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Tom Holland Confirms Popular Fan Theory: Spider-Man Was In ‘Iron Man 2’

Congrats, theorists. We asked Tom Holland, aka the real Spider-Man, if the theory is true, and he officially confirmed it. In fact, he triple-confirmed it, and he got the info straight from Marvel boss Kevin Feige.

“It is Peter Parker,” said Holland.

“It is?” we asked.

“I can confirm that, that is Peter Parker,” Holland said.

“No way, for sure?” we asked again.

“I can confirm that as of today. I literally had a conversation with Kevin Feige only 20 minutes ago. Maybe I’ve just done a big, old spoiler, but it’s out there now,” said Holland. “It’s cool. I like the idea that Peter Parker has been in the universe since the beginning.”

Riverdale Photo Crackcap Preview 114 - Shotgun I Mean Handgun Wedding!!

Get ya head in the game, Douchie—Vermin is totes pergerunte with your wiggi Luigi board!!

(know my jokes, folks)

Wheee!!! My plan to entrap that moron actually worked—-he still believed me about the stork, too… more giving BJs and being sloppy seconds to Betty for you, Vermin Lodgechessi….now just a lifetime of unsatisfying, cringeworthy sex and being a pointless, shallow power couple with a barely functioning idiot.

So being a Poor and basically less than human, Jug, you don’t understand about “responsibilities”, but after I grunted on Vermin for 20 seconds and gave away info that got my dad shot to her mob wife mom, a stork visited her and put a Luigi Board in her tummy…..

Jughead - (inwardly) fuck off you fatuous asswipe, I’m only here because it further ensures I won’t have kick your ass over Betty….who, holeeee crap…..

My woman’s ass looks amaaazzzzinnggggg in that dress!!! And I hate royal blue!!

Look down, Jughead, keep looking down, cause otherwise something will be coming up really, really fast!!! And it’s a long time before we’ll find a closet so I can fuck her soooooo harddddd….shit. I’m supposed to NOT think about that

Guess what, Juggie?? My front is even BETTER—I know how you really like my boobs—-and it’s super stretchy fabric, so really easy to push up…I was honestly figuring on giving you a handsie while you make the toast, you know I’m on a six MINUTE plan to get your junk now….

Oh yeah, the camera? Now we have FOUR hobbies in common that we’re ridiculously good at….

Jughead - Handsie during my speech, you say—-and then fuck you senseless against a wall?? Better make sure my hair’s on point…

Vermin - No, Caterer Pops, my tacky dress actually came from David’s Bridal, not Target, thank you! And there’s no way my daddy’s check bounced—even though he and my mom couldn’t bother themselves to come here

Well I’M here but they spent my wardrobe budget on “acting lessons”, so I had to borrow Alice’s dress and it does NOT fit me!! Oh and don’t talk to me, I need to get into wooden mode.

And I’m here even though I’m in a coma—-BTW, Cole, per usual, you look amazingly hot, young man—and we’re not even friends.

Heyyyy…I’m here and I’m dead!!!

Is it Jug’s dad, here on his way to the electric chair for protecting his son, as is the rightful fate of Poors….OR

Jughead!! Why aren’t you wearing you beanie?? Why did I hear screams and moans from the bushes? Yeah, pretty sure as a Poor, while subhuman, and in jail, your evil Serpent dad also shot myyyyyy dad….what do you mean, “go fuck myself”??? After everything I’ve done for you????

And for realsies I’M here to murder everyone—except Bughead. I mean I might be a cold blooded hit man, but I do have standards and limits—-and no way am I ever harming a hair on either of their adorable and ridiculously hot heads (or bodies). Even though we’re still not supposed to notice these things.


so  ,    in modern the events of her life are really different  ,    just because it doesn’t make sense to me for them to be the same  ?    so  ,    in modern  ,    the romanov family were incredibly wealthy  ,    and they become well known because when anastasia nikolaevna romanova is ten years old  ,    they die  ,    in what may or may not be an accident  .    anastasia survives  ,    though it’s just by a bare miracle that she does  .    olga is 16  ,    tatiana is 14  ,    maria is 12  ,    and alexei is seven  .    they all die  .    anastasia goes off to paris  ,    to live with her only living relative (her grandmother)  ,    after physically recovering  .    at fifteen years old  ,    her grandmother helps her change her name from    ANASTASIA  ,    a name which has intense trauma for her  ,    to    ANYA FEODOROVNA  .    at 18  ,    she leaves france and comes to the US for college  ,    with her family money  ,    and is probably a theater major  .    she also works part time as a waitress  .    she doesn’t talk about her past  .    because her family death was basically this wild media circus and she doesn’t want that to be her life  .    if she tells some one about her family history  ,    it means they’re    extremely    important to her  .    probably has mild memory repression issues  ,    because of trauma  .

livesoffcoco  asked:

I believe you are the one that I got the info from, or from twitter, but I bet if Asagiri had a say in the movie, we will have at least a reference to Odasaku. Plus the Dark Era scenes in the pv (though as you said those were reused scenes). I guess I'm just really excited haha!

I’ve always thought Asagiri liked Odasaku a little better than the other characters. But actually, it might be BONES nudging Asagiri to give an Odasaku cameo/shoutout, just like what happened with the scene they added in the anime.

So yeah, I’m excited too, but wary, because this can either be a good movie with an engaging plot or a decent one that’s riddled with fanservice. We’ll see.

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I got some small info for the CU gem AU: - Red Agate formerly served Pink Diamond, both Yellow Sapphire and Red Zircon have always served Yellow Diamond

i like!!! 

So today started out dumb, but this afternoon was AWESOME.

I’m on the porch attempting to construct a railing for the stairs when I notice a weird noise. Like, a kind of droning or buzzing? And it’s getting loud. So I investigate. It’s coming from the neighbor’s yard. 

It is a metric fuckton of bees. I have never seen so many bees in my life. It is a fucking swarm of bees, and I have been reading about bees because I got a wild hair a few weeks back about wanting a hive of my own, but haven’t yet convinced Husbandthing, and there is suddenly a SWARMING HERD OF WILD HONEYBEES IN THE NEIGHBOR’S YARD.

I see postings on the neighborhood page all the time for feral swarm collection, but I also know the guy in the house across the alley just set up a hive. “Hey I think your hive escaped,” I text him. 

He calls me back about three minutes later. Turns out, the swarm he was supposed to get never came; the company went out of business and his order got cancelled, and he’d found out HALF AN HOUR AGO. And he says he’s got a friend who is a professional beekeeper, and he’s going to go pick her up and would it be okay if they came and got this swarm please please please?

So Bee Neighbor and Professional Beekeeper show up and immediately don bee suits. Apparently there is fierce competition for feral swarms, and the swarm in the neighbor’s tree is HUGE, and also twenty feet off the ground, and Bee Neighbor wants them very badly. 

The tree the bees are in is in a yard belonging to neither of us, so we go knock on the door, but there’s no answer. I knock on the house adjacent to it, but that guy’s not home either. Finally, I text the neighbor on the other side of me to see if he’s got contact info for the property owner, who is incredibly shy and in three years has never made eye contact. No luck. 

So…we trespass. We get my extension ladder, and Bee Neighbor climbs the tree while Professional Beekeeper stands on the ladder and walks him through the swarm collection. Turns out, you just shake the swarm into a box, and as long as the queen makes it into the box, the rest of the swarm will eventually follow. Bee Neighbor has never collected a swarm before (this is, in fact, his very first swarm of bees ever) and it takes the two of them the better part of an hour in the tree trying to shake the swarm into the box. 

Bees eventually get into the box. Bee Neighbor gets out of the tree without dying, and Professional Beekeeper examines the swarm and makes pleased noises. At this point, the box is the neighbor’s driveway, and about two thirds of the swarm is still milling around the box all confused. Since the neighbor isn’t home and we can’t contact him, he risks coming and parking right in the middle of a huge cloud of bees. Professional Beekeeper doesn’t want to move the box too far away, because we risk the milling bees losing the queen’s scent and never going into the box. An equidistant point between the current location and Bee Neighbor’s yard is the top of my recycling bin. 

So they put the box of bees on my recycling bin, and I text Husbandthing.

Now I have a box of bees that I am babysitting. They’re being all lazy and dopey and bumbling around. I think I might be in love. Bee Neighbor will pick the box up later tonight and put them in his hive, and then the bees will be MY neighbors too!!



do you know that (8/8) : bts edition

So I watched Power Rangers last night.
And yeah, it was good and nerdy and full of little references and nods, but you know what I really loved?
I got to see an autistic superhero.
Not just a character I could headcanon as autistic, no, I got a superhero who looks people dead in the eyes and says “I’m on the spectrum”.
I got a superhero who info dumps, stims, and has special interests.
I got to see a superhero ask someone to stop touching them, not laugh at that epic joke.
I got to see a little bit of myself.
And true, it could have been better.
We could have gotten better writing, better representation but I got to see an autistic superhero. I got to see a black, male, autistic superhero, and that’s something I never thought I’d see in my lifetime.
I don’t know if other people will realize how important this is, but his autism wasn’t the butt of a joke.
It wasn’t some feel-good moment about overcoming his “disability”. He wasn’t there to be comic relief or anything else.
He is a superhero. With autism.
I just sat and stared at a screen the size of my house, with hundreds of other people, and got to see myself, my community displayed in a positive way in mainstream, really epic media.
A superhero. With autism.

Don’t go to BIGHIT’s Page!

As you might have heard or seen, Bighit’s website has been hacked, but please don’t go to the page!

When you go to BigHit’s page you see this (this is a cache since the page is overloaded with visits rn). The hack was placed as a link.

When you click the link you’re taken to this page, with the popup verification that “Unknown was here.”

This shot is the hack page

The page plays Twice’s song. Funny, until a look at the code shows the song is STREAMING FROM YOUTUBE, SET TO LOOP.

The other links lead to the same page, but if you scroll down you’ll see the MV itself embedded on the page 

Do NOT let your curiosity get to you! This has literally given them more views because thousands of ARMYs have flocked to see this hack!

Credit : Penelope 



Some things never change lmao 😂😂

anonymous asked:

Care to share why your anti CW Betty? You're entitled to your opinion but im curious to know why

Yeah dude! Here’s a short list:

1) The entire show is suddenly centered around her and her problems. Like, I get it, she has an unbelievably stressful and terrifying life but my boi Jughead over here is struggling with homelessness and his drunken father and his broken family?? And Ronnie is still struggling with the sudden loss of her dad??? And Archie is a victim of sexual abuse and trying to find himself???? Girl, I know you got it rough but you’re not the only one.
2) A follow up of the previous reason, this is RIVERDALE; this is a show about all of the main characters (that means that’s supposed to include Josie and Cheryl too) but it’s still basically a Betty Double Digest. One of the writers of the show also said she’s their favorite character which is why the entire plot revolves around her.
3) She is literally a Mary Sue. I think the writers were trying to make this fantastic, groundbreaking character arc from her but in episode one she was too afraid to try on a new lipstick shade and then suddenly in episode six she’s ransacking her mom’s purse and breaking into cars. That’s not a character arc that’s just the writers hopping from one personality to another.
4) Every other character is constantly villainized to make Betty’s character look better. Archie is portrayed as this complete asshole because he doesn’t feel romantically towards her??? She acted entitled to his affection just because she’s known him the longest???? Calm tf down like I get it, that sucks, but you can’t just blame him for it.
5) In the comics, she’s not like the ultimate character she is here. This is just because I’ve lived off of the comics since forever, but she’s suddenly got all of the best character traits leaving all the other characters to be portrayed as incomplete, the problematic fav, or just an antagonist. Like she suddenly has Veronica’s confidence, Juggie’s sass, Reggie’s complete devotion to his friends, etc. that just rubbed me wrong.
6) Torturing and almost killing a man is not “girl power” it’s just attempted homicide I’m sorry guys
7) She’s being paired with literally the only canon asexual (and seemingly aro) character I’ve ever seen and that makes me so angry

That’s just a few lmao

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I know nothing about Jrey but I already love him

Is the youngest of 7. The ace of the class. competitive and cocky, has a heart of gold. Is rivals with Coran, over both serious and silly stuff. Also he and Coran dated for awhile. 

rival bf


[87/100] 02.04.17

I spent the weekend at my parents’, and as all weekends at my parents’ go, it was not as productive as I would’ve liked it to be. But the good news is I finally got info on where I’ll be doing my exchange this summer, and so I’ll be spending 4 weeks in MARSEILLE!! It’s not where I originally wanted to go, but I’m nevertheless really excited. Plans are slowly taking shape! :D

Quick Tip: Making Characters Info Dump Without Seeming Like They’re Info-Dumping

The Tip: REFERENCE information with their OPINION being the focus. Never “tell” information, while not showing an opinion.

  • Why and How it Works:

Show of hands; how much do you hate when characters tell other characters things they already know, just because the reader doesn’t know (and needs to know)? Sometimes there’s information that needs to be shared with the reader and there’s no other way to do it but by SAYING it.

Here’s how to dodge the problem.

Imagine you and your friend are characters. You and your friend just watched a movie together. When talking about it, you wouldn’t “tell” them what happened – you’d reference it.


“It was an awesome movie. That scene where Harlock swishes his cape and pulls out a huge sword that’s actually a gun, kills three soldiers, and then moves down the hall to take down the others; that was so cool!”


“In Harlock Space Pirates, there’s this scene where he swishes his cape and pulls out a huge sword that’s actually a gun, kills three soldiers, and then moves down the hall to take down the others.”

The reader now knows what happened in the movie, but the characters didn’t need to explain it to each other like its new information.

In real dialogue, people REFERENCE shared knowledge. They never “tell” it. If they “tell” it, it’s insulting and the person they’re talking to will be insulted, because you’re essentially saying they’re dumb.

Here’s the Kicker That Makes it Work - Opinions:

What your friend already has is the information. What your friend doesn’t have yet is your view on things. What you’re really giving your friend is an opinion – but what you’re giving the reader is information. Have your characters assess the information and give their thoughts, opinions, feelings, etc. on it in the same breath – rather than just saying it. As a bonus, this is fantastic for showing your character’s personality. 

Pro Tip:

The opinion doesn’t need to be long. It can be as simple as “that was cool!” or “it was evil but it was damn smart.” The end. That’s the opinion. You got all that info to the reader and your character doesn’t look dumb or mean.

Here’s more of my “I’m avoiding college work” work. 

Classic Lara is the best Lara. Just sayin’

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Question, I hear people saying "Kingdom Hearts 3" but I see a lot more than just 3 games so what are 1 and 2 according to fans in the series and what are they called? Thank you.

A HAHahaha o h d e a r

Like…basically Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 are considered 1 and 2? It’s just that there’s way more side games that you wouldn’t so much call side games because they’re actually relevant to the plot…

I mean I guess if you really want to simplify it you would call KH 1.5 “Kingdom Hearts 1″ and KH 2.5 “Kingdom Hearts 2″ because that’s like. The most story and game per single package you’re gonna find at this point in time. 

Except you also really need 2.8 and that wouldn’t be considered 1 or 2, but it’s got important info for KH3…

So YEAH basically Kingdom Hearts is why you had to learn decimals in school.