got horchata

From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series Sentence Starters

“Vengeance may be a prison, but it’s my prison.” 
“Hey, he shot first.”
“These people need to die.” 
“Buy me a drink first.” 
“I’m sorry, who the fuck are you?”
“I’m a goddess.”
“You think I’m scared?” 
“I’m no one’s victim.” 
“I got extra towels…for your hair.” 
“Because it’s my money. I stole it.” 
“You gotta be shitting me.” 
“You sick son of a bitch.” 
“He tried to hit on me.” 
“Alright. Now everybody be cool.”
“I’m all he’s got.” 
“It’s horchata, man. I found it in the kitchen.” 
“Well I’ll be damned.” 
“I’m just kidding. It doesn’t really hurt.” 
“You got your balls on?” 
“Sounds delicious. Give me two.” 
“Chivalry’s dead now.”
“I bet it shoots blanks.” 
“Didn’t you daddy tell you never to do this?” 
“You shouldn’t call people stuff! You know, it’s rude!”
“Did you kill them?!” 
“Just get me a burger already.” 
“You Doogie Howser or something?” 
“I was gonna give a fuck, but I’m all out of fucks to give.” 
“You can’t break me.” 
“I will never be yours.” 
“I’m going to kill everyone in this room.” 
“You know who I am now?” 
“Now get in the fucking cage.” 
“Thank you for putting up with my shit.”