got it for 2 euros

So i treated myself with new headphones that i wanted to get for 2 years now and nice dinner and my best friend gave me such cute things!!! I love her!!!

She gave me two pairs of socks (because fuck im obsessed w cool socks) and a self made garland (with little plants on them) and a self made cross stitch pillow with Mundy the wold fish (from night in the woods) on it!!! Thank you @sanwasinspace i love u ♥️


It is now time for a yarn haul!
Here are a few of the things I picked up over the past few months.
Over Thanksgiving week I purchased some majorly discounted Madeline Tosh yarn. I was super psyched about that because I have been dying to try out her yarn, just never willing to shell out the cash.
I got 7 skeins in total for around a hundred bucks.
2 of Euro Sock, one in Light Bright and one in Comfort.
2 of of DK Twist in Comfort.
3 of 80/10 Fingering in Havana/Optic
I currently have no idea what I am going to make, but whatever it is it will be pretty!

I also did a little bit of shopping at a local yarn store in my home town. I picked up three huge hanks of Cascades Eco Wool for a fisherman cabled sweater I plan on starting. It was also on sale at the time, and huge plus is I didn’t have to pay shipping for it since I forced my husband to carry it in his backpack on our return trip 😆

And that is all for now! I will hopefully have a current project update next week, and will let you know where all this yarn is going to go.

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Okay but I take AP Euro, and I'm a ninth house sun and mercury. I literally worked for 7 hours straight, just on AP Euro two days ago. I got 2 and 1/2 hours of sleep. But don't worry lol I slept for 12 hours last night :)

This is my entire life in a nutshell

The Lying Detective

Okay, after some thought and re-watching I have noticed and considered some things. 

1) The name on the card Lady Smallwood gives Mycroft says “Lady Alicia Smallwood”, but I am pretty sure her name is Elizabeth? Could this be a hint at EMP or just a random canon reference? (Like the whole Mrs. Turner=Mrs. Hudson)

2) Euros mentions to John that she got the original note that Faith had written directly from Culverton, because a “mutual friend” had put them in touch. (Moriarty? Maybe? Considering the note said “Miss me?”)

3) The TD-12 (the memory corrupting drug) seems to me that could be the reason that Sherlock doesn’t seem to remember Euros or Sherringford. He never mentions them to Mycroft which, if he remembered, I am sure he would use as leverage all the time. Maybe Mycroft and his parents were forced to make Sherlock undergo the treatment to make him forget about his siblings. 

4) Considering that Sherlock is probably the youngest sibling and that Sherrinford and Euros were both missing, I am inclined to believe they might have been twins. If this is true, maybe the reason that Sherlock believes that “its never twins” is because he was conditioned as a child to dismiss that possibility, since it might trigger unwanted memories of his family.

5) Since Euros means “East Wind”, I find it very telling that she is the ‘force that plucks the unworthy from this Earth.’ Is that a normal children’s tale, or is it just one that Mycroft and presumably his parents made up to further corrupt any memories that Sherlock may have had of Euros? It would make sense considering that when Sherlock mentioned it to John, he had never heard of it before so maybe its not common. Or maybe it is and Sherlock’s parents named her that because they had some evil supreme plan to have their only daughter kill their sons if they ever got out of hand. (I find this unlikely considering Sherlock’s parents seemed so cute and sweet, but who knows what goes on in Moftiss minds)

6) DOES JOHN NOT REMEMBER THAT IRENE SAID SHE WAS GAY TO HIS FACE??? Also, can we acknowledge the look of pure hurt and pining on Sherlock’s face when he sees that after everything he has done, John still wants to set him up with someone else?

That mini rant aside, what could Sherrinford and Euros have done to force them to be isolated, and why come back now? Why is John Watson going to be put at the bottom of a freaking well? Why did Sherlock just sit there and accept the abuse John inflicted on him? Will they finally be able to just be free of all this shit storm and elope and live gay-ly ever after? 

We shall find out very soon. I am tagging some awesome people here, just to hear their thoughts on everything. @loudest-subtext-in-tv @quietlyprim @tjlc-support-group

I had to work on Sunday (I work as a cashier in a local supermarket), and oh boy there were a few horrible customers. The worst one was an elderly woman. Now those people are usually the friendliest people around here, she definitely wasn’t.

It was very busy that day, and I was out of €5,- and €10,- bills (I couldn’t get any extras because the manager was also very busy). So I was ringing her up and asked “Ma'am, I’m out of (…)bills, do you mind if I give you change, if needed, that consists mostly of €2,- euros?”. She told me that she didn’t mind it, she didn’t see a reason why.

She had to pay a total of €24,-, and she gave me a bill of €50,-. I paid her back in a bill of €20,- and 8 euros of €2,-. Guess who got mad when I gave the change back? That’s right, she did. That bitch got mad and rudely asked if I had anything else and ALMOST GETS INTO MY CASHIER SPACE TO LOOK IN THE DRAWER.
After I gave her her receipt she stomped away to count every single cent while muttering under breath about how I rude I was to give her “the wrong change”.
Like bitch I could have given you everything in €1,- euros, don’t be rude to cashiers while they can’t help it.


It’s been a great month for magazines! Special thanks to Natalie and Elena for hooking me up.

If anyone would like a copy of the Healthy For Men issue with Alex on the cover and a great article inside, you can contact Natalie on Twitter. She’s got several copies to sell for cost of the magazine (2 Euros), container & shipping. I got mine within a little over a week.

You can see the inside of the magazine here with gorgeous photos by Filip Van Roe.