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New Cinderella adaption looks good as. 👌

@ those trynna hide their salt at the anime ending with the NH wedding by crying over it not showing him become Hokage:

1. We already got it in the OVA.

2. He doesn’t actually get the hat until after Boruto and Himawari are already born.

3. The main focus was on Naruto being acknowledged and having a family, a reverse of the first episode where he complains to Iruka he has no one waiting on him to come home. Here we end with primary focus on the two people who acknowledged him before anyone else, alongside all the friends he’s made throughout his journey.

Come CELEBRATE With Me!!

I just hit 600 of you amazingly wonderful followers and I wanna celebrate!!!

To do this I will be holding four days of celebration over the next 4 weeks BUT I need your help to decide WHO we get to celebrate!  I decided on 4 dedications, one for each of the fandoms I write for and one opened up to other fandoms.  The first is already chosen and set in stone because how could I not celebrate Gabe on April 1st?  But all others are currently up for grabs so simply send me a message any way you want to get a day for your fave.  The characters that get the most shout outs at me will get the day to themselves.

1st April - SPN Celebration Day devoted to the wonderful trickster and my favourite angel GABRIEL! 

8th April - MARVEL Celebration Day - Who do y’all want (yes @redlipstickandplaid I already got your Steve vote xx) Feel free to get onto anon and spam me with whichever character you are craving.

15th April - STAR TREK Celebration Day - Want a day for Bones or maybe Kirk is your current kink.  Perhaps a little Scotty or you want to really throw me with someone I’ve not written.  Who do you want to see spend a day as king of my blog?

22nd April - ALL OTHER FANDOMS.  You got a fandom you want me to focus on let me know.  Tolkien, TMNT, OUAT, Gotham… Pick your fave character from ANY fandom and I will spend a day celebrating them.  Who knows, you might make me fall into another fandom! 

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Dear Jams,

I’ve got two people already working there, not including myself.  It’ll be quite some time before I can afford to squeeze someone else into the mix.

If I did, they’d have to be someone who doesn’t mind having a coworker with a loud voice or seeing a young girl’s panties.  The law business isn’t for everyone.

-Phoenix Wright

anonymous asked:

I was thinking of writing either m/m or f/f CS stuff (preferably with a Pirate/Prince or Princess AU), but I have no idea where to begin. Any suggestions?

Ok first off, I FULLY SUPPORT THIS IDEA. And lemme tell ya, it’s so much fun to write a reimagined version of these characters. Gimme all the genderbend fics.

You’ve got an idea already and that’s always a great first step. The easiest way to go forward with it would be to create a good fully formed prompt and write it down. It doesn’t have to have a bunch of details, but just something like the au stuff I usually post. It’s actually pretty fun playing around with ideas. They don’t have to be perfect and you can change your mind while writing if you want it to go a different way, but it has always helped me out to do this before I start writing in case I need to look back and remember what I’m aiming for.

“Princess Emma escapes from the castle for a bit of fun, dressing in rags and a cloak and grabbing a pint down at a pub by the docks when a skeevy drunk begins to get a little too friendly for comfort. If she pulls her cloak off, she’s sure to reveal her identity, but he doesn’t seem to want to take no for an answer. She’s saved by a domineering pirate queen who points the tip of her sword to the man’s neck and threatens to silence him forever, and once things settle down, the lady pirate requests to share her company. There’s a draw between them both immediately, but Emma is a princess and she’s fully aware that this woman is a criminal, has seen her likeness on wanted posters and heard tales of her misdeeds. But by the end of the night she’s had such a wonderful time that when Hook asks to see her again, she can’t help but agree.”

Or something like that. Of course you can always go into the entirety of the story, you know, the plot from start to finish, but I digress.

Then, you know, once you know where you wanna go with your story, it’s just a matter of finding time, inspiration, and motivation. I can’t help with those!! Wish I could. I’m always struggling with writer’s block, but usually a few days off, stepping away from a fic, then going back and rereading what I wrote can help me get back in the groove.

starks-in-the-north  asked:

I'm in the party that imagines Dany and Arya meet up someday - how do you feel about this? And if you agree, do you have any thoughts on how/where/why and what they'd discuss? I personally envision some scenario where Dany launches for Westeros from Bravos and picks up Arya there, with conversations about justice and things. Could lead to a good tie-in fro Arya to pick up Dany's work as you mentioned in a recent ask. Plus, Arya seems like the best one to tame Dany to the idea of Starks as okay.

(TWOW spoilers)

I too imagine that Dany and Arya will intersect (and make an immediate connection that leads Arya to pick up where Dany leaves off), but I don’t think it’ll be in Braavos. That’s far out of Dany’s way, and she’s already got enough on her plate; Pentos makes more sense IMO as her launching pad, given how close it is to King’s Landing and the strong likelihood she’s going to confront Illyrio after learning about Aegon. Moreover, I think that Arya’s ticket home is Justin Massey, who as of Theon I TWOW has been sent to Braavos to recruit sellswords for Stannis with the Iron Bank’s money. As such, I think their meeting will wait for Westeros. 

So I have all 15 requests I was taking, friends! Thank you guys for being so patient and understanding. Bless you. I’ll take a gander at them and possibly start on at least one of them as early as tomorrow. I’m gonna try to finish at least one of the ones I’ve already got in the works, though. 
So we’ll see how this goes.