got is the worst to color so sorry


I am STILL working on this! I stopped around Halloween, which was like the worst time to stop working on it but I wasn’t feeling well back then. And now I’m sick, which means I got some spare time out of school for this one! 

I’m still figuring most stuff out here. First time full body coloring (first time background drawing too jeez) and I don’t wanna talk about the hands- ew. I gotta say, though, I’m very much excited about what Jack has in store for next year’s Halloween! This year was so awesome! 

This is such a late update, sorry, haha. Welp, time for some more cups of tea and kitten cuddles. :)

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Dear Mads,

Happy (extremely belated) Valentine’s Day from the worst svt secret valentine you could ask for! I’m sorry I couldn’t give this graphic to you on time but I wanted to let you know that I adore your blog and graphics and IT’S COLOR CODED PINK WHICH MAKES ME SO HAPPY! You are extremely sweet and talented (I see those amazing graphics) and adorable and your love for Suho is the absolute cutest! I loved sending you messages that week and am happy I got to be your svt valentine! I hope we get to talk more now that we are mutuals (I’m still screaming tbh!) Think of this as a present just because since it’s sooo late hehe.♥

Love, Nishat♥

I was tagged by @aplevi - Thank you! And I’m sorry for posting this so late!

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Relationship status: Taken, I’ve got a girlfriend

Favorite color: Purple

Pets: Sadly none, but I had a cat ^^

Last song listened to: Everybody lies - Jason Walker

First fandom: Gravity falls

Hobbies: Art/Drawing, animation, acting, listening to music, take long walks, computer/video games

Favorite book: The fault in our stars

Worst thing you’ve eaten: Mac n cheese….

Favorite place: My room

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White girl racism rant

I’m a white bisexual girl and I’m genuinely so confused when people say like “Asian chicks are so ugly” or “Mexican girls are ratchet as hell” or “I’d never date a black girl.” But then they turn around and say shit like “But I’m not racist, no sir.” Like people of color (women of color especially) are so fucking beautiful in every way shape and form. You got Lucy Liu, Lavern Cox, Nichelle Nichols, Dascha Polanco, Lupida Nyong'o but you’re still gonna say women of color are gross. I’m sorry that this is coming right the fuck out of nowhere but I’ve heard shit like this kinda a lot lately.

The worst I’ve heard (from my own fucking friends too, I’m so disappointed) is shit like “I’m not racist but I’d never date an Asian guy” um. Yes you are racist. I don’t care if you have preferences but if you deliberately make the choice to cut out a huge fraction of the human race from potential dates that is racist.

But then I like don’t know what to say because I’m a white person and I’ve literally experienced no discrimination for race. Like I want to stay in my lane but I also I don’t want to stay quiet and let them think it’s okay to get away with shit like that ya feel? I apologize for the rant. If you have any stories similar or if I fucked up something I said please don’t be scared to tell me. I’m still learning too.