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astrological movie masterpost


any genre film based on sun/moon 

aries sun/moon: “boyhood” (growing up and all the rash and/or unwise decisions that come with that. competitive upbringing)  “the aviator” (a frenzied soul who fakes it till ya make it. big dreams, a big persona, and a pioneer to an industry but deeply troubled behind it all), “the wolf of wall street” (honestly this movie was so fast-paced and mad that i could only take it in small doses. everyone is selfish and turns on a dime) 

taurus sun/moon: “the grand budapest hotel” (a film rich in aesthetic. a hotel owner who is a professional lush sets out on an adventure as he is being pegged for murder. a tale of paintings, pastries, and paramour), “big stone gap” (excessive family. stubborn and perseverant. a bit apprehensive of change)“today’s special” (a chef gets back to his roots and has to learn why he was passionate about food in the first place and how to savor every second) 

gemini sun/moon: “ferris bueller’s day off” (witty and incredibly adaptable. can make friends with anyone, anywhere. being childlike and curious, enjoying the little things), “black swan” (ambiguous film where you don’t know what to believe), “the truman show” (his whole life has been unknowingly documented. everyone is just playing a role. media manipulations)  

cancer sun/moon: “take care” (feeling like an inconvenience. wanting to be taken care of. guilt trips), “lymelife” (putting family and ‘home’ into perspective. awkward, at times endearing, a bit hectic), “high fidelity” (old fashioned guy. stuck in the past wondering where it went wrong), “the other woman (2009)” (learning to be a mother. the emotional rollercoaster of trying to love and be loved) 

leo sun/moon: “confessions of a teenage drama queen” (i mean…do i even need to explain this lmao), “beaches” (pride and loyalty. learning to love without having to be the only one receiving love), “anywhere but here” (self-centered mother who wants her to be a star. fixed opinions but is powerful & warm)“grease” (good girl, bad boy. popular. all love their hair lol)

virgo sun/moon: “beyond the lights” (never feeling good enough. a mother who compulsively criticizes her. the theme of ~what happens behind the scenes~ and going back to the basics)“short term 12″ (wants to service everyone else but forgets about themselves), “the intern” (an observant elderly man is methodized and eager to work, always there for advice & support), “as good as it gets” (a bitter man who struggles with OCD overcoming his fears and unleashing his compassionate side)

libra sun/moon: “legally blonde” (a bit superficial. values doing the right thing. people think she’s air-headed but is actually more ‘in the know’ than given credit for)“can’t buy me love” (getting caught up in the popular crowd. pretending to be something you’re not), “he’s just not that into you” (most confusing movie ever. literally nobody can make up their mind lmao) 

scorpio sun/moon: “st. elmo’s fire” (this film has literally everything scorpio and/or related (8th house) in it; secrets, betrayal, intimacy, transforming, debt, etc), “stealing beauty” (uncovering mysteries, forbidden affairs, paranoia. a taboo film), “lila & eve” (crime drama. goes to show just how far two resentful mothers will go)

sagittarius sun/moon: “bruce almighty” (humorous. has the theme of ‘luck’ and ‘higher power’) “away we go” (redefining what ‘home’ means. traveling across the country, new experiences, lots of bad jokes) “funny face” (an amateur philosopher has strong opinions for the modeling industry, wants nothing more than to travel for lectures), “good will hunting” (a genius and self-righteously so but doesn’t know how to truly appreciate life) 

capricorn sun/moon: “uptown girls” (learning to adult from a surprisingly mature child. a mother who is too concerned with her career to pay attention to her daughter), “the pursuit of happyness” (suffering hardships, feeling down & out as he climbs his way up the totem pole. a tale of being a father being able to provide), “the devil wears prada” (another tale of climbing your way to the top, along with the cost of it)

aquarius sun/moon: “scott pilgrim vs the world” (not your average film, includes an alternate dimension. has its technological, futuristic quirks. becoming superior to the rest and standing out in the process), “mona lisa smile” (50′s women gaining new perspective from a ‘subversive’ professor), “the martian” (innovative, humorously noble, feeling castaway, ‘space pirate’) 

pisces sun/moon: “the imaginarium of doctor parnassus” (a fantasy world with a damsel in distress but everything isn’t as it seems),  “because i said so” (milly is bright-eyed and a bit hopeless. her mother pays favor to her. always ends up doing what other people want because although she is highly spirited, she can be a pushover), “amelie” (imagination, imagination, imagination. sets out to help others by being a bit manipulative in the process), “big fish” (reality vs fantasy. idealized & exaggerated upbringing)

romance films based on venus 

aries venus: “10 things i hate about you” “she’s all that” (both films show they can treat romance as a competition but once they are in love, will do whatever they can to keep it alive), “two night stand” (hasty romance. lessons of ‘rushing’. a candor appreciation for another), “beginners” (being honest with yourself. ‘a movie with an unflinchingly tough heart.’)

taurus venus: “dirty dancing” (stubborn, sensual, and learning to position yourself securely lol), “the great gatbsy” (wealth. everyone indulges themselves, goes overboard out of love), “happily ever after” (sudden yearning for stability, excessive in more ways than one) 

gemini venus: “save the date” (a girl who is scared of commitment. covers up her fear with humor. ‘word vomit’ through the whole movie lol. works at a bookstore. has a sister dynamic in the film of the one who is a bit silly & immature and the one who acts like she knows everything), “how to lose a guy in 10 days” (a two faced romance. lighthearted mind games and calling each others bluff), “garden state” (a lost fella falls for a quirky compulsive liar. a surprisingly intelligent and outlandish film) 

cancer venus: “closer” (kind of shows more unhealthy traits of this placement but shows they just want to be in comfort with you but can guilt trip people and ask for reassurance where its not needed), “a walk to remember” (two lovers jaded in their own right find love. trying to protect one another from getting hurt and hurt each other in the process), “brooklyn” (building a life together. choosing between a lover at home or a home within a lover) 

leo venus: “elvis and anabelle” (a radiant beauty queen has a near-death experience that alters her way of existing. brings a boy out of his shell through theatrics and love), “take this waltz” (she meets a man and starts rethinking her own loving marriage, does she want more? demanding, bold, and has a childishness to it), “anomalisa” (uplifting one another, making each other feel extraordinary) 

virgo venus: “people places things” (a man of many standards and subsequently hypercritical in the name of love), “me before you” (taking care of another. breaking free from routine), “when harry met sally” (constant challenging of standards. loving the little things), “enough said” (looking beyond imperfections. practically endearing) 

libra venus: “hitch” (got his heartbroken. now runs a business as a ‘love doctor’ where he gives men the push to pursue love through setting a meet-cue. but when he falls for a girl he has no idea what to do), “alfie” (a womanizer who refuses to be seen as a regular person who experiences the everyday woes that we all do. says he’s ‘always okay’), “27 dresses” (jane is a ‘more’ evolved version of this venus. loves love, is a major people pleaser. her sister on other hand pretends to be whatever her partner wants, is a major socialite) 

scorpio venus: “love actually” (falling for what you can’t have and having difficulty expressing it), “no kiss list” (liking someone you can’t have and making that person feel like you can’t like anyone other than them), “chasing amy” (obsessive. sabotaging a relationship out of fear), “a dangerous method” (a forbidden and intoxicating affair with a patient), “last night” (temptation and affairs) 

sagittarius venus: “begin again” (greta is independent, blunt, and spontaneous. teaches dan and his daughter a few important lessons. love is a learning experience), “definitely, maybe” (flashbacks to 3 romances, all with women who either write, travel, and/or simply free-spirited. habits of running away. being judgemental of how to live life. expanding horizons. shamelessly honest), “they came together” (clumsy, a straight up mess. light-hearted. mocks romance films) 

capricorn venus: “timer” (doesn’t see the point of a relationship if they aren’t ‘guaranteed’. uses a timer to tell you when you’ll find your soul mate)“meet my valentine” (a family man who finds out he’s terminally ill is determined to find a loving provider to replace him), “before sunset” (an assertive romance, at times a bit cynical, but cheeky and loving) 

aquarius venus: “friends with benefits” “no strings attached” “sleeping with other people” (all the couples in the films were meant to keep things casual but got messy in the process), “frequencies- oxv: the manual” (s/o to @astr-logy for the recommendation! a film about being outcasted, breaking the world & love down to an equation, feelings of not feeling) 

pisces venus: “500 days of summer” (tom is a prime example of the idealization and fantasy romance that can come with this placement), “practical magic” (loves unconditionally but there is a tragic twist. two sisters - one who has a homemaker persona and one devastatingly bored of the mundane), “listen to your heart” (a deaf girl, who is a bit of a damsel in distress as her parents crush her dreams, and an amateur piano composer find inspirational love) 

romance films based on venus in the houses

venus in fire house (1st, 5th, 9th): “50 first dates”“the holiday”, “deadpool” (a stretch? no), “before we go”

venus in earth house (2nd, 6th, 10th): “everything before us”, “friends with money”, “chocolat”

venus in air house (3rd, 7th, 11th): “celeste & jesse forever”, “nick and norah’s infinite playlist”, “her”, “the beauty inside” 

venus in water house (4th, 8th, 12th): “the time traveler’s wife”, “eternal sunshine of the spotless mind”“stuck in love”, “candy”, “comet”

action/drama films based on mars

aries mars: “death proof” (daredevil central. going toe-to-toe with a killer), “crank” (a film literally about keeping your heart rate up. will die without an adrenaline rush), “spring breakers” (living in the moment. playfully deviant and childishly so), “the challenger” (learning to fight for what’s worth it; choosing your battles) 

taurus mars: “matilda” (all the antagonists were greedy slobs who put themselves on a pedestal by making everyone else feel inferior), “the shawshank redemption” (avoids conflict, plays his hand slowly, no stranger to money), “american hustle” (luxuriating in ‘sin’, glorifying the hustle, high-resistance characters) 

gemini mars: “pirates of the caribbean” (jack sparrow is a character that’s easy to be allured to but difficult to trust. never seems to be who he appears and covers everything up with slurred antics), “seven psychopaths” (comical murder film where even has a darker or lighter side than you thought), “the prestige” (two illusionists go head to head to out-trick another. the huge secret of ‘duality’) 

cancer mars: “punch-drunk love” (stereotypical ‘nice’ guy with a lot of problems and insecurities. falls into a weird blackmail ploy), “mad max: fury road” (emotionally raw. recklessly protective. driven by the familial and home), “mr nobody” (recounting of memories. driven by pure emotion) 

leo mars: “hot rod” (acts like a big shot, always attempting to prove himself worthy), “guardians of the galaxy” (everyone has a major ego and wants to show off. music reminds me of the 80′s which reminds me of hair which is leo lmao), “frank” (i feel like many would believe this to be a more aquarius film with its long-standing reputation of being one of the most unconventional films of all time but the film is about fame, how to get there, how to stand out, and being histrionic in the making) 

virgo mars: “pay it forward” (actions geared toward helping others, insecurities and not wanting others to feel sorry, a need for efficiency), “captain america: the first avenger” (modest, just wants to contribute. high energy, lots of stamina ‘i could do this all day’), “cyberbully” (theme of words cutting deeper than you’d think) 

libra mars: “mean girls” (acts nice & unassuming only to better manipulate a situation), “gangster squad” (puts justice into their own hands. has people in pocket and knows how to work a room to use people to one’s disposal), “v for vendetta” (another film of putting justice into your own hands. created a tragic scenario to trick evey into learning no matter what one goes through, the right thing to do is the only appropriate way to live)

scorpio mars: “heathers” (conniving & hypocritical. veronica isn’t a saint herself but disproves of people who are cruel and sets out to teach them a lesson), “mr & mrs smith” (secretive. both know they’re spies but never tell each other & don’t feel neither has the right to be; in the same field of work but criticize each other for it), “django unchained” (rescue and revenge. will exploit anything or murder anyone to get back to his lover)

sagittarius mars: “maidentrip” (a young adventuress sails across the world)“artifact” (documentary film giving insight into the truth of the music industry. pretentious, pseudo-intellectuals), “the believer” (heavily controversial film. audacious in the name of beliefs and what one believes to hold verity) 

capricorn mars: “erin brockovich” (a relentless environmental activist sets out a case against a gas company where their supplies have left residents fatally ill. demands respect), “whiplash” (pushes limits beyond limits. ambitious to the core and seeks to achieve aspirations continuously), “american psycho” (a successful banker has an alter, killer ego who relishes in all that he does & ‘achieves’)

aquarius mars: “the big lebowski” (acts above violence and just says ‘fuck it’ to everything), “equilibrium” (feelings are literally outlawed but an enforcer soon falls victim to rebellion), “terminator” (a cyborg on a mission. a young boy fighting against the technologically advanced) 

pisces mars: “snowpiercer” (sacrifice, clairvoyance, spiritualism. as pete travers said, ‘a slambam sci-fi thriller with a brain, a heart and an artful sense of purpose’), “fight club” (gasp. shocking it isn’t aries mars, right? the story is about a man wanting to escape his everyday life, has an addictive personality, and finds himself immersed in this extracurricular activity), “philomena” & “of mind and music” (one defines true forgiveness. looking past all the tragedy and finding the beauty) 

Behave - Bruce Wayne x Amazon!Reader

Summary : You’re Diana Prince’s, aka Wonder Woman, little sister…And you’ve always been the rebel amongst the amazons, the black sheep. You left long ago, and got hitch with the famous Bruce Wayne, when a problem  brings you back to your home island of Themyscira.

Warning for language and mention of NSFW stuffs.

My masterlist blog :


-(Y/N), are you going to behave ? 

It’s always the same question. Over and over again. Yeah ok, true, you weren’t the calmest kid and your curiosity often lead to a lot of troubles but…Diana was kinda the same and no one ever told her to “behave”. 

Even now, as you were a grown ass woman, it was this good old question, that you just couldn’t stand anymore. It was moments like this, that made you glad you left all those years ago. 


Being Diana little sister wasn’t easy. It wasn’t easy at all. When you were born, much in the same way than her, molded in clay and brought to life by Zeus, your big sister was already a hero. 

She was already adulated by all on Themyscira island. Everyone always told you : “You see Diana ? Be like Diana”…And in a sense, you became a bit like her. 

Only, when the other amazons told you to take Diana as an example, they were talking about how well she fought, about her principles and other things like that ! Not her…stubbornness and strong will. 

Ultimately, being strong willed was a good thing but…Well, the only thing you took after your sister is the way she has, sometimes, that “I do whatever I want” kind of persona. But maybe a bit to much to the extreme. 

Because as a child, Diana listened to your mother, your aunt (that you unfortunately never met but heard a lot about), and other amazons while you ? You, you had trouble with authorities. 

You couldn’t stand people ordering you around. You hated when someone said you couldn’t do something…But the worst was that their explanation as to why you had to do things they said were stupid. 

“Do as I said because I’m an adult and I know better”, who decided of that ? “Don’t do that, we’ll explain to you later why you can’t do it”, that was so dumb ! Instead of explaining to you why you couldn’t do things, they’d just expect you to follow their order and…well, that wasn’t your nature. 

Besides, it was almost unbearable to always be compared to Diana. To always hear that she was better than you because of this, or because of that…Fortunately, you didn’t grew to resent her, but you did start to resent your entire people. 

None of them understood you. Not even your mother. 

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Shiro/Matt Fic Recs

Cardboard Castles by Agapostemon   // 35k (series, WIP)

A Very Original Modern AUTM. Mostly Shiro-centric. Lots of fluff (mostly platonic). Lots of mental illness feels. Lots of suffering, but always happy endings.

Keith has BPD. Shiro and Matt have PTSD. Lots of Broganes. A bunch of dorky engineers being dorky. Eventual Klance. Slow burn Shiro/Matt. Like… really, really slow. Like nine years worth of slow.

ok,,, this is like my fave series ever,,, shatt is in it but not a huge part of it (in the last fic it is) but its so goOD 

take my hand, take my whole life too by AlwaysRain // 32.5k (multi-chapter; WIP)

“Matt… can you not remember?”

Shiro can hear his own heartbeat in the long silence that follows. It seems like Matt isn’t going to answer, but then he does- so quietly that Shiro can barely hear his voice rasping with disuse.

“… I don’t know where I am.”

Pure angst and i love it. theres aftermath of torture and future butt stuff so u are warned

Like Rubidium and Water by firepaladins // 6.8k (one shot)

“Hey, have you ever seen what happens when you put rubidium in water?” 

SOME GOOD OLD SCHOOL AU where shiro is a jock and matt is a mad scientist, aka he likes blowing shit up.

thats some gay shit by solllys // 16.6k (multi-chapter)

pidge: lance is a harlot
pidge: but he’s our harlot and we love him
lance: i cant believe youre calling me a slut
keithkogay: when the shoe fits
lance: go away emo hermit
keithkogay: no im taking you to walmart get down here you fucking twink

THIS IS SO FUNNY i love text based fics, but this is mostly klance but shatt is in it and its cuter than a baby with a puppy. as u can read from the description, bad words are used ALOT u have been warned

Pardon Me byeso (cazzy) // 2.7k (oneshot)

“Wait,” Lance says, scrambling on the couch until he’s sitting up. “I do have questions about the derivatives, but I’m dying to hear more about this barista that swept you off your feet!”

“You already know everything,” Shiro sighs, moving to pack up his laptop and textbook. “He works at Castle of Lions and we’ve talked a grand total of three times.”

YALL…. pining shiro is great this fic is so sweet and short but i still love it

Love and Other Questions by squirenonny // 43.3k (multichapter; WIP)

One week after news of the Kerberos disaster broke, Pidge receives a new Mark–proof that Matt is still alive. She breaks into the Garrison to find him, only to find herself caught up in the fight for the fate of the universe.

Keith keeps his arms covered so he doesn’t have to watch Shiro’s scars compounding on his skin–but doing so means cutting off contact with his romantic soulmate, who greets him each morning with a new (and terrible) pickup line.

Shiro and Matt thought they were the luckiest people alive when they found out they were going to Kerberos together. But Shiro hasn’t seen Matt’s untidy scrawl on his arm in almost a year, and he has no idea if his soulmate is even still alive.

[Canonverse Soulmate AU with romantic and platonic soulmates (and some gray areas in between)]

im crying,,, this is angsty as heck and is sad but its so good,,,, pls read it. klance is also in this

Holy Shattrimonyby Ikira // 14k (Series; WIP)

Shiro just thought that he was helping Matt out, keeping him safe while they were prisoners, making sure he had enough to eat, that kind of thing. The other alien prisoners, however, see it in a slightly different light. Congrats, Matt and Shiro, you officially just got space-hitched!

this is also a really good series and just… matt and shiro get space married and cute things. smut in the last part of the last fic and skippable

The Trials and Tribulations of Matthew Holt by herekittie // 15k (multi-chapter)

“Takashi Shirogane is my pilot,” he said, voice flat and monotone. “Takashi Shirogane is my pilot, Katie. Takashi Shirogane.”


As if someone had flipped a switch, Matt freaked out in a burst of emotion, nearly knocking his head into Katie’s nose when he turned. “Takashi Shirogane, Katie. The Garrison darling! He holds all the records! All of them! Fastest stimulation time, youngest instructor, most liked instructor, and. And.” He looked down at his phone again.

“Right,” Katie said, drawing the word out. “Your crush.”

“Yes,” Matt replied. “My crush.”

A 5+1 thing that started as ‘times Samuel Holt interrupted Matt and Shiro’ but eventually became 'times Matt falls in love with Shiro’

god i love sam holt as much as he loves his peas,,,,, but dang this is cute and i can RELATE TO MATT LOL

ill be adding more to my list if i have time but!!! these are my current fave shatt fics (that i could pull outta my ass in like 10 minutes) but i always want more to read and add to my list!!! 


I have this really soft fondness for a WWI AU

Conner, Wally, Dick, Roy, and Kaldur are sort of a squad of misfits. Probably why they’re put together, commanders thinking they’d be decent canon fodder. But they get on like a house on fire once they get to know each other.

 Kaldur’ahm is constantly battling the incredible amount of racism as a biracial soldier. His father was African American and his mother was a Pacific Islander. 

The you have Wally, the smart talking red headed Irish American who deals with that prejudice, but damn can he run. He wanted to be a soccer player - got drafted instead. 

Conner is a tank, but he’s got some major authority problems and anger issues. 

There’s Dick, who would be the model soldier - but he faked his age when he signed up for the army. He went in under the name Robin, aged 18 but when the team finds out he’s only 16, they cover for him. They’re pissed, but it’s too late to send him home now. They become a little protective of him.

Then there’s Roy, their sniper. Nothing odd about him, he’s just a jackass. 

They would look out for each other. Like, they insist on Kaldur being their leader despite higher command sputtering and refusing to give him rank. He gets it anyway. Wally and Dick end up falling in love, and they all keep the relationship quiet. 

okay this is going to get long so readmore

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“Titus likes you...too much” - Older!Damian Wayne x Reader

I know I said I wouldn’t write anything until Friday or Saturday, but I just realized this story was done and for some reason I didn’t post it so why not post it now right ? So here we go. Specially written for @loverandomness2. Some fluffy love for the youngest Wayne boy. I’m sorry if you didn’t want an older!Damian and if that’s not what you wanted at all but…yeah, hope you’ll like it

PS : there’s a little surprise for @epickimmie somewhere in this fic. Hope it is ok that I did this.
PPS : Also, this story kinda became some sort of sequel to another story I wrote with Damian, which is here : The First time is serious business

My masterlist blog :


It was early in the morning when Damian finally came home. Came back to you. 

It had been a few years since his father retired and Damian inherited the Batman’s cowl. Most nights, he was out fighting crimes in Gotham, though, since his dad’s younger years, G-city was way safer, and it often happened that Damian came home early, or sometimes, didn’t go out at all (besides, he still had the help of his brothers, and they took turn to watch over the city…so really, you often had times with him, even if he was also quite busy during the day, as he became Wayne Inc’s CEO as well). It didn’t mean that there wasn’t any work ever though, like tonight, a new guy who called himself the “Joker’s son” was menacing the streets, and Damian was exhausted as he finally came home…But really, more often than not, the city was now calm. 

Bruce was beyond happy about that, as he sacrificed his own life so others wouldn’t have to. Sometimes, when you went over to Wayne’s Manor (you and Damian moved in a penthouse in the heart of Gotham quite a while ago), you felt a bit sad for your father-in-law…But nowadays, seeing his sons happy sufficed to make him happier than ever since his parents’ death. 

None of his children still lived in the Manor, but, now that they were all grown up and understood some of the difficult choices he had to take (it took Jason a little more than his brothers to get it), they all “forgave” him for any mistakes he might have done while trying the best he could to raise them, and often visited him and Alfred. 

Besides, since a little while, a certain Selina Kyle finally decided to move in with him so, Damian’s father wasn’t lonely, and that was great. He could finally live his life, after all those years, after sacrificing his youth and health…Finally, he was at peace (or almost, as sometimes, he couldn’t stay away from the bat-computer and such).  

As Damian came in your bedroom, shoulders hunched with fatigue, rubbing his face softly, you couldn’t help but be happy at the mere sight of him. You guys all came such a long way since you first met him…You were barely ten years old when you first encountered the youngest boy in the Wayne family, and so much had changed since those times. 

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If Yuugi had shared THAT conversation-
  • Yuugi: And then he said he wants to stay with me forever, and I said me too.
  • Honda: Huh.
  • Yuugi: *embarrassed flush* I know that sounds a bit dramatic, but-
  • Honda: Not at all, not at all. *back pat* It sounds like you two had a good talk.
  • Yuugi: *shy grin* Yeah... thanks.
  • Honda: No problem.
  • Later that day, at lunch...
  • Honda: *sits down next to Jounouchi*
  • Honda: So, Yuugi and the Other Yuugi got hitched yesterday.
  • Jounouchi: *spit take!!*
the almost kiss that i like to think happened that night

what happened during that night between 


Originally posted by makeupbyainster


“Stay for just one more drink? And then decide.” Magnus held out the glass in front of Alec, his glitter glinting in the moonlight. Alec stood still, hand slowly pushing his phone back into his pocket. His eyes darted to his jacket that was strewn on the sofa, and then back to Magnus.

Alec closed his and took a deep breath. His mother could wait, at least for tonight. A small smile broke out on Alec’s face as he reached for the glass in Magnus’ hand. “I guess I could stay the night, to look after Luke – that is. If that’s okay with you.” Magnus simply nodded with a smile.

Magnus felt his shoulders relax as he followed the Shadowhunter onto the sofa. They sat next to each other, further apart than Magnus would’ve liked, but together nonetheless. Alec took another sip of his drink, grimacing at the sting one again.

Magnus chuckled. “You don’t have to drink it if you don’t like it, Alexander,” he said, clearly amused. Alec smiled back but kept the drink in his hand, leaning back into the couch and relaxing. It had been a while since he had had any free time. Isabelle would be all over him tomorrow.

But he didn’t care. For once he felt comfortable here, and he didn’t care what anybody else had to say about it. Looking around Magnus’ extravagant apartment, Alec’s eyes landed on a small picture frame on the table next to him.

It was a photo from a time that Alec could only guess was almost 200 years ago. He recognised Magnus immediately but the other two pictured didn’t look familiar. He expected Magnus to look younger, and he did, in a sense. He looked less mature, less wise. More carefree, that was for sure. “Who’s this?” asked Alec, curiously. Magnus scooted closer to Alec, still keeping some distance, but leaned in to look at the picture frame. Alec grabbed it and brought it onto his lap so that Magnus could see it better.

Magnus took in a deep breathe. “Green one’s Ragnor. Blue one’s Catarina.”

“Warlocks too?” Alec asked as his fingers ran over the intricately carved wooden frame.

Magnus nodded. “And two of my closest friends. We’ve known each other for almost 400 years now.” Alec raised his eyebrows in surprise and looked at Magnus. He still had a hard time remembering that Magnus had lived more lifetimes than he could count.

Nudging an elbow into Magnus’ side, Alec laughed. “Exactly how old are you?” he remarked, to which Magnus let out a carefree laugh. He liked the sound of it, Alec decided. An arm flew up to hit Alec in the shoulder.

“Don’t you know that’s rude to ask?” Magnus said in a low voice, his breath tickling Alec’s neck. Alec immediately seized up, gripping the photo frame tightly. Alec licked his suddenly dry lips as his breathing became unsteady. Alec hadn’t felt like this in a long time.

Magnus sighed, making Alec’s skin tickle again. Alec couldn’t tell if there was any magic in that action, but it sure felt like it. “There’s no need to be on guard all the time,” Magnus whispered, his eyes shifting up to meet Alec’s.

Alec looked down at Magnus’ eyes and he could’ve sworn he saw a sparkle in them. Magnus’ hand reached up but hovered over Alec’s neck. He was careful not to touch him unless he was completely comfortable. Alec’s breathe hitched in his throat, he didn’t know how to act. He figured he should lean closer, though he didn’t realise he had even made that decision. Magnus stayed still, his breathing getting heavier every millimeter that Alec got closer.breathe hitched in his throat, he didn’t know how to act. He figured he should lean closer, though he didn’t realise he had even made that decision. Magnus stayed still, his breathing getting heavier every millimeter that Alec got closer.

They weren’t far apart at all when Alec immediately pushed on Magnus’ thigh, a sharp intake of air harsh enough to kill the mood. Magnus turned his head away as Alec stood up abruptly. He clumsily placed the frame back in its position before standing there awkwardly, facing away from Magnus. He had never acted on his impulses before, and today wasn’t the day that would change.

Alec was a calculating man, risks were more Jace’s thing. “Um, I shou- I should go check on Luke,” he mumbled, cringing at the fact that he couldn’t even put a sentence together properly. Alec felt like his entire body was on fire, a burning sensation that just wouldn’t die down. He had never really felt like that before.

Magnus stayed seated on the couch, not wanting to say anything that would make Alec uncomfortable. Magnus didn’t know if Alec would still want to stay the night now. Nevertheless he got up, fished out the only plain grey shirt he owned and placed it on the foot of the guest bed along with a pair of sweatpants. Alec could take the bed tonight. And although Magnus would’ve loved to be in the bed right there with him – not doing anything, just sleeping, not even touching if that’s what it took – he decided it would be best for him to sleep on the couch.

Magnus waited on the couch for what felt like hours for Alec to return. When he didn’t, he decided to walk over to his room. The door was open only partially, enough for Magnus to hear what Luke and Alec were talking about.

“Alec, really, I’m fine…” he heard Luke’s voice say.

“I just want to make sure you’re alright, that’s all,” Alec replied nonchalantly. Magnus smiled. Alec always acted tough, but Magnus knew that although Alec hated everything that Clary brought, he would never want anyone to get hurt.

Luke chuckled. “Are you sure that’s it? Or are you trying to avoid Magnus?” he asked in a knowing tone.

“I- It’s not that,” Alec said, taken aback. He sighed. “I just don’t know how to act around him,” he said in a hushed voice.

“Just be yourself,” Luke advised. “And relax, you’re too tense for your own good.” Alec chuckled nervously.

Alec checked his watch. It was getting late. “I should get to bed. Let us know if you need anything.” Magnus backed away from the door as he heard Alec walking closer. He twirled around and pretended to be looking for a book on one of his many bookshelves.

“You can take the bed,” said Magnus.

“And you?” Alec inquired, lifting an eyebrow.

“I’ll be fine,” said Magnus with a smile. Alec smiled back shyly, turning around and walking into the guest bedroom.

just realised this kinda has parabatri vibes??

hope you enjoyed. let me know if there are any scenarios you would like to see!

in the meantime, magnus consoles alec after a nightmare.

Man, a lot has happened in the first half of this episode alone, it’s been pretty packed with stuff:

  • In the first ten minutes of the game Keyleth jumps off a cliff and turns into a goldfish and fucking dies.
  • Keyleth’s okay! It’s all good! Everyone’s totally fine!
  • Staffing concerns at the bakery. Turns out sticking a “gone adventuring” sign up might be bad for business.
  • Interview a sweet old lady to work at the bakery.
  • Immediately suspect the sweet old lady of evildoing and follow her around a bit. She sits alone in a room eating cream puffs.
  • Out of the blue, Vex figures out how to see through the mysterious deadly orb that’s been spinning under Whitestone for 63 episodes, no biggie.
  • Portal to the Shadowfell!
  • Brief moment of diversion from this breakthrough at the realization that Allura and Kima got hitched during the year-long break.
  • Welp, time to do some research on Vecna and the Shadowfell.
  • Somebody deactivated Doty and kidnapped Tary!
  • The sweet old lady from the bakery did it. Those cream puffs were probably store-bought.
  • Sweet old lady is a disguised drow hired to bring Tary back to his terrible family. Actual sweet old lady is tied up and very confused.
  • Guess we’re going to Wildmount!
Stigma || Taehyung

Pairing - Kim Taehyung x Reader

Genre - Smut, Angst

Summary - The wounds just get deeper.

Warning - If smut at school is not what you would prefer, then please don’t read.

You knew he didn’t fancy you. After all, he was the most popular and most loved in his school. The ironic thing was, only you knew how much of an actual bastard he was; still, that didn’t stop you from loving him.

‘Why?’ You groaned as you kept bumping your head on the table in front of you. You hated- no -loathed the fact that you even liked him.

‘Watch it there, sweetheart.’ A deep, soothing voice, just the one which you didn’t want to hear, sounded next to you. You felt a hand under your forehead as you leaned to bump your head on the table again. You rested your forehead on the fingers, knowing exactly who he was. You didn’t have to look up, you didn’t want to either.

'What’s up with you?’ You could hear the smirk in his voice as you felt him drag a chair to sit beside you, with his palm still under your forehead. You didn’t look up until you heard him sit down. Oh, how bad you wanted to give in to the urge of smacking the smirk off his face.

'Nothing.’ You nonchalantly replied instead, like always. He let out a smug chuckle before looking at you again, 'Come on, love. We both know something is bothering you.’

You cocked an amused eyebrow, ’Really now? And what would you do even if I told you what was bothering me?’

He hummed, as one finger went under his chin, his eyes still on you. His finger trailed down to his neck, before his whole hand wrapped around it gently, like he was brushing away something on his neck. You always thought he had a fetish of touching his neck. But that’s what made him even more attractive.

You gulped.

'I can help you, just tell me what it is.’ He spoke dreamily, his hand still resting loosely around his neck. You looked away, sweat forming on the insides of your hands.

You looked around, without any particular aim, and noticed the whole class was empty. It was recess and you were here, in an empty room, with a guy whom you’ve fancied to do things with, in your own imaginative head.

'Y/N..’ His hand came in contact with your thigh, and your head snapped to look at him; his eyes staring straight at you, before it flickered to your lips. You unconsciously bit them, and he couldn’t help but lean in, his breath fanning your lips.

'Don’t tease me like that, love.’ He whispered seductively as he used his thumb to brush it against your lip before pulling it out from between your teeth. His gaze remained on your lips, while you took in his facial features. He was handsome, if not, more, as he gave you a close up of himself. This boy was born looking like a damn king.

He sighed before letting go of your chin and leaning back into his seat, making you release the air you didn’t notice you were holding in.

'Why do you do this to me, Y/N?’ He mumbled, more to himself as he ran his hand through his hair, frustration clear on his face. You simply looked at him, not sure of whether to answer him or not.

'I have a girlfriend,’ And you could have sworn that your breath hitched - you knew, that he had one - but what actually got your breath hitched was the fact that he pulled your chair forwards and in a swift movement, he had his lips connected to yours.

'Taehyung-’ You pushed his chest, trying to create a gap, but he held your wrist and pulled you forward again, kissing you mercilessly.

Your body gave up on trying to stop him, your mind clouded with every imagination of him and you in a bedroom. Your hands made their way to his hair, and oh, how soft they were - just right to make you moan into the kiss. You had never kissed a guy before, you could shamelessly admit, and somehow, this didn’t feel like your first either.

'You taste amazing, Y/N.’ An incoherent mumble stumbled out of the kiss from Taehyung as he got you to, somehow, sit on his lap. You straddled him in a way that had him squirming, and wanting for more of you. You pulled away from the kiss to catch your breath, taking the time to tell him, 'This is so wrong,’ before you kissed him again, his hands on your waist, circling them to hold your ass, squeezing them before pulling away, 'But it feels so right.’ He finished.

His lips trailed down from your jawline to your neck, leaving open mouthed kissed as his hands made their way under your skirt.

'Taehyung-’ You let out a moan as he began sucking on a particular spot on your neck, ’-we’re at school.’

'And?’ You felt his lips curl into a devious smirk as he kept torturing your skin at the nape of your neck, his one hand unbuttoning your shirt and moving the material away as his lips moved over your collarbone.

'We’ll get caught.’ You managed to let out, before your mouth produced a whimper.

'We won’t.’ He simply said and continued, his hands running over your clothed breasts, his lips kissing your lips periodically before switching places. He completely unbuttoned your shirt this time, and his face dug deeper into your chest as you felt him kiss between your breasts, enough to drive you nuts.

'Tae~’ You moaned, and he slipped his hand under your shirt to unclasp your bra.

'Mm, I love it when you call me that, baby.’ His raspy voice made you feel even more hotter, as you felt yourself drip. He pulled down your bra, just enough so it was hanging by your elbows, and he immediately wrapped his lips around your nipple.

Taehyung placed a palm over your mouth to stifle an erupting moan from your throat as he continued to suck on your breast as his other supported your waist. Your hips involuntarily began moving back and forth on his lap, as you couldn’t contain yourself.

He let out a breathy chuckle before placing his hand behind your head and pulling your face close to his, your lips close, but not touching as he whispered, 'Can’t stay patient can you?’

You didn’t bother answering him, since his lips were already devouring yours, the kiss enough to make smacking sounds echo in the room. Your body was pressed flush to his, with his one hand on the small of your back, and the other at the back of your head. You felt his hardness under you and you moved, as you pulled away.

'Fuck, you look so good, Y/N.’ He breathed as his eyes moved around every curve and corner of your body, your hip subtly circling his. You increased the pace of your movements as you felt the knot tighten in your stomach, and he leaned in, as he sensed your breathing getting shallow and quick.

'Why don’t you let yourself come, sweetheart?’ His rough voice close to your ear was enough to let the knot come undone as a string of profanities made their way out of your mouth. Exhausted and worked up, you leaned your forehead on his shoulder, your eyes closed as you enjoyed pure bliss.

Your eyes snapped open as you felt him clasp your bra behind your back. Your heart beat quickened, and it kept increasing to a point you felt it would jump out of your chest. You stayed frozen, and didn’t dare to bring your head back up. Sensing the hesitation, Taehyung tried to look back, but you dug your head deeper into the crook of his neck. Somehow, inhaling his scent, calmed you down by a notch.

'Y/N?’ He called and you felt tears prick your eyes. You had not only given into your stupid urges, but also helped him cheat on his girlfriend. Although you knew he might care less, you couldn’t get over the fact that he was simply using you. You knew you wouldn’t be of much importance to him, you were irrelevant, or at least that’s what he made sure you felt.

You instantly got up from his lap, your shirt still unbuttoned as your face burned a crimson red, avoiding his gaze. You turned to pack your bag and began buttoning your shirt when you felt him standing behind you.

'Hey-’ He held onto your shoulders and spun you around, making you face him. You looked straight at his chest, as he intently gazed at you.

’-what are you really bothered about, Y/N?’ He asked, and this time, there was no mocking tone in his voice like he usually used when he talked to you, no smug look on his face, no smirk resting on his lips or any masked looked in his eyes. His voice, face and eyes, only held concern.

But you failed to understand.

'You think this is a joke?’ You mumbled, your voice barely above a whisper.


'You- you think all of this is just- time pass? Like you don’t care who you are with or who-’

'Y/N, what are you saying?’ He cupped your cheeks as he pulled your face up to look at his. Your eyes were red, holding in tears as they struggled to stay in. His face broke into a worried look as he noticed the wetness in your eyes.

'I like you, Taehyung. Can’t you tell? Is it not that obvious? Because it’s obvious enough to everybody in this fucking school except you! Even your girlfriend is not dumb for once!’ You raised your voice as your eyes hurt from holding the tears in. No, you didn’t want to cry, not in front of him.

'You could have- you could have told me, Y/N.. I- I’m not dating her because I wanted to. I am because I wanted to get over you.’ He said, and even with the amount of sincerity he said it with, you were adamant.

'You’re lying. You make fun of me all the time, you- your friends bully me, your girlfriend bullies me, why would you- you’re lying!’ Your tears rolled down one by one and Taehyung watched you cry. He didn’t know how to respond. He had genuinely thought you had no interest in him, and so to get over you, he had decided to date some random girl. He himself hadn’t known of the fact that you were being bullied because of him.

'I- no, Y/N. Please, don’t think that way. I genuinely-’

'No.’ You snapped, interrupting him. You looked back up at him, your eyes red with sorrow and fury. Although you may had been making out minutes ago, it was definitely the first and the last time, with him.

'I’m not going to let you play with me, Taehyung. You can try to get into my pants all you want, but I’m not going to fall for you, not this time. Not after what you did to me in middle school.’ You said, referring to the time when he pretended to be your boyfriend, and made you develop actual feelings for him. Making you think you were a couple, you had soon become the center of attraction when he broke up with you dramatically in the hallway, as a part of a childish bet. Since that day, you knew who he really was.

Following to High school, you yourself couldn’t believe you had ended up in the same place as him, cursing yourself for falling for him all over again. This time with raging teenage hormones, it obviously being hard to hold back, and much easier to give in. Although you really wanted this, wanted his arms around you, wanted his attention on you, wanted to be his, you just could not bear to lose yourself to someone like him.

It was a question of your wit and self respect, which you could not lose. Even if he did like you, genuinely, you just as much wanted to return the ‘favor’ from middle school. You picked up your bag, looked at him, ‘Thank you and goodbye Taehyung.’

He helplessly watched you leave out the door, as he felt a part of him get empty, a void making itself in his body as what you just said to him settled in to his head.

‘This is just how you felt that time, Y/N.’ He understood.


Btw, requests are still open <3

Originally posted by officialwookkibby

Also, I have this one book I’m writing about Taehyung [Fallen Angel! AU]

Tell me if you want in on here, and I’ll consider posting it here as a series or you can request for the summary.

Will only do so on public demand.

The Intervention

“Um, guys? What’s going on?” 

Clint looked solemnly toward Tony, shaking his head sadly as he watched the man stumble forward, brow set in confusion as he took in the setting around him.

The communal living room was filled with all the friends that the team had been able to find, and together, they had procured a large banner and written the word INTERVENTION in big black lettering, hanging it from the ceiling as they all stood solemnly underneath it.

It was time they sorted this. It had reached the limit, and none of the team could handle it any more.

(beware the read more, mobile users!)

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What Happens in Vegas

What Happens in Vegas

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1261

Warning: Smut, unprotected sex (wrap it up folks)

The story is for (@winchester-writes) #Rose’s Birthday Drinking Challenge. My prompt was Jameson Irish Whiskey - “What the actual fuck happened last night?”. The quote will be bolded in the story.

Rose I hope this is what you wanted and all the best for your birthday.

Thank You to @mycapt-ohcapt and @wereleopard58 for helping me with ideas on this.

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Some Hilarious AUs From the Last Several Months of This Blog: A Summary

Scandalore: aka the “Obi-Wan Was Secretly Married Before It Was Cool” AU

  • Tag on my blog: scandalore 
  • Started with an ask from @tygermama
  • @evaceratops did an illustration for this over on her art blog here 
  • Obi-Wan and Satine got hitched in secret right before Qui-Gon died
  • Obi-Wan stays in the Order to raise Anakin and keeps his marriage under wraps
  • Obi-Wan and Satine also have a kid 
  • Anakin and Padme still get married 
  • Anakin thinks Obi-Wan’s going to out them to the council, Obi-Wan reveals his secret marriage instead
  • The Order decides to let them both stay 
  • Yoda and Mace are both Very Tired
  • Ahsoka babysits the twins and teaches Obi-Wan’s son to fight crime 
  • Obi-Wan gets a lot of shit from the Jedi for being a Duke
  • Anakin collects Duke of Mandalore memorabilia 
  • Lots of double-dating and group vacations 
  • Everyone is happy and Palpatine probably steps on a Lego and dies or something 
  • Yoda possibly retires out of sheer exhaustion when he finds out that Anakin has TWINS (Luke finds him on Dagobah anyways)

Accidental Pirate Obi-Wan: aka the “What We Thought Would Be a Good Kenobi Movie” AU

  • Tag on my blog: accidental pirate kenobi (usually, I need to clean up this tag)
  • The history of this one is sort of captured here, it has many authors (includes links to @jerseytigermoth‘s art)
  • Obi-Wan can’t stop himself from fighting crime while in hiding on Tatooine 
  • He ends up starting a crew of do-gooders who overthrow the Hutts and then proceeds to traipse across the galaxy helping people in need, breaking hearts and sticking it to the Empire
  • He is maybe also a Duke and married to Satine in this one too
  • He is constantly foiling Darth Vader’s plans, and also hitting on him (and he is totally into it because obvs)
  • Ahsoka is an awesome pirate and Obi-Wan’s main sidekick
  • Rex is there and kicks ass 
  • Luke is the tiniest, sassiest crew member
  • Hondo is loving Obi-Wan’s pirate years so much 
  • Obi-Wan sings a lot of pirate songs and once impersonated a vicar
  • Someone gave Obi-Wan ownership of a moon at some point
  • AU of this AU: Anakin was raised by Sidious/never maimed by Obi-Wan and so when he reveals his unmasked self to his nemesis Pirate Kenobi, Kenobi almost passes out

Anakin Skywalker: Needy Boyfriend, aka “the Plausibly Canon AU”

  • Tags on my blog: anakin skywalker: needy boyfriend, the force ghosts, texts from vader, texts from anakin, anakin skywalker: bridezilla
  • Anakin is totally helpless and constantly asking Obi-Wan to open his juice boxes for him or kill bugs for him 
  • Padme is either annoyed by all of this OR is also totally sucked in by it because she knows Anakin requires a 1200-thread-count minimum for his sheets
  • Anakin texts Obi-Wan approximately 7000 times a day 
  • Obi-Wan is bad at romance and gives Anakin socks for Valentine’s Day 
  • Anakin is always claiming he’s going to die if someone doesn’t bring him ice cream soon 
  • There’s an offshoot of this AU where their Force Ghosts throw an extremely over-the-top wedding and Anakin is a total Bridezilla and I almost forgot about this and I’m dying now because @darthluminescent and I seriously spent WAY too much time talking about it

Anakin Skywalker: Active Impediment to Gardening, aka “The Obikin/Virgin Territory AU @albaparthenicevelut and I made up”

  • Tag on my blog: anakin skywalker: active impediment to gardening
  • The boys are gardeners
  • Anakin is bad at his job but no one cares because Handsome and also because he’s sleeping his way through the convent they work at 
  • Obi-Wan is super into Anakin but pretending he’s not, as usual
  • Flower crowns are worn, bouquets are given 
  • Quinlan Vos is the best and worst matchmaker
  • Lots of terrible gardening puns/innuendo, probably almost all coming from Anakin because the boy loves a good pun and is not super great at flirting 
  • This one gets seriously 12,000% worse every single time @albaparthenicevelut and I bring it up again 
Zelda's Log #0: The Permanent Roomate

A/N: first chapter! Read the prologue first, if you are a new reader!

The morning following her arrival to Hateno Village, after giving him a kiss on his brow, Zelda left a deeply asleep Link to get acquainted with her new place of residence.

Clad in her more comfortable blouse, pants and boots, she wandered through the winding road up the hill, until she could reach a height at which she could observe the whole place.

The sight brought a satisfying smile to her face.

7:46 a.m.

It’s amazing how Hateno has changed! It was a small settlement a hundred years ago, now it’s bursting with life and activity. Link's​ house is one of the oldest ones - it was about to be demolished, can you believe it?

She kept walking, reaching the premises of the Laboratory, with the intention of greeting its colorful resident.

Despite her extremely youthful appearance, Zelda recognized the sheikah scientist - her glasses gave her away.

‘Goddesses, Purah, what happened to you?!’, Zelda gasped in shock, hands covering her open mouth.

‘Occupational hazards, Princess’, the tiny child-woman said, shrugging and giving her a cheery wink. ‘Good to see you again!’

'Likewise. I came to see​ how you were faring’, Zelda informed her, ‘and to ask if you could see how my Sheikah slate is working’.

Purah checked the device thoroughly while she explained the Princess her findings on the past century - she was not scant on the details of her accident.

‘It’s perfectly fine, but some upgrades wouldn’t hurt’, she explained, tapping the screen. 'Go back to Link's​ and see if he has spare parts’.

‘How do you know I’m at his house?’, Zelda asked.

'Symin went out and brought some gossip on how Hateno’s newest mystery resident arrived with a lady in a white dress on the back of his horse’, Purah explained, gesticulating with excitement. 'Besides the black fog at the castle faded in a burst of light the other day. You don’t have to be a genius to assume you both defeated the Calamity!’

'Which is true’, Zelda assured. 'I wouldn’t be here if we hadn’t, would I?’

'Sure thing! But in all honesty, I think people probably think you just got hitched’, she chuckled, with a cheery grin, 'white dresses can be misleading!’

The Princess’ face looked as a freshly mined ruby.

'Purah, I will return later with the materials’ - Zelda dashed to the door - 'I need to fix this misunderstanding!’

Zelda didn’t even have to open the door, for Link smashed it open. He waved to the scientists.

'I was looking for you’ - he grabbed her hand, taking her with him - ‘Come with with me’. He seemed a bit upset.

'I know I should have let you know where I was going’, she recognized, letting herself be guided by him. 'Where are we going?’

'You’ll see’.

Zelda looked to the village as they approached it. There was a small crowd gathered near the general store. Immediately an idea popped in her head.

'A-are you going to introduce me…’, she asked nervously. ’…to the people?’

He nodded, smiling widely.

'What are we going to tell them?’, she asked, trying to find the words to explain easily who was her and how she got there.

'The truth’.

She squinted at him, not sure if he was going to tell an abridged version of the facts, or actually the whole story.

Before she could even muster a word to introduce herself, Link surprised her.

‘This is Zelda’, he presented her, 'she is living with me from now on, as my permanent roommate. Be nice to her, please, she is new to many things’.

No more details. A very Link introduction for sure. Only one thing made her iffy.

People kindly greeted her, giving her a warm welcome. Some people even gave her gifts, mostly prepared meals and flowers.

Once she knew all the names, both returned home.  

'Permanent roommate? Seriously?’, Zelda asked, certainly upset, leaving the gifts on the table. 'What kind of concept is that?’

Link huffed.

'I’m sorry, but what else would I say to them?’ - he shrugged- ‘We’re not newlyweds​, like some people thought, and they already know mostly everything about you but your name’.

'What do they know about me?’, she asked startled, worried about his answer.

'I’ve been running around all the corners of Hyrule for months, talking more and to more people than I ever had in my entire life’, he informed her. ‘Most folks in Hyrule know about me and my mission’ - he sighed, drooping his shoulders - 'go figure out the rest’.

'And I was thinking how fantastic would be a life in anonymity, at least for a while’, she sighed in resignation.

12.35 p.m.

I had a really eventful morning. Not only I was able to catch up with the findings of a very rejuvenated Purah - my Sheikah slate is in dire need of updates in comparison to Link’s - but I was also introduced to the villagers by my “permanent roommate” - a term coined by Link to describe our current living status, which I find uncomfortable, to say the least, considering all that has transpired between us.

After lunch, Zelda went to the Lab to upgrade her slate, and wandered around, trying its new features.

3.17 p.m.

I am amazed by the upgrade features! I am out of words by the compendium. I’m so eager to complete it; I might be able to add something new if I am lucky enough to discover a creature or a stone.

The rustle of grass took her eyes away from her writing. She already knew who it was.

'What do you want, permanent roommate?’, she asked, closing her notepad, not even turning to face him. 'I’m busy with my research’.

‘You aren’t. You always do that thing when you are mad’, he noted, 'You shut yourself away, not telling why you are acting like that’ - he sat on the grass next to her - ‘I’m not leaving until you explain yourself’.

‘Your poor choice of words when explaining our relationship to the villagers’. She cut straight to the point.

And then it dawned on him. Zelda heard the slapping noise of his hand against his face and a troubled groan.

‘I’m sorry’, he apologized in a pitiful tone, ‘I didn’t mean it; I thought it described well out situation’.

‘I know’, she acknowledged, turning to face him, ‘That’s why I went to be grumpy on my own. I can be petty if I want to’.

‘I do remember that’.

‘It’s not just that though… I thought people didn’t know who I was’, Zelda commented, playing with the grass blades. ‘I wanted a fresh start, to do whatever I wanted, specially researching’

'No one is telling you what to do now, but’ - he stroked her hair- 'you are who you are, and you can’t rub that off you…You can be a scholar, and still fulfill your royal duties’.

She nodded.

'Let’s go back home’, he requested, offering his hand for her to stand up, 'I made you cake’.

'Sounds like a good plan’, she observed, holding his hand.

They walked hand in hand back home, silently, stealing glances.

Once home, she realized that next to the cake was a beautiful notebook, covered in leather.

'I forgot to give you your birthday gift last night’, he admitted, handing her the item, 'I thought you might want to continue your research in a proper logbook’.

Her eyes widened, with a spark of glee shining on her emerald irises, and a wide smile graced her lips. Her priceless reaction made him feel extremely rewarded.

'Goddesses, it’s fantastic!’, she shouted, examining it, ‘Thank you’ -she held the notebook against her heart- 'this means so much to me’.

He just remained silent, cheeks tinted red.

‘I have a lot of research to do’, she told him coyly, tapping the hard-covered notebook. 'I consider you have the qualifications required to be my assistant… What do you think?’

‘As long as it doesn’t involve eating raw hot-footed frogs’ - he made a disgusted gesture - ‘I accept’.

His answer compelled her to give him a big kiss on the cheek.

7:33 p.m.

This is the first, albeit unofficial entry in this log. I have to catch up not only with a hundred years of research, but also with all the people who remain from our past and present. Link will join me in this quest, not only as my guardian and assistant, but also as something else - to my surprise, this logbook had a charming dedication, perhaps added after a misunderstanding we had during the day, related precisely about our relationship status:

May we never be apart ever again.

-Link (your permanent roommate, who loves you)