got headache and got lazy

Okay I swear this is the last one this fic is just too good.

@seajaywrite‘s The Kwami Club, from the end of chapter three! Dialogue was rearranged a bit and I still don’t know much about 1920s tuxedos I’m sorry.

Artwork ©: alazic02

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I saw him pet a cat once.  I think he’s a piano performance major?  Haven’t asked yet.  I have decided that he is my best friend.

its so weird to think about tht my whole family has weird eye problems…. even me! //// except… maybe logan? hes never worn glasses or had eye issues that i know of. we will see tho .

to celabrate this wonderful day of the first of april
here a little photoset of our funniest moment from the leipzig poopfair
how i pranked my dear moirail without even noticing :o)