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Okay so just like everyone else I am also in love with Victor and Yuuri in episode 6, but can we take a moment to talk about the other skaters in the Chinese competition? Because they offer a lot of diversity and actually all have their own motivations and backstories and I think they’re worth taking a look at.

Let’s go chronologically, so starting with Phichit:

He’s the first Thai skater to perform to “Shall we skate”, which is pressure in and of its own, but add to it the fact that it’s a popular piece in competition and many fans and judges already know it well, he has to exceed not only expectations but the previous famous performances. But let’s not forget that the song comes from the first movie he saw and has huge emotional value for him - it’s not just his desire to be wow the crowd which already knows the piece, he’s skating to it because of a genuine connection he has to the song. And this is most likely reason for why he succeeds. Like Yuuri says “He’s made the music his own”, which grants him a new personal best score in the end.

Next we’ve got Guang Hong Ji, whom we don’t actually know much about. He’s 17, landed third place in the American competition and is now competing in his home country. I think fair to say that if you take that and consider the fact that he’s performing after Phichit’s amazing performance, he’s more than a little stressed:

In a way, I feel like he’s most similar to Yuuri here. He’s scared and under pressure, but he also does his best to find his confidence and lands his first quad toe loop. We don’t actually know much about his performance apart from the fact that he’s sixth by the end of the short programs (which allow me to remind you is similar to Yuuri from the previous year). (But he still believes he can do better in the free program.)

Next we’ve got Georgi Popovich and I genuinely love him. His theme is ‘heatbreak’ after, well…

That happened. He’s basically skating out of bitterness and a sense of being betrayed by his ‘true love’ and he puts all of himself into the performance, so much so that he’s actually crying while skating. His program is a visual presentation of his desire for vengeance and he nails it because of how much he connects to the piece and the emotions behind it. Y’all can laugh at his coral blue lipstick and Ursula face and failed smoky eyes but this boy knows what he’s doing and he rocks his Carabosse persona, and scores second place in the short program as whole.

After that comes Leo de la Iglesia (I really appreciate that they chose to make someone Hispanic represent America in then anime) and his performance is special in the competition because it features no quads, as he decides to focus on the performance the artistic part of skating (sounds a bit like what Victor tells Yuuri, don’t it?). Leo comments on it, saying that “It’s a song I like so I just want to skate the way I see the music. That’s all.” Leo wants to fill the world with things he likes and that’s why he skates.

If we look at his flashback, he says that he has no idea how he would have found courage in himself

Basically he skates because he loves music and loves the song to which he’s skating so he can score high points even without difficult jumps. He ends up third after the short program so I think it’s fair to say that he has a point.

And then there’s Christophe Giacometti and honestly what is this man.

It’s hard writing about him seriously because I immediately feel like laughing but he’s basically the foil to Yuuri’s eros with his own erotic expression which is not the innocently seductive performance that Yuuri shows us. Nah, man, Chris goes all out. Like, getting a boner during his performance level of all out. He’s not just in touch with his sexuality, it’s like he’s in love with it. Sex appeal is his thing to the point of autoerotic arousal on ice. And yeah, it looks weird to us (though I love the butt), but Minako clearly loves it, so there must be something to it.

I just really appreciate that they actually took the time to create backstories for all of these characters and show us their internal thoughts and feelings and make them feel like they have some sort of personalities and aren’t just ‘evil competition that Yuuri has to defeat to move forward’. They’re all their own people with their own quirks and little things that drive them forward and I love it because the anime really didn’t have to go through so much effort to show us such a pleasantly varied, diverse and enjoyable cast (especially that most of them will be gone by ep 8).

this post got me thinking about foreign fratboy swoops okay and like

  • his name is Ilias Soulier, and he was born in Chamonix, France
    • just bear with me okay
  • he grew up playing hockey and was being courted by a few teams
    • when he saw ‘las vegas’ next to one of the names he went ‘this one’ and his manager was like ???? why???
    • he never did explain to her but honestly he just wanted to see vegas
  • he moved before he actually learned much english at all so the first year was a lot of guessing and a lot of learning
  • he gets his nickname because he introduced himself to the captain by name and the alternate thought he said his last name was “swoolier” so his first words in that meeting were “no, you’re swoops”
    • he was so excited to be accepted that he immediately started introducing himself as swoops
    • there were copies of the rulebook in french though so he could keep up with that
  • he makes it through his rookie year, scores some points, solid d-man, he’s making himself valuable to the team
  • then the new rookies come in
    • among them, kent
  • training camp was a lot of hard work but also he keeps saying ‘you cutie’ instead of ‘you beauty’ and no one is correcting him
    • because they’re all cute and they know it lbr
  • his first words to kent were ‘i’m swoops’ and then immediately, ‘that goal was a cutie’
    • kent’s just staring at this tall brunet with a french accent and internally he’s like ‘oh no i have a type’
    • externally he’s like ‘nah, but the d-man standing in front of me is’ because kent is nothing if not smooth when startled
    • swoops doesn’t get it at first but just laughs and goes with it and kent’s internally like ‘damn it’
    • someone explains to swoops later that the rookie was actually flirting and he’s like ‘oh’
  • it becomes sort of a game? but one that has really weird rules
    • kent introduces swoops to the wonders of snapbacks
    • swoops is the one to get kent hooked on scarves
      • kent is now almost never seen without one
    • kent isn’t allowed to flirt when swoops is wearing a snapback turned to the left
    • swoops can’t say anything in french of kent is wearing a scarf with yellow in it
      • “that’s not flirting”
      • “it is when you’re talking to me”
      • “oh”
    • swoops, however, is to only speak french when kent is wearing a scarf and a snapback and sunglasses
      • “you look pretentious”
      • “big word for the guy who laughs every time he calls coffee a ‘cup of joe’ “
      • *giggling*
      • “oh come on”
  • swoops meets jack, they get along at first and then comes the chocolatine/pain au chocolate debate and mentioning one to the other results in anger for like a month
  • their first kiss attempt is literally just them leaning in and whacking their hats together then laughing uncontrollably for a good 5 minutes
  • swoops calls kent “sunflower” and kent thinks it’s cute until he realises swoops is chirping his haircut
  • swoops gets the a to kent’s c and is officially the only one allowed to smack kent’s ass once they come out, by kangaroo court decree
    • also by KC decree ‘sunflower’ isn’t penalised as a pet name bc it’s actually a chirp
    • literally every time kenny calls swoop ilias is fined though
  • lbr they get married in snapbacks and tank tops this is them we’re talking about

Winter’s coming, but not fast enough. These books will tide you over until Game of Thrones season 6 premieres.

Looking for some kick-ass ladies?

Maybe you like your kick-ass ladies to come with a great destiny?

What about fierce battles and daring deeds?

Need a touch of magic?

One word: DRAGONS.

Happy reading!


‘Now, my three friends could hardly fail to notice that I disappeared once a month. I made up all sorts of stories. I told them my mother was ill, and that I had to go home to see her … I was terrified they would desert me the moment they found out what I was. But of course, they, like you, Hermione, worked out the truth …

And they didn’t desert me at all. ‘

Six of Crows as musical

- Wylan would be the protagonist and the whole musical is about him developing from this good mercher’s son to this badass gang member
- Jesper is one of the main reasons for the character development
- Jesper and Nina would sing all the jazzy songs
- Kaz would be that person who is all gloomy in the beginning and isn’t too fond of music but then discovers the joy music brings
- He learns to play the piano pretty quick and he’s a fucking genious
- Inej would sing all the slow songs accompanied by Kaz on the piano, if he’s in a good mood he might join in and sing aswell
- but mostly he just wants to listen to Inej sing because her voice is too angelic and so damn pure
- Matthias doesn’t like joining in the singing but sometimes Nina can convince him to play the guitar
- Nina and Jesper love the dancing parts, all the others hate dancing