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bad guy au: 2 Locus’s horror Felix finally has someone 2 shit talk w/


OH MAN!!! i was gone so many days this week that i was worried i wouldn’t finish this!!! (O wO) <3 <3 <3 but i managed! heheh!!! which i’m so glad of, because this is a topic i really, REALLY love!!!! @plinys ‘s micro fic, about Kylo and Hux meeting as children, is SOMETHING I’M HERE FOR 100%!!! AGGGGGG~!!!!! *is in love* so here’s the original text:

The woman, a Rebel spy working with his mother, tugs her son forwards. He’s not much, a few years older than Ben, but not quiet as tall. With red hair messy around his face, and clothing that seems to fit poorly on his thin shoulders. General looking nowhere near exciting as Poe or any of his other friends - kids of the Rebellion have to stick together after all. “Ben,” his mother says, stopping him from staring. “Meet Armitage. He’s going to be staying with us for a while.”

I ended up drawing them WAY older than i had originally intended, but… i’m a totally in love with the idea of the two of them meeting at the last possible moment when they could have changed each others life path’s (i have so many sad HCs about it!!! (T AT) i have a whole story board about it that i’d just DIE to have the time to draw!!! UGGGGG~!!!!!) So thank you so much Plinys!!! I really had fun doing this one and i hope you enjoy it!!! (-^ O^-) Can’t wait for tomorrow!!! The info page and last weeks MFM are linked below for anybody who’s new to the party!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 thank you all for another awesome week of MFM!!! *hugs for everybody* <3

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anxuanpham  asked:

Hey I saw your bands for arms post and I was just wondering if you could tell me more about it and which one you got? I'm from Australia, and I REALLY LOVE your writing and blog :) sorry this is a bit random.

Bands4Arms can probably explain it better than I ever could. I got the 2017 Jared and 2017 Jensen bracelets and got em signed by both guys. 

Thanks for the compliments too btw!