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the fuckboy scheme | 2 | m

◇ Maybe Jungkook wasn’t as bad as you previously thought. Maybe.

◇ Jungkook x reader

◇ fuckboi!au + college!au

◇ length: 4.9k

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◇ okay i know i said i was working on other things but i just realised I’m almost at 2k followers and i wanted to get this fnished bc a lot of yall apparently like this and honestly i kinda like how this part turned out!!! Also thank almost 2k of you for being sweet and supportive and understanding,,,,,, ily all 💗💗


Two hours pass and Jeon Jungkook is still completely and utterly flabbergasted — and hard, too.

He can’t wrap his head around the fact that you teased him, turned him on and then proceeded to leave him. That - that’s never happened. He’s Jeon Jungkook — any girl in this college would bend over backwards to have him in their beds, and what’s even worse is that Jungkook was the one chasing after you. Shit.

So he stands for maybe more minutes than is socially acceptable, mouth gaping and eyes narrowed in an uncomfortable mixture of confusion and disbelief — and then, he downs between 2 and 10 concoctions from the kitchen that are much too bitter but much too sweet at the same time; he flirts and kisses and flirts and kisses until he’s breathless but he’s still bored, still spiritless.

Thus, Jungkook finds himself locked in one of many bathrooms in Jackson Wang’s house. A shaky breath escapes his lips when the pounding music fades to a muffled cacophony and his inebriated gaze focuses on his image in the crystal mirror in front of him.

He imagines you were there with him; your hair mussed, your lips swollen, chest heaving with every breath. He imagines that he lifts you onto the sink and eats you out like a man starved, he imagines you getting on your knees and swallowing his cock like it’s your favourite treat. And fuck, are those good thoughts.

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After the last picture, I realized I really really liked drawing Tommy Jarvis. And the more I thought about it the more I just, really like his character and arc. So, after finally sitting down to Actually Watch one of the movies (that being part 6 because Tommy, and because it’s less gory than some of the others and didn’t make me ill), I came to a conclusion.

After three movies, one game, and actually killing Jason Vorhees a maximum of two times (since Tommy has to be present to kill Jason in the game)….

Tommy Jarvis needs a nap.

And as awesome and cool as it would be to draw him doing something Epic, I feel like he (and all the counselors in the game too) needs a chance to just rest. So, think of it post-re-killing Jason (since I doubt he’d be very restful if Jason wasn’t dead), probably waiting for the police and paramedics to get done. A cup of coffee, drying off after probably ending up in the lake at one point, the beginnings of a nice bruise on his face, probably more bandaging that we can’t see because heck Jason can do a lot of damage… I think Tommy’s earned a break.

Pose referenced from @senshistock (I’d link to it but tumblr’s a pain about outside links.)

Montgomery x Reader Imagine (Part 5/?)

Okay, I’m not proud of this part, but I need some time-filler before cool things start happening.

I asked you for any recommendations and adivces, you wrote me about dinners, hickeys, jealousy, it’s all coming soon, I promise!

I already almost finished part 6, but I think I will postpone it and make it part 7 and write new part 6 if that makes sense lol

PART 1     PART 2      PART 3     PART 4

Bryce and Zach were literally sitting on the grass in front on Bryce’s house and waiting for us to come.

“Finally! What took you so long?!”, Bryce asked when we got out of the car.

“She drives like shit”, Monty said.

“Excuse me?!”, I knew we had to make up an explanation on why we were gone for so long, but boy, no one will talk shit about my driving. “I had to refuel”, I lied.

“That doesn’t mean you don’t drive like shit”, he looked at me with cocky grin.

“Guys, still, it’s like five minutes road”, Zach said. “Ten in both ways. Fifteen with refueling. And you were gone for like fourty-five. So…”, he crossed his arms on his chest. “What were you doing for missing thirty minutes?”, he squizzed his eyes at looked at me, then at Monty, again at me and again at Monty. 

“Okay, fine”, I rolled my eyes. “His parents aren’t home for a weekend and his mum left him lasagne or something like that and because he’s drunk so after he found shisha, he felt a little hungry and well, he ate the whole damn thing”, I shrugged. It was probably the most stupid lie ever, but at least snouded like something that would last around 30 minutes.

“What?”, he mouthed and glared at me.

“Have fun, boys”, I smiled at them and went back to the party.

I spent rest of the night on drinking coca-cola, watching boys playing berr pong, talking to peple and spotting Montgomery being very touchy with his new friend. I wasn’t obviously jealous of her, I was actually feeling sorry for her, because she probably thought he would call her in day or two, but well, surprise, it’s Monty, girls don’t get a call from him after he gets what he wants.


First thing I saw on Monday morning in school was Montgomery harassing some freshman.

“Monty”, I stood next to them. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”, I asked calmly.

“He started it”.

“Blah, blah, blah”, I rolled my eyes. “Right now I see you, holding him by his shirt”, I looked at his clenched fists. “Hands to yourself, Montgomery”, I said through my clenched teeth.

Finally he released the other guy.

“Go to the class, kid”, I said and gave him a little smile. I looked at Monty with serious look on my face. “It’s slowly getting boring”


“I’ve been putting you in your place since like seventh grade.”

“You chose it for yourself, nobody never asked you to stand up for people”, he snorted.

“Pull yourself together, Cruz”, I walked past him and went to the class.


“Guess, who got laid last Friday”, as usual I was sitting in cafeteria with Jess and Sheri when boys came after their PE.

“Why should we care?”, I asked

“Montgomery”, Justin said excited.

“Wow, that’s exciting”, I said and went back to my Spanish homework I’ve forgotten to do during weekend.

“It’s probably that girl who was all over him for the whole party”, Jessica snorted.

“And seriously Monty, even you can do better than walking around and bragging about having sex”, Sheri gave him a pity look.

“I wasn’t bragging!“, he defended himself, as he sat next to me.

“He didn’t have too. We just had PE, he’s scratched as fuck”, Zach said.

“Oh my God, what are you, fourteen?”, I asked. “Everyone of you get laid sometimes, stop making big deal out of nothing”, I rolled my eyes. “Besides, it was probably the girl that literally flipped her hair at him after the game, wasn’t it Monty?”, I looked at him trying not to laugh. It’s not like he would say it was me.

“Fuck you, Y/N”, he smiled at me sarcastically.

Few minutes later Monty dropped his phone. He bent down under the table to reach it, but he wouldn’t be himself if he just took the phone and sat again. Instead his hand went from my anckle to upper thigh. I gave him the “I’ll kill you” look, he just sat like nothing happened and went back to scrolling on his phone.

Some time later we both got up to go to the chemistry.

“What was that?”, I asked as soon as we left cafeteria.

“It was probably the girl that literally flipped her hair at him after the game, wasn’t it Monty”, he mimiced me.

“Oh come on”, I rolled my eyes. “Or wait, maybe it wasn’t the girl from the game, it was actually the one that was all over you for the whole party?”

“What are you, jealous?”

“You wish”, I snorted. “I don’t care what you do and with who”.

“If just have to know, I hooked up only with you that night”, he said.

I felt a little warm feeling in my stomach after his words, but I quickly made it go away.

“I literally just said I don’t have to know, because I don’t care“, I threw my hands up. “But seriously, Monty, at school keep your hands to yourself”.

“As you wish, babe”.

“And I’m not your babe”.

“Well, you didn’t complain in my bedroom”, he snorted.

“Montgomery!”, I hissed through my teeth. “If someone overhear anything and spread some rumours, I swear I’ll kill you”.

“You seem to be very tense today. You should get some d, if you know what I mean”, he winked at me.

“Not today, Satan. Math test tomorrow, remember?”, except from Chemistry, we also had Math and Peer Comunication together. “Besides, because of that thing with freshman in the morning, you don’t deserve any of this today”, I pointed at myself.

“What? Oh come on!”.

“Sorry, Mont, I’m inflexible about that”, I shrugged.

He leaned toward me as we were walking and whispered, “We’ll see”.


I was walking to my cheer practice, I walked by sports utility closet, when door suddenly opened, someone grabbed my hand and pulled me in there.

“‘Fuck, Montgomery, what is it with you today?”, I asked while my hand was roaming on wall trying to find switch.

“How did you know it was me?”.

“Well, I was hoping it was you. Just because it would be really fucking weird if someone else pulled me in the closet, but it’s like… less weird that it was you”.

He put his hand on my waist as I gave up on finding switch.

“What do you want?”, I sighed.

Instead of answearing, Monty started kissing my jaw. It was actually quite impressive how his lips found my face in this total darkness. There was something about him and his touch, that instantly made me melt, but this time I had to stay tough.

“Monty, I have practice”, I tried to gently push him away.

“You can skip one”, he whispered.

“No, I can’t”, I groaned at his lips kissing my neck. “But…”, I stopped talking to get his attention.


“Tomorrow my parents have dinner with my dad’s business partner slash friend and his wi…”

“Tomorrow I have practice”, he didn’t even let me finish.

“Don’t interrupt me”, I punched his arm. “As I was saying, my parents have dinner tomorrow and they won’t be home till like 11 p.m., so…”

“I’ll be there at seven. Now, go practice some handsprings or whatever you do”, he smacked my ass and opened door for me.


Next day I went home straight after lessons. Surprisingly both my mum and dad were inside.

“Hey, you’re home so early?”, I sat next to them in the living room.

“We need to tell you something”, my mum looked at me with super serious face.

I froze for a moment. Fuck, I thought, my mum is pregnant. Or they’re getting divorced. they found out about this whole ‘fuck buddies’ thing. I don’t know how, but they found out. Don’t know which is worse.

“So, we’re gonna go straight to the point”, my dad said.

“Yes, please.”

“Sweetie, we know, we always goes on any holidays or trip together, the three of us… but like… this New Year’s eve… we’re going to…”

“Jesus, dad, just say it!”, I shouted.

“We’re going to Aspen with some friends, the two of us, Jeff’s parents, few other married couples. Basically, you’re not going with us”, dad finally got if off his chest.

“But if you don’t feel good about this and don’t want to stay alone, we will cancel”, mum ensured.

“And that’s it?”, I finally could breath again. “Are you kidding me? I thought something happened!”

“Well.. It’s first time you’re not going somewhere with us…”

“First, I’m seventeen, seriously, it’s gonna happen more often, you know? Second, last time I spent New Year’s Eve with you was when I was eleven”.

“But, you’ll be alone for four days”

“I’m seventeen”, I rolled my eyes. “Seriously, it’s super sweet that you’re so concerned about me and that you were ready to cancel your plans if I wasn’t okay with it, but go to Aspen and have some fun”, I patted their knees and gave both of them kiss on the cheek. “Now I’m gonna go to my room, because you gave me serious heart attack with this whole ‘we need to tell you something’ thing”, I got up from the sofa and went to the stairs. “Oh, and if you’re not gonna be here, I will throw NYE party”

“You see, I told you not to worry about”, dad said to mum.

“Come on, dad, I know you were the one who wanted to cancel”, I shouted from upstairs.

They left at six, some time later I heard a doorbell. I slowly went downstairs, checked myself in the mirror and finally opened the door.

“Welcome to mi casa”, I said as Monty walked inside. “Where’s your car?”, I spotted his jeep wasn’t on the driveway.

“I’m not stupid, Y/N, I walked here. Unless you want someone to see my car parked in front of your house”, he said while looking around the home.

“Good point”, I nodded my head and went to the kitchen. “You want something? Tea, coffee, water, sandwich my mum made me before she left?”, I asked while looking into the fridge.

“I’m good, thanks”.

I went to the living room, where Monty was looking at photos, mostly mine.

“You have been cutie since always, huh?”, he pointed at one of the pictures.

“Oh, yeah, especially on this one, I was six and didn’t have any of my front teeth, super cute”.

“Okay, but what the hell happened to you in this one?”, he was looking at photo of me with red face, swollen lips and tired look in my eyes.

“Oh that was the day my parents found out I am allergic to peanuts”, I explained. “Don’t know why my dad thought it was picture worthy”, I rolled my eyes.

“It seems like your parents really love, they’re really proud of you. I mean… looks at all those pictures…”, Monty pointed around the room.

“Yeah, they do…”, I tried not to laugh when I remembered how they wanted to cancel Aspen. “But your parents also have loads of photos of you in home…”

“Yeah, to show off”, he snorted. “They’are always firsts to brag about when I do something right, but they’re never actually there to see it happening. You know? They’ll show their guests pictures and say This was when Monty played his first game, This was when he got his first home run, and so on… But they’re never on the bleachers to watch the actual game. And when I do something not so great, they just never mention it, they don’t talk about…”, he was walking around the room, so I couldn’t see his face.

“That’s why you always do everything to get yourself suspended or in detention?”, I asked. “You want to get their attention”.

I felt like I was slowly getting into his mind, that after all those years I could finally understand why he does thing he does, but then Monty again built wall around himself.

“What? Yeah, that’s stupid”, he cleared his throat and turned around to face me. “Besides, I didn’t come here for psychotherapy.”

“Monty, it is okay to talk. It is okay to let things off your chest once in a while…”

“Right now, the only thing that is on my chest”, he walked towards me, put his hand on my waist, “is the fact that I got two home runs on Friday and only one third base with you”.

I sighed and looked at his face. Well, it looked like the talk was dome for today, so we can do things I actually invited him for.

I took his hands off my waist and still holding them I started walking backwards to the stairs.

“Come and get it”, I whispered.

“You don’t have to tell me twice”, he smirked. “How much time do we have?”

I looked at the watch. “A lot. The thing is”, I pulled him closer, “can you go for so long?”, I asked with my lips touching his ear.

“Oh, you’ll see”, he grabbed my ass and pulled me up so I could wrap my legs around his hips, where, let’s be honest, they were for the most of the time.


Monty took a minute to calm his breath, then got up and started dressing up.

Right, fuck buddies thing doesn’t include cuddling after sex, I thought to myself. It was first time when after hooking up we didn’t have to pull ourselves quickly to either leave Jessica’s bathrom or to get back to Bryce’s party, but because me and Monty weren’t even a thing it probably would be awkward to lay in bed and hug.

“I just thought”, Monty said. “You’re so concerned about your reputation and keeping this a secret, but how can you be sure I wouldn’t start bragging about it to the guys? I wouldn’t, but how do you know?”

“Oh that’s easy”, I said as I put my robe on. “You’re not that stupid, you know Jeff would fucking kill you, either for fucking me or for bragging about that”.

“What is it with you and Atkins anyway?”

“Our mums are best friends, so we basically grew up together, he’s like a brother to me, I mean I’ve seen him every single day since I can remember. So yeah, we’re like siblings”, I shrugged.

“So you two have never hooked up? You have never been jealous about him?”, he smirked.

“Ew, that’s gross”, I looked at Monty with disgust. “I mean, I’m not blind, I know he’s good looking and everything, but just… no”, I shaked my head. “But once, in kindergarten, me and Jeff was playing in sandpit and there was that girl Jenny and she literally sat between the two of us and started playing with him using my toys”, I was getting way to pissed for someone who was talking about something that had happened over ten years ago. “So I slapped that little bitch”, I said with calmer tone.

Montgomery looked at me with his eyes wide open.

“So, you’re one of those crazy bitches, huh?”, he chuckled.

I smiled at him innocently.

“I gotta go”, Monty said, so I walked with him downstairs. “See you tomorrow”, he kissed me and left the door.

“Little fucker, so he can’t lay for a minute after we’re done but he can give me goodbye kisses?”, I asked myself.

For a moment I started thinking that this whole ‘friends with benefits’ thing was mistake, but then again - if some weird, twisted part of me wanted something with Monty, that was the best type of relation that was possible with him.

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For anon…enjoy! Bless this gif

“Hey team,” you called out with a smile as you walked through the firehouse.

Your friend was a firefighter and you had decided to bring him lunch. Considering this was the usual for you, it didn’t seem out of place.

Some of the firefighters waved. A few ruffled your hair, causing you to scrunch your nose. You slowed down when you reached your friend’s best friend on the squad.

“Hey Wilson,” you greeted with a smirk.
“Hey kid,” he replied with a wide grin.
“I don’t suppose you know where Steve-o’s at, do you?”
He arched a challenging brow. “I don’t suppose you got some extra grub?”

You smirked, hand already reaching into the fast food bag.

“Pssh, you know it.”

Wilson chuckled before catching the food you tossed. He made grunts of approval as he unwrapped the burger. You smirked.

“You’ll get the curly fries when you give me my info,” you teased.
“Rogers and Romanoff were called in by the Chief. Should be out in a minute.”
“Thanks Sammy,” you drawled before handing him the fries.

You left Wilson to himself as you headed further into the station. You made your way upstairs and toward the break room. Shaking your head, you placed the bag for Steve on the counter. Despite it being a firehouse, they had a nice kitchen.

You snagged a fry and chomped. However, you stopped mid-smirk when you caught sight of a new firefighter…topless. He looked as though he had just finished working out. His brunet hair waved a little in front of his face. You couldn’t help but stare. He quickly caught sight of you.

“I don’t think you’re supposed to be here,” he told you in confusion.
“Trust me,” you mumbled, “I do not care if it’s wrong.”

The man chuckled. He licked his lips before raising his curious gaze back to you. You bit your lip slightly. Sighing, you decided to answer him.

“I’m friends with Rogers. Brought him lunch,” you paused, “I thought I knew everyone in this unit.”
The man grinned. “Transfer from Brooklyn, actually.”
You arched a playful brow. “Am I supposed to call you that?”
He chuckled again. “You’re real funny, you know that?”
“I try,” you shrugged.
“James Barnes, but you can call me Bucky.”
“Bucky, huh?” you asked, “Well, it’s real nice to meet you.”
“Y/N? Did I see Wilson with a burger and fries?”

You turned with a smile. Steve was heading your way. You snatched the bag and held it up for him.

“Probably, Steve-o. But, no worries, he only has the decoy.”

Steve chuckled before taking the bag. He went to sit down when he caught sight of the transfer. He beamed.

“You two have met,” he commented, “That’s great!”
You arched a brow. “Why’s that? No offense, Buck.”
“Non taken.”

It was Steve’s turn to shoot Bucky a questioning glance. The transfer just shrugged. motioning to you slightly.

“Bucky and I go way back,” Steve explained, “He usually only lets people he’s known a while to call him Bucky.”
“Is that so?” you asked with a smirk.
“Hey, you were checking me out,” he countered.

You chuckled. You gave Steve a peck on the cheek. Bucky averted his gaze.

“Enjoy lunch,” you told him, turning to leave, “Oh, and give Buck-o my number for me?”

You smirked as you watched his surprised reaction. It swiftly turned into a sly grin. He whipped his shirt off his neck as he turned. Steve just chuckled before biting into his sandwich. Just before you were out of range, you decided to call back.

“And tell him I’m free most Fridays!”
“I got it,” Steve called back, “You owe me, Buck.”
“Yeah I do.”

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i’m not sure about this, but 

could it maybe perhaps be kind of possible that Elias was gay?

i mean think about it: we’ve all gathered so far that there is something going on with him, because we saw that last friday he got so drunk that he couldn’t even walk straight (no pun intended) and then was very moody when he got back home and argued with his mom. 

and then when Sana invited him to the syng party he asked if her friends would be there. BUT he refered to them as “the ones from the apartment” and we all assumed that he was talking about Noora but WHAT IF HE WASN’T? because guess who else lives in that apartment? FREAKING ESKILD. And i mean, if he was talking about noora, why wouldn’t he say “the one from that party” or “the blonde one” or “the one with the blue eyes”or idk, whatever thing that specified he was talking about Noora?

AND THEN, we have Eskild talking about Elias and saying that he looked “open for fun” what was that about? and we all know that so far Eskild’s gaydar has been right with isak and even (the thing about how you could tell a guy was gay if he started  talking to a stranger about sucking dick). 

sooooooooo, it could be posible. right? i don’t know maybe i’m just going crazy… or am i?

I Was Made For Loving You

Happy early Birthday @levins18 this Bartender!James AU is for you after all our talks about boy problems. I adore you! 

(Please note this is NSFW at the end because my fingers slipped.)

Read on FF Net 

He was over the one-time shags and loveless relationships the town offered. He was happy with his life and content with his success but she was sharper than tequila, sweeter than wine, and had more of a kick than a shot of fireball. 

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Will You Be Mine?

A/N: A smutty Spencer x Reader anon request where the reader is a virgin, but Spencer isn’t. Reader hasn’t even had her first kiss yet. Things get hot and heavy after a kiss, and she blurts out the status of the ‘v’ card. Also, they aren’t dating at the time. @coveofmemories @sweetg


“Why are you looking at me that?” you asked, watching as Spencer’s eyes bore into you. After dinner, which you got together for every Friday, you started to help him clean the dishes. The water had sprayed back into your shirt, soaking you to the skin from the chest up. 

When you looked at him, you noticed the way his lips parted ever so slightly, how goosebumps traveled over his entire body, how his eyes became darker as they scanned over you. A 20-something year old virgin, you weren’t used to people being sexually interested in you, but the way he was looking at you made you think just that. You hadn’t even been kissed yet. “Spence,” you said, the cool air from the apartment hitting your dampened shirt and causing you to shiver, “What are you looking-”

Closing the space between you, he wrapped his arm around the small of your back and gathered you to him, pressing his lips to yours as a warmth you’d never experienced radiated from inside you. Whenever you’d seen kissing in the movies, it was in a grand setting surrounded by music and tons of people, but this…feeling Spencer’s lips against yours, in the privacy of his apartment, with nothing but the other’s slight moans to fill your ears…this was better.

For a moment, not knowing exactly what to do, your tongues battled for space in the other’s mouth, but after a minute, you placed the dish you were holding on the counter and wrapped your hand around the back of his neck. Your hands glided down the sides of his neck as you brought your tongue out to bite down slightly on his upper lip. “Spence, I…”

He stopped immediately, wondering if he’s overstepped a line. “I’m sorry. Did I…?”

“No,” you said, correcting him and stealing another quick kiss before continuing. “Just…where did that come from?”

A slight rush of air huffed out his nose as he laughed. “I’ve wanted to do that for a long time. I just haven’t had the guts until now.”

“Well…” you replied, wondering whether or not you should tell him that not only hadn’t you had sex, but this was the first kiss you’d ever had, “You should probably know that I haven’t had sex before…” You touched a finger to your lips, more to feel his kiss rather than to point it out to him. “That kiss was the first one I’ve ever had.”

His eyes went wide at the confession and you were pretty sure that you’d lost him right then - that he was going to pull away. “Really?” he asked. Just curious, not accusatory. When you nodded again, he grabbed your face in his hands and deepened the earlier kiss before pulling away. “I hope that lived up to what you expected.”

“More than,” you laughed softly. Leaning in, you licked at his upper lip and pulled him toward you. As the single kiss turned into more of a heated session of lips and teeth clashing against one another, you felt your core tighten for him. God, you wanted him. You weren’t dating him, but…did that really matter? “Spence…” He’d started to slide his hand under your shirt and you wanted to go inside, but he took as a sign that he was overstepping his bounds and stood back. A sigh nearly escaped you when his touch lifted from your body. 

“I’m sorry,” he repeated.

You reached out for him and pulled him back into you, wrapping your legs around his waist as he stepped toward you. “Will you…will you be my first?” The question seemed to take him off guard, so you continued, trying in vain to clarify yourself. “I know we’re not dating and if you’re not comfortable with it that’s totally fine, but when I was in high school, I had so many of my friends saying how much they regretted their first time because the guy ended up being an asshole, but…if you were mine…I know I would never regret it.”

Spencer tangled his hand in your hair and lifted you up against him as he carried you inside. “Are you sure?” he asked, laying you down on the bed like you were a precious piece of china. 

“Yea,” you said, sucking in your lower lip. Within a few minutes, you had pulled off your top and he’d grabbed a condom from his night stand drawer. His hand floated over your skin, tracing the lace of your bra. As he went down your body and traced the lines of your jeans, you pulled his belt from its loops and leaned up to kiss him through the fabric. 

The second you pulled away from his length, he came to hover over you and kissed down the slopes of your breasts until he removed the lace from your body. “You are gorgeous,” he said. “And thank you for trusting me to be the one.” 

“You’ve never given me a reason not to,” you replied, pulling his hair gently as he kissed down your body and toward your core. “You’re my best friend.”

Smiling, he reached under your bottom to shimmy you out of your jeans and panties. He sighed against your core when he saw how ready you were for him. A slight choked groan left you at the feel of his tongue against your slit. Again, until now, you had only imagined, and the way you were feeling, what he was doing, the moment in general, was everything you’d ever imagined.

Every nerve was on fire in the best way possible. As his tongue slipped in between your folds, you heard him growl against you, sending a small shockwave through your skin. You were grateful he was focusing on you, but all you wanted right now was him inside of you. Nothing else, not even the magic of his mouth was enough. “Please,” you said, looking down to where he was lapping at your center. “I need you…now.”

He could see the desperation in your eyes and came up to swallow your pleas with his mouth. “You have me,” he whispered, quickly slipping the condom on and pressing himself to your entrance. 

When he slipped inside, you arched your head back and he stilled himself to ask if you were okay. “I’m fine,” you breathed, desperate for him to be closer than was physically possible, “Just take me.”

Slowly, he started to move inside you, watching as the emotions and feelings played across your face. Considering this was your first time, you weren’t going to last very long. “Oh my god, Spence,” you choked, crying into his neck. “I need to come…make me come please.”

He grabbed your hand, which was grasping onto the headboard and brought it down between you as he continued to thrust. With his hand over yours, he began to massage your clit, moving it around gently as he thrusted into your wet heat. As your orgasm began to crest, he left your hand to continue on your own. The tears stung your eyes as your back arched off the bed. “Look at me,” he said, caressing your cheek. You hadn’t even realized you’d closed your eyes until he spoke. 

The second you opened your eyes, his heated gaze met yours and you cried out, your hand still against your core as your legs wrapped tighter around him. “Fuck,” you cried out. You’d barely noticed that he’d come too until he collapsed at your side. 

“Worth it?” he asked, noticing the smiled on your face.

You couldn’t help but chuckle. You’d never been high before. But you imagined that this is what it felt like. You nodded and rolled into his embrace. “Totally worth it,” you said. “Thank you.”

“No need to thank me,” he said, kissing your nose. “I’ve wanted you forever.”

Leading Suspects

Summary: When an old friend in need reaches out to Katniss, she returns to the small town she swore she’d never set foot in again. Help Madge and then leave, she decides. But a murder investigation and one sheriff with stupid blue eyes and dimples all conspire to keep her where she thought she’d never want to be.

WARNINGS: RATED E for mentions of domestic abuse, character death, mild language to include racial slurs, an obscene love affair with coffee, and explicit sexual content.

This piece was lovingly crafted for my dear friend and beta, @peetabreadgirl, to celebrate her birthday. It’s based on a book I recently read and immediately had to Everlark because…well you’ll see. The book is Jed Had to Die by Tara Sevic. I am neither Tara Sevic nor Suzanne Collins and thus technically do not own the basic storyline or the characters. This is pure fun. Also, it’s multi-chapter, but they will be significantly shorter than my chapters usually are. Enjoy! Love you, PBJ! <3



There are few things a woman wouldn’t do for her one true love in this life. Maim, murder, wreck, and ruin. Because we all know that your one true love is reserved for that singular soul who inspires your heart and then protects it. Strong, dependable, forgiving, amazing. These are the qualities that garner affection. Especially at times when your love reliably comes through to rescue you from a horrible day. Enter Theo.

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Seven days

Word count: 18.4k (this was meant to be short ffs)

Summary: Dan was known as a ‘man-eater’ at his school, accepting dates from whoever offered, but he had never stayed with anyone for longer than 7 days. He never expected to change this lifestyle either but then again, he never thought a boy that asked him on a date to see a 'kids movie’ would change any of that.

Warning: mentions of depression (but nothing bad, just saying Dan was sad in the past really) and a panic attack which isn’t too bad

Day 1

“Did you hear he stopped with Sarah-”

“Only lasted three days!”

“Wasn’t his longest seven?”

“He needs to stop…”

“It’s hard when he knows he’s that hot.”

Dan chuckled as he heard everyone whispering about him as he walked down the corridor. Got to love Fridays.

Dan loved being the centre of attention, 'Man-eater Howell’ they called him, although he’d accept anyone who asked him out. Eyes for everyone. But they were right, Dan had never had a relationship for longer than a week, and that was how he liked it. Easy sex, a date or too- depending on how interesting the person was- and then no more.

People were boring anyway.

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anonymous asked:

If you're still doing the fluff starters, would it be alright if you could please do “If you steal the blankets, I am going to put my cold feet on you.” or "You are my new pillow" for Lams? Only if that's alright with you, of course.

“You are my new pillow.”

Author’s note: I didn’t mean to make John this awkward and full of self doubt, (and kinda relatable tbh) but that’s what happened. Enjoy.

Word count: 1580

There are not words that could describe John Laurens’s shock at what he found when he woke up in the middle of the night. His roommate (and longtime crush) Alexander Hamilton, was in his bed. Cuddling him!

He couldn’t help but jolt away from Alexander, but luckily managed to remain silent. Unfortunately, the motion alone was enough to wake Alex, who blinked up at John in confusion.

“Why’d you jump?” He yawned out, shaking his head a little. He didn’t mention the fact that they were cuddling, or that he’d gotten into John’s bed at the first place. He seemed to think it was normal.

“Because you scared me! What are you doing in my bed?” Honestly, John didn’t hate this. Alexander was warm, and soft, and he’d been wanting this for months. But that didn’t make it less weird.

“Bad dream,” he said with a shrug. “Couldn’t fall back asleep on my own, so I thought this might work. And it did.” He gave John a sweet smile, but it faltered after a few seconds. “Why? Do you want me to leave? I can go back to my bed, sorry.” He started to untangle himself from John, but was stopped quickly by a hand on his upper back.

“Wait,” John said. This was probably stupid. He shouldn’t have Alex stay or ask him to cuddle, if he didn’t know he was into him already he was going to find out now- “You don’t have to go.” There, that wasn’t that bad. Good job John.

Alex hesitated for just a second, then gave a nod and settled back down. “Alright..”

John let out a little relieved sigh. That came out a ltitle bit smoother than he had expected.

They got comfortable again, with John on his back and Alexander clinging to his side like a koala, with his head on John’s chest. They were both quite happy with this arrangement, but John couldn’t help but tease Alex a little bit.

“You do know that I have pillows on my bed, right? You could use one, if you want.”

Alex only laughed, shaking his head. “No thanks. You are my new pillow. Deal with it.” To prove his point, he tightened his grip on his roommate.

“Alright,” John said with a shrug, grinning.

They stayed up like that for a couple more hours, just talking themselves to sleep. The shock of finding his roommate in his bed made it a bit hard for John to sleep at first, but luckily Alex was more than happy to stay up with him for as long as he could, which was about two and a half hours. John stayed up for another thirty minutes after that before he managed to drift off.

The next morning, John woke up to find that Alex had vanished. He let out a sigh, a little disappointed even though that was what he expected. It wasn’t like he thought Alex returned his feelings and that was his way of showing it and they were going to just smoothly turn their friendship into something more without any awkward “what are we” conversations or anything and then they’d get married in a few years or at least stay together for a really long time and break it off on good terms and remain best friends even as they met other people during the rest of their lives. Of course not, that was dumb. He knew better than that. Of course.

He let himself lay in bed for a little bit longer without moving, trying to make the memory of last night last a little bit longer before he had to deal with the fact that Alex just thought of him as a friend. And a source of comfort after a nightmare, of course.

God, he sounded like an idiot! All they did was cuddle a little, it wasn’t like they fucked or anything. They didn’t even talk about anything deep! It wasn’t a big deal, he needed to get over these stupid feelings.

Finally, driven by the idea of breakfast, John pulled himself out of bed and shuffled into the kitchen of the apartment. Hopefully Alex had left him some of the leftovers they still had. What he found was even better.

Alexander was standing in front of the stove, making pancakes and humming softly.

Just like the night before, one couldn’t describe exactly how shocked John was to find Alex here.

Alexander didn’t cook. He’d occasionally save John a slice or two of Domino’s pizza if he was feeling nice, and that was as close as it got. Honestly, John didn’t think Alex knew how to cook. But here he was, making pancakes from scratch. They had to be from scratch, they didn’t have any boxes of pancake mix in the apartment.

John couldn’t even say anything. He just stood there in the doorway of the kitchen, gawking. He thought he’d just stay there until he starved to death, but Alexander noticed him after just a minute or so.

Their eyes met, and Alex smiled. John didn’t budge an inch. Didn’t have any idea what to do with himself.

Alex’s smile faltered when John didn’t even blink.

“What’s wrong Jack?” He asked, turning away from him so he could keep the pancakes from burning while they talked.

John then remembered that he should probably say something in response to Alexander’s question. That was a good idea. Right.

“I, uh, you surprised me again.” He laughed, kind of awkwardly. Very awkwardly. “You make pancakes now?”

Alex shrugged, shooting John a grin. “Today I do. Herc texted me a recipe, and luckily we have everything I needed.”

John nodded slowly. That made sense. Kind of. He remembered how to walk again and decided to do so, making his way to Alex and leaning against the counter.

“Alright. But why are you making them?” He asked, pushing thoughts of last night from his mind. That was over, it didn’t have to do with this. John would be lucky to get one of these pancakes, this had nothing to do with him offering his bed to Alexander.

Another shrug from Alex.

“I don’t know, I just thought I’d thank you? Y'know, for not kicking me out of your bed last night when you found me. You gave me another few hours of sleep than I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.”

Oh. Well, John stood corrected.

“Oh. Alright. Well, I appreciate this. Thanks.” He grinned, knowing he was definitely getting at least one pancake now. Probably more, Alex was making a lot.

He turned to go shuffle off to the couch and watch the news until breakfast was ready, until Alex stopped him.

“Wait!” John spun around, raising an eyebrow at Alex, who gave him a little grin. Within a second, Alex took a couple steps forward and pressed a very quick kiss to John’s lips.

As he pulled away John stood, for the third time in less then twelve hours, shocked beyond words.

Alex didn’t offer much of an explanation, just winked at him and gave another “thank you for last night.”

By the time John had gotten over the shock and inched his way to the couch, red faced and wide eyed, Alexander had almost finished breakfast.

The apartment was silent for a couple minutes, until Alex called John over for breakfast.

“Jacky, it’s ready!” He yelled, setting everything out on the sad excuse for a dining table, which they rarely used. Alex didn’t trust either of them with syrup on the couch, so this morning was one to be spent at the table.

John shuffled over, silent, and sat down across from where Alex was already seated. Before he could ask what the hell that kiss was about, Alex beat him to it.

“Last Friday, I got a call from an extremely drunk Peggy Schuyler, giggling like a schoolgirl and telling me all about how a friend of ours has a crush on me.” He cut himself off, laughing softly. “She spoke like she was in seventh grade, insisting she pinky swore that she’d never tell. She kept that swear, so don’t get mad at her, but I only have one other friend who makes people pinky swear.”

John’s face only reddened further, and he sunk into his seat. He had nothing to say.

“Luckily, that happens to be the friend I have that I’ve been pining after for a few months.” John couldn’t even bring himself to be surprised, he was too amused at Alexander’s choice of the word “pining.” He snorted, shaking his head.

“Anyway, start eating. You don’t eat enough, and I could tolerate it as your friend, but I won’t stand for it as your boyfriend.” Alex used his fork to point at John’s plate, and John rolled his eyes.

“I eat enough, Mom,” he responded, about to take a bite when realization hit him.

“Boyfriend?!” He all but shouted, gaping at Alexander, who nodded.

“Yeah. I mean, that’s the logical next step, right?” He said it so nonchalantly, between two bites of his pancakes, like it wasn’t the only thing on John’s mind when they were near each other.

John nodded eagerly, not sure what else to say. Of course that was the next step!

Alexander laughed. “Good. Eat.”

They finished breakfast quietly, and it wasn’t until John started the dishes that Alex spoke again.

“Oh, and by the way, I haven’t had a nightmare in almost a year.”

History we never wrote…

Saturday - 18 Feb 2017: I met a wonderful human being, we connected.

Sunday: Spent the whole day with him and my friend..eating, having drinks, talking having meaningless silly funny conversation.
We parted that night, he gave me a warm tight hug.

Monday: We spoke on the phone, reminded me how drunk me and my friend were on Sunday night and I apologized. We were making plans to spending more time together.

Tuesday: We texted, I replied to his last message almost an hour late and never got a follow up text. I tried calling him and his phone just rang.

Wednesday: I texted him a ‘hey’ and still my text went unread, didn’t get a reply. I tried calling him that day and the phone just kept ringing and he never returned any of my calls…

Thursday: I figured he just didn’t want to talk or see me anymore since my drunk behaviour and I needed to let it go. I texted my friend telling her how strange this was that he just disappeared; she told me she also hadn’t heard anything from his cousin since we last saw him on Sunday morning.

Friday: My friend got a text early in the morning from the cousin saying “ Hey there, sorry I’ve been quiet but my cousin was killed on Tuesday” and she forwarded it to me. We wondered which cousin this was and had to wait for a call back. I went to work and couldn’t stop thinking about him and I knew that it was him…that he was gone.
Around lunch time I got a call confirming it was him…he was no more.

It’s only been 6 days and I am still in disbelief, in shock.

I wonder what was the point of meeting you only have you killed 3 days later??? I know I’m one of the last people you spoke to and I hope you never forget me.


Falling Into You - Chapter 5 Missing You

Read on A03

Betty was half way through her third class, trying to concentrate on what was being said but her eyes kept wandering to her phone and a picture of Jughead. She had taken it at the fair when he was sitting on a bench and grinning at her with his boyish grin.  He was so handsome and just looking at his picture was making her stomach flutter.  She sighed and looked back to the front and then her phone buzzed.  She looked down and smiled.

J: Hey you :)

B: Hi! :) :)

J: Two smiley faces makes me think you must miss me ;)

B: I do!

J: But I’ve only been gone a few hours.

B: I always miss you….

J:  :)

Betty bit her lip and sighed.  Him being gone was going to suck, but at least she could text.  Even this little bit made her feel better already.  

J: What are you doing right now?

B: I’m in class, trying to concentrate but a certain someone is interrupting me ;)

J: Sorry, I can stop if you want.

B: No, please don’t.  What are you up to?  You get there already?

J: About an hour ago.  Slept most of the way here.  We’ll be starting up in a bit.

B: please be safe…I worry about you climbing around on all that framing.

J: I’ll be safe, I promise :)

B: ok, I should stop texting, the professor is glaring daggers at me lol I’ll talk to you soon.

J: later, Betts

B: later Juggie :)

Betty spent the rest of the class with a smile on her face.  

The next few days passed in a blur of school, work and missing Jughead.  They were texting mostly late at night because once his job started they worked long endless hours and he got in late and they would spend an hour texting before he’d pass out.  He would send a few texts on every break he had and she was grateful for them.  She really could hardly wait for him to come home.  

She got off work early on Friday and when she got to their floor, she saw Sally struggling to get some bags of grocery in her apartment.  Betty hurried over to help her.  

“Oh sweet Betty, how are you?” Sally asked, giving her a hug.

“I’m doing good, Mrs. Reynolds,” she said with a smile as she carried the bags inside for her.  Her apartment was the same layout as her and Jug’s, but filled with dolls and doilies.  Betty smiled as she looked around.  She tried to picture Jughead with his lanky frame trying to work around all the dolls and frilly things and had to supress a laugh.  

“Please, have some tea with me,” Sally said with a smile.  

“I would love to,” Betty said smiling and sitting down by the tiny table the lady had managed to somehow fit in the small space.  

“Jughead sent me a message that he was leaving for a couple weeks and to let you know if I needed anything.  He told me you would be glad to help but I just didn’t want to bother you,” Sally confessed, putting on the pot for tea.

“Oh, please don’t worry about it.  I will gladly help with whatever you need,” Betty insisted with a smile.  

“You two are just such wonderful sweet kids.  They don’t make them like that much anymore,” Sally said with a sigh.  “Nobody has time anymore for us older folks.  Too much running around chasing after things.”

“I’m usually too tired to do much running,” Betty said with a smile.  Sally laughed and pulled out some biscuits to snack on.  

“So how are things living with our dear boy?”

“Really good.  He’s very easy to live with and wonderfully sweet, as you well know,” Betty said, flushing a little.

“You really like him, don’t you,” Sally asked, making the tea.  

“I’ve always liked him, we grew up together and….”

“Oh honey,” Sally interrupted.  “I’m not talking about that kind of liking.  I can see it when you talk about him, that boy is weaseling his way into your heart, isn’t he?”  Betty smiled and looked down at the biscuit she was holding.  Her face felt warm and she knew she was blushing red.  “He’s a good boy, you won’t do any better than him,” Sally said with a knowing smile and patting her arm.  

“I really do like him,” Betty said softly, meeting the old woman’s gaze.  Sally patted her hand and smiled.

“He really likes you too dear.  When he was changing the lightbulbs back when you first arrived, it was Betty this and Betty that.  I believe he was already smitten then,” she said knowingly.  Betty smiled into her tea.  Jughead was smitten with her?  She hoped so, because she was pretty smitten with him.

Later that evening, with the clock showing it was nearing 10:00pm, she was laying on the couch with Jughead’s blanket and trying to find something to watch when her phone dinged with a message.  She smiled and reached for it.

J: How’s my favorite girl?

B: I don’t know, where do I find her? :)

J: Probably on my couch, with my blanket ;)

B: Oh really?  Why is she your favorite girl?

J: Because she is kind, and good and sweet and so beautiful and she makes my heart race….

B: :)

In truth, at that moment, it was Betty’s heart that was racing.  The fact that he told her that, after telling her no girl had ever made his heart race, well it sent hers into overdrive.  And he thought she was beautiful.  She didn’t think her smile could get any bigger.

B: Well, if you were trying to make mine race with all that, it worked.

J: ;)

B: How was your day?

J: It sucked.  The work is just like any other day but knowing I won’t be seeing you at the end of the day makes it not much fun at all.  I miss you a lot.  

B: I miss you too, Juggie, so much.  

J: What do you miss about me? :)

B: I miss your smile and your hugs.  It’s really cold here and I need a snuggle buddy.  :)  I miss the way you tease me.

J: Anything else? ;)

B: I miss the way you kiss me.

Betty felt her stomach coil with heat and she ached suddenly to have him with her.  Her entire body felt warm.  Jughead didn’t respond for a few moments and she was about to ask what he was doing when his message popped up.

J: I can quit my job and just come home if you want.

B: lol stop it.

J: well now I just want to kiss you….

B: send me a selfie, I want to see your face.

J: you took a lot of pictures of me at the fair, stare at those lol

B: I need a new one, those are getting worn out ;)

A few moments later a picture came through.  He was laying on the bed, smiling at the camera.  The room was dark and his face was shadowed but it still made her stomach flutter.  She could tell he wasn’t wearing a shirt and although she couldn’t see much, she suddenly wished she was there with him.  She touched her fingers to the screen, stroking them along his cheek.

J: Your turn :)

Betty decided to tease him and took a picture of her legs.  He stared at them enough so she knew he would appreciate a look.  She sent it and bit her lip, waiting for his response.  It took a couple of minutes.

J: That was fucking mean Betts.

Betty giggled and sent a picture of her sticking her tongue out at him.

J: that wasn’t any better!  Now I have images in my head involving your legs and your tongue.

B:  Well, you could always punish me by sending me something ;)

J: Which body part would you like? ;) Maybe the parts of me that you like to stare at?

Betty was pretty sure her entire body was blushing and he wasn’t even there with her.  How could he get her bothered without even being in the same room with her.  Betty bit her lip and wondered just what she was going to get because she liked to stare at all of him.  She wondered what was taking so long and when the picture came through she realized he had gone into the bathroom. Her stomach clenched as she stared at the hard planes of his abdomen.  

J: hope you like cause I actually got out of bed to do that for you lol Don’t want the guy I’m rooming with to think I’m an idiot.

When Betty didn’t reply after for a while he sent another text.

J: too much?

B: sorry, I’m just laying here, trying to refrain from licking my screen.

A few moments passed and then his text came through and she grinned.

J: Fuck Betty, that was more mean than the legs.

B: I wish you were here.

J: You have no idea…..

B: I know you had a long day Juggie, I should let you rest, especially knowing you guys aren’t taking days off till you’re done.

J: id rather just talk with you all night

B: then you’ll be too tired at work and might get hurt.

J: yeah, you’re right.  I think I’m going to get my own room next week and we can video chat.  My fingers are too tired for all this texting lol

B: ok :)

J: I’ll talk to you soon Betts, sleep well xo

B: bye Juggie xo

Jughead lay on his hotel bed, staring at his pictures of Betty.  He missed her so fucking much, it hurt.  He was glad his roommate was sleeping because her teasing had aroused him to an embarrassing state.  The images in his head weren’t helping his body to settle down either.  Images like her legs wrapped around him, her tongue licking his abdomen, her mouth on his.  He bit back a groan and willed his hormones to settle down.  God, he wanted her.  He didn’t just want to hold her and kiss her, he wanted every inch of her moaning beneath him.  

“Shit,” he muttered under his breath.  Jughead was by no means a prude when it came to women.  No, he’d never gone all the way but he’d had some pretty good make out sessions, but he’d always been able to hold back and stop before it went that far but he wasn’t sure he’d be able to do that with Betty.  This was already the fastest he had ever moved with a girl and here he was, already thinking about and wanting to go all the way.  He still felt the same.  He wanted whoever he had sex with to be that special someone, maybe and hopefully, the only girl for him.  He wanted to give his heart and he didn’t want to just sleep with someone only to have everything fizzle.  Was Betty the one?  He wanted her to be and he knew it was a little early and he was probably being an idiot, but Emma was right, he was falling for her and he couldn’t help it.  

He thought back to when he was still in Riverdale.  Betty had wanted Archie and he had always thought Archie was the biggest fucking idiot alive for not wanting her back.  Even back then he knew she was special.  He had never said anything, figuring there was no way she would ever be into him and when he had transferred and they had lost touch, he had missed her a lot.  He had been happy though, that she hadn’t pined after Archie when he’d rejected her, and she had been genuinely happy for Archie and Veronica when they had started dating.  He didn’t understand how nobody had snatched her up in all this time.  Riverdale apparently was full of idiots.

Jughead smiled.  He had been nervous when he had agreed to have her live with him and had never in a million years ever thought something like this would happen.  He never expected to feel anything other than friendship and he was even more thrilled that she seemed to feel as much as he did.  He didn’t think he’d ever figure out what fates had aligned to cause something this wonderful to happen and he was going to do his best to make sure nothing screwed it up.  His phone buzzed and Betty must have thought he had fallen asleep already and left a message for him to find when he woke.  He smiled when he stared at the screen.  She had sent a beautiful picture of herself smiling at the camera.

B:  Hope you have a wonderful day at work and I miss you so much.

He couldn’t help replying.

J: I miss you more.

B: Oops, thought you’d be sleeping *giggle*

J: I can’t wait to hold you again.

She was quiet for a couple minutes and Jughead was drifting off when his phone buzzed again.

B:  I really like you, Juggie.  I need you to know that.  I think about you all the time and I miss you so much I want to cry.  I wasn’t expecting this to happen at all and I’m so happy I moved in with you.  Hopefully this doesn’t freak you out.  You just make me really happy.

J: You make me happy too, Betts. :) I’m kind of crazy about you.

B: :)

J: :)

Betty said goodnight again and lay back on her pillow, having long moved to her bed.  She supposed they were a thing now, together without actually saying it.  She had been scared to say how she felt but just needed to get it out in case he was wondering.  He felt the same.  Her heart felt like it was going to burst she was so happy.  Jughead Jones was crazy about her.  She didn’t think she could feel happier.

The following week, Betty got a text from Emma, who claimed she got her number from Jughead and was wondering if she could bring over a bottle of wine so they could have girls night.  Betty happily agreed.

Emma arrived on Thursday evening, a couple bottles of wine in tow.  Betty had made appetizers so they wouldn’t get too drunk to talk and was pouring the wine as Emma wandered around.  

“I’ve only been here once, when Jug had a game night of some sort with the guys.  I had nothing else to do so I tagged along.  Seriously the most boring night of my life,” she said with a laugh.  Betty smiled and handed her a glass of wine and they settled on the couch.

“So what do you do?” Betty asked

“I work at a PR firm.  Running around doing everyone’s errands.  I’m hoping to move up in the ranks soon and I’ll do the shit work to get there,” Emma said laughing.  “It’s a good job, good money so I keep at it.”

“Where did you meet Jughead?”

“We actually met when we both worked at a courier service.  He worked there I think for four months.  That’s where we all met actually.  Colin and Justin as well.  Justin still works there, he kind of runs the place.”

“You guys all seem like really great friends.  I’m glad Jughead found you.  It couldn’t have been easy for him the first couple years.  This place is vastly different from Riverdale,” Betty said laughing.  Emma launched into some funny work stories that involved the guys and Betty began to notice she mentioned Justin more than the others and her face would get this look when she brought him up.

“I wanted to quickly clear something up so you don’t think I’m some sleazy girl,” Emma suddenly blurted.  Betty frowned at her.

“Why would I think you’re sleazy?”

“Well, I kind of made it seem the other day that I just jump from guy to guy getting laid and that’s actually not true at all.  I realized later how that might have sounded when I said I was looking to get laid.”

“I didn’t really think much about it after you said it,” Betty said smiling.  “I certainly wasn’t thinking you were sleazy.”

“Ok, good, cause I’m not.  Like at all.  I mean, yes I’ve slept with guys, but not really that many,” Emma said with a laugh.  

“That’s none of my business anyway,” Betty said, reassuring her.  “Although, if you don’t mind me asking and you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.  Do you have a thing for Justin?” she asked with a smile.  Emma groaned and fell back on the couch.

“Jesus, does it show?” she asked with a scrunched up face.

“Only when you talk about him and mention his name,” Betty replied with a giggle.  Emma sighed and sat up again.

“Swear you won’t tell Jughead,” Emma said firmly.  

“I swear.”

“Yeah, I’ve had it bad for him for like a year already.  He’s so fucking blind.  I basically throw myself at him and he’s so damn oblivious.”

“Are you sure about that?” Betty asked with a smile.

“Pretty sure,” Emma replied and then she looked at Betty.  “Why do you ask that?”

“Well, every story you tell about him, it’s always starting with; when Justin came by to help me, or when Justin offered me a ride home, or when Justin sent this cute text;  I’m starting to think Emma, that you’re the oblivious one,” Betty said laughing.  Emma froze, as if going over everything in her mind and her eyes widened.  

“Oh my God,” she whispered.  Suddenly she put down her wine glass and Betty’s and gave her a fierce hug.

“I’m so fucking glad you moved here!  I have no girlfriends to tell me these things!” she shouted.  “Boys are too stupid to notice and wouldn’t tell me if they did!”  Betty laughed and hugged her back.

“I’m glad I moved here too,” she said smiling.

“I really like you Betty.  I had a lot of fun at Molly’s the other night.  I was telling Jughead that he better not screw this up,” Emma said, blushing slightly at her admission.  

“Well, I’m not sure there is a whole lot to screw up yet,” Betty said laughing.

“But there is something, though, right?” Emma asked smiling.  Betty blushed and sipped her wine.  Emma laughed.

“God, you two are exactly alike.  You both blush over the slightest thing.  Seriously, I’ve never seen two people more suited for each other.  I’m telling you Betty, maybe I shouldn’t be saying this already, but he’s falling bad for you and I hope you know that.  I’ve never seen him like this.”

“Like what?” Betty asked curiously.

“At Molly’s he never took his eyes off you, like ever.  Unless he was taking a pool shot,” she added with a laugh.  “The way he touched you, smiled at you, pulled you close.  Since I’ve known him, he’s had 3 girlfriends.  Two didn’t last long and one that ended rather badly cause he wouldn’t sleep with her; with all three, he never ever looked at them the way he looks at you.  Even that last one.  He dated her for a year and he acted more like she was his friend than his girlfriend.  Then you come along and it hasn’t even been what, 2 months? And he’s head over heels Betty.”  

Betty said nothing and just smiled into her glass.  She knew Emma was a little drunk and probably saying more than she intended and Jughead had already told her he was crazy about her, but knowing that the other girlfriends hadn’t meant that much to him made her ridiculously happy for some reason.  Her phone buzzed and she picked it up and smiled.

“He’s texting, isn’t he?” Emma asked with a smile.  Betty bit her lip and nodded.

J: Hey beautiful :)

Betty showed Emma who gave her a knowing ‘see?’ look.

B: Hi Juggie :)

J: What are you up to?

Emma took the phone and pulled Betty close to her.  She held up the phone and they grinned into the camera and she took a pic and sent it to Jughead.  Jughead replied a few moments later.

J: You hanging with Emma?  That’s great!  Emma, don’t corrupt her!

B: Emma says you should STFU lol

J: Anything she says about me is lies.  Don’t believe a word of it lol

B: I hope that’s not true cause she said some really wonderful things :)

J: autocorrect did that….what I actually typed was….anything she says is absolutely true and you should believe everything!

B: lol you’re such a dork.

J: yeah, but you like me anyway ;)

B: yeah I do :)

“Holy shit, can you two get any sappier?  Seriously, I’m getting nauseous,” Emma said laughing.  Jughead told her to have a great evening and that he was going to video call her the next day because he got his own room and Betty couldn’t contain her excitement.  Emma laughed and rolled her eyes at them.  She stayed for a couple more hours and Betty got to know her really well.  When it was time for her to go she called a cab for her because they had finished both bottles of wine and were a little on the tipsy side and Betty didn’t want her walking to the subway.  

When Betty was alone again, she pulled out her phone and sent Jughead another goodnight picture.  She made a kiss face in it and added ‘I wish’ to it.  The wine fueled her courage and she wanted nothing more than to feel his mouth on hers right then.  Jughead replied immediately.

J: I wish too right now.  So fucking much.

B:  Hurry home.

J: I will.  Goodnight Betts.

B: Goodnight Juggie.

The following night, Betty was waiting when the video call on her laptop started to ring.  She hit answer and there sat Jughead, without his shirt on.  She bit her lip and smiled and he immediately laughed.

“How am I supposed to concentrate when you aren’t wearing a shirt?” she asked with a sigh.

“Sorry,” he said laughing.  “I mostly just did it to see you blush.”  He winked then and she wondered how a wink through a computer screen could arouse her.  Then again, texting him aroused her.

“I really miss you Juggie,” she said and then before she could stop it, her eyes filled with tears.

“Hey,” he said softly.  “Don’t cry….”

“I’m sorry,” she said, sniffing and wiping at her eyes.  “I just really miss you.”

“I miss you too, more than you know.  We’re going to finish up here probably on Tuesday and then I’ll be home.”  She nodded and smiled, and blew him a kiss.  He smiled and settled back.  “I could just sit here and look at you all night,” he said with a  chuckle.  “You look beautiful.”

“I’m in my pajamas,” she said laughing.  

“You could wear a tent and you’d be beautiful,” he said.  Betty blushed and he chuckled.  

“You have a good time with Emma?” he asked as he reached to the side for something.  He took a swallow of a beer he suddenly had in his hand.

“Yeah, she’s really great Jug, I love her.”

“That’s good, she can be a little intense,” he said with a laugh.

“You’re just saying that cause you’re a guy and you don’t know how to handle her or what to say to her,” Betty said smiling.  “She’s really glad im here cause now she has a girl to talk to.”

“Good, I’m glad.”

Jughead shifted his screen and Betty couldn’t help but let her eyes roam over his abdomen.  Good grief the man was hard and fit.  

“My eyes are up here,” he said suddenly, teasingly.  “Unless of course you’re thinking of licking the screen.”  Betty turned beet red.  Teasing with texts and then having it said face to face, even if through a screen was a little mortifying. Jughead burst into laughter.  She groaned in embarrassment and hid her face. “Don’t do that,” he said softly.  “I want to see you.”  She lifted her head again and he winked at her.  Betty sighed and glared at him.

“Stop teasing me, it’s making me blush.”

“Well….yeah.”  His grin was making her insides shiver.  Betty reached to the screen and traced her finger along his profile.  “What are you doing?” he asked softly.

“Touching you,” she said just as softly.  He didn’t say anything, but she saw him swallow and his eyes took on an intense look.

“I’m never working out of town again,” he said quietly, his eyes dark.  His statement implied long term and Betty felt warm all over.  He planned on them lasting.

“Good,” she whispered.  They talked for an hour and by the end of it, Betty was in tears again.  She didn’t want to say goodbye.  

“We can do it again tomorrow hon,” he said.  His calling her ‘hon’ made her cry even more.  She felt like an idiot but she just wanted to hug him.  

Their goodbye took a good 15 minutes and so did the next three.  On Monday night he told her he would be home the next day.

“We’re going to finish around lunch and we’re going to leave straight from the jobsite.  We’re all pretty eager to get home and nobody even wants to go to the hotel and shower first,” he said laughing.  

“You can shower at home,” she said happily.  She couldn’t wait for the next day. Almost 2 and a half weeks without Jughead was enough to last her a lifetime. She never wanted to be away from him again.  Was that crazy, she wondered. She decided she didn’t care.  She had never felt this way about anyone and she just wanted to be with him.  

The following day, as Betty was leaving Molly’s after her shift, she was heading across the street just as a big dirty work truck pulled away from the curb and head up the street.  Her heart leapt in her chest when she saw Jughead standing on the sidewalk.  He looked up and saw her and she started running and he dropped his bags.  He was tired and dirty and he had never looked better.  Her arms went around his waist and she held him so tightly, she wondered if he could breath.  His arms came around her and he pulled her up against him, his face in her hair.  After a moment his hands came up and moved through her hair and he tilted her head back and his mouth came down on hers.

Jughead’s kiss was hungry and thorough and she returned it eagerly, not giving a second thought to the people on the street.  He pulled away before it got too heated and rested his forehead on hers, his breathing heavy.  She clutched at his shirt, trying to catch her breath.

“Don’t ever leave me again,” she whispered.

“Yes, ma’am,” he said with a smile.  

They went up to the apartment and once inside, Jughead grabbed her close and kissed her again.  This time his tongue swept into her mouth and she moaned and pressed against him.

“God I missed you,” he growled against her mouth and she felt heat pool in her stomach.  Her arms went around his neck and she pulled herself closer, kissing him without restraint, her tongue tangling with his.  “Who the hell taught you how to kiss?” he groaned when he pulled away, his breathing heavy.

“Am I doing it wrong?” she asked frowning, trying to pull back.

“God, no,” he muttered, kissing her again.  When he finally pulled back she sagged against him, unsure if her legs could hold her up.  He held her for a few minutes and then pulled away and pulled off his hoodie.  “I’m going to take a shower and you order a couple pizzas and grab our blanket and we’re going to eat and snuggle while watching a movie.”

“Ok,” she said with a happy smile.  The fact that he now called his blanket ‘theirs’ made her heart ache with happiness.  She was so glad he was home.


Welcome home Juzumaru!!!!! 

I actually got him on Friday a few hours after the event started when I came back from Uni. I had Jijii as my leader and used all 950 and a Pine ofuda and he arrived after 30+ attempts. 

I’ve always had more luck with smithing than drops so I am really freaking happy I got him now and not in whatever the event in May will be.

Now Nikkari won’t be lonely anymore~  :D

Also I can’t be the only one who wants to hold that beautiful fluffy hair

Be More Chill Somebody to Love Me (Expensive Headphones); You are Sixteen Going on Seventeen

Rich’s alarm buzzed as his left arm blindly flailed around before finally hitting the snooze button.

“…it’s too early for this shit…” Rolling back over Rich found he couldn’t close his eyes again so he just stared at the ceiling. September 24th, his birthday. He was now officially seventeen years old.

‘Great, I can legally pilot a helicopter now…and donate blood. Both things that are completely useless to me.’ After a few minutes of just sitting there he got up, grimacing at the weight he put on his wrist. 'Shit, that hurts like a bitch.’ Grabbing his phone he saw a text from his brother.

'Yo, Rich happy birthday. Sorry I can’t be there but my bunkmates say happy birthday too. Sent your gift in the mail, should be there any day now’

Rich smiled, even from across the ocean he was being the best brother ever. Throwing his phone on the bed he stretched his arms up he got a whiff of his armpit making him gag.

“Ugh, shower time.”


Michael sat in his car outside of the school parking lot waiting for the weed to get out of his system when his phone dinged. Grabbing the phone he saw a Facebook update letting him know it was Rich’s birthday.

“Oh shit, cool…maybe I should like get him something…wait like Jake…” Rolling his seat up he checked the phone and saw it was only 6:45. “I still have time to stop at Walmart and get something for him.” A little voice that sounded a lot like Jeremy told him not to drive while high but he just laughed putting his keys in. He hadn’t been caught yet and it was for a friend…sort of.


“Hey babe,” Jake leaned across Rich’s locker holding a card with a smile. “Got you a little something.” Taking the card Rich was greeted by a smiling cartoon squirrel that sang when he opened it. He laughed as he took the gift card off.

“A…gym membership?”

“Yeah so we can workout together man!” Rich forced a smile as he fist bumped Jake. “Oh hey, gotta go; track practice. But tonight we’ll head over to PinkBerry, my treat then we can work off the calories.” He jogged off as Rich opened his locker, throwing the card in.

'I honestly can’t tell if he’s being earnest or just really passive aggressive…wouldn’t be the first time.’ That’s when he noticed something different in his locker, covered in wrapping paper. Curious he looked around to make sure Jake want around before opening the package. Ripping the paper off he almost dropped the box in excitement. It was the 37th anniversary collection of all the Friday the 13th movies. Who the hell got him these? And how did they know his locker combination?


“Hey Michael why did you need Rich’s locker number?” Jeremy asked over the phone as Michael sat in first period math waiting for the bell to ring.

“Just wanted to wish Rich a happy birthday.”

“Couldn’t you have just talked to him?”

“It’s complicated.”

“Like, crush complicated?”

“No, like different complicated.”

“Whatever you say dude, see you later.” Jeremy hung up as the bell rang.

Today I wore my Winchester Bros t-shirt and my KAZ 2Y5 necklace, both of which I got at NJCon this year and which I was wearing for the first time. I knew Jared and Gen were in NYC and I was walking to the bus home, texting my friend jokingly that I was keeping an eye out for them. Two minutes after, I look up and I saw something familiar. A split second later I recognized who it was, and my legs legitimately turned to jelly and my heart felt like it had stopped. He noticed me before I even started walking up to him, and pointed at my t-shirt and gave me this big grin and said “Hey! Like your shirt!” And I said “Thank you!” and asked if we could take a photo. Gen smiled and offered to take it for me, and I asked her if she could be in it too, and she said “Sure!” I took out my phone and opened the camera, and Jared reached out and took my phone, saying with a little smile, “Here, let me take it. I’ve got longer arms!” And I said “Yeah, good idea. I’m too short.” And we took the photo and he said “Is that good?” And I said “Yes thank you!” He complimented my t-shirt again, and then noticed my necklace and said he liked it too. I told him “I just got them! At NJcon on Friday!” And he gave a huge smile and said “Oh cool! What’s your name?” I said “My name’s Tova!” And he said “Nice to meet you Tova, I’m Jared and this is Gen” and I replied “Oh, wow yeah, I totally didn’t know that” to which he started laughing, and as they walked away I told them I hope they have a good time in NYC, and they both smiled gently at me and walked away.

….I don’t think I’ll forget this for as long as I live.

anonymous asked:

i have a request for a prompt : sana and elias have a heart to heart talk and yousef is brought up.

Sana opened the front door of the apartment feeling quite tired after a long school day. After all the stuff with Yousef, she hadn’t been able to keep her mind in place. Even the russ bus wasn’t enough to distract her from thinking about him. She kept thinking about the flowers he had handed to her, his attentiveness when she was speaking, the butterflies he was able to give her while simultaneously bringing her a sense of calm. Sana had wondered if this was what being in love felt like. But love shouldn’t be this difficult, should it? She caught herself thinking.

Sana took of her shoes and outerwear and walked around the apartment to ensure Elias didn’t have his friends around so that she could take off her hijab. It was a rare occurence that they weren’t around, you’d think they had been adopted by Sana’s family the way they always hung around. Sana sighed out of relief that she could take off her hijab now, but she couldn’t lie to herself and say she didn’t feel that sting in her stomach from realising that Yousef wasn’t here. 

As she took out the pins in her hijab she couldn’t stop herself from thinking about if she were to marry Yousef. If it was possible. She couldn’t stop herself from thinking about the day of the wedding when she would be his and he would be hers. The day they would begin their lives together. The day he would see her without her hijab, the day she would open up to him completely and let him in. She imagined a look of awe painted over his face. Or at least that was what she hoped. She still wasn’t even sure if he liked her. 

“Sana?” she heard Elias call out from inside his room.
She heard the opening of a door and seconds later he was beside her and fully occupied by the inside of the fridge. Sana looked at him, sceptical of whether or not she should talk to him about friday. About why he got so drunk. She had a million questions in her head but she had no idea where to begin. 

“Uhm, El-”
“Do you know if we have any spaghetti left from last night?”
Sana shook her head lightly. Elias was acting really casual, perhaps too casual. 

Before she could think, she blurted out, “What happened last friday?”
Immediately after she worded her thoughts, he looked over at her with a mix of guilt and nervousness. Which in turn made Sana nervous, she was worried about him. 

“I-, I really don’t want to talk about it,” 
Sana rolled her eyes at his stubbornness. Now he decided to be a man of few words? Sana gave him a stern look nonverbally telling him he needed to answer her. 

Elias walked over to pick up a fork and he started eating some potatoes. He looked disgruntled and very tired overall. 


He gave out a loud sigh and said, “I said I don’t want to talk about it, especially not with you. I’m supposed to be a good role model to you according to mom. You weren’t supposed to see me like this, Yousef should have never called you.”

The mention of Yousef made her heart skip a beat.

“Also, whats going on with you and Yousef?” Elias meant to sound casual but there was a clear hint of cautiousness and interest. He inched closer to the table at which she was sitting.

Sana was thrown aback by his bluntness, although that was his trademark after all. 

“Wha- what do you mean?” she said, in a miserable attempt to act casual. She started taking out a biology book and her laptop from her schoolbag and wished he would take the hint. But instead, he sat down beside her and rolled his eyes in mock annoyance. 

“Come on, you can lie to mom all you want, but not to me,” 
Sana just hinted at her biology book in response, resolved on not giving him any answers. She was far from ready for that talk, especially from her brother.

“Yousef’s been talking about you, you know.” that made Sana’s eyes shoot up at Elias in shock. A million thoughts were going through her mind at that moment. What had he told Elias? How much did Elias know? What did Yousef feel?

Through all these different thoughts in her head, all she found herself uttering was one simple word, “Oh,”

Elias was staring intensely at her, trying to figure out what she felt. “Yeah, uh, he told me he needed to talk. About friday. He really likes you.” When Elias finished the sentence she hadn’t even noticed she was holding her breath. Sana felt a slight blush forming in her cheeks. 

“What about you? Do you like him?”

Sana had no idea what to answer to that. The fact that she was even having this conversation baffled her. “I- It doesn’t really matter does it, nothing can happen anyway,” She responded in a grave tone. Sana looked up at Elias and noticed his worry for her but also his confusion. 

“What do you mean?”

“Elias, you know why,”

Elias looked at her with understanding painted all over his face. He loved his sister and couldn’t bare seeing her looking this sad. 

“Just because he isn’t muslim? Sana, you and I both know he’s a better guy than most of the other guys who actually do believe in islam.”

“But.. What about mom and-”

“You never used to care about what people thought, why start now? And also, I wouldn’t even be friends with the guy if I didn’t think he was good enough for my sister.”

Elias was right. This made Sana fill up with love for her brother. She couldn’t believe how supportive he was, even though he could be extremely annoying and nosey, but when push comes to shove, he knew what to say and do.

Sana knew what she and Yousef had felt right, she knew that they had something special. 

Does it still count as Solas Fluff Friday if he’s just surrounded by fluff?
So I re-worked this a bit to try to get moon and moon look like actual wolves instead of dogs and all of a sudden Solas lost ten years off his face so now it’s angsty 15-year-old  Solas and his childhood pets.

and it’s transparent lineart! ripe for the coloring! all I ask is that you tag me if and when you post the results so I can see what you guys make!