got dolo

Say Hi to Mimetite everybody~

Something Dolomite’s…super unhappy with to say the least. Y’see, those little yellow bits of gem on that weird cluster of pale-tan gem? Whelp, that’s not dolomite. It’s Mimetite.

What if gems could have small growths of another gem on them? What if parasitic gems?

Instead of a “forced fusion-esque” deal it’s more subtle. The parasite would try to take control of the base form of the host, rather than try to form it’s own. Start changing the colors, start controlling the limbs. Learning how to make more. Eyes that suddenly appear that are ever watching. Sudden arms that form to keep the host from doing something the parasitic gem doesn’t want them to do, which then meld back into the form without a trace. A mouth making noises but the host is unable to figure out where. The gradual realization of the host gem that they were never fully alone in their mind, and the subconscious urges to cover their gem and to not seek healing attention were not innocuous.

An intelligent parasite indeed~ 

Mimetite is such a parasite. Dolomite is her host. Poor Dolomite.

Feel free to ask questions on my idea~ I”d love to answer and add more to this! I”d adore any questioning (I definitely don’t bite after all X3)