got is the worst to color so sorry


Jafael as Jaladdin

vitre-art  asked:

Hi there! I was wondering if you could do a todoroki shouta sketch, lineart, and coloring tutorial? I'm mostly interested in the coloring brush presets and layer clippings and so forth... If you have the time, it would be wonderful to see! ;D

I’m literally the worst person you could ask for lineart/coloring/brush presets/layer clipping techniques or tips. (haha *gross sobing* i’m sorry but it’s true…)

Because allow me to show you my digital drawing skills with a sample (don’t do this at home, it’s bad!) :

  • First… I use the basic tools and I got nothing customized because I don’t really want to find the time for it yet as I focus on “fun and speed” more right now, it’s just a side hobby for me afterall… + here are the colors I set for Shouto (only set for him because I draw him just so much anyway so it’s faster this way) :
  • Then I just slap colors but also play with hue and saturation whenever it pleases me, before I start going yolo with the main shade and clean it :
  • Then I add stuff to make it look not so flat… I guess?


Not sure I should have post this since it surely disappointed you, haha… ;w;b

PS : (more samples)



  • the one that still acts as a human even though he is almost 100 years old
  • nags everyone to eat and sleep even if they don’t need it 
  • gets called grandpa by the younger vampires 
  • “when I was your age, we respected our elders Park Woojin!”
  • has the lamest puns ever and is always annoying the others 
  • “what do you think your girlfriend thinks about having a vampire as her boyfriend?”
  • “it’s a pain the neck! haha get it? get it?” 


  • the wild type that may come and bite your neck without any warning if he finds you attractive 
  • loves traveling all around the world very often and doesn’t stay in a city more than a week 
  • he actually thought that Jisung was a human and tried to bite him 
  • now he hangs around at his place and gets force-fed into animal blood by Jisung 
  • everyone underestimates him, but is actually one of the most powerful vampires out there


  • the fancy vampire that doesn’t go outside except for like twice a year 
  • has enough supplies to live indoor for a lifetime 
  • always seen carrying a book about humans and their interests because he is curious about them 
  • likes to study the other humans and is often accompanied by his fan friend Jaehwan 
  • always the one to save the others when they get into fights or trouble with each other 


  • appears evil at first with his creepy laugh and smirks
  • but in reality he just loves to troll humans by creeping up behind them in dark alleys
  • especially likes pranking couples 
  • spends his nights sitting on rooftops and staring into different people’s homes 
  • flirts with the nurse at the local hospital to get some free blood samples
  • “what do you mean you can’t give it to me?” 
  • “I need my vitamin D, ugh you stupid humans only think of yourselves”


  • is actually such a ditzy vampire 
  • he can’t even control his powers very well or his flight, but acts as if he is hot stuff
  • had a girlfriend once who turned out to be a vampire hunter and tried to kill him
  • likes Minhyun a lot and is always hanging out at his house
  • although Minhyun never lets him in and Jaehwan just keeps flying around the house all night and knocks on all the windows 


  • he got so scared one night when he was a human by Seongwoo that he actually passed out
  • Seongwoo thought he was dead so he bite him; surprise surprise the kid was still alive 
  • has no idea how this whole “vampire life” works 
  • almost killed himself once by going out in the sun and eating garlic bread
  • speaks with a british accent because he thinks it sounds good and makes him look sophisticated 


  • the one that everyone thinks is so cute and adorable but is actually an evil mastermind 
  • a lone wolf that is fascinated by human snacks especially potato chips and pizza 
  • claims he has the best fashion sense out of all the vampires, but wears fluorescent shoe-laces at night 
  • always whispers “nae maeum soge jeojang” seductively into his victims’ ears before biting their neck 
  • keeps a bottle of human blood under his pillow for special occasions 


  • the one that actually gets into all kind of trouble
  • from flying face first into a building to psyhical fights with humans 
  • hangs out the most with humans and tries to be normal 
  • learnt breakdance a few years ago and now does it while floating mid-air
  • “oh my God, I’m so cool damn look at me y’all” 
  • is actually never tired and no one knows how he does it
  • flies around restaurants at night and steals other people’s food with Jihoon
  • they are known as the “Pink Sausage Duo” among town because they only steal sausages


  • one of the rare types of vampires that actually doesn’t feed on blood 
  • he feed on people’s youth and life force to stay forever young 
  • is stuck during his teenage years forever so he tries to make the best out of it
  • but hates it to death
  • has to repeat highschool forever which is the worst part of it all
  • only has one friend: Daehwi whom he accidentally turned into a vampire 
  • is not even sorry, just glad he has another friend to torment for eternity


  • used to be this excited and cheerful kid until he got transformed accidentally by Jinyoung
  • they were study buddies and somehow he looked incredibly attractive for Jinyoung not to take a “bite” out of his soul 
  • tags along everywhere the others go 
  • has no idea what he’s doing most of the time 
  • feeds by eating the color red off non-living things 
  • “so what do i do? i just suck on this marker until it turns black?” 
  • “ew this is disgusting you people… i mean, you vampires!”


  • comes from a long and imperial family of vampires in China 
  • wants to discover the world so he moves from place to place often 
  • met Jihoon while he was stealing blood samples from the hospital and now they live together 
  • hates everyone especially humans, but has a soft spot for Jihoon
  • looks like he can kill you and will do it if you direspect Jihoon
  • only smiles when someone else is suffering
Day6 reaction to seeing you cry for the first time

He was so surprised, you normally didn’t let out any other emotion other than happiness, but I guess Big Hero 6 was a tear jerker. You just couldn’t help yourself when Baymax sacrificed himself for Hero. As you sat crying silently Sungjin had happened to look over where you leaned against him and noticed the tears streaming down. He looked at you a bit shocked before stifling a laugh. “Babe, it’s just a movie.” You simply waved away his words and continued to cry as he tried not to laugh.

The baby was shook, you started crying when a commercial aired on TV. You know the one with all the abused cats and dogs and the lady telling you to donate while “In the arms of the angel…” sang in the background. Yeah, tears surfaced and you looked at him as you collapsed down to the ground. “Dowoon! We need to save them!” He looked at you in utter shock and simply took a few steps back and retreated to the kitchen to get you something to drink and wait for the commercial to be over so that you would go back to normal.

You two had your worst argument ever, the ones where the true colors come out. One color of yours was that when you were so mad you began to cry. So as you were yelling about schedules and time together and the works, tears came to fall down your cheeks and suddenly you were the only one yelling. It started to get so bad your yells were becoming hoarse as sobs got caught in your throat. Jae simply brought you to his chest and stroked your hair. “I’m sorry, please don’t cry. I’m sorry. I’ll be home sooner, I promise.” You stopped arguing and stood together for a while as your tears ran dry and he kissed the stains away.

Young K:
He didn’t know what to do, he had said the wrong thing in an attempt to comfort you and now more tears were falling. He had already been shocked when he got home and found you looking at the wall with swollen eyes, and dried tears. He finally got you to talk and then he spoke the wrong thing and now the water works were there and he had never seen you cry and he was freaking out. He felt his own tears beginning to form and when you noticed you seemed to forget your own worries and went to dry his eyes. “Why are you crying? Stop, are you okay?” It made him laugh and the two of you forgot your troubles as you laughed together with drying tears.

You normally bottled things in, and he tried not to upset you by bringing things up when you looked tense, but now he was thinking he should have because now you were sobbing into his shirt and he simply held you not knowing what else to do. He started humming while resting his head on yours and you started to relax while feeling his heartbeat and hearing his humming. He wiped away any stray tears and kissed your head. “Let’s not have this happen again. If you have any worries, no matter how small, tell me. I don’t want to see you cry ever again, okay?” You nodded and felt relieved at his words, you felt closer and maybe opening up wasn’t a bad thing.

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What went down in Reflekta
  • Vincent: all right everyone, it's time to pose for a photo!
  • Chloé: are you Pixelator?
  • Vincent: what? no! Pixelator's a creepy stalker and imma an Italian stereotype
  • Chloé: I think you're Pixelator
  • Chloé: he's named Vincent, he's a photographer, he's probs even voiced by Matt Mercer, although I think the wiki might be wrong about that
  • Chloé: so are you Pixelator, lying, or a result of a discontinuity between the scriptwriters and animators?
  • Vincent: f**kin bring it Chloé
  • Chloé: oh no he's gonna snap me to a digital void with a magic camera
  • Vincent: no, go stand in the back of the class photo
  • Chloé: I stand in the front or imma call my daddy
  • Vincent: oh good, I could use an assistant, now make like a pizza and olive me alone
  • Marinette: ok wow Chloé's no match for this guy
  • Juleka: I thought this episode was about me
  • Chloé: oh yeah right
  • Chloé: Sabrina, go lock Juleka in the bathroom
  • Juleka: this is not what I meant :(
  • Marinette: um Vincent could you maybe do something about this
  • Vincent: sorry I'm too busy wrecking Chloé
  • Rose: *rescues Juleka*
  • Juleka: this whole situation is terrible
  • Juleka: I've got some kinda curse, Chloé's after me, and the scriptwriters still won't let us be canonically gay
  • Rose: so you're gonna get akumatized?
  • Juleka: what no that sounds like the worst possible idea
  • Hawkmoth: I disagree
  • Juleka: nobody asked you Hawkmoth
  • *Reflekta happens*
  • Reflekta: dammit
  • Reflekta: why is it pink
  • Hawkmoth: it's the traditional color of chaotic evil
  • Reflekta: I think you just made that up
  • Hawkmoth: yeah maybe
  • Hawkmoth: now make more people pink
  • Reflekta: why
  • Hawkmoth: so that you can give everyone your face in order to finally be seen
  • Reflekta: that's really creepy
  • Reflekta: why couldn't you just give me a giant projector like Lady Wifi had?
  • Hawkmoth: idk now go zap some people
  • Reflekta: *zaps Chloé*
  • *Reflekta happens*
  • Reflekta: wait so I'm Reflekta now?
  • Reflekta: no I'm Reflekta, you're Chloé
  • Reflekta: but the chat transcript clearly lists me as Reflekta
  • Reflekta: oh god this is confusing
  • Reflekta: so do I get to zap people too?
  • Reflekta: no that's just me
  • Reflekta: dangit
  • Chat Noir: oh god, you both look exactly alike! which of you do I kill
  • Ladybug: no killing anyone pls
  • Chat Noir: omg have some respect for the trope Ladybug
  • *Reflekta happens*
  • Reflekta: this was not well thought out
  • Reflekta: ok imma go zap some more people so BYE
  • Ladybug: ok Chat Noir let's go set up a trap for her
  • Ladybug: which of you is Chat Noir
  • Reflekta: that's me so let's go stop a villain together and it'll be amazing
  • Ladybug: ok you're Chloé
  • Ladybug: other Reflekta, are you Chat Noir
  • Reflekta: indeed I am, m'lady!
  • Ladybug: call me that one more time and I'm going with Chloé
  • Reflekta: my apologies, m'ladybug
  • Ladybug: right that's even worse
  • Ladybug: come along Chloé
  • Reflekta: aw dangit
  • Ladybug: on second thought imma go at this alone
  • Reflekta: aw dangit
  • Reflekta: it's funny cause both of us are sad now
  • Ladybug: *ollies outy*
  • Reflekta: hey André are you ready for a makeover
  • André: not really feelin this
  • Reflekta: yeah me neither but I need a sidekick so
  • *Reflekta happens*
  • Reflekta: nvm I'm defs feelin this, it's totes my color
  • Reflekta: great now lets go to the place Ladybug's telling us to on the TV
  • Ladybug: wait that worked?
  • Reflekta: *dramatically enters studio*
  • Ladybug: Reflekta? more like RefWRECKEDa!!!
  • Ladybug: aaaaaaaand you're not the real one
  • Reflekta: nope
  • Ladybug: good cause I need to think of a better line
  • Reflekta: HEY GUYS
  • Ladybug: Reflekta! how dare you menace the city of Paris with your confusion and bright pink! this will be your final stand, and will mark the end of
  • Reflekta: yeah the first line was better
  • Ladybug: well have it your way
  • Ladybug: *RefWRECKS her*
  • Juleka: oh good it's finally over
Being a Black Kpop Fan | My Story

I was always a weird person. When I was really young, like 7 years old, after I moved from the Caribbean to New York City, I fell in love with anime. Soon after I explored the world of Kpop. I knew about groups like Big Bang, 2NE1, SHINee, Super Junior and SNSD. I wasn’t a huge fan but I was totally obsessed with Taeyang. 

In 2011, I immersed myself in the kpop world again and I stayed. I was a huge Shawol and my ultimate bias was Jonghyun. Then when I found out about his ideal type… I changed… I hated my lips, my skin color, how my hair looked, everything about me I hated. Something I wasnt affected by for years now made me see myself as a failure. To make it worst I was a pre-teen/teenager and I was experiencing a period of insecurity and self-consciousness. I was 13 and thinking of bleaching my skin and perming my hair and getting plastic surgery on my nose. HONESTLY WHAT THE HECK!!!!!

As a young girl, I was often called pretty and beautiful by adults. I had caramel skin, long dark curly hair, and full lips. I am Black and my dad is Afro-Hispanic.

My hatred for my skin color got to the point where I rejected being black and rejected that I was attracted to black guys, how disgusting right? I’m sorry everyone. I should have never been ashamed of my culture and color just because of what the media was influencing me to think. To make it even worst, the only “true” black stars were all rich, beautiful, and a list of other things I’m not. 

When I fell out of the SHINee fandom and all the other groups made before 2012, I began to change for the better(?). I was so proud of black fangirls and cheering on the girls of color in Asian countries.

Now, I’m proud of my skin. But at times… I do wonder why God would make such gorgeous pigments if so many people hate us because of it. Like yesterday, I found this article and I was terrified, disgusted, ashamed, and embarrassed to say the least. 

Does the world really hate me JUST because of the amount of melanin I have? Something I can’t prevent? Why? What did I do wrong? Even in the USA, ‘the most free place in the world,’ the killing of black people is rarely a crime that produces a guilty verdict among whites and cops. More blacks have died this year(or in the last couple years) because of the police than have died in 9/11. If I’m not welcomed here, then where?

In the near future (like now) I would like to see Korea and all the countries in the world become more open to those who aren’t the same color, culture, etc as them. Only then will we become a world that can understand one another.

I plan on visiting Korea, not for the guys or the kpop, but for the fashion, the culture, the language, the food, the Korean spirit, the experience and to break down the stereotypes and racial ideologies that are set in the Korean society. 


The fact that I got a blog and went inactive only a couple of posts later makes me the worst blogger ever, doesn’t it? :D I’m very sorry! I’ll try to do better from now on! ;)

So here are a few updates:

- Erica has started second grade at the beginning of September. She’s homeschooled but still goes to a kind of a “homeschool-school” most days. I know, that sounds funny, but I’ll explain more about it in a separate post! So far she’s enjoying the new educational material of grade 2.

- We’re enjoying the last few warm days over here! The leaves are slowly changing colors but we still have around 20 degrees (Celsius) every day. That will probably change soon! I’m actually excited for the colder weather :)

- Winn, my husband, will be coming home soon!

- Baby Coralie is rolling over sometimes now!

- Sam & Nyah will be starting Kindergarten soon!

- We bought (another) home! We’re living in one of three row houses at the beach now. My foster sisters, Emma and Hanna, live in the other two. I’m super excited to have them so close by! Hanna gave birth to a healthy baby boy at the end of August. It’s great that Coralie will have someone her age to play with once they’re a little older.

- I started painting again and am currently in conversation with a few art galleries that might be interested in exhibiting some of my paintings!

Yeah, I hope I didn’t forget anything important :D I’ll try to have another post up by the end of the week!


I am STILL working on this! I stopped around Halloween, which was like the worst time to stop working on it but I wasn’t feeling well back then. And now I’m sick, which means I got some spare time out of school for this one! 

I’m still figuring most stuff out here. First time full body coloring (first time background drawing too jeez) and I don’t wanna talk about the hands- ew. I gotta say, though, I’m very much excited about what Jack has in store for next year’s Halloween! This year was so awesome! 

This is such a late update, sorry, haha. Welp, time for some more cups of tea and kitten cuddles. :)

Your friendly neighborhood Owl Mama went a little crazy today.

I’m not exactly sure what happened, to be honest. I was just going in for a sensible trim so that my teeny ponytail would remain teeny, but I sat in the chair and looked in the mirror and just lost it a little. I guess the stress finally got to me. Anyway, I decided that I wanted to feel my ACTUAL age for once and do something kind of fun for no other reason than the fact that I wanted to.

I admit, dyeing my hair fun colors may not have been the most reasonable choice. But when I looked in the mirror after it was done, I gasped, and my hands flew to my face, and I enthusiastically declared “I AM SPACE” while squishing my own cheeks and grinning stupidly. I don’t remember the last time I felt like that. So maybe indulging my selfishness a little bit wasn’t the worst thing in the world.

I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you all today, however. As soon as I got back home, I crashed and crashed hard. (I didn’t even finish vacuuming the stairs.) It’s about 1 am and I just woke up, and I’m only semi-coherent, so I doubt I’ll be able to accomplish much before I fall back asleep. I hope you can forgive me for that, and I’ll get back to answering asks, doing requests, and working on the project tomorrow. Deal?

Thank you all for your never-ending patience with me, dear owlets. I love you! Take care of yourselves!


Long time no see! I’m sorry I haven’t uploaded regularly but I’m the worst at being consistent. So anyway here I got 2 OW magical girl designs I plan to use as stickers! I have every other girl waiting (even Orisa <3) to be colored so stay tuned for that. Hope you like it ♥♥

Hace mucho que no los veo! Siento mucho que no he subido seguido pero soy la peor en ser consistente. Bueno aqui tengo 2 diseños de chicas mágicas de OW que planeo usar como stickers! Tengo a todas las otras chicas esperando (hasta Orisa <3) ser coloreadas así que estén al pendientes. Espero les guste ♥♥

anonymous asked:

My face looks horrible right now and its only getting worse. I have acne on literally every part of my face right now and since I have a Mom of Color™ she refuses to let me go see a dermatologist and keeps telling me that my acne is my fault. I've cried so much about this and I really don't know what to do. I finally got enough courage to talk to this guy and now I don't even wanna be seen in public anymore bc I look so bad! Any tips on what I can do and how to not let acne control my life?

Oh my God I’m so sorry hun, acne is like the worst shit ever :/ 

I’m sorry your mom is telling you it’s all your fault - I’m white, so I don’t really understand  Mom of Color™ problems,  but if you wanna talk about it my chat box is open. 

Even though you can’t see a dermatologist, there are still things you can do to try to help clear up your skin. If you’re not drinking a lot of water, now is the time to start. Drink as much as you possibly can. It helps flush toxins from your body and will help clear up your skin.

Change out your pillowcase every few days if you aren’t doing so already. You want anything your face touches to be as clean as possible. It can help to buy and extra pillowcase or two if you can afford it so you’re not doing laundry 24/7.

CLEAN YOUR PHONE SCREEN. Don’t be putting a dirty phone that’s covered with dirt and makeup and oils from your hands on your face. That’s just acne waiting to happen.

Always wash your face before you go to bed and when you wake up. The product you use for this will kinda depends what your skin is like - if it gets dry easily, I wouldn’t use a harsh acne product twice a day - use something milder in the morning and use the harsher one at night or vice versa. 

There are a lot of acne spot treatments in stores. I like ones that have 2% salicylic acid, but that’s just what has seemed to work for me best. It could be a different active ingredient that works for you - or, if your skin is dryer or more sensitive, get a product with only 1% salicylic acid. 

This can help you try to figure out the sources of your acne - while this guide isn’t perfect and doesn’t work perfectly for everyone, it can give you some good tips and ideas to target your problem areas:

I don’t know if this applies to you bc idk if you have a menstrual cycle, and since your mom won’t let you see a dermatologist, I’m assuming that seeing a doctor to get birth control is out of the question as well, but I figured I’d mention it. I’m on a hormonal birth control called Quartette that I LOVE - I only have periods 4 times a year (every 3 months) which is amazing because my acne always flares up with my period, and my back issues get a lot worse. 

Tea tree oil is also a widely-used natural treatment for acne, so that is an option for you as well. 

If you use makeup, it might be a good idea to go a few days without foundation/concealer (like on a weekend or something when you know you won’t be going anywhere) to see if it helps. Take before/after pictures if needed. You might simply need to switch to another product.  

Let your skin breathe. Take off your makeup as soon as possible when you get home.

CLEAN YOUR MAKEUP BRUSHES. Like your phone, over time your brushes will get full of old makeup, dirt, and oils from your face. If you use makeup on the regular like me, I wash mine about once a week but I’m not really sure what most people do - this is just what I’ve found works best in my case.

Also, I know acne can make this hard, but work on your self-confidence. Your beauty is not related to whether or not you have clear skin. You are beautiful regardless. Tell yourself this every day. Live it, even if it’s hard and eventually you will start feeling it. 

I hope this helps babes <3


HQ Headcanons Pt.6
  • Daichi loves to garden and Suga finds it unbearably adorable. Daichi will often bring him flowers from his garden in his family’s backyard in the morning on his way to school. 
  • Hinata is surprisingly good with money.
  • Asahi occasionally likes to try on makeup. He is extremely embarrassed about this and the only one who knows is Nishinoya, who supports him completely. It’s Noya’s idea to have Asahi talk to Kenma about it since Kenma occasionally does makeup as well. 
  • The Karasuno team buys Daichi and Suga mom and dad mugs for Christmas. Suga makes it very well known that Daichi often plays the mothers role when they’re alone once they opened their gifts. No one could look at them for a while after that; Daichi’s red face was to painful to look at. 
  • Tsukishima was part of the Webkinz fad and no one can ever find out. 
  • Noya unironically wears hoodies with the sleeves ripped off. 
  • Sugawara is the first of the team to get a tattoo, much to everyone’s shock.
  • When Lev gets his license, he completely disregards road signs. Red light? Looks green to me. 
  • Kageyama craves contact and gets touch starved easily. He won’t voice his desires, but sometimes when he goes to Hinata’s house to study after school, he’ll cuddle up to him and hide his face in Hinata’s neck. Hinata never says anything and just holds him until he moves away. 
  • When Tsukishima was 17, his brother Akiteru snuck into his room and shaved his legs while he slept. Tsukishima will never admit he liked the feeling of his smooth legs running over crisp bedsheets, and Yamaguchi will never tell him that he wouldn’t mind if Tsukishima made it a habit.
  • Sugawara and Oikawa both tend to sweat a lot more easily than their teammates. Suga layers on deodorant and Oikawa changes clothes often because of this since he’s terrified of smelling bad. 
  • Bokuto once tried to fix his roots and accidentally dyed his hair blonde. Akaashi didn’t recognize him at first and Bokuto almost cried. 
  • Makki once took out Mattsun’s gages while he was sleeping and shoved baby carrots through the holes. Mattsun couldn’t figure out why the whole team was in tears when he showed up for practice. 
  • Hinata and Kageyama are literally the worst at doing coloring books. They make it into a competition and Suga will never let them do it again after he found permanent marker on his ceiling.
  • The Karasuno volleyball team is banned from their local zoo.
  • Tanaka and Noya will chase ice cream trucks when they go by. 
  • Bokuto and Kuroo got dared by Oikawa to get Prince Alberts before they all graduated. Kuroo went through with it alone since Bokuto passed out in the chair. Kenma sent Oikawa a thank you letter for that.
The Greatest Fear - fic

Characters: Jason Todd, Alfred Pennyworth
Summary: Please don’t hate me, Alfred. Please.
A/N: From an old conversation with @bifca! About one of Jason’s greatest fears coming back as the Red Hood might have potentially been that Alfred had given up on/hated him. This is just a quickie, I’m sorry it’s not better, lovey! Set around when Jason comes back, maybe. I made up the dialogue etc etc. Bruce doesn’t know Jason went to the manor, and Alfred doesn’t tell him. For a while. Jason and Alfred have a nice spot of tea and talk about books. Grandpa then kisses his baby’s cheek and sends him back into the big bad world with a gentle ‘be careful.’


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okay god you guys this is a shit post if there ever was one but I’m so deep in Fire Emblem hell and there’s this character Emmeryn from Awakening

and she’s got these rad robes with roman numerals on them and I swear to fucking christ all I can think of is this motherfucker

and they both have a green/white/gold color scheme going on and fancy coats and the roman numeral thing and Emmeryn’s starting class is a fucking Sage and I’m so sorry this is the multi-fandom hell I am in

whispers bonus comparison Sage has wings on the back of his coat which is really darkly funny when you consider what happened to Emmeryn

♡ pink hansol for @minseok-tea ♡ // ©

Dear Mads,

Happy (extremely belated) Valentine’s Day from the worst svt secret valentine you could ask for! I’m sorry I couldn’t give this graphic to you on time but I wanted to let you know that I adore your blog and graphics and IT’S COLOR CODED PINK WHICH MAKES ME SO HAPPY! You are extremely sweet and talented (I see those amazing graphics) and adorable and your love for Suho is the absolute cutest! I loved sending you messages that week and am happy I got to be your svt valentine! I hope we get to talk more now that we are mutuals (I’m still screaming tbh!) Think of this as a present just because since it’s sooo late hehe.♥

Love, Nishat♥


Day 4.

My day in the city! I didn’t make it out early enough to do touristy things so when I got off the train, I just decided to walk as much of the city as I could so I could experience it and see it as best as possible.

This included coming straight off the train behind someone who threatened to strangle a pigeon and confusing everyone else. I’m glad I wasn’t the only concerned one.

I wandered over to the Highline which was as adorable as everyone promised before walking to meet another Ryan for lunch (if you’re keeping tack, not Mogge, but one of the adorable male-Ryans I met up with when I went to Austin for SXSW). I was a HOT mess when I got there but my mom was sure it was fine (see text message). I am sure I was disgusting, but she’s a good mom for telling me otherwise. Either way, we had delicious Thai food and he was delightful.

Someone also asked me for directions, which TV tells me is a sure sign that I look like a native New Yorker (but TV is probably wrong).

I ended up with a little extra time on my hands so I did the touristy thing and went up in the Empire State Building. I hung out for a while, soaking up the views, charging my phone (which I was told later was a no-no…oops!), and avoiding the rain.

Additionally, one of the guys working at ESB told me geniuses wear green, but I suspect that geniuses wear lots of other colors too and this was his pickup line. It’s definitely not the worst I’ve heard and made me smile.

I got to Brooklyn a bit early so took myself for some tacos. Sorry, Brooklyn. You lose on this one, but, to be fair, I’m a bit of a taco snob. I met up with veggielife and amyyyela at The Way Station because DOCTOR WHO. Y'all they have a bathroom that is a TARDIS! It was too crowded to stay because of their awesome wage gap special so we just went in for a picture and went elsewhere before we met up with a college friend for trivia.

Per usual, I contributed approximately 1.5 answers to any trivia team I’m on, but luckily everyone else was good so we scored third place. As the out-of-towner, they gifted me the prize. So kind.

I’ve walked over 6 miles in flats and my feet are covered in grime, but it was totally worth it. It was fantastic to see my friend from college and meet her people. Plus, Carrie and Amy were just peachy. I’m convinced we’re all slightly different versions of the same model of human.

I wish I had another day in the city. There are things and people I still want to see, but it’ll have to wait until next time. Which is hopefully sooner rather than later.

Merome Coffee Shop AU

((Cuties in a coffee shop because why not.))

On a little street corner sat a small coffee shop. Jerome stopped in every morning for his cappuccino and quickly left, never giving it much thought. Until he met the cute barista. He had came in and stood in line just like every other morning. Yawning and waiting for the people ahead of him to order so he could get his coffee and leave. He got to the front and quickly told the smiling blonde girl working the counter what he wanted, then shuffled to the side to wait for his drink. It wasn’t a terrible complicated order, but the shop was busier than usual today.

A loud crash came from the corner of the store. Jerome flinched at the noise and turned his attention to a door marked “staff only” on the floor below, a boy knelt, frantically scooping up cups and straws off of the floor. Coffee from spilled drinks pooled around him, soaking into his apron and pants. Jerome grabbed some napkins and went over to him, the boy looked up. Jerome was momentarily speechless. He didn’t usually get flustered around people, but the barista in front of him was attractive. His whiskey eyes gleamed up at Jerome’s jade, as he ran a hand through his messy hair, the same color as the coffee, slightly embarrassed at having dropped things in front of customers. Jerome offered him the napkins to clean himself up with.

“Oh man I’m really sorry… uh you might want to step back, wouldn’t want to get coffee on your shoes.” He looked at the napkins in Jerome’s outstretched hand. “Oh thanks!”
He quickly got up and began wiping the dark liquid off his apron.
The blonde behind the counter sighed and walked over with a mop.
“Really Mitch? This is really the worst time to drop so many drinks.” She said, handing him the mop.
“I’m really sorry Vicki, the floor is, like, slippery or something…”
“It’s fine, just clean it up and quickly remake everything. This has really backed everything up.” She returned to her station to make more orders. Jerome helped clean up the cups that had been dropped. As thanks for his help, his cappuccino was re-made first. He quickly left, still thinking about the clumsy barista. So his name was Mitch. Cute name too.

The next day Jerome returned, both for his daily coffee and to try and see Mitch again. It was significantly less busy this morning. When he arrived at the front of the line, he found that Mitch was working at the counter.
“One cappuccino please.” Jerome smiled. “And don’t drop it this time.” He added jokingly.
“Coming right up. And sorry about that! Kind of an off day yesterday.” Mitch laughed. He turned to make the drink and Jerome leaned on the counter, he couldn’t help but stare at the other, admiring the way his soft mocha hair fell into place perfectly, framing his beautiful face. His small silver earrings shone in the light from the window. His smile and laugh were lovely as well.
“Here you go sir, one cappuccino.” Mitch smiled and handed Jerome his drink, snapping him out of his staring. Jerome payed and quickly left, hoping no one had noticed the way he stared at the boy behind the counter.

In the following days, Jerome repeated his routine of coming to the coffee shop and getting his coffee. He always made sure to get in a certain clumsy barista’s line. It turns out the accident with the spilled drinks wasn’t “an off day” so much as one of Mitch’s small flaws. Almost every day he dropped a drink or tripped or something. Jerome didn’t care, he just thought it was cute, the way Mitch got so flustered and turned red when he would trip over his own feet.

One day while Jerome was walking in to get his coffee, Mitch took and especially clumsy fall. He stepped out from behind counter, on his way to the door to change a sign in front. However on the way there he stepped on a lid that had been dropped on the ground and fell, right into Jerome. The two fell to the ground in a surprised heap. Mitch jumped up after a quick disoriented second.
“Oh man I am so sorry! I didn’t mean to fall on you I just tripped and-” he face was bright red with embarrassment. Jerome stood up, laughing lightly. He cut him off mid sentence. “It’s fine. It was an accident and I don’t mind.” Mitch stopped talking and bit his lip, still incredibly embarrassed. “Wow this happens to me a lot doesn’t it…” He continued. “Here I’ll go get you your drink.” He rushed back behind the counter, avoid looking at Jerome.

“Hey don’t be embarrassed. I don’t mind your clumsiness, it’s pretty cute actually.” Jerome smiled nervously, hoping the other wasn’t creeped out or annoyed by being called cute. Mitch blushed darker at the compliment. “Cute?…” He muttered, a smile lighting up his face. He finished the drink and quickly wrote on the cup. Jerome thought writing his name was slightly unnecessary as he was the only customer in the store, but Mitch had a different motive. Jerome thanked him for the coffee and left, he glanced at the writing on the cup, and his heart skipped a beat.

Written in sharpie on the back of the cup was “Call Me!” and a phone number, A little heart was drawn around the words. A wide grin spread across Jerome’s face, and he hurried home, excited. And it might have just been him, but the coffee tasted even better this morning.