got em coach

A Rose out of Soldier’s Blood.

“Okay, I need Jesse and Kix on Deck-Duty for a whole week cause they just wont shut up about you an- Rex? Is that a rose?”

“General?” the Captain quickly breathed as stood up from his office chair and swigged the flower behind his back, while the other hand lazily saluted to his superior.

“At ease. But what are you doing with a flower?” Anakin asked curiously, not surprised that even his Captain can be strange at times.

“Erm, it’s for…nevermind.” Rex sighed, giving up from hiding. Softly bringing back the rose by his torso, easing up.

“Oh no, you sir, are going to tell me why you have a suspicious flower on your hand.” the Chosen One demanded his Captain with his grin and arms crossed.

“It’s for…” he paused for a fake cough, “The Commander.”

“Ahsoka? What for?” Anakin kept asking as he stared into the Jaig Eyes of Rex’s bucket.

Tapping the rose with a finger he sighed once more, “She’s a good friend sir, I want to remind her of that.”

“Guess you can tell her that now.” Anakin smiled pointing at the walking Togruta behind him. “I’ll leave you two alone.” the Jedi Master chuckled patting on the shoulder of Ahsoka.

Ahsoka threw a confused look at her Master but pushed that aside and entered her Captain’s office as Anakin left. “What was that about?” she asked Rex, cocking an eye brow behind her.

Frozen at what his General said, the flower remained in front of his chest, held with two hands. ‘She’s here, she’s right here. I can tell her right? Yes I can…can I?’

“Rex? You look distracted…not to mention a little funny with that.” she said pointing at the flower.

Waking up by shacking the life out of his mind, he cleared his throat and answered his Commander, “Sorry sir, I don’t know what the General meant…” his voice faded at her word for ‘flower’.

Thinking that the Captain has been asked a million times about his rose, Ahsoka walked up to his desk, and only stared at the blood colored plant.

What seemed like forever, his right arm slowly flexed forward, wanting her hands to take it far away from him.

The orange hands of the Torguta gently took the bleeding flower away from his view as she turned around to bring up the ticklish petals to her nose. Deep breaths were required to appreciate this, so she did. Every breath out was a sad moment, as every breath in was a happy one.

Watching her chest grow and shrink was one big relief for the tired Captain. Watching her breath, and watching her take the blood away from him.

Soon, his blood really did run away as her legs guided her to the side of her Captain with the rose strapped around her right saber. Her every essence made him smile, a great Jedi she is. Her superior skills, kindness, boldness, selflessness, responsible, and beautiful.

Oh how it reflected his own personality.

Backing her Captain to the wall behind him, she noticed how his body froze as she heard a quiet breath escape his mouth through his helmet. Lifting his helmet off, she embraced a hidden now revealed smile from Rex, dropping his helmet to the floor.

For that, Ahsoka returned a kiss on his rough lips. With their eyes closed and arms around each other, she parted their lips, “Thank you, for using your blood, to save mine.”

“Always will.”

Anakin by the door: *Click* HA! GOT ‘EM COACH!


Happy Rexsoka Week


He still got it….

“ha ha youre single look at you with no scheduling obligations to anyone in particular and and that disposable income you can spend all on yourself and freedom to fuck with anyone at any time” got em coach