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Save Me - Part 2 - Chapter 7

Once I got to the airport and all checked in, I sat down and got comfortable. I had a bit of a wait until it would be time to board so I pulled out my phone. I still needed to get back to Jared and I knew he would be waiting for me to let him know what was going on.

At the airport I had cell reception so I thought I would send Jared a text instead of an email. This way, no matter what he was doing and knowing his phone was pretty much attached to his hand, he’d get it right away.

Going into my contacts, I pulled up his name and opened a new text message.

- Good Morning, Sir! ☀️ Got your email just as I was told my taxi arrived, that’s why it took me so long to respond. I’m at the airport now, checked in and waiting to board, right on schedule.. Can’t wait to see you! 😚 -

Short and sweet. Perfect.

I was so not hungry earlier, honestly, my stomach was in knots, but at least I was smart enough to throw a banana in my bag just in case that changed. Which it did, now that the rush was over. Reaching in my bag I grabbed it and sat back eating as I scrolled through the news. Being away, I felt so disconnected from the rest of the world.

It had been about ten minutes and I got a notification that I had a new text message from Jared. Wow, that was fast! I must have caught him during his downtime.

- I’m happy to hear that baby girl. I’m on my way to do some press. Text me before before you take off. Then once you land at Heathrow. Have a safe flight baby! See you soon!! Xo -

Hearing from him put a smile on my face. I finished my banana then tossed my trash in the bin. Just as I was walked by back to my seat, they called for us to begin boarding. So far, the day was moving right along just as planned.

I was now one step closer.

Jared wanted me to text him right before I took off so I did that as soon as I sat in my seat on the plane.

- 🛫 Taking off! 💗 -

After watching to make sure the text went through, I turned my phone off.

As the plane took off, I laid my head against the headrest and tried to relax. Flying wasn’t ever my favorite activity but since it was a large part of my job I just dealt with it. Closing my eyes, I couldn’t help but smile as Jared’s image became clear as day behind my eyelids.

Flying into Heathrow again brought back memories of our good-bye just a few weeks ago. I remember thinking back then about where our relationship was and scared that things would change. And they did, but not in a negative way. We really seemed stronger and even closer despite being so far apart.

It was a test, I suppose, much like it’ll be a test to see how things go when we’re together again. That made me nervous all over again. If we were going to meet and spend time together like we did in Chicago, away from our lives and in our own little world, I wouldn’t be scared. But in this case, if I’m being honest with myself, I was. If only just a little bit.

I was nervous because I would be trying to mesh into HIS real life. Not that I know all that much but I did see a bit of that life already. And it’s crazy. Jared or probably more so Emma, runs his life like a tightly controlled ship. Every ounce of time was managed. I guess I wasn’t sure how I could see myself fitting in. To an outsider, his world is intimidating.

As the announcement was made we would be landing shortly, I grabbed my make-up bag from my purse and freshened up. Once I got off the plane, I would have enough time to hit the bathroom then would need to go through customs. My bags would be transferred to my connecting flight. Hopefully. Customs could take awhile and knowing my flight schedule was tight I knew I had to move quickly. The sooner I was in line the better.

When the doors opened, I bolted off the plane. I hate the pressure of being in a time crunch and although my schedule is often rushed, I will never get used to it. I fly so much, at least I know exactly where I need to go.

Sure enough, the line for customs was long but thankfully I knew that they usually moved pretty fast. Hopefully today would be no different. Remembering Jared wanted me to text him when I arrived, I pulled my phone out to text him.

- 🛬 I’m at Heathrow! Just waiting in line for customs. It’s moving pretty quick. I hope you’re having a good day! See you soon! 😘 -

Watching the clock count down and the like be not move, I started to stress a bit. Things were moving but slower than normal. Looking around, I hoped other agents would see the build up and call for help to get things moving again. I simply could not miss this flight! I was so preoccupied, I didn’t notice that Jared texted back.

- Got your text during an interview. Thank you for the update. Have a safe flight! Remember, Robert will be there waiting for you by baggage. See you soon baby girl! Xo -

Jared must have been a good luck charm for me because rights after that, things got moving along again and before I knew it, I was passing through the terminal to my gate. My panic at bay, I relaxed as I sat down at my gate and was again waiting to board. Looking at my flight information, this flight would be relatively quick which I was happy about. You don’t realize how exhausting a full day of travel is until you do it. No doubt once I landed in Norway, I’d be energized though.

Once we boarded it literally felt like we just took off and were already preparing to land again. Not that I was complaining! The flight was only a little over an hour. Once again, I quickly took a minute to freshen up before we landed. I wanted to not look like I’ve just spent all day running from one flight to another. Especially since I’ve never met Robert before.

Yet again, as soon as the doors to the airplane opened, I bolted out of them and quickly made my way towards baggage. Robert would be there already and I didn’t want to keep him waiting.

Emma had sent me a picture of Robert so I knew what he looked like. That was a great idea. As I came around the bend to Baggage Claim number seven I quickly looked around there he was.

Robert was very tall with sandy blonde hair. He must have seen my picture too because as our eyes connected, he held his hand up and waved with a big smile. I returned the wave and the smile as I approached him.

“Hi Robert!” I cheerfully said.

“Vivie, hi!”, he said opening his arms to give me a hug, “Nice to finally meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too, Robert.” I said.

“Baggage is starting to come down now, let’s stand over there so I can grab it as it comes down the belt.” He said as he started to walk to where the baggage dropped onto the belt from the back.

“Have you been waiting long?” I asked.

“No, not too long. We’re just going to take a taxi to the venue.” Robert told me.

“I told Jared I could have done this myself..” I said shaking no my head with a little laugh.

“Well, he cares about ya.” He said shyly which made me wonder what Jared told him about me.

In total, we only had to wait about ten minutes for my luggage which was nice. It gave me time to chit chat. Providing traffic wasn’t bad, Robert said I would make it to the venue in plenty of time for the show. I was happy I though ahead then.

Knowing I probably wouldn’t have time to change before I saw Jared, I dressed in black jeans and a cute tee that I could throw a blazer on top of. For all the travel, I wore my favorite All-Stars and packed my heels in the outer pocket of my bag so I could change them quickly. I wanted to look nice when I saw him for the first time in all these weeks.

Robert laughed as he watched my dig in my bag and to change my shoes.

“What are you doing?”

“Changing my shoes! Don’t judge.” I laughed back.

Robert just shook his head. “You women..”

Robert was very sweet and so easy to get along with. I was so glad he was the one Jared sent for me. Our conversations were light and relaxed. He was so easy and comfortable to be around. He definitely put my nerves to ease and kept my mind occupied.

“I have to ask, are you family? You look like you could be brothers.” I asked as we rode in the taxi.

“Not brothers, cousins.”

“I figured, you look like a mix of both Jared and Shannon.” I said as he laughed. “So, what do you?”

Robert went on to tell me that he’s a photographer and does short films. Right now though, he’s working on the tour as a cameraman, not just visiting like I initially thought. Showing me some of his work, it was clear he was talented but knowing how hard it is to break into any part of show business, it was nice that Jared was giving him work experience.

My nervousness pretty much subsided and by the time we pulled up to the venue, I was ready to jump out of the car and find my Sir. I was just so excited to see Jared that I didn’t even care about the luggage. All of my feelings towards him were rushing to the surface and I just felt like I was going to burst.

The taxi pulled to a stop and I jumped out. As I walked to the back of the car to grab my things, Emma popped her head out the back door. When she saw me, she stepped out.

“Hey Vivie!” She said, giving me a hug, “You made it! Jared is going to be happy. He’s been driving me nuts all day.” She rolled her eyes as she spoke about Jared and I laughed. He’s definitely got a way about him that I’m sure could drive anyone mad.

“Jared?! Nah…” I giggled. Over the course of countless emails, her and I developed a friendship which was nice.

“Come on, they’re still in the meet and greet. Robert will take care of your bags.” Emma said as we quickly walked to the doors.

“Thank you, Robert! Nice to meet you!!” I shouted waving to him.

“Nice to meet you too, Vivie!” He shouted back as he continued to pull my bags out of the trunk. “See ya later..”

“He doesn’t know you’re here yet. I got the text from Robert just after the meet and greet started.” Emma said handing me my all access pass.

My stomach was full of butterflies again. They only got worse with each step closer to the door but no amount of nerves were going to hold me back now.

“We’ll sneak in the back here.” She said as she quietly opened the door.

Jared was standing as Tomo and Shannon stood on either side of him against a table. Where we came in from was behind them so Jared didn’t see me right away. As we walked around towards the back, I watched Shannon tap Jared on the leg. As Jared turned to look at Shannon, he saw me and did a double take, stopping mid sentence when his eyes caught mine.

My breath caught in the throat and I smiled, biting my lip. I WANTED to run to him, to jump in his arms and kiss his face but of course, I refrained. Instead, I gave him a little wave as we continued to make our way to the back. Jared smiled back, continuing with his answer without skipping another beat. Not knowing any better, his audience probably thought he stopped to gather his thoughts which was good. The last thing I wanted was to draw attention to myself.

The meet and greet ended not to long after I arrived. I was just able to catch the last few questions. As everyone stood up, the guys were caught talking to everyone.

Emma leaned over, whispering in my ear, “Let’s make our way back while everyone is moving around. They’ll be lining up for pictures after this so the guys have about ten minute and I’m sure Jared is going to want a few minutes alone with you.”

I smiled and nodded whispering, “Okay, I’ll follow your lead.”

Jared watched my every move as I made my way to the doors. As soon as I was through them, Emma told me to wait. Her and I just stood there waiting and chatting. Apparently it had been quite a busy day. I heard Jared say they’d see everyone for pictures and cheering followed as Jared, Shannon and Tomo stepped from the room and into the hallway.

Shannon and Tomo walked out first, both said ‘hello’ and giving me hugs then continued down the hallway to their own dressing rooms for a bit of quiet before the next part of the night. Jared was the last one out. I was standing against the wall waiting, my heart beating so hard I thought it was going to beat out of my chest.

'Come on already!!!’ I thought to myself..

A minute later, Jared stepped over the threshold and into the hallway. With one quick step, he was finally in front of me. His wide smile matched mine as he pulled me into his arms for a tight embrace. My arms wrapped around his waist and I pressed my nose against his neck, inhaling his scent for the first time in what felt like forever.

“My god, I’ve missed you, baby girl.” He whispered against my ear.

Pulling back, Jared cupped my face in his hands as he brought his lips to mine, kissing me softly at first. I could feel his heart beating just as hard as mine through the thin fabric of his skirt. Jared licked my lip and I parted them so he could slip his soft tongue gently into my mouth. Savoring his taste, I completely forgot where we were. Everything just melted away and it was just him and I in this moment.

“Get a room..” Shannon shouted from down the hallway and that brought us both back to our senses.

Breaking apart, we both laughed as Jared turned around to give Shannon the finger. Everyone else had disappeared.

“Come on…” Jared whispered against my lips, kissing me one more time. Wrapping his arm around my shoulder and pulling me into him, we walked down the hall to his dressing room. “I only have about ten minutes…”

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58 + Seokmini :)

58. First time finding out you’ve been cheated on

Not sure how this turned out but I did my best - hopefully you like it! :3

You sighed when you got off the taxi, finally back home after a week-long study trip abroad. It had been fun and you had learned a lot, but you had missed a lot of people back home, one of them being your boyfriend Seokmin. You had, as per usual, messaged on a daily basis and all that, but it didn’t change the fact that you weren’t able to sleep next to him or hug him, or even see his face except for the couple of selfies he sent you. With his latest message, saying “I miss you so much, can’t wait to see you” with some smileys and hearts on your mind, you smiled and walked into the apartment building where your shared apartment was.

Opening the door and saying “I’m home” loudly enough for it to be heard by Seokmin no matter which room he was in, you closed the door behind yourself and let go of your suitcase as you started taking your jacket and shoes off.

Seokmin soon appeared from your bedroom, all wide smile and with one of his hands behind his back.

“Finally you’re back,” he said happily, coming close enough to kiss you gently, to which you replied eagerly, placing your hands on his broad shoulders. God, how you had missed him.

When you pulled away, Seokmin continued smiling, widely as usual. “I got something for you.”

Before you were able to say anything, he pulled a bouquet of flowers from behind his back - your favorite. Hardly able to contain your excitement, you smiled brightly and took the flowers when he handed them to you. “Oh my god, thank you so much.”

He shook his head and gave you a kiss on your forehead, his hand lightly on the back of your head. “It’s nothing, I just wanted to show you how much I missed you.”

Nodding with your eyes almost watering from how overwhelmed you were, you said that you had missed him, too, at which he pulled you into a tight hug. You ignored the unfamiliar smell - maybe he had just changed his cologne - and hugged him back.

While he went to the kitchen to prepare you guys something to eat, you took your suitcase to your bedroom and stretched a little; long flights had never been too friendly towards your back and neck. Doing that and looking around, though, you noticed that something was different. The sheets had been changed even though you had just done that before you left, so in all sense there shouldn’t have been a need to do that yet, and as caring and Seokmin was, he certainly wouldn’t have done that just because you were coming back.

Slight uneasiness began forming inside of you already, although you couldn’t put your finger on why, but you tried to will it to go away. Flowers? Fresh bed sheets? And wasn’t he being a lot more affectionate than usually? No, maybe you were thinking too much into it, and even though you were, you couldn’t figure out why he could be acting that way.

About to join him in the kitchen, you noticed something red sticking from one of his drawers, and you opened it only to find a red lace bra hidden underneath his pile of boxers. You squinted, the uneasiness only increasing - where was the price tag? And for a guy who had been with you when you had bought them and bought you some on his own - always the right size, too - he had gotten the size awfully wrong this time.

“I’m nowhere near this…” you mumbled to yourself as you kept the bra in your hand and stepped out of the bedroom. “Seokmin?”

Your voice was still quiet enough not to reach Seokmin, which you were almost glad for when you heard his phone vibrate a little on the small table you had in the hallway. Biting your lower lip nervously, you stepped closer to the phone and felt your blood run cold with each message that was shown on the screen, coming in one by one.

Eunmi: Seokminnie, did I leave my bra there last night?

Eunmi: I hope you managed to hide it before Y/N got home

Eunmi: Either way, I really enjoyed myself ;)

Eunmi: See you next time ❤︎

Your mouth felt awfully dry and your heart was beating annoyingly fast, yet you felt like you didn’t have enough blood or oxygen in your body. You felt cold, so cold, and the huge lump in your throat didn’t budge no matter how many times you swallowed.

“Y/N, do you wa–”

Seokmin froze at the doorway from the kitchen to the hallway, and his eyes widened at the bra in your hand and the screen of his phone as it dimmed. You slowly moved your eyes from his phone to him, barely having enough energy to speak anymore.

“Who’s Eunmi?” you asked, voice toneless, and watched quietly as Seokmin rushed to you and shoved his phone into his back pocket.

“She’s no o–”

“Cut the bullshit,” you said, this time stern, and chewed on the insides of your cheeks, anxiety only getting worse inside of you. You felt like breaking down, but you knew you couldn’t do that, not now, not with Seokmin right there. “How long have you been seeing her? Where did you meet? And… Why have you been seeing her?”

Seokmin avoided your gaze and scratched the back of his head, seeming ashamed and remorseful, but it only made you feel worse. If he was feeling bad about it, why did he do it in the first place?

“The food is ready, can we… talk while eating?” he asked almost hopefully, and you shrugged.

“I have no appetite,” you mumbled, lowering your gaze to Seokmin’s feet. He shifted from one foot to another and let out a sigh, shakier than usual, clearly trying to put words together. You took deep breaths just to keep your cool, trying to ignore the fact that your boyfriend of two years, who you shared an apartment with, was cheating on you.

“I met her at one of Seungcheol’s parties.”

“The ones that I wasn’t welcome to because it was a guys’ night?” Your voice was sharp yet emotionless as you spoke, as clear as crystal, and Seokmin flinched.

“Y-yeah, Jun had dragged a couple of girls along no matter what everyone said, so…” Seokmin said, his voice getting smaller word by word, much like his normally tall, broad frame.

“But why?” you asked, voice cracking slightly, which you cursed yourself for, and moved your eyes back to Seokmin’s. “I thought you had me - I thought you were happy.”

“I was, and I am, I just,” he hid his face for a while, taking deep breaths as reality was setting inside of him, too. He had hurt you in one of the worst ways possible, and there was no way going around it. “It just happened. We were drunk, and afterwards we kind of just… stayed in touch.”

You felt a pang in your chest while your mind processed everything, and without you noticing, the bra fell from your hand to the floor, which was also oddly clean. “That party was in February, Seokmin. It’s almost September now.”

He was silent, too scared and ashamed to say a word, and eventually you just returned to your bedroom, took your suitcase and reached for your bag on the floor. Seokmin looked at you sadly, regret washing all over him, while you put on your shoes. Once you were done, you took in a deep breath and exhaled, using all the strength in you not to let the turmoil inside of you show.

“Who else knew?”

“No one. I… think they guessed, but… yeah.”

You swallowed the lump in your throat and looked at Seokmin briefly. You weren’t able to see him in the same light anymore; it wasn’t your Seokmin anymore.

Without giving him a reply, you got the rest of your essentials and left the apartment, and once the door was closed behind you, you finally let the mixed feelings of anxiety, disappointment, anger, betrayal and sadness come out in form of bitter tears. You weren’t even sure how you were supposed to feel in such a situation, since it had always been one you’d thought would never come your way. One thought repeated in your mind.

How could he do this to me?

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Late Night Adventures

PJ: PJ one evening told you he wanted to take you out for a surprise. You were curious, because most places were closed by this time at night. He had a bag that he wouldn’t let you look in. You just blindly followed him out the door, wondering where he was taking you. You two got into a taxi and he gave the driver an address you didn’t recognize. Once you arrived at your destination, it was a park with a pond in the middle of it. PJ pulled blankets from his bag and laid them on the ground. Next, his bag produced pillows and he laid them on top of the blankets. You two laid down and spent the night star gazing and making up your own constellations.

Dan: Dan convinced you going hunting at night for ghost Pokemon was a good idea. You shook your head at him as you put on an extra sweater before following him out the door. Both of you were equipped with your phones, portable chargers, and Dan had his trainer cosplay. You two took a taxi to central London. Dan was convinced the park was too rural and you two could get more Pokestops in the city. Dan had also read that ghost Pokemon hang out in parking lots. You two spent the night wandering through parking lots of bars and other crowded places holding out your phones and trying to catch Pokemon faster than each other.

Phil: You and Phil were wondering around a new street late at night. You two were starting to get hungry because your day had been filled with exploring and lots of walking. You two stumbled upon a bar that was open, once inside you two discovered it was a karaoke bar. You two ordered food and looked longingly at the karaoke stage. It was so late at night both of you thought serenading each other and doing strange duets sounded like the best idea in the world. Thankfully you recorded some of your performances and could laugh at them in the morning.

Chris: Chris was a bit of a night owl and loved to go on quiet walks at night. You stayed up with him one night and asked if you could join him on the walk. He agreed and you two walked to the nearby park. You asked if the park was closed and Chris just laughed saying, since it didn’t have a fence there was no way to close it. You two played on the playground equipment and climbed trees. You did this until you were too tired to climb up on the slide anymore. Chris offered to carry you back to your apartment, but you just laughed. You sleepily let him lead you home and held his hand the whole time.

Literally Jungkook and Jimin were out together and then a fan got excited so Jimin got them a taxi and bolted when will people quit 😤

i got a taxi to the hospital n i asked the driver to drop me off near the emergency department n he said i’d have to guide him n i said “bro i’m from the east coast i dont know my way around here” and he said “bro i’m from india i dont know either”

  • Ive just got home from work. .. couldn't get a taxi .. luckily had my brolly, but getting soaked from the knees down isn't my kinda fun I tell you 😐

I met really lovely people in Glasgow <3 I got in a taxi and had a lovely conversation with him. He said *Britain needs some more *different* people* then we took a selfie *top*
Then I missed my bus and all the bus peolle helped me. So I made friends with all the buss people too! They were very in to my maid outfit and cute stuff XD #thankyouglasgow #marshmallowdreams #kawaii #UnicornPrincess #unicorn_princess_7

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         She hadn’t intended to drop in on Jon and Robb, but she had been passing and remembered she’d left her shoes there from the other night, when she became too drunk to walk in them, she had slept on their couch and got a taxi barefoot in the morning.    She rummaged through her bag, passed her hairbrush and purse for her keys. As she slotted it into the lock, she turned it and pushed open the door, not expecting anyone to be in, she knew Robb was going out, but had assumed Jon to go with him. 

        At first glance, he just seemed to be sitting in front of the TV, but then she saw the white powder, formed into a line on the coffee table. ‘’…’’ Her lips parted but she couldn’t quite find the words, it was like her brain took a moment to take in what she was seeing. ‘’ What the fuck..’’ She whispered, before pacing over to the table, she dabbed her finger in the powder before looking back to Jon. Her blood was boiling and her heart bouncing around her chest. Fingers shook as she rubbed the white powder between the tips. ‘’Jon what the FUCK.’’ She screamed, tears almost welling in her eyes, she felt angry, but most of all DISAPPOINTED. She walked over to the sink and took a cup of water, throwing it onto the powder. ‘’HOW COULD YOU BE SO STUPID.’’ She gasped, pacing around the flat, trembling fingers resting on her temple as she resisted the urge to hit him.

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I loved the murder of the taxi driver as Junko's entrance ( was already squealing over her voice/appearance at all, but it went up an octave in sheer delight ) and it occurred to me that her motive for it seems kind of.. undefined? Not that Junko ever needs a solid motive to act on impulse, but if everything she does is supposed to be to cause her own despair, was she attached to the taxi driver ( or people in general )? I was under the impression she only cared for Muku/Matsuda/her classmates..

My headcanon is that the taxi bomb was a present to herself for getting into Kibougamine. Mukuro comments that Junko seems to be in a really good mood, after all.

Junko doesn’t just enjoy her own despair, she enjoys despair in general. She wants to share it with everyone in the world, like some kind of demented Oprah. So to her, treating the taxi driver to the sweet despair of death (and the onlookers to the despair of witnessing what is essentially an unexplained act of terrorism) is right up her alley.

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Hope you all got home safe and sound, and that your sunburn is starting to feel a little better.

I just got home. I dropped off John and Claude first and carried all our things inside, then I drove the car back to the rental shop, and then I got a taxi back home but of course there was a lot of traffic and this all took significantly longer than it should have. My sunburn still hurts and Claude is being noisy.


My 8/15/2016 Pokemon day:

Decided to visit a young nephew of mine in a military hospital about 25 kilometers away. So I walked halfway there…but then it started raining. It sucked but the taxi I got into was slowed down by traffic and weather enough that it did help me hatch some eggs and catch pokemon. 
When I got to the military camp, my cousin (kid’s mom) drove me to the hospital itself and along the way I battled a few gyms. Funny enough, all the gyms in that camp were Instinct. (Soldiers be dabbing. They’re awesome like that.) 

In the end I showed my nephew all the pokemon I had and a promise was made to play together as soon as he’s able. The kid fell in love with Pikachu lol. He’s gonna get discharged tomorrow  but he’s still got a lot of recovering to do.
I miss him already. Gonna visit him again soon. :)


I went to get the subway into Penn Station this morning at about 9am (Boston train leaving Penn at 12:30). I accidentally got on the J Train instead of the M Train, which meant I would need to get off & switch trains in the subway with my suitcase, as well as ultimately walking to Penn Station from 34th street (as no train would take me directly there). I was already sweating on every surface by this time, so thought NOPE, and got a taxi straight to Penn. Went into Starbucks for breakfast & iced coffee, and the aircon was so good I eventually had to put my cardigan on. 💯🙆👍👌

The taxi was waiting. It was seven o'clock. As the taxi got under way, Bond made his plan for the evening. He would first do an extremely careful packing job of his single suitcase, the one that had no tricks to it, have two double vodkas and tonics with a dash of Angostura, eat a large dish of May’s speciality - scrambled eggs fines herbes - have two more vodkas and tonics, and then, slightly drunk, go to bed with half a grain of second.
Encouraged by the prospect of this cosy self-anaesthesia, Bond brusquely kicked his problems under the carpet of his consciousness.
—  On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, by Ian Fleming 
This party rocked my bones!

Went to a geology and anthropology ball tonight (which was really more of an excuse to party on a Saturday night :D) and it was absolutely fantastic! It was worth every dollar of my fifty buck ticket I bought last week, and I don’t regret it one bit. I saw a few familiar faces there which was nice, but I also got to meet some new people too which is always great. There was even one girl from my biological anthropology class there too, and she was pretty cool to chat to and dance with.

(And pun in title totally intended, right, @raksha-the-demon :D)

Started to get tired after 11pm and got a taxi home, but now it’s midnight (tomorrow is today!) and my brain’s all “lol jk we’re not that tired.” Brain. Brain no.
Ryan Lochte, other US swimmers robbed at Rio Olympics

Story highlights Taxi carrying Ryan Lochte and other U.S. swimmers was stopped by fake police officersRobber reportedly put a gun to Lochte’s foreheadAll the athletes are safe and cooperating with policeRio de Janeiro, Brazil (CNN) Olympic medalist Ryan Lochte and three other U.S. swimmers were safe and cooperating with police Sunday after being robbed at gunpoint in Rio de Janeiro, the U.S. Olympic Committee said.
“They pulled out their guns, they told the other swimmers to get down on the ground they got down on the ground.
Lochte and fellow swimmers Gunnar Bentz, Jack Conger and Jimmy Feigen had left a hospitality house hosted by France early Sunday morning in a taxi bound for the Olympic Village.
"We got pulled over, in the taxi, and these guys came out with a badge, a police badge, no lights, no nothing just a police badge and they pulled us over,” Lochte told NBC .
I refused, I was like we didn’t do anything wrong, so I’m not getting down on the ground.

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Posted at Sun Aug 14 18:50:14 2016

“Safe & Unharmed” Ryan Lochte Thanks Fans For Support After Gunpoint Robbery; Eyes 2020 Tokyo Olympics

UPDATED WITH LOCHTE STATEMENT BELOW Ryan Lochte and three other swimmers were robbed at gunpoint this morning in Rio de Janeiro. The swimmer, who was unharmed, confirmed the robbery during an off-air interview with NBC News’ Billy Bush. MSNBC broke into its usual programming to report the news at 9:35 am PT.

The confirmation to Today‘s Bush came after various and conflicting reports about the incident surfaced, with the IOC at first issuing denials.

“We got pulled over, in the taxi, and these guys came out with a badge, a police badge, no lights, no nothing just a police badge and they pulled us over,” Lochte told NBC. “They pulled out their guns, they told the other swimmers to get down on the ground — they got down on the ground. I refused, I was like we didn’t do anything wrong, so — I’m not getting down on the ground.

“And then the guy pulled out his gun, he cocked it, put it to my forehead and he said, get down and I put my hands up, I was like ‘whatever.’ He took our money, he took my wallet — he left my cell phone, he left my credentials.”

In a statement to NBC News, USOC spokesman Patrick Sandusky confirmed that  “According to four members of the U.S. Olympic Swimming Team (Gunnar Bentz, Jack Conger, Jimmy Feigen and Ryan Lochte), they left France House early Sunday morning in a taxi headed for the Olympic Village. Their taxi was stopped by individuals posing as armed police officers who demanded the athletes’ money and other personal belongings. All four athletes are safe and cooperating with authorities.”

Later on Sunday, Lochte posted an Instagram message thanking his supporters for their concern:

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Lochte robbed in taxi hold-up after party

US Olympic gold medal swimmer Ryan Lochte was robbed in a taxi after leaving a party in Rio de Janeiro.

A spokesman for Brazilian swimmer Thiago Pereira said the swimmers had been together at the party prior to the robbery.

“Thiago and his wife went yesterday night to a birthday party for a common friend with Lochte in the France House,” the spokesman said.

“He parted ways with Lochte when he returned to his hotel with his wife.

"Today in the morning he received the news about Lochte’s incident, so he called him and Lochte told him he was fine and said the taxi he was in got robbed.”

The International Olympic Committee confirmed the incident after the United States Olympic Committee initially told the Olympic ruling body the story was false.

The USOC is expected to issue a statement on the matter.

Lochte’s mother said the swimmer was unharmed but was shaken by the incident.

“I think they’re all shaken up. There were a few of them,” Ileana Lochte told USA Today.

“No, they were just, they just took their wallets and basically that was it.”

It was not immediately clear if a firearm had been used in the robbery.