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I have a lot of feelings about Mariachi!Reaper.

sup guys. i made 19 icons (100x100) of aqua from kingdom hearts 0.2 a fragmentary passage, because she is the love of my fucking life. you can find them all under the cut.

credit is not necessary but i’d really appreciate a like or reblog if you’re saving/planning on using one. feel free to crop them to your liking i guess. thanks!!

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anonymous asked:

Heya Wally! You too, huh? Well, at least your taking this better than the others. How are things between you and Sammy, now that you're more or less in the same boat?

“I try my best to take things pretty optimistically, if that’s the right word or whatever, watchin’ the discourse from the sidelines is kinda amusin’ actually, just try not to rile Bendy too much more, guys. But yeah, I’m here, and so is Miss Campbell and Mr. Polk, as well as the rest of us employees in case you wanted to know.”
“Anyways, yeah, Sammy’s alright. Me and him never really have been at odds or nothin’ if that’s what you’re asking? Its more of like a boss thing, y’know? Nowadays he’s more like my preacher or my priest, som’in like that. Real religious guy, real religious. Its respectable, but if he tries to make me kiss that cutout again, I’m outta here!

charlie is a snarky bi punk like miles, an overwhelming lover of music like dan and a sweet toothed loud mouth pom like charlotte…

we could’ve had it all

Wrath of the Lamb

I was talking to a bunch of fannibals about the best battle songs and this one came up.

I figured, what the hell - there’s already a Beauty and the Beast Hannibal parody musical, why not Mulan? So here you go, be sure to blame @desperatelyseekingcannibals for this getting posted! 

Wrath of the Lamb - Sung by Will to the tune of Be A Man

Let’s get down to business
To defeat the feds
Did they send us newbies?
You’ll all end up dead.
You’re the saddest cops I ever ate
But you can bet before we’re through
Mr. we’ll make a meal out of yooooou.

Dressed like an idiot [Hannibal, off camera “really, Will?”]
But a beast within
Once he ties his ascot
It is time for sin
You’re now spineless, pale, bleeding out
And damn, I forgot my glue
But somehow I’ll murder tableaus out of yooooou.

Jimmy: We’re never gonna catch these guys
Jack: Come on Price, we can do this.
Zeller: Boy, was I a fool for applying to the FBI
Freddie: These guys got ‘em scared to death
Alana: Hope they doesn’t try to eat me
Chilton: *unintelligible moaning*

{wrath of the lamb}
You must be swift as the racing mongoose
{wrath of the lamb}
With all the force of a Wendingo 
{wrath of the lamb}
With all the strength of a ravenstag
{wrath of the lamb}
Mysterious as blood under the moooooon

Jack is racing toward us
Soon he’ll arrive
He’ll fuck up as usual
We’ll eat him alive
You’re too fancy for
The rage and gore
So get dressed up
In your murder suit
Mr., I’ll make a murder husband out of yoooou

bad guy au: 2 Locus’s horror Felix finally has someone 2 shit talk w/