so his PO wouldn’t take the gun if he found it

Me(inside my head):Of fucking course.

Me: Did he also tell you that it’s illegal?

LS: I know he’s not supposed to have guns that’s why it’s gonna be mine.

Me: No what he is asking you to do is illegal. You can go to jail for ten years for buying him a gun. He’ll go to jail too, but you will as well.

LS:Is that really a crime?

Me: hands her a pamphlet and points to a giant poster on the wall which all state the law and penalty for breaking it.

LS immediately stormed over to SS and started yelling at him. Like bad yelling. The word motherfucker was tossed around a lot. She stormed out and he went running after her. We got his license plate and reported it to the local cops. I haven’t seen either of them come in since then.

By: Bringbacktheblackout

akitashiranui said: goozmuh hugging her from behind + neck kiss!

(From this post)

Ooh yes yes… i love neck kisses ;; this is a BIG big big weakness for Kumi hehe. I finally got around to do one of the suggestions! I want to do more now but now ive got some commissions and a trade to do so i will do more later ^^ I dont mind ya’ll sending some more over in the meantime tho ;w;

PS i was heavily referenced by this drawing by Jollyart !

anonymous asked:

Hey, I don't know if you know a tumblr user by the name of rochichan, but they called your undertale animations amazing and said that their own art couldn't even compare. They're a really good artist too (they're the one who drew the gravity falls - heart heart head YouTube video). You should check out their account 0u0

Oh of course I know her!! (well, not personally (^^; ) ) but I follow her since she posted her Undertale anime gifs… and that was the same day when I posted my first ones on this account, such a coincidence if I think about it… I really remember this day very well, hehe… anyway, she’s really good! And it depends on the taste of the viewer I think… I recentely got an ask how her art style is much better than Bani’s! Everyone thinks different… though of course… every artist may think they are not as good as others… Well, I still think my art is super cheap balls (*^p^*) but that is only motivating me to become better everyday! And what is more exciting than to follow artists and see how they improve over years!

Playing a little in Krita with my female arnuks. I like them with hair and different head crests compared to the guys. I don’t know if I wanna make them look more like males. They’re the peacock male of the species as far as I’m concerned hehe. I got some more ideas in my head but I think I’ll try to get them out when I’m at home. For one their hair is supposed to be thicker and coarser than human hair. Kinda mane like perhaps?

I remember though, as Sora I was always an incredibly clumsy kid, even when I grew up I still messed up.

I said things that would come out as dorky or silly, I constantly tripped over myself or anything on the ground, I threw my keyblade at enemies and people by accident. I dropped at least 10 potions at once (and got yelled at by Donald), ethers too. I would giggle a ton and scratch the back of my head with the biggest smile.

I also had times were things got too emotional and I would cry. I cried when Kairi hugged me in Kh/2 and I cried even harder when Riku came back but I hugged him tightly instead. Somehow I gave the saddest smile at Roxas when he said “Look sharp!” And left, but accepted this was what he wanted.

Anyway, I was an emotional and incredibly positive and dorky kid.

The Run-Away || Seungri

Fandom: Big Bang

Warning(s): Age Gap, Smut

Summary: i just had to be with him and running away was the only choice i had.

“I think I got everything…” I mumbled to myself as I pulled the zipper across the bag. running away; something I have been wanting to do for a long time. My reason behind this desire is… this might sound a bit cheesy, but there’s this guy who I love very, very much. Yeah, yeah; every basic love story, kind of. The only problem is that he is eight years older than I am. I’ve been sneaking around to see him for about a year and it hasn’t been easy. Today is the day I make a permanent decision. 

I threw the bag into a bush so I could get it later, without my parents getting suspicious. The plan was to meet at the train-station and take it all the way to his apartment, which if I may say, is huge. The thought of being with Seung-hyun got me excited and anxious. Right when I was about to head out, he texted.

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You were laying on Dongrim’s couch watching him work on his music. You clapped as the song came to an end and he looked at you for approval. “Oppa that was amazing!”

“You really like it?”

“Mhmm” you grinned. “It’s different from your usual stuff, but I think it’s a good change.”

He looked so relieved hearing your encouraging words. Dongrim wasn’t really the type that deviated from the norm very often and he’d never directly asked for it, but he always needed that kind of approval.

You always assumed that’s why you two meshed so well. There just certain things that never needed to be stated; An unspoken understanding.  It was perfect.

He reached out his hand toward you, a shy smile on his face, and you instantly walked over to him. He tugged you into a hug mumbling a small thank you.

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My anon is now turned on. I’d love to get some more requests. Getting ready to head out to my cousin’s graduation. I won’t be able to get started on them until after my husband goes to work. I’ve got 5 in my inbox right now. Humor me.

Selected Few: first child. Requested By Anon. Part one~

The two of you had your first child, and it was big news in the vampire world. Everyone was cooing over the next in line to be prince\princess.
Saying that they had your eyes and his hair, and your dazzling smile.
Those moment were great but the best moments were watching your husband who had been so neglected and abused as a child, give the love they never got.

He chuckled as your little one did, throwing them up into the air and catching them as they came down.
“Shuu you better not drop them!” You called from under the tree.
“I would never, this little one is my life.” He called back as he started to kiss their cubby cheeks. Making them squeal and wiggle, trying to escape your husbands arms.

Sneaking up behind your little one, he smirked as he finally found them.
Grasping them by the hips and lifting their little body into the air.
“Got you!” He cheered.
“Hehe Daddy!” Your little one cried with joy.

Watching the two of them craft a crown out of flowers was cute. It got even cuter when they body came over to you.
Placing the flower crown on your head with identical grins.
“You like it Mommy-chan?” Your child ask as you smiled and nodded.
“Told you she would.” Kanato chirped as he kissed your cheek.


I cant believe I did this oh god… okay so first I apologize if they seem a bit off character! Also I’ve put the link to the bg music playing during their support so it has a bit more life into it /w\ All S-supports will play this song! Have fun i guess??

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All In My Head: Part 4

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Plot: Jungkook X Reader

Genre: Fluff/Angst

A/N: hey hehe I made a totally unprofessional mistake and placed the setting in summer, but this actually takes place in the fall! I will edit old parts, sorry for the confusion!

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It was the big night. With all your missed notes and overdue assignments out of the way, you got ready with a carefree heart.

Since you lived in the neighborhood, he asked you to choose the place, and you got it all figured out. A small little taco shack in East Village with a casual atmosphere but great food, this place was a perfect spot for him to buy you dinner, without you having to feel bad about the price. As you were pulling on a cami and slipping on an oversized flannel shirt, he knocked at the door.


After opening the door, you saw Jungkook standing in black slacks and a well fitted dress shirt, with a strategically unbuttoned collar. His hair was sculpted up, in contrast to his usual and casual soft bangs, which almost prohibited him from reaching for his hair when he got nervous.

And after taking in his presence, you let out a laugh. And almost immediately, Jungkook’s bright demeanor dropped to a sulk. “No! Sorry- no, you look great! You look so good actually,” you let slip out of your mouth, “But I thought we would go to a little taco shack in East Village, and you’re just a little dressed up for the occasion.”

“Oh god, I’m stupid,” Jungkook half-heartedly laughed, tugging at the ends of his shirt, trying, somehow, seem more casual. Tugging loosely at his wrist, you let him in as you found some socks for your sneakers.

“They have these amazing chorizo tacos,” you started as you tied your shoelaces, “You’ve gotta-” But as you looked up at his face, you saw the dullness of his eyes, the sight of him beating himself up for making a stupid mistake like this. You hesitated, but followed your gut, “Can you wait outside?”

“Yeah sure,” he instinctively says, a little taken back, “Is something wrong?”

“If you’re gonna bring it, I gotta bring it, too. Just let me find something so, at least, we’ll look out of place together.”

Jungkook was nothing short of confused, but he left the room when you pushed him into the hallway and closed your door. Slightly excited to dress up, you quickly stripped out of your leggings and flannel, tripping on yourself in the process, and dug out your secret weapon- this baby never disappointed.

All dressed up, makeup slightly intensified, half of your hair pinned up and out of your face, you opened your door to find your date on the phone.

He stood at the end of the hallway, leaning his weight on one foot, staring at a fire hydrant that sat in the corner. In his fitted dress shirt, you admired his figure as everyday movements made the muscles in his back manipulate the fabric of his shirt, tightening and contracting.

To be honest, it kind of bummed you out. The big reveal was the wow factor- you really wanted to see his jaw drop when he first laid eyes on you. Thinking about his reaction, a little chuckle left your lips, catching his attention.

“Oh hey, I didn’t know you were done. I’ll be back-,” and that’s when his jaw dropped and his face had that look you loved so much. With his round doe eyes, he stared at the dark blue dress with the crochet detailing that only accentuated your curves, but cut right underneath your collar bone in a sexy but classy way. He looked at the way you cleaned up, the way you hid the slight remains of your black eye with the help of your concealer.

“You know,” he said, walking closer to you with slow, precise steps, “you actually looked really badass with your black eye.” Almost as if he was possessed, he turned off his phone, hanging up his conversation, his eyes focused on the way you smiled as you reached for your eye, suddenly self conscious under his gaze, worried if any of the blue undertones got past the layer of concealer.

Jokingly, you turned the knob of door, “Should I go erase it?”

“Come on,” he whined, taking your hand off the door handle and into his own. “Its getting late and I’m starving.”

“What do you think we look like right now?”

“Mmm,” you thought out loud, swallowing the second bite of your fish taco, “Young clubbers who finished early to satisfy a deep urge for Mexican food.” Jungkook tried his best to laugh without opening his mouth and exposing his chewed food. “Or two homeless people who were given the clothes of a recently deceased rich couple and 12 bucks for a couple of tacos.”

“How about two people who heard about this great Mexican restaurant. but didn’t know it was next to a vape shop,” he said, trying to defend himself. Not able to stop yourself, you let out your soundless chuckle, covering your mouth. “But hey, its so good! I need to come back before I leave.”

“When,” you asked, smile slightly diminishing, “When do you leave?”

“I still have a couple more weeks till we start on our com- I mean our new project.”

“What do you do?” you ask, guilt poking the back of your throat. You knew exactly what he did, but you had already come too far to reveal yourself as this crazy fan. 

“I, uhh, work in music. You?” he said, trying to hide his bluff.

“Well, after school I want to do research. It’s like a lifetime of studying.”

He laughed and proceeded to call you a nerd, but as you half-heartedly listened to his rant about hating science and school, you couldn’t help but let reason trump over everything in your mind.

Nothing about you and Jungkook made sense. He lived thousands of miles away, and was only going to be around for maybe a month. He was a part of a very public group, and you didn’t want any form of attention on you. He was a somebody, and you enjoyed your life as a nobody.

But the clincher was the fact that he didn’t trust you. He didn’t want to reveal his secret, when he had the perfect chance to, which meant he didnt expect this to go far either. He was looking for some fun.

“I spent all my time in middle school playing video games,” he said, chuckling while talking, smiling throughout his sentences. And just like that, all reason melted away, and you smiled back at his little anecdote. Maybe this could be good for me. Just some fun. Nothing more.

The walk home was just as fun as the dinner. Oddly, even though both of you were introverts, it was easy talking to him. Seeing each others’ insecurities and little hiccups helped lighten the mood and made breaking each others’ shells that much easier. Nothing was intimidating- just familiar and comfortable. It felt as if you knew him for years, as if he knew you more than yourself.

Surfing across topics of embarrassing childhood stories, music, your test the following Tuesday, who was the bigger prankster amongst their respective friends, in a blink of an eye, you were home.

“This is my stop,” you smiled with a slight chuckle. 

He instinctively reached for his bangs, only to feel the tacky mouse of his sculpted hair, “This was fun. Like it was really nice.” At this point he was directly in front of you, the same way he stood at the foot of your door when he came to pick you up. 

Your brain was telling you to turn around, walk up the steps, swipe your ID and enter the dorm. But you just stood in front of him, under the spell of his gaze. He approached you, so slowly, but his presence became more eminent, and soon his lips were a mere centimeter from yours, when you backed away.

“Oh! I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have-”

“No, it was okay, I just,” you tried to think through your actions, “I feel like you’re still a stranger.” Tangling your fingers even more into your cardigan, you looked at him again, “Tell me 5 facts about yourself and then you can kiss me.”

The only reaction he gave was a laugh. Jungkook was just utterly amazed by the things you said, the way you thought. Biting his lip, he thought of his five, “Okay well, I’m 20, I sing, I love meat, I collect perfumes, and I have a secret.”

“A secret?”

“Yeah, a secret,” he admitted with a step away from you, “I don’t know if I can tell you, or if I should tell you, but I think you deserve to know that I have a secret and that it’s not weird, it’s not scary, but for the sake of those I care about, the least I can do I keep this one secret.”

You smile and snake your arms around his neck, “That fine. I understand.” Hands slinging up his neck, your fingers feeling his soft hair, you looked into his eyes and courageously approached his lips. Soon, you made contact with a quick and chaste kiss. But, the proceeding one intensified in passion as he pulled you in with his hands on your waist and leaded the kiss. It all came to an abrupt stop when you pulled away for air and stood in awe at his constant stare, at the way he looked at you.

“Can I see you again?” He was smiling, but that didn’t mask the hidden genuine curiosity in his voice, the desperation for you to say yes. “Maybe I can help you study, make sure you eat, walk you to class.”

“Yeah. Yeah you can.”

Once inside, you let yourself go.

Smiling, making alien-like faces, silently screaming to yourself, you couldn’t even make it to your room, simply sliding down the door and sitting on the floor.

As you finally found the energy to get up there was a knock at the door.

“Hey,” Jungkook said, once again, just as abashed as he was at the beginning of your date, “I have no idea where I am right now- all these buildings look exactly the same.”

With an exaggerated eye roll and a hidden smirk, you walked back outside and pulled him by his wrist. “Come on, let me walk you home.”

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5


Before the concert my Uncle ( the manger and song producer ) suprised me with a signed EXO album.

I first headed off to the concert and entered the arena. I sat in L1 which is the middle area.


At  6:30 I got a call to go backstage and get toured by 2AM’s manager in an hour. When it was time, we went to the building behind the stage. We met 2AM’ manager and he gave us the passes to be able to be backstage. (this concert was a concert that anyone other then staff or artist can not enter) 

The manager told us to wait in front of the room and he went in to get 2AM ready. While we were waiting we heard a group of boys doing vocal warmups at the staircase next to us, we started to freak out. After hearing alot of footsteps B1A4 was walking past us. Surprisingly I was calm and actually said “annyeonghaseyo” and they replied, smiling, and even pat my little brother’s head. Every member made eye contact with me. I have this on video too (but Im not going to release it because i promised that I wouldnt) I was trying really hard to be the fan that doesnt disturb them with screaming. I was successful. hehe.

So when 2AM got out we took a picture with them.


After taking the picture we couldnt get a signature because they had to go do hair&makeup.

Due to the concert starting and the backstage being hectic we were told by 2AM’s manager that we couldnt visit anyone else. I was pretty bummed out but I was grateful to even be able to be backstage.

So we went back to the arena and watched the performance. My sister texted my uncle and told him about what we did. And after hearing that we only took a picture with 2AM ( not even all the members ) he got mad and told us he would call back. In less than 4 minutes he called saying that Dalshabet’s manager will take us around this time. So during intermission we went back. The first stage after intermission ended was EXO’s. I started hearing “WOLF” play outside and we were walking to go into the backstage building. I was sad because this was finally my chance to see EXO perform in front of my eyes and not on a TV. Dalshabet’s manager saw my face expression and asked if I liked EXO. I said yes and he was like do you want to atleast watch their performance? I said yes so we went into the room with the door to go on stage and watch from the big tv. While we were watching, a few celebrities walked past us including Insooni & Ali.  

Insooni also asked if we were Korean and said that we were pretty. ( LIKE TF )

After EXO’s performance was done Dalshabet’s manager told us to come with him. He was leading us to an elevator and we were waiting for it to open. When it opened we heard some staff telling us to wait and asked if they can use it first. guess who it was.

it was EXO.

I was internally freaking out. They were less then an arms reach from me. AND THEY WERE BEYOND ATTRACTIVE. They were ALL attractive. Like pictures dont do any of them justice.

They were sweating alot ( Xiumin was sweating the most… like alot ) and they barely made it into the elevator because they were trying to catch their breaths.This was when I was starting to get more worried rather than excited. When they went past me we made eye contact and they made an effort to smile at me despite their breathing condition. Xiumin & Chen went in first and Luhan & Kris quickly followed after. Xiumin and Chen were on the right side of the elevator so I couldnt see them again but Kris and Luhan was right in front of me. Kris was bent over with his hands on his knees and luhan infront of him squatting on the floor both trying to catch their breathes. They looked extremely tired. They realized that I was still standing there and tried to smile at me, I smiled back. They kept trying to breathe and Luhan kept looking at me trying to smile, at a point I couldnt take it anymore so I started shaking my head motioning him to stop and properly catch his breathe. He gave me a small smile and nodded. But keep in mind that this was kinda short. The staff in the elevator kept telling the outside people to hurry up. I turned to look at who they were talking to and it was Tao. He couldnt even walk and had to be helped by the other staff. Im thinking that he hurt his waist/back. He passed by me and we made eye contact and they went down the elevator. I was on the verge of crying. If they werent still in front of me I wouldve bawled. Seeing half of the boys I care for and love in front of me hurt because they try to show us a good stage… it really made me realize how hard they work. Even at the moment, since I was a fan I wasnt supposed to see this side of them, they still tried to act as if nothing was wrong when in fact something was clearly wrong. Luhan tried his best to smile I couldnt stand that. I have a video of this but like I said I promised I wouldnt release any videos. 

But anywasy instead of taking the elevator we went the stair route ( which wasnt bad it was like 10 steps. lol ) ( where B1A4 was going down doing their vocal warmups ) and when we were down EXO was walking out of the elevator. We let them go first and they went inside their rooms. We walked to the end of the hallway and Dalshabet’s manager told us to wait and he went into the room. B1A4 walked out and we got a picture.

They were all really nice and ATTRACTIVE VERY ATTRACTIVE. After the picture we greeted them and was lead to Dalshabet’s room and we went in and also took pictures with them.

They were freakin gorgeous and actually really nice. ( they werent fake ) We talked to them for awhile. When I tried to tell them that they were really pretty they said that we were first ( pfft ) We said bye and went to the main room again. The manager asked me if I really wanted to see EXO but I said no. It broke my heart but I still said no. They look like they were dying in the elevator, and I couldnt bring myself to disturb them. So we went back into the hallway and the manager was stopped by another manger and they were talking while we waited on the side. ( I cant say what they were talking about but it was intresting. ) While were waiting/listening EXO’s manager passed by and I immediately took a picture. (lol) 

 and the MC of the concert ( Jay Park ) knocked on one of the doors and Chnagmin & Jinoon opened and they were talking.

 We then exited backstage and went back to watching the concert. 

The sky turned darker and thats when everyone turned on their lights. It was beautiful. ( besides EXO’s performance, because I missed it ) B1A4”s performance was probably the best. Especially with the colorful ocean. Thats when I actually scream/sang along. They put on a good stage. They were never really my favorite but it was probably the best stage. 

Personally, this was a good and bad experience. I got to see what happens backstage and its not as pretty as it seems. I just cant say everything that I saw or heard.What I said was either the nicest I can say it or I never said what happened. EXO was in a worse situation then I stated. To the point that I couldnt bring myself to disturb them for a picture or a sign. I realized that just because we see them smiling in shows doesnt mean theyre fine anywhere else. They try to put on a better show for us each time. All idols do, we need to give them more credit and respect.

After the concert ended I was waiting in the car because Hollywood Bowl’s parking sucks I saw that there were pictures of them already in LAX. 


It kills me to see pictures of them. Just imagining them going through worse, then what I saw. Dont get me wrong Im sure not all the smiles are fake but there are alot made from effort. It hurts even more to see Luhan now. When he kept trying to make an effort to smile at me, you can see the look in his eyes that he was sorry that he couldnt stand up and say hi or do anything for me. What makes me even more pissed is that after shows like these fans have the nerve to stalk them and hurt them. They work hard, give them their privacy. They shouldnt even need to ask for it.

I came back home to a signed MRMR album.

Today I had dinner with my Uncle ( thats the manager, song producer ) and Inkigayos PD. We went to karaoke after because we’re asian  and he said that he’ll do everything for me if I go to Korea. ( Im korean and Ive never been to Korea like tf ) SO YEA, IM EXCITED.

And tomorrow Im getting my hair done from one of my close family friends. ( shes like my aunt ) and she’s a popular hair & makeup person for Idols. ( she was there at the concert doing hair & makeup too ) 

ocean-of-stars  asked:

Can you do KBTBB MC & the bidder getting a pet? Like what would they choose and how would the guy interact with it?

Ota: “Oh…So you got a cat…” Ota growled. He had a mean expression on his face. Whenever you looked toward him, he would pout, but whenever the kitty looked toward him, he glared. It was honestly really cute on how childish he was being. “Hehe.” you accidentally laughed out. Ota frowned childishly.
“What..? Are you enjoying my pain? You really are a sadist Koro.” Ota mumbled. Upset, Ota turned his back to you, crossing his arms. You snickered, but then smiled at him.
“Hehe…Geez. Just…Bare with it, okay? I promise it’s only for a few months. Not forever. I’m just kitty sitting for a friend, okay?” You reassured him with a soft, gentle voice. Hesitantly turning back, Ota looked at you with a look of hope on his face.
“Promise…?” He whispered.
“Hehe. I promise with my life.” You giggled. Ota finally got over it, and let out a sigh. He pouted once more and snuggled up to you. 
“Mmmm. I guess it’s okay for you to raise a kitty. But if you ignore me, I’m gonna get upset again. 
"Yeah, yeah Ota." 
"Geez. You’re making me sound like the jealous puppy here.” Ota pretended to sound upset, but you could tell he was smiling. You smiled back and softly stroked his hair, Ota’s head on one lap, the kitty on the other. 

Eisuke: You were trying your best not to giggle at how much the puppy  was so much like Eisuke. When Eisuke saw how much you were trying to hold in you giggles, Eisuke titled his head in confusion and questioned you about it. 
“Hey ____. Why are you laughing so hard? Is there something wrong? I know we just got a puppy and all but, I don’t think there’s a reason for you to be giggling so hard…” Eisuke asked you. Little did he know, the puppy was tilting it’s head slightly too.
“I-I’m sorry..Ahaha! Oh god, it’s just that…” You were laughing way to hard to finish your sentence. 
“It’s just that what? C'mon ____…I’m going to get confused if you don’t finish…” Eisuke frowned slightly. 
“It’s just that the cute little puppy is so much like you!” You exclaimed. Eisuke stared at you with a blank look on his face. He really couldn’t see the resemblance. 
“Geez! Don’t look at me like that! You guys really look alike! You see? The puppy has beautiful brown hair, just like you! And it was acting superior to the other dogs out there! Ahaha! You guys also have similar movements!” you snickered as you explained.
“….But you do love me more, right? Even though apparently we’re SO similar?” Eisuke asked you while planting a sudden kiss on your forehead while the puppy snuggled against your leg.
You blushed at the surprising kiss, but nodded in embarrassment.  Eisuke chuckled at your response.

Mamoru: You guys got an expensive, exotic, rare fish. It had a variety of bright, beautiful colors in it. It wasn’t really surprising though. Mamoru probably had fish when he was younger, and they were quite easy to take care of compared to other pets. 
“Hehe. It’s really pretty! But you’re still really lazy Mamo!” You exclaimed in excitement, but quickly turned into a yell of scolding. 
“Yeah. Sure is. But you’re prettier.” Mamoru said in his usual deep, easy going voice. You blushed a bit, but mentally slapped yourself to not get sucked into his loving words. 
“Hey now! Don’t try to sweet talk yourself out of this! You should’ve been less lazy and gotten a dog or something!” You crossed your arms and pouted at Mamoru. 
Mamoru chuckled at your anger.  He knew that you really like colorful things, and that sometimes that you were as lazy as him, so getting a fish was the best choice. 
“Heh. You’re like a kid, begging for a puppy like that. But besides, I know you ___. You actually wanted this one right?” Mamoru asked you, with a hint of confidence in his voice. 
“….Geez. I still don’t get how I love you sometimes.” You blushed. 
“Heh. Love ya too, sweetheart." 

Baba: When Baba got a parrot, you were a little bit surprised. Since Baba was quite the romanticist, you expected him to get a dove, or something like that. But what surprised you the most was how well he got along with it. Of course the parrot loved you a lot too, having Baba as a master. 
"Squak! Baba loves you _____! I love you ______!” your bird suddenly said to you one day while you were giving it food. You suddenly blushed. You definitely knew that Baba was up to this.  
“Geez….That Baba…Sometimes I just want too…” You reddened even more as your sentence trailed off. 
“You just want to love me and kiss me?” Baba finished your sentence with a chuckle, hugging you from behind. 
“B-Baba!” You whimpered in surprise. 
“Well Pretty Lady? Did you like my surprise?” Baba hugged you even tighter. You smiled at his little trick. 
“Hehe. It was great you idiot.” You replied. Baba smiled too, laughing at his own self. 
“Good. I would do anything for you. That took quite a bit of work though." 
"Oh? How so?" 
"Hehe. Little Mr. Parrot pretty much repeated everything else except those words. Even Ota made fun of me because he thought I was sweet talking a bird. But it was definitely worth it to see your smile!” Baba grinned.

Soryu: You and Soryu got a bunny! It was a dutch rabbit, a one that was black and white. It was a little unexpected of him. You thought that you guys would get a guard dog, but instead you guys got a cute little bunny. You don’t mind though. You love dogs, but the bunny was cute, just like Soryu. 
“You know, this rabbit is quite adorable. Quite like you…” Soryu muttere, a little bit too shy to say it even louder.
“E-eh?” You blushed and jumped a little in surprise.
“Huh? Did I say something wrong, ____?” Soryu questioned you. 
“O-oh no…” you blushed and nodded your head no, “It’s just that you took the words out of my mouth. I thought the bunny was really cute, just like you Soryu.." 
"O-oh…” Soryu reddened, using his arm to cover his blushing face. After calming himself down, he sent a small smile down your way. 
“I guess we do think alike, huh?” Soryu commented. You nodded bashfully. While you weren’t looking, the bunny came over to you guys, and set itself right between you. You guys looked at each other’s blushing face and the bunny, and then suddenly burst out into giggles.

amoura-eternia  asked:

Hi, I was playing dodgeball today and I got to thinking about the Danganronpa characters playing dodgeball. Mikan and Chihiro would be like me the ones trying to avoid the ball at all costs and not participating any farther than that, Celes and Byakuya would be the ones to walk out, Mondo, Aoi, Leon, Akane and Fuyuhiko would be the ones to throw the ball too hard, Makoto would probably be the one to end up getting hit in the face, even when he's already out. Any ideas on the other characters?

AHHHH These make me so happy, hahahha! These are the ones I could think out of the top of my head, hehe. ~ Mod Narii

  • Nekomaru would probably be screaming from the sidelines, telling the players the mistakes they did or what they could do to play better.
  • Sonia would get pretty hyped up and would try her best at playing it.
  • Kazuichi, seeing Sonia try her best, would want to do his best as well, although he’s pretty bad at it.
  • Gundam would scream incantations and weird quotes while trying to avoid the ball. His hamsters would run by his side and also try to avoid it.
  • Touko would probably just not participate at all and follow after Byakuya when he would leave.
  • Junko would be into it at first, laughing maniacally, but she’d soon get bored of it after masterfully dodging everything. She’d yell at others to hurry up. She’d also be pretty wary of her beautiful, manicured nails at this point and would probably quit.
  • Peko would be quite good at dodgeball, throwing it well and using her harsh training to dodge everything.
  • Nagito would be very hard to predict: he happens to either get a ball in the face very early or is one of the last people standing.
  • Hajime would be so-so at it, although he probably ends up consoling all the ones who get striked out.
  • Kyouko would probably sit out and prefer to watch the game intently to make sure no one gets hurt.
  • Kiyotaka would probably be the referee, shouting when a team would score or when someone wouldn’t follow the rules.
  • Chiaki would be horrible at it, always one of the first to be hit.
  • Hifumi would be even worse than Chiaki. He is mainly THE first target due to his large stature.
  • Teruteru wouldn’t be very good at it, but he would boast a lot before actually playing, which would make for quite a shameful, hilarious situation.
Imagine for Krystal. Prove it (Dirty) requested

(Your POV all the way through)

It was are 5th year anniversary and justin, my boyfriend had taken me out to dinner at nando’s.

Me:“justin, this has been the most incredible day ever! I’m honestly the luckiest girl to have you!”

Justin:“aw baby I’m glad you’ve enjoyed today but I need you to hurry up because I need you to physically prove that you mean all that!” He winks at you

You giggle a litte..“a little inappropriate justin hehe..”

When you both finished the meal you head back to yours and Justin’s place. When you both got into the house, justin sat down on the couch and switched on the tv using the remote controll..

*You thinking* “really? I thought he wanted me to… Well if he’s playing this game.. I’ll make him know I want him” *end of thinking*

I walked over to where justin was sat on the couch and straddled him and not letting him move.

You:“hey justin” you said softly into his ear. “I love you baby, so so much”

Justin:“baby don’t do that, you know you make me want you… Prove what you said baby, Prove it.”

You crashed your lips on Justin’s, slowly grinding on him. You know he was loving it because he kept on bucking his hips up. You laughed.

Justin:“why you laughing baby”
You:“you, you want me…” You whispered down his neck..“so so bad, don’t you justin?”

Justin:“mmm baby please don’t ohhh”

You stood up from justin, he looked at you speechless but you slowly started to undress yourself. Fully naked you sat down on the other couch opposite from justin and opened up your legs and started to touch yourself, moaning his name.

Justin couldn’t take it any more, he needed to feel more pleasure. He undressed himself and walked over to where you was. You still had your eyes closed, moaning his name when you felt Justin’s huge dick inside of you.

Justin:“that’s right baby take me all in..Ahhh yeah baby Daymmm”

You:“shit, fuck my pussy justin! AHHH please yes!!! Right there!!”

Justin:“you like that baby, right there? Yeah? Yeah?”

You:“justin I’m going to fucking come!!”
Justin:“me too baby, do it with me”

You and justin both came at the same time, then justin parted from you but you pulled him back.

You:“ah ah, don’t go running away, now I need to prove what I said…”

Justin:“baby there’s no, no shit..” You didn’t let him finish, he was to busy moaning at you giving him a blow job, sucking up all your juices…

Justin:“you like the taste of your juices baby?”

You:“ah mmm..”

You finished of the job with justin and you just ended your 5th year anniversary cuddling.

You:“so did I prove all that back at the restaurant?”

Justin:“oh you proved WAY more than that” he kissed your forehead.