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We cannot erase history! I know, I know, its unfortunate that the only method we’ve got to document historical events are huge statues celebrating racists, but there is simply no other way!

gavin saying “i need fire” to get out of zipties and trevor going “okay, see, no you don’t actually, fire and indoors and you is strictly forbidden and bad and not happening” while lindsay goes “yo i got fire gav you want me to hook you up” and lighting the zipties directly against his skin on fire is the most team losers thing to ever happen

It’s amazingly eerie 😍 Tree hit by lightening causing it to be hollow inside and it’s still alive! 🌲"it’s a door to a whole new world" ⚡

happy holidays \o/

this was apart of the @christmas-shou exchange for @lilpea !


Rumiko Week - Day #1: Favorite Female Characters

Supergirl producers: …and remember! Lena is straight, Mon-El is the best Supergirl character and Karamel is canon so like… don’t be too pro-Supercorp and too wild during this event!

Katie: Got it.

also Katie: *signing Supercorp fanfic after reading the “Lena kisses her cheek ‘I love you’.“ bit* Mon-El? Whom is that? Anyways, I have a crush on princess Leia. Btw… fuck off, Teri. Go team Supercorp!