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ID #18386

Name: Evan
Age: 16
Country: Canada

I’m a Canadian high school student preparing to graduate looking for a pen pal because I love learning about new cultures and I think that communicating via actual letters is really cool! English is my mother tongue, although I am fluent in German and would love to learn some other languages from around the world. I love Game of Thrones (the books though, haven’t even gotten halfway through but so far they’re great), well really I love books in general, video games (mostly arcade style games though) and travelling whenever I get the opportunity. I also like reading and discussing about science and the environment, as well as a little politics and religion.
I myself identify as Atheist/Agnostic but I’m more than happy to have some some cool discussions with people of any faith.

Preferences: I prefer someone between 16 and 18, gender doesn’t matter. As long as we can speak the same language and you’re open minded it’s all good :)

  • Aries: How to clean your dishwasher with kool-aid
  • Taurus: How to accept that your computer is slow
  • Gemini: How to feel a guy's muscle without looking gay
  • Cancer: How to act shy so that people think you are cool and you will be the best
  • Leo: How to wake up from the American Dream
  • Virgo: How to take a shower smoothly
  • Libra: How to practice nudism in your room without anyone knowing
  • Scorpio: How to become a civil war corpse
  • Sagittarius: How to win an argument when you know you are wrong
  • Capricorn: How to be inspired by Michelle Obama
  • Aquarius: How to overthrow the patriarchy
  • Pisces: How to overcome anxiety naturally with foods

LOL jasper as the refrigerator saleswoman (from this video of kimberly brooks @uchuuwu got, thank u so much for this lol)

her sales are fantastic, and it definitely has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that she can intimidatingly carry an entire appliance in one arm!! hahaha 💦💦