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Vampire Knight

Funny how there were two characters in Vampire Knight who sacrificed their lives and actually died for the sake of someone else. Zero and Yuuki. Funny how Hino works that way.Her selfless characters got a long happy loving life together. And then each of them used their life for someone else. And neither one of them got to have a Disney death because they lived their lives right the first time around!

Bakery selection in Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie located in Epcot’s France Pavilion.

ok listen i get it: shippers can get annoying. And while I can’t really get my thoughts into words well, I’m gonna attempt it cuz I wanna make a few points here.

firstly - Yang chose to go after Blake instead of Ruby, instead of her sister.

No one knows where Ruby is, not even Yang. The last person to have spoken to her was Sun, before she flung herself from a airship that was taking off. Yang has not heard from her since the Grimm began attacking.

As an older sister with a younger sibling of my own: when your younger sibling goes missing - YOU PANIC. ESPECIALLY if its during a hectic moment. (My younger brother once got lost at fucking Disney World and I flipped my shit)

So place yourself in that position. If your younger sibling was missing, and one of your close friends was currently in trouble, but you had other friends close by that could go help her, what would you do? You’d go look for your fucking younger sibling thats what. Because there’s a whole group of people there to go help your friend.

But the moment Yang heard ‘Blake’ and ‘White Fang’ in the same breath, she made her choice. Ruby can take care of herself, I need to help Blake.

Which brings me to my second point: Sun.

Sun was standing right next to Weiss when Weiss told Yang that Blake was with the White Fang (timestamp 11:28 - 11:30). Which means he heard Weiss say where Blake was.

The script for the episode could have just as easily gone as Sun going “wait what?! why didnt you say something earlier!?!” and rushing off to save Blake, leaving Yang going to look for Ruby.

But the writers chose to have Yang over Sun to go find Blake, despite having Sun there to play out the stereotypical “tough dude love interest goes to save his damsel in distress” route.

Thirdly, ask yourself this: If Sun had gone to save Blake instead of Yang, if Sun had been the one that had popped up as Adam had said he’d destroy everything Blake loved, if Adam had looked at Sun and said “starting with him”, if Blake had cried for Sun, saying “no, please” as Sun was about to rear back and attack, if Sun had gotten his tail or something equivalent to Yang’s arm had gotten cut off and Blake used her body as a shield…

would you be as dismissive about as you are about Yang? Or would you have sat back and been like “oh yeah this makes total sense” and have not questioned it at all?

Its not far fetched for Yang and Blake to end up as a couple. Its as plausible as Sun and Blake. There’s plenty of evidence there for both. Not only that, but a decent portion of the RT staff working on RWBY (including Kerry Shawcross and Barbara Dunkleman, one of the head writers and the voice actress for Yang respectively) have expressed non-ironic, non-sarcastic interest and delight in the Yang/Blake pairing.

TL:DR - nothing is canon - yet. But it’s been just as plausible for the Yang/Blake ship to be as possible as the Sun/Blake ship. With this most recent episode (V3, E11) you can make a damn good arguement as to how and why Yang/Blake can be a future canon thing, just like you can with the Sun/Blake ship. But you can’t dismiss that Blake and Yang fucking mean alot to each other.

So I did the thing that I’ve been talking about doing for a while now - I finally got a tattoo of the former Hollywood Studios icon! Working in this area of the park my last college program changed my life in so many ways and when I started thinking “I want a Disney tattoo”, I couldn’t think of anything better than a little visual representation of the all the memories, magic, and most of all my Backlands Fam that will always hold the most special of places in my heart.

Also, I didn’t cry and the tattoo artist said I handled it very well, so that’s a victory in my book.