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Hey so since dandelions are springing up everywhere I was wondering if is any magical way I could use em

Eat them! Drink them in tea! Don’t pick the flowers right away because they are great for bees!

I don’t have my correspondence book with me so I am doing this from the top of my head, so I may miss a few things. You can google “Dandelion magical correspondence” for probably a lot more thorough information. I just love dandelions, they are so useful. And great to have around other plants as well too!

Anyway, I am totally serious about eating them! The whole plant is edible! The leaves are great in salads, and are PACKED with Vitamin A and Vitamin K! If I remember correctly 1 cup of fresh dandelion leaves has 110% of your daily intake of Vitamin A, and over 500% daily recommended intake of Vitamin K? The flowers can be made into juice, tea, wine… toss them into your salad with the leaves for color… whatever you fancy! And the roots are the best part! You can make the roots into a substitute for coffee if thats your thing, or dry them out for tea! Did I mention how healthy they are for you? Yea?! Well.. they are also SUPER good for your kidney and liver, as it can help flush them (its a diuretic). Dandelion tea can also help clear skin issues like acne up because its flushing all those toxins and garbage out of your system.

Dandelion is pretty awesome right?!

Don’t worry, I am not done yet.

I mentioned a bit that its great for bees at the beginning, and it is! Its one of the first things that blooms in the spring that attracts bees and other pollinating insects to help the earth! On top of that, dandelions have a long taproot, which helps bring nutrients up to the top soil so that other shallow rooting plants have more nutrients. They help out their neighboring plants, by bringing up more minerals and nitrogen making everything else around them super happy! So don’t yank them up! They are there to help!

As far as correspondences for magical use goes, it can be used for luck and wish spells! You can also drink the leaves & flowers in tea to help increase psychic abilities. Its also good for cleansing and purifying and banishing negativity! Its naturally protective and healing (see how it helps its shallow rooted neighbors?!).

I also want to add: make sure you are looking at a dandelion! There are lot of plants that are very similar to a dandelion, so make sure you are identifying properly, because the others that look like it aren’t always safe to eat! Also if you are on any medications check with your doctor before adding dandelion to your diet as it is a diuretic!

Ok that was a lot of information. I went a little crazy. Dandelions are just cool plants. 

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(I’m the DM and I sent the players to a small town to look for someone. They realized the herbalist was involved with something.)

Me (The Herbalist): What would you like? I’ve got mushrooms, herbs, and flowers, as the name entails.
Wizard: Do you have any herbs?
Me (OOC): I’m the fucking herbalist.
Wizard: I’m looking for a specific one… It’s got, like, 5 leaves.
Wizard (OOC): I’m so sorry.
Me (OOC): He looks at her conspiratorially and nods, and looks under his counter.
(All of the other players realizing what’s going on.)
Me (OOC): He takes out a jar of weed.
Me (The Herbalist): This’ll be two gold.
Wizard (OOC): *softly* A whole fucking jar. I hand two gold over.
Me (The Herbalist): Was there anything else?
Cleric (OOC): [The Cleric] looks at [The Herbalist] and slides two gold coins to him too.

(The barbarian later throws someone through the front door of the herbalist’s and the wizard casts fog cloud before breaking into the herbalist’s basement.)

Anti-anxiety Shower Spell

Let’s face it. Sometimes our fear of failure and anxiety can get the best of us even when we think we’re prepared for whatever happens. That’s why I created this spell to help stay calm before major events.

This spell is great to do before a large presentation for school or work, a job interview, or any other event where you need to be calm and collected.

What you’ll need:

  • A small cloth bag, empty tea bag, or cheese cloth 
  • Eucalyptus 
  • Citrine 
  • Lavender 
  • Orange zest

What to do:

Gather your ingredients and place them in your bag. If you’re using tea cloth, place the items in the center of the bag and tie it closed with a cord or ribbon of your choice. Once you’ve got all of your herbs in place, charge them with your intent! Hold them in your hands and imagine your energy flowing into them to waken their properties. Eucalyptus to repel negative thoughts and protect against them coming back, citrine to enhance the cleansing, lavender to stay relaxed and tranquil, and orange zest to restore a sense of well-being and joy. 

When you can feel their energy thrumming in your hands, go into the bathroom and tie the bag to your shower head so that the hot water and steam will release the oils into the air. Shower like normal. Wash your hair, scrub down your body, make sure you get yourself squeaky clean, and then let the hot water ground and center you. Feel the water hitting the top of your head and trickling down to the tips of your toes. Imagine your anxiety like a thick, black tar covering your skin and only the water can wash it away. While envisioning this, you can chant or think this:

Flowing waters clean and clear 
Rid me please of all my fears
Wash the dread right down the drain
So calm and steady I’ll remain.
Cleanse my body, cleanse my mind
Leave my anxieties henceforth behind.
This is my will, this is my power
To release trepidation in this shower.

Repeat the chant until you feel ready to conquer whatever the day holds! For an added boost, keep the citrine in your pocket and rub it if those pesky thoughts come back. Hope you all enjoy this!

  • Mousse: Do you have to stand so close? You're making me claustrophobic.
  • Ryoga: What does claustrophobic mean?
  • Ranma: I think it means he's afraid of Santa Claus.
  • Mousse: No it doesn't!
  • Ryoga: Ho, ho, ho!
  • Ranma: Stop it, Ryoga, you're scaring him!
🍋☕️Future Woods Witch’s Lemon Tummy Tea☕️🍋

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Hey Witches! So, unfortunately I got hit with a tummy bug earlier today. Which kind of sucked, but on the upside I got to use my herb garden! This is a tea that uses a few lemony type plants that help settle your stomach. 

✨What You’ll Need✨
- One slice of lemon, plus a little more juice depending on how lemony you want it
- Seven to ten leaves of Lemon Balm
- Seven leaves of mint
- five to seven leaves of Lemon Verbena
- A mug
OPTIONAL: a slice or two of ginger if you’re also dealing with a sore throat, and some honey if you like your tea sweeter

Roughly chop the leaves and ginger if you’re using it, and place with the lemon into the mug. Pour in the honey if you want it.

Pour boiling water over the lemon and plants and leave to infuse for about five minutes. 

Strain the botanicals out of the tea and leave to cool.


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What's Dedicate Gorse's backstory?

Gorse was a nice farm boy in Yanjing. He discovered cooking - his mom was a really good cook - and his father, who was a farmer, taught him about herbs, and his grandma taught him about cooking and healing herbs. As he got older, he got more obsessed with herbs and plants, and the village shaman taught him for a while until he said there was nothing else he could teach him. 

Then Gorse hit the road and studied as he traveled, with every shaman and witch who knew anything about plants. He studied making potions, making medicines, and cooking. He earned money cooking at inns and caravansarys. When he came to cities where he could settle for a while to study, he’d cook in eating houses. In one of those cities, he met Niko. In jail. 

He ended up in jail because he broke into a garden where the plants were placed unharmoniously and were screwing up the house. Niko was tossed in jail I think because the local mages got jealous and wanted him tossed in jail. So they broke out and began traveling together, because Niko saw Gorse’s talent. Niko taught him until they got to Winding Circle. By then, Gorse had the education to get his medallion as a mage, then after a few years as a master, and he was given charge of the kitchens. 

Witch Tip

ok. this is something that i personally had trouble realizing when i first got into witchcraft.

loose dried herbs and loose leaf tea are absolutely fantastic to use. taking the time to individually think about each ingredient, freaking great.

but so are tea bags and they are so convenient and they can be just as successful!! 


celestial seasonings’ Sleepytime is pretty popular and for good reason!! the ingredients are chamomile, spearmint, lemongrass, tilia flowers, blackberry leaves, orange blossoms, hawthorne, and rosebuds. purification, cleansing, aiding in sleep, i sometimes use it for self love spells, the list goes on!!

herbal tea blends have a lot of ingredients and can be used in a multiple of ways. just look at the ingredients and correspondences. and remember!! INTENT. and you can always add things in: lemon, honey, cinnamon, milk, orange, sugar, lavender, mint, rosemary, rose, ginger, and this list is getting too long, haha. 

DIY: the Poppet Edition

Since people apparently really liked Ada, my joy poppet, I thought that maybe some of you would like a tutorial… So here goes!

Disclaimer: Since I’m in the broom closet and that I’m a real life dollmaker, I tend to make my poppets as complex and “clean looking” as possible so that people assume it’s just yet another of my dolls. You definitely don’t have to do it the way I do it, or even to follow a remotely similar aesthetic.

You’ll need:

• some paper
• a pen
• scissors
• fabric (stretchy is best for beginners)
• a sewing needle and some thread
• herbs
• crystals
• small items
• a taglock (since I only do these poppets for my own use, I use a small lock of my hair)
• stuffing
• something blunt and long, like a screwdriver.

First, draw the body’s silhouette on paper. I try to make mine fairly symmetrical because it makes creating the clothes easier but it’s not necessary. Also, you should think about what you’re planning to use your poppet for. For example, Ada’s job is to bring more happiness in my life and help me fight off anxiety, so she’s shaped like a cat because cats make me happy. Lucia, which I’ll be building in this tutorial, is a mourning poppet: her job is to help me mourn my father, dull the pain and help me accept that everything must end, so she’ll be shaped like a skeleton. Think about what your poppet is for, choose its body accordingly.

Then do an arm and a leg the same way. As you can see, I tried giving her a little hand and curved the foott, but a simple rectangle will do the job just as well. Her leg here is super short because I’m going to make her boots out of polymer clay. I don’t need it to be as long as it should since I’ll glue the boots on later.

Now pick a fabric and draw each part twice. Chose the color accordingly to your poppet’s purpose and your personal taste. Also, if your poppet is going to be small like Ada and/or you’re a beginner… Pick some stretchy fabric, like an old t-shirt! Afterward you’ll have to turn it inside out and the stiffer the fabric, the more you’ll cry. Trust me.

Using an old t-shirt you don’t wear anymore makes your poppet even more personal! Yet another side benefit of loving yourself instead of keeping on using linen because you love the feel of it, but your poppets are pretty much drenched by tears of frustration by the time you’re done. Why do I keep doing that.

Now cut the silhouettes off, leaving some wiggle room. If you use a fabric that doesn’t fray, like an old t-shirt hint hint, you don’t have to leave a huge amount of fabric on the side. If you picked something that was probably weaved in hell, like satin, get your pinking shears out. if you don’t have pinking shears, use some fabric glue to stop the fraying. If you don’t have fabric glue, well. Good luck.

I sorta forgot to take pictures of the in-between stage, sorry. So uh. Just sew the two body silhouettes together, and each limbs, folding them on themselves. Remember to leave a hole big enough so that you can turn everything inside out.

Don’t worry too much about it being perfect: as long as it’s tight enough to not spill the stuffing, it’s good enough. While I try to make my seam lines as discreet as possible (to be more discreet about my practice), I find contrasting seams super appealing visually. So if you want to experiment with that, knock yourself out.

Start stuffing the limbs. For Lucia, I’m using the stuffing I stole from an old pillow. For Ada, I used leftover wool because that’s what I had handy. For others I used rice. Whatever works for you. As you can see, I’m using a screwdriver to push each little cotton ball all the way down. Don’t stuff the arms too much, or your poppet won’t be able to lower it arms. Unless that’s what you want.

For the body, I usually just stuff the head and the bottom of the body with cotton balls and then keep the belly and chest empty so I can fill it up with herbs and items. You could fully stuff the poppet with herbs if you’d like, or just mix a pinch with the cotton balls. See what works best for you.

Here Lucia already has one arm sewed on because I got impatient.

Here, I got my herbs ready in my mortar and put them in a small cup for easy access. Start filling up the poppet’s chest and belly (but not too much, you want some space left). Just so you know, that step tends to be pretty messy so… Do that somewhere where getting herbs everywhere isn’t much of a problem.

Pick herbs related to your poppet’s mission. For Lucia, I used linden (grief-relief after death), thyme (provides strength and courage, wards off grief), lavender (eases heartbreaks, soothing) and sage (self purification, deals with grief and loss, removes negative energy).

I didn’t take the previous step in pictures, because the items I picked where pretty personal and I don’t feel like showing them. But I can list them.

Here’s what I put inside of her:
• pink quartz (for love)
• a skull bead (for death)
• a taglock (I always use a lock of my hair tied with a red thread)
• something that belonged to my dad (it was hard to let go of it)

Again, pick everything according to the poppet’s mission. If you give yours the job to ward off curses or to help you cast spells, your list will be probably very different from mine. Take time to research what you want to use, think of how it symbolizes her mission.

I sewed on the limbs because I felt like it. You can do this later if you want, it doesn’t really matter.

So now the step shown in this picture is “the letter”. It’s an important step because that’s where you state the poppet’s purpose. And it’s also where you name your poppet (names have power, take time to think about it)! It’s not a very complicated step, though, you just need a pen and some paper.

My letters usually go this way:

“Dear (name),

You are my (purpose) poppet. You will always do (thing). You will always help me with (thing) by doing (thing). I give you this (crystal) to symbolize (thing), this (item) to symbolize (thing), this (precious thing) to symbolize (thing). I also give you my (taglock) to symbolize our bound together.

With Love,

(my name)”

Personalize it whichever way you see fit. Fold the letter tightly, put it inside the poppet, finish filling it with the herbs.

Now that the poppet’s all filled up and ready, sew close the hole and sew on the limbs if you haven’t done it already. You can now give your poppet a face. You can embroider it, paint it with fabric paint or acrylic, or use beads, or markers, or buttons, or anything you want. Be as creative as you want.

Once you’re done, you can add a sigil on it (I like to do it some place others can’t see, like under the clothes), and give some hair and some clothes to your little one. Or don’t! It all comes down on your instincts now, what feels appropriate and what doesn’t. Even if your poppet isn’t perfect, take some time to appreciate its existence. At first there wasn’t anything but a bunch of supplies and you made SOMETHING. And if that’s not magic, I don’t know what is.

As you can see on that picture, Lucia isn’t finished yet, but I’m working on her clothes and accessories right now. Once she’s fully clothed and ready, the only thing she’ll need will be to be activated, so I’ll leave her to charge on my altar for one night. And in the morning, I’ll wake her up by kissing her forehead so she can start doing her job.

Journeyman - Chapter 26

“Don’t get me wrong, love, I’m going to miss you. Who is going to force feed me coffee every morning? Who will laugh at all my jokes? What if I kill our plants? I mean, I think I’m okay with the succulents but we’ve got herbs now. That’s a lot of pressure.”

I snorted. “I think you can keep the mint and parsley alive for a few weeks.”

“I don’t know, Bee. The basil always gets a bit wilty when it sees me coming but it perks right up when you’re around it.”

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5 times Baze had to endure tarine tea and that one time when it wasn’t so bad


Baze was nine and according to Chirrut, he was going to die a very painful death. People with his condition practically thrashed their limbs into knots before they died screaming.

“Unless,” Chirrut said, his face sober. “Unless we brew you one of those cures that Guardian Thanh sometimes makes. I’ve seen the way they do it and I can do the same for you.”

Baze was really not feeling well. He was shivering beneath two blankets, one of them belonging to Chirrut, and yet his forehead was burning up.

“I - think I’ll just go to the med bay and see Guardian Thanh directly.”

But Chirrut insisted. “You wait here. I’ll be right back.”

Chirrut was gone for two whole hours. By the time he came back to the dormitory, the ache in Baze’s muscles had deepened, and his body was a tense, fevered coil beneath the sheets.

“Here.” Chirrut pushed a covered teacup toward Baze. “I got all the herbs from the kitchens and gardens myself and brewed it. You’ll recover in no time.”

“You sure about this?”

“Of course la!”

Baze lifted the lid with trembling hands. The liquid inside steamed, tar-coloured, a lazy slick of oil across the surface. It reminded Baze a lot of beizicao, which his mother used to brew for him in order to ‘prevent sore throat and quell the heat of the body’.

“It looks like beizicao.”

“It is not bak ji chou.”

“I am trusting you on this.”

Baze took a gulp. There was no other word for it. It was, quite simply, the foulest thing he had ever tasted.

“You’re right,” said Baze. “It’s not beizicao.”

He was about to tell Chirrut that it was 10,000,000 times worse, but upon seeing Chirrut’s face, forehead puckered with worry and an anxious kind of hope, he didn’t have the heart to do so.

“It’s–not that bad,” Baze lied. “I almost feel better already.”

Chirrut heaved a sigh of relief. “Oh good. I couldn’t find any gei ji in the kitchens, and there was no more gam chou so I couldn’t make Guardian Thanh’s remedy. But I prayed to the Force and the Force guided me to  use other ingredients. In the end, I improvised a bit and mixed the medicine with some tea.”

“This is supposed to be tea?”

“Ya, medicinal tea, mixed with tarine leaves. I heard Guardian Thanh say Tarine is very good for you, expels the toxins of the body and drives out the damp in the bones. The Force guided me to brew this for you.”

“Oh,” said Baze, vaguely. “Thank the Force.”

And because Chirrut was still looking at him with those shining expectant eyes– to please him, Baze took another three sips.

“I’ll bring you another cup,” said Chirrut brightly.

“Thank you for looking after me,” said Baze, wishing he’d run off to the med bay when he’d had the chance. “Truly, you’re my best friend.”

Then he threw up all over himself.



Parts: one, two and three, four, five, that one time when it wasn’t so bad

(So I got my hands on Guardians of the Whills & finished reading a couple  of weeks ago, & the main theme of the book is basically how much Baze hates drinking tarine tea.Hence this nonsense. but…this is all iv’e got for now…

bak ji chou / 北子草 is a herbal drink. it’s not that bad, Baze is just making a fuss.

Chinese medicine on the other hand…come commiserate with me if you grew up with this lol)

edit: series is complete! all links above! tysm for reading. :)

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Important girl question: How the hell did Helen deal with her periods while in Blackcliff? I mean she is the only girl in a bunch of guys and I don't think the Commandant was very helpful.

When Helene was a Fiver, and out traveling the Empire, she got a mixture of herbs from Mamie Rila that lightened her period and made it far less frequent. (This is mentioned in TORCH, in chapter 19. Hel refers to it as her “moon cycle.”)   So instead of lasting 5 to 6 days, it lasts 1 to 2. And instead of once a month, it happens like once every few months. This would ultimately make it difficult for her to have children, but at this point, she doesn’t care about that. 

Markiplier Resident Evil 7 Sentence Starters (Part III)

  • “And Grandma’s here.”
  • “Sorry I might have killed your son.”
  • “I spent pretty much everything that I had on killing Daddy.”
  • “I was scared by a leaf.”
  • “They’re not as in-control as they think they are.”
  • “No you don’t, you don’t exist, fuck you.”
  • “I’ve seen a great many pulsating sacks in my day.”
  • “Sure, I’ll just fire into the crowd of bugs.”
  • “Whoa buddy boo, whoa buddy boo, whoa buddy. Whoa buddy!”
  • “I do not recall there being this many spiders.”
  • “I guess I’m okay, alright.”
  • “At least I got the flamethrower now and I should be able to burn what I need to burn.”
  • “Burn it with FIRE!”
  • “It’s not a lot, but it’s what I got.”
  • “I don’t know what I should do or what I want to do, it’s a little mixed up right now.”
  • “His hand seems to have grown back okay, too.”
  • “Is that your power? Because that’s fucking disgusting.”
  • “Now I’m full up on herbs.”
  • “I got a funny feeling that I want to rebel.”
  • “Sorry, you don’t get to exist.”
  • “Lady, you got a lot of problems.”
  • “At least they’re stocked up on toilet paper.”
  • “Carry on, momma doesn’t know.”
  • “I’ve managed to scavenge everything I possibly could.”
  • “Well ain’t I a fucking coward.”
  • “Alright, enough fucking around!”
  • “Seems like a real charming place. I like it.”
  • “I was just trying to make you fuck off and die.”
  • “Oh god, don’t show me that.”
  • “Ok I get the hint. I get the hint, I shouldn’t be here.”
  • “Oh fuck, no you don’t.”
  • “You think you stand a chance against me? The answer is absolutely no.”
  • “I have a lot of hope in my heart. I shouldn’t, but I do.”
  • “Sounds like a trap, and I don’t like it.”
  • “That’s the deputy’s head.”
  • “I should just be able to sprint through anything that comes my way.”
  • “I can’t believe that one killed me.”
  • “Ammo really is my Achilles’s heel right now.”
  • “Woah ok, something bad happened here.”

Went on an unsuccessful chocolate mint plant hunt today, but didn’t return home empty handed. Got two new herbs (see top photo). The one on the left is Moroccan mint and the other is lemon thyme (which smelt so good I couldn’t not buy it).

The seeds are some lil white sage seedies and some seeds from last years flowers - was just about to pull the dead flowers from last year out of their awesome purple hanging baskets, because they were looking a bit sad and I thought I could plant something else in the baskets, but then I found that all the dead flower heads each contained a lil seed pod! So I’ve planted them again, they were purple flowers that hung over the sides.

Also planted some red onions on my allotment, I much prefer them to white because I think that they are sweeter and nicer. Then picked calendula petals, maybe gonna make an oil infusion, and picked some more calendula seeds. Already planted a bunch of calendula seeds today in little pots to give as presents to friends when they are established.

I bloody love spring and sunny weather. 😎🌱🌞

Good Old Blood Magic ( Lucifer x Reader )

Requested by: @mangelcup

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“Can I request something? ❤️ Lucifer x Reader because she summons him or something and they fell in love? With lots of fluff and maybe some smut? ✨”

A/N: I was writing this and an idea popped in my mind… why don’t we turn this into a series?! So, here’s the part one! -xx

Warnings: violence, blood, will contain smut in future.

¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

“This is wrong…” you kept repeating as you held your hand over your mouth and nose. Abandoned place you’ve found was stinking and air was filled with dust, something you weren’t good with.

“Damn…” you mumbled as your throat itched. You were about to cough and it’d only make you wanna do more. “It’s never somewhere nice. No, it must’ve be the dirtiest place on the planet’s surface.”

That ranting was helping actually, you were using your anger as fuel. You kept talking and cursed to every small piece of dust on planet while preparing the ritual place. You used chalk to draw and cursed to dust it made, lit candles around the sigil and cursed to smoke, then you poured the needed herbs into a copper bowl and cursed to their scent.

“I guess that’ll do fine.” You said finally, raising fron ground to check everything from a distance. When you were satisfied, you pulled a bottle from your bag and poured it around the room. You took a deep breath and set the liquid on fire. It circled around the room, lighting everything with a gold spark.

“Now the suicide.” You said and dropped a burning match on herbs. They made a black smoke, which turned into white as you said the summoning spell.

“Rah ah gah ee oh es

Vee nu nohno kee ah seh peh teh poh ah ma lah deh zod”

You waited a moment before starting again, but when you saw the change in smoke, your voice trailed off. It was blue, like an icy blue.

“I got your call.” You jumped when a voice raised from behind the smoke. You looked over but all you could see was a man’s figure standing next to cracked window, his back was turned. He turned around and walked closer to ritual as every fiber of your being tensed, room was freezing cold despite the fire circle around you suddenly.

“Let’s put it off, shall we?” He said, referring the still burning bowl. You could see his face now. His dirty blond hairs, blue predatory eyes and corrupted skin was visible by the light. “No one wants a fire to burn this place down.”

“I thought you’d like fire? Specialy the holy ones.” You said, pointing the circle around you. Your voice wasn’t shaky as much as you expected, whicy was good. A smal smile appeared on his lips and you wiped your sweaty hands behind you.

“People assume that, don’t they?” He said. “Well, as you can see, it’s quite opposite actually.”

You didn’t say anything as he gently blew a bit air to ritual place. Before your eyes, fires died and burnt herbs got covered by ice, along with the candles. Only light source was the moonlight that was leaking through cracked windows and holes on ceiling. And holy fire that was keeping him in room.“Now, I must say that I’m impressed. Never seen a human that knows how to pull this kind of thing off…” he said and walked around the ice covered area on floor. You tried not to back of as he slowly swept to you. “But I wonder, why did you summoned me? You humans are mostly after my demons…”

“I don’t want anything from you.” You said. “Okay, that’s not true actually. I want one thing… not from you though. But I think you’ll do just fine.”

“Let me get this straight.” He said and tilted his head to side as his arms crossed over his chest. “You summoned an archangel, right? And you don’t want me?”

“Sorry to hurt your ego.” You said. “But, yeah. That’s right, I was expecting your brother.”

“Michael?” He said with shock. “What could you possibly want from my fool brother? Or me?”

“You two will burn this planet, right?” You said. “Well, there’s a tiny little problem with that. I don’t want you to.”

He scoffed lightly as you reached to your pocket. You pulled out a knife, which wiped out his amused face. Archangel blade was shining under the moonlight. “Gabriel’s?” He asked. You nodded in reply. You were after him for a while and when you find him at the motel, stabbed through his heart…

“Now you’re willing to listen, good… cause I’ll tell this once.” You said. He just looked at you with narrowed eyes as you raised the pointy edge to his face, he was at least three feet away from the tip. “You won’t start the Apocalypse.”

“Be careful about that.” He said and raised his hands in a surrounding maner to tease you. You just smiled at him. “Last owner stabbed himself with that.”

“You’re not in a place to threaten me, since we’re miles and miles away from the closest town. Without someone to set them off, this circle can stay for a looong while.” You turned back to serious face then. “So, what you say?”

“If there won’t be an apocalypse, what will I do?” He said. “I left my place down there for the End.”

“I don’t know. Travel the world? Heard that’s what middle aged retired guys do.”

You knew he was absolute, he was one of the heaven’s most terrifying wepons after all, but he seemed to be enjoyed by your boldness and you were willing to keep him in that mood. Cause the alternative was…

Before you could form the idea in your mind, he moved forward. You were too slow to defend yourself as he pushed you to wall behind you and pressed his forearm to your throat. Your back burned with sudden hit but you could barely gasped as he choked you.

“See, little human, you’re not thr one who calls shots here.” He said, barely moving his lips as his eyes bored into yours. “And you can’t tell me what to do.”

“Why?” You managed to say. He pulled his arm a bit and you took a breath before talking. “Why would you want to do it? Isn’t it what your Daddy wants? You rebelled to him once already.”

“It has nothing to do with him.” He said but your eyes caught the twitch in his smile.

“Really? So you’re not trying to follow his orders… or maybe make up for your last mistake.”

He stood in silence as you talked. Your words seemed like raindrops on a solid rock but you hoped that you wdre following the right lead. “What do you think will happen? Your Daddy will show up and say that he forgave you? Or maybe he was wrong and you were right?”

You smiled to him before continuing. “Well, keep dreaming for that.”

With that, you raised your hands. You left palm covered his mouth as the other one gripped his neck and dug your nails in there. He pulled his arm back and backed away but you could feel the wetness in your hand. He reached to his mouth to wipe the blood on there as you raised your hand too.

“Stop.” He said with realization, fingers now covered with your blood. You just kept the eye contact as you licked you finger, tasting the salty blood on them.

A roaring thunder shook the ground and building with that. Devil looked at you with wide eyes as you stood in silence. He knew what happened, what you just did, and he was pissed.


“Funny thing, isn’t it?” You said. You pushed your shoulders back and stood tall as you walked in room. “Kali is so cold to men but when it comes to a women, who is offering her a deal, she is really calm. Well, your brother was another exception but it just made it easier.”

“You used her blood magic… for what?” He said. He was ready to smite you on spot, but he was also cautious.

“To put a leesh on you, of course.” You said. Yiu showed your still bleeding left hand to him. “You tasted my blood and I took yours. Since that you’re the male in here, you’re bonded to me.”

¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤