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I find it kind of interesting that Sebastian’s eyes revert to demon mode when OurCiel admits to the existence of a twin.

I’d like to think he’s learned something from his interaction with Agares and he’s actively looking for a soul this time around.

Something odd is definitely up with the true Ciel Phantomhive’s soul…

The Great 146 Romance Tropes Aesthetic challenge

Dear Shipper who runs a whole blog dedicated to your fave OTP I challenge you to make 146 aesthetics of one specific ship before the year is over. Here are the 146 most popular romance tropes of all time. Can your OTP pull off all of them? That remains to be seen

1. abduction to love

2. accidental pregnancy

3. afraid to commit

4. all grown up

5. amnesia

6. antihero romance

7. arranged marriage

8. athlete

9. bait and switch

10. beauty and the beast

11. best friend’s lover

12. best friend’s sibling

13. best friends/ friends first

14. billionaire

15. blackmail

16. blind date

17. bodyguard crush

18. boss/employee

19. boy hates girl

20. boy meets ghoul

21. boy meets girl

22. break his heart to save him

23. brother’s best friend

24. bully turned puppy lover

25. can’t live with them, can’t live without them

26. celebrity loves commoner

27. celibate hero

28. childhood enemies fall in love

29. childhood friends

30. childhood marriage promise

31. Cinderella story/wrong side of the tracks

32. classes clash

33. clueless love

34. consanguinity

35. crazy love

36. Cyrano/matchmaker

37. damaged lead finds happily ever after

38. dark secret keeps them apart

39. different worlds

40. disguise

41. enemies to lovers

42. everyone can see it

43. fairytale

44. fake engagement

45. fatal attraction

46. first love

47. fish out of water

48. fling

49. forbidden love/Romeo and Juliet

50. friends with benefits

51. girl wants bad boy

52. guardian/ward

53. guy wants cheerleader

54. huge guy, tiny girl

55. if I can’t have you, no one will!

56. imaginary love triangle

57. impotent love

58. innocent cohabitation

59. instant/false sweethearts

60. it happened in Vegas

61. jilted bride/groom

62. law enforcement

63. long distance relationship

64. long-term lovers

65. love at first sight

66. love interest has a profession protagonist abhors

67. love interest reminds of estranged family member

68. love potion

69. love reforms villain

70. love triangle

71. love/hate

72. lovers in denial/ they’re the last to know

73. mad love

74. maid/janitor

75. mail-order bride

76. marriage of convenience

77. men in uniform

78. mistaken declaration of love leads to love

79. mistaken identity

80. noble rescuer steps in

81. nobody thinks it will work

82. not good enough for him/her

83. oblivious to love

84. older man, younger woman

85. on the rocks

86. one night stand

87. one wants true love/other wants a fling

88. oops! fall in love with the wrong person (which could ruin everything!)

89. opposites attract

90. orphan

91. overly shy love

92. parent/childcare worker

93. partners in crime

94. passionate lovers

95. Plain Jane get the hottie

96. playboy

97. politics

98. pretending to be married or engaged

99. protector

100. redemption

101. rejected as unworthy/ turns life around

102. reluctant sex worker

103. removing the rival

104. rescue romance

105. return to hometown

106. reunion romance

107. revenge

108. rich man, poor woman/ rich woman, poor man

109. rivals/ protagonist vs. antagonist

110. road trip romance

111. rock star hero

112. royalty

113. runaway bride/groom

114. scars from the past

115. second chance at love

116. second time around

117. secret admirer

118. secret baby- He doesn’t know she’s PG

119. secret that can end everything

120. sibling triangle

121. sibling’s ex-spouse

122. similarities attract

123. sleeps with everyone but you

124. sorry, I’m taken

125. stranded together

126. student/teacher

127. sudden parent

128. the one that got away

129. time travel

130. tortured hero(ine)

131. tragic love affair

132. tragic past

133. two-person love triangle (involves some mistaken identity) ex: superman

134. ugly duckling

135. unobtainable love interest/ one-sided

136. unrequited love

137. unrequited-love-switcheroo love triangle

138. unwanted harem

139. virginal/innocent

140. wallflower noticed by the rake

141. was it all a lie? (undercover love)

142. widow(er)

143. (wo)man in peril

144. working with the ex

145. workplace romance

146. She’s dating Mr. Wrong

The challenge is simple, chose a trope, make an aesthetic, tag it #146RTCH and share your genius with others. good luck guys!

anonymous asked:

Imagine ignis is drunk


  • Nobody can EVER tell when he’s drunk.
  • He looks fine. He talks perfectly well. His words have coherence. He can walk in a straight line just fine.
  • The man looks FINE.
  • He’s going to drink and nothing will change in him, apparently.
  • Not red eyes. No stuttering. No stumbling.
  • Beer, wine, rum…whatever he’s drinking, he does it with style.

  • 10:30

Originally posted by haidaspicciare

  • He knows very well himself when he’s drunk.
  • The problem is that he knows when he’s already drunk; never when he’s halfway there.
  • If you’re Gladio, you’re probably going to notice.
  • If not, you’ll still have to wait for longer.
  • Ignis will start talking more than usual, but nothing extra noticeable.
  • He’s going to start /starting/ conversations; he’s usually answering, but now he’s coming with starters himself.
  • His topics? Politics, literature, music, cooking and Noctis.
  • He’s also going to be less moody.
  • Will start smiling with much for frequency.
  • At some point some random joke will make him laugh as loud as the rest of the crowd/friends gathered.
  • It was not a particularly loud laughter, but he re-notices he wouldn’t have laughed so hard in a normal context but would have rather only smiled.
  • So it hits him like a bullet.
  • He’s drunk.


Originally posted by babyblueeyes1864

  • He starts getting nervous.
  • ‘Have they noticed?’
  • ‘How could I not notice and put a stop before?’
  • ‘I feel so vulgar.’
  • ‘Have they noticed? Have they?’
  • *finger toys with glass while eyes scan the people at the table to analyze whether they’ve noticed or not*
  • ‘They don’t seen to have noticed.’
  • ‘Good.’
  • *is about to sip and stops*
  • ‘OR that’s what THEY want ME to think.’
  • *heavy sigh*
  • ‘These motherfuckers, I KNEW I COULDN’T TRUST THEM.’
  • ‘Somebody’s filming me, I know. Who is it. Is it Crowe. Is it that man. Who is- *heavy breath* who is that mAN WHO ALLOWED HIM HERE WHERE DID HE COME FROM I’M GOING TO FIGHT HIM IF HE’S LOOKING FOR TROUBLE, WHO IS HE.’
  • ‘Right, it’s Nyx, I forgot.’
  • *sips*
  • ‘I should not have done that.’
  • ‘Stop it, Ignis. Only YOU are trustable at the wheel. You must recover your sens-’
  • *sips*
  • ‘Why did I do that.’
  • ‘I’m good. I’m good. I’m just a little altered but if I stop now I will grow out of it by 1 in the morning and I will be back to my usual self.’
  • ….
  • *sips*
  • *looks around again*
  • ‘Have they noticed yet?’
  • Repeats the entire previous train of thoughts, except twice the nervous.
  • He starts panicking.


Originally posted by half-of-me-is-gone

  • ‘And THAT’S how much of a damn GENIUS Oscar Wilde was, gentlemen.’
  • Totally quoted an entire act of of “Lady Windermere’s Fan” BY HEART.
  • “Ignis! Tell us about that one time the prince was hidden under the table during an entire session of Council meeting!”
  • Ignis half-snorts mid-sip but doesn’t spit anything.
  • “IT WAS AMAZING, don’t tell him I said that.”
  • Ignis has the BEST stories to share, both fictional and from real life.
  • He’s so quiet and reserved on a daily basis that it’s strange for him to share things.
  • But for some reason it’s the most reserved and quiet ones who have the best stories.
  • So when the drunk state goes real bad, he tends to gather a crowd around him.
  • He’s just telling stories.
  • No cards, no gambling, no dices, no bets, no games. Just stories.
  • Everyone loves his stories.
  • And if he has none, he’s completely quoting books and threatre scripts.
  • He’s having good laughs.


Originally posted by haidaspicciare

  • He’s not having more good laughs.
  • Some passage of a book he had been quoting got to him.
  • ‘It took him 130 pages, Gladio. How can you write such a passionate, real, extremely intense and still working tragedy in 130 pages? How do you do it, Gladio, HOW?’
  • Ignis excused himself from the table and left as slyly subtle as he always knows how to do, so nobody sees where he leaves to.
  • He still walks and talks just fine.
  • But he’s CLEARLY drunk, no missing this time.
  • Gladio knows where to find him, so he gives him some moments before he has to go find him sat at some staircase, fountain, outside bench, standing at a balcony, or in front of the most corny and dramatic lonely spot of the building/room.
  • Ignis won’t admit it, but he goes full drama when drunk.
  • So ofc he’l look for the most cliché part of the room to dramatically stare to the outside or the sky like a poet or a philosopher.


Originally posted by molarbearr

  • Gladio finds him.
  • Ignis will just start talking about whatever passage got to him as if though it had been a personal experience.
  • ‘Why did she have to die? It was in his hands, it had been his responsibility. She was not perfect, but it was not the right choice.’
  • *exasperated sigh*
  • ‘Why is…the world so cruel, Gladio?’
  • Gladio knows how to deal with this, so he places a hand on Ignis’ back.
  • The man starts crying.
  • Ignis starts crying for real.
  • There’s two outcomes to this (the usual ones):
  • 1. Ignis will stop crying at his time.
  • He’s going to be very embarrassed and he’s going to say ‘I clearly am drunk. Please do ignore me. I feel vulgar and obscene. I don’t want the little dignity I still have left to be crushed. Gladiolus, please do me a favor and drive me home, if I’m not a bother. Have mercy on me.’
  • He’s going to keep the chin up but he’s clearly VERY embarrassed as he heads to the outside, Gladio as guard.
  • 2. Ignis will just continue crying until he’s empty.
  • Gladio, uncomfortable, has to hold him.
  • Not that he doesn’t like Ignis, he’s just not used to Ignis breaking down like this.
  • If it had been a good reason, Gladio would do it for his friend.
  • But he’s really just crying for fictional characters of two centuries ago.
  • So it IS uncomfortable.
  • Ignis will bury his face in Gladio’s chest or shoulder and will cry that “he’s so drunk he’s come to the limits of vulgarity” and that he “can’t cope with this embarrassment. I have no dignity or reputation left.”
  • He’s going to cry more. 
  • He’s going to ask Gladio to walk him to the outside “and drop me in the trashcan, I don’t have any value anymore.”
  • Gladio will carry him piggyback.
  • Ignis won’t even complain because “I have no dignity left, who cares who sees us.”

  • Whichever the outcome, he stays quiet on the whole ride home.
  • Depending on his status, he’s either walking into his apartment himself, apologizing to Gladio, looking angry andembarrassed, then go straight to bed.
  • Or, if he’s in the sad mode, he’s going to stay curled at the backseats of the car and Gladio will have to pull him out either on his feet or having to carry him.
  • Ignis, in that mode, is usually to terrified of himself, too embarrassed to ‘live this life anymore, I can’t, you can’t ask me for that, what kind of second hand and adviser am I when I get like this, I am useless and an unworthy piece of trash’.
  • Ignis will fall dead asleep.
  • He’s a light sleeper, the lightest sleeper in Eos…but when drunk, not even the sound of Gladio snoring from the living room will wake him.
  • And dammit, does Gladio snore. 
  • He handles hangovers like he handles the first stages of getting drunk.
  • Nobody notices he’s hangover.
  • …unless it was pretty bad and he reached past the stages of storytelling and crying.
  • THEN he’ll act like he’s not hangover but he’s going to have this terrible look on his face.
  • He’ll also need a cup of Ebony in his hand, ALL THE DAY, to not kill anyone.
  • You can’t let that cup be empty for more than three minutes, you can’t.

This is drunk Ignis.

He needs protection and love.

OWC Weekly Update

The OtaYuri Writer’s Collective just got up and running last week and we’ve already got 130+ followers. Thank you for all the support! Here are 3 SFW and 3 NSFW fics we’re featuring this week, be sure to go give these authors some love!

Top SFW Fics

All the Right Notes by @pastel-plisetsky  

26.4K words - WIP

Yuri Plisetsky is an incredibly gifted piano player, known for his passionate and somewhat violent playing/compositions. But in order to compete in the famous Eurasia United competition (completely fictional), he needs a violin accompanist. Although he’s dreamed about this competition for years, he’s always worked better alone. Until a little-known, solemn, lovely violinist walks into his life.

Inspired by Yuri’s Allegro Appassionato in B Minor, his free skate song.

1,674 Days by @seeyounextlevel  

3.6K words - Complete

(or; how long does a love last?)

They fell together as if they were never meant to be parted. It’s as easy as the first step on to the ice; crisp, sudden and more natural than breathing - as if man was never meant to walk on land and instead live on frozen water.

Falling away is not as effortless.

Ocean Eyes by @joelsweet  

7.8K words - WIP

Prince Yuri had a curse placed on him when he was a baby. When he grows up, a wish intended to fix the curse goes awry, making the problem even worse. Eligible princesses come from far and wide to try and offer a solution in hopes of winning the prince’s hand, but nothing works. Besides, Yuri only has eyes for the mysterious stranger that visits the royal gardens every night.

Top NSFW Fics

Overload by @lowercasewrites 

1.2K words - Complete

“Yura, are you okay?”

Am I crying? Shit I must be. Why the fuck am I crying? He pulls back from my neck to look me in the eyes and make sure everything is alright. He cards his fingers through my hair as I pull myself together. I say the only thing I can think to say.

“I love you so much, Beka.”

Would I Dance With You? Both Forever and Rather Die by SinsofYouth AO3

10.1K Words - WIP

Mischievous fey. Wind spirits, beautiful and playfully malevolent. They are both a curse and a good omen, appearing to guide a wayward soul or to entrap young men, calling them away to dance and will kill those who dare refuse them. Whether they mean harm or not, no one can say for certain.

But it is said that those who dance with the fey were forever changed.

We Just Need a Human Touch by @aphhun (one of our admins!)

14.2K Words - WIP

“Give me your phone,” was the next thing out of his mouth, and Yuri found himself near squinting at the other.


“Your phone. I’m going to give you my number,” persisted the DJ, and if Yuri had been more devoted to getting drunk earlier on in the evening, he knew that he would have handed it over without a second thought or a question. Sober Yuri, however, was more rational and undoubtedly skeptical.

“You literally don’t even know my name.“

30/04/17 gouache in my a4 sketchbook

So this has been waiting to be finished since That Chapter came out, which was… two… three (?) months ago? I don’t even remember. I made like 200 other works in the meantime. But I sat down and finally got it done today. Over 130 chapters of waiting, but it happened. Way to go, Yona.

Celebration time! ( ̄▽ ̄)

don’t repost


…Here’s the rest of the requests! Momiji and Okuu playing cards for @finetalpies, Blake sneaking frolicking in the grass for @askanoarfish, and Holo for @matiasalbertini (haha you get it like holo as in holographic aren’t I clever). There were also two requests for boys that I chickened out of, but wtv.

Times were at around 110 minutes (miraculously), 70 minutes, and 130 minutes (I got carried away) respectively.

Requests are still open, since I really want to get better at speed drawing! Marginally more detail here!

Part 1

Let Me Interrupt You

Plot: The Avengers tease Pietro about you being a mother one day because you volunteer to babysit the Barton kids frequently.

A/N: Fem!reader, as requested

Warnings: Reader has an interest in kids. This one got away from me a little bit.

Word Count Total: 554

Short Imagine #130

Title: Let Me Interrupt You

Originally posted by littlemisssyreid

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The Battle of St. Vincent, 14th February 1797 by Geoff Hunt.

This scene hinges on the actions of Nelson, then a commodore (having no fewer than four admirals superior to him actually present on the day). In a characteristic combination of eagerness, daring and independence that bordered on insubordination, he ordered his ship, the Captain, 74 guns, to “cut the corner” on a rather slow fleet manoeuvre and so got into action with the Spanish flagship, the 130-gun Santisima Trinidad, and at least two other first-rate battle ships before the rest of the British fleet caught up with him. The British ship Culloden is about to reach the battered Captain before passing on to the Spanish flagship. In the confused fighting that followed, Nelson was to perform his well-known feat of capturing an 80-gun ship, the San Nicholas, and using her as a bridge to capture another even larger, the 112-gun San Josef. The ship entering at extreme left is the 98-gun Prince George, which was to play a major role in knocking out the San Josef.

Nice hat//Chibs Telford

Season five spoilers !

Info: After Frankie takes Chibs, y/n, his wife, grows worried and when he comes back he tries to hide his injury from his wife.

Warnings: swearing, mild violence

Words: 1,775

Jax got a call from Nero at the hospital while everyone was checking in on Gemma and Abel. Y/n didn’t feel good about Nero, he was almost too good for Gemma after Clay, too good for the sons. So when he called out of nowhere, y/n’s stomach was thrown into knots.

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anonymous asked:

We have a guy who comes in regularly, who - when asked - refused to give his 1p change to charity because "I can use that to feed my kids", but came in and got a £130(ish) Gears Of War Xbox One Elite controller. Like are you fucking messing, mate?! I'm not sure which bit of this is the most mind-boggling.