got humour

BTS as Cops

• Half the precinct are in love with him
• Known as the “Pretty One“, literally everyone knows who he is
• Has one of the highest solving-rates, absolutely no one thinks he’s dumb
• Carries around pink handcuffs and no one questions it
• The days he chooses to show his forehead are known as Blessed Days

• The last person you want to interrogate you, he will  w r e c k  you
• Knows how to wrestle a guy twice his size to the ground in about 43 different ways
• Probably knows how to murder someone with a credit card
• No one dares to fuck up when working with him. No one.
• There’s a post-it that is marked whenever he smiles (in 2,5 years, only 3 times have been witnessed)

• Known as the Sunshine in the precinct, greets everyone in the morning and always chit-chats 
• Has been the best shooter for three consecutive years
• Impressively manipulative; always makes the bad guys talk
• Gets asked out often, but for some reason never takes up anyone on the offers (can anyone figure out why?)
• There’s That One Incident at a past office party no one talks about. It involved tequila, two pairs of handcuffs and a very large orange. Don’t ask, he’ll deny it

• The Brainy one that everyone wants on the tricky robbery and murder cases
• When partnered up with Jin,, they are Unstoppable
• Very friendly, and always recommends books (even to the suspects)
• Fascinated by forensics, and often visits Taehyung in the lab to learn more
• After lots of training he’s allowed to carry a gun (that one time he almost shot Jin in the foot was an accident okay?)

• Everyone coincidentally wants to work out the same time as him in the precinct gym (hmm.. wonder why??)
• Prefers hand-to-hand combat, something he often uses in field
• Has a quite soft exterior, and is thus extremely scary when angry (more than Yoongi)
• Very skilled at car-chases (but no one wants to be in that car lol)
• Has a crush on the cute forensics guy with the wacky ties

• Is a cop, but works a lot in the forensic department - isn’t often in the field
• Very introspective, and provides with important leads due to his unusual outside-the-box thinking
• Always wears ties to work, patterns often goofy and unusual
• Wears glasses even though he doesn’t need them (looks extremely cute obvs)
• Maybe definitely has a crush on the cute cop with the ungodly thigh muscles

• The youngest one that has excelled incredibly in his field
• Does lots of field work, but enjoys computer work and hacking a lot as well
• Once made a bad guy unconscious when choking him between his thighs
• Has tattoos that can sometimes be seen through his white shirts (b l e s s)
• Once saw Jimin topless in the gym and hasn’t been able to stop thinking about it ever since

Clarke: I want to make sure that everyone is saved! We will all survive together! Let’s share the bunker!

Grounders: Nah. Let’s have a conclave instead and whoever wins gets the bunker for their clan.

Octavia: *wins the conclave* We are one clan! We will all share the bunker! Together!

Grounders: Okay! Let’s do it! Hey Clarke, we wanna share the bunker with you now!


BTS at a Christmas Party

   • Wears a Santa beard all night and gets it soaked in alcohol at some point
   •  Complains about his Secret Santa gift bc who the fuck would gift him Confessions of a Shopaholic
   • Dances way too passionately to the Christmas songs that are played (ppl start betting on whether he’ll injure himself or someone else)
   • Starts a debate on the ethicality of the elves working for Santa all year around
   • Probably passes out after having too many apple-flavoured drinks, wakes up with his beard missing and Santa’s Slut drawn on his forehead

   • Wears cute reindeer horns, and even has a small red nose drawn on
   • Proudly shows everyone his ugly Christmas sweater saying “Jingle My Bells“
   • His Secret Santa gift is (not surprisingly) a book full of dad jokes (this is met by mostly groans)
   • Probably slut-drops to Jingle Bells at some point
   • Ends up making out with someone in the hallway closet, smearing his drawn-on red nose all over their face

   • Wears all-black and complains about Christmas being a capitalistic invention
   • Still blushes at his Secret Santa gift (socks with funny patterns)
   • Spikes his own drinks so he can remember as little as possible of the whole evening
   • Comes up with a rap for every Christmas song (and maybe even performs them after enough drinks)
   • Enjoys his night collecting black-mail evidence on everyone else (some dumb shit goes down for sure)

   • All dressed up as a Christmas tree, wrapped in blinking lights and all
   • Carries around a mistletoe and steals kisses from all the attractive people
   • Pulls people out on the dance floor when the good songs come on, he’s the life of the party basically
   • Eats himself fat on Christmas candy all night
   • Seduces someone by wrapping them in his Christmas lights and saying “twinkle twinkle little star, let’s get dirty in my car“

   • Dresses up as an adorable elf, and wins the party Costume Prize
   •  Wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and somehow ends up with like 6 different Secret Santa gifts
   • Fills his pockets full with cookies and treats on which he munches all night long
   • Drinks more than he dances, but joins in on Hoseok doing the Jingle Bell routine from Mean Girls
   • Wakes up in a stranger’s bed wearing only his elf hat and one shoe

   • The host of the party, has dressed up as Jack Frost (he looks a m a z i n g)
   • Has baked a bunch of cookies and fudge for everyone to enjoy, receives compliments all night
   • Receives a mutual Secret Santa gift from everyone: a camera that he absolutely adores (obligatory group picture happens ofc)
   • Makes the strangest Christmas drinks, with flavours including fudge, candied apple and cinnamon (and they taste amazing??)
   • Ends up drinking too many marshmallow flavoured drinks, and starts crying about not having a chimney in his apartment (“But where will SANTA GO??”)

   • Dresses up in a red sweater, which is enough effort on his part tbh
   • His Secret Santa gift is a polka-dotted t-shirt (”so you can switch up your fashion style a bit”)
   • Nearly punches Hoseok after he pulls out the mistletoe for the fourth time  
   • Gets forced by Taehyung to try all his drinks, and ends up doing a dramatic rendition of Wham!’s ‘Last Christmas
   • Consoles a drunk-sad Taehyung, and bakes gingerbread cookies with him at 2 am to make him happy