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Look at this!! @i-am-a-lady-damn-it made this beautiful bit of art, an adult Robert Arryn with his father’s eyes and his mother’s hair. I adore the auburn because I imagine that his brown hair would take on a red hue once he was less sickly.

Between the shape of his face, the glorious way she draws hair, and those very Arryn feathers on his shirt I adore this! She also has art of pre-GOT people, which is awesome, and I encourage you to follow her :)

Relationship Headcanons: Damian Wayne

Prompt: Headcanon for being in a relationship with Damian throughout the Reader’s life. Started as friends, doing friend stuff, then falling in love, going on first date, first kiss, growing up together, marriage proposal, wedding, honeymoon, first child, and what the entire Batfamily thinks of their relationship. Finding out his past and meeting Talia.

A/N: I’ve already written child headcanons so I’ll leave that bit.


Damian Wayne / Robin Relationship Headcanons:

> You met through your relations to the Justice League, having a family member on the team meant you got to meet some pretty important people, including Damian.

> It was a difficult to actually get him to trust you but after originating from the League of Assassins he didn’t really have many friends.

> After getting over the trust issues, you became good friends and started to hang out a lot more.

> Robin had to save you once after you got kidnapped, you honestly thought your relations on the Justice League would reach you first but Robin got there so damn fast you were shocked.
“Where’s - Robin? What are you doing here?”
“Saving (y/n), you should’ve got here faster.”

> Figuring out the whole Robin thing was kind of easy as when he saved you he called you by name and you recognised his voice and build easily. He was your best friend, what can you say?

> Damian wasn’t trying to hide the fact that he was Robin either, he felt no need to do so and was gonna tell you anyway.
“Damian? Is that you?”
“Took you long enough (y/n).”
“…Yeahhh, definitely you.”

> Asking for some self defence tips after that and he was more than willing to help you, he thought you learning to protect yourself rather than rely on anyone else was quite attractive. Very strict teacher though. Damn.

> You were the closest person to the young hero and as a result you were introduced to all of his pets, Titus, Alfred and of course Batcow.

> You guys basically grew up together so you knew quite a lot about each other. Damian sat you down at some point during your teen years to tell you about his past.

> Of course you listened and he expected you to make a break for it then and there, but you didn’t. Instead you hugged him with a smile on your face.
“Thanks for telling me Dami, I’m here if you need anything ok?”
He was low-key sooo freaking grateful and relieved but he’s not going to show it.

> Damian did love you, as a friend but he wouldn’t mind more. No one has compared to you thus far and honestly what would he do without you?

> As soon as he accepted it and figured out he had in fact developed deeper feelings, he told you about it because he tells you everything.

> You didn’t really know what to say so he gave you some space and let you think about it.

> You were up for it though, and he took you on a date to a very fancy restaurant. He went all out ok? Spared no expense, he brought you flowers and drove home that night.

> He kissed you goodbye as well and that was the first time you two kissed each other, he offered to go at any pace you wanted - as long as you’re happy then he’s doing the whole boyfriend thing right.

> Talia managed to stop by for a visit this one time, granted she was not expecting you to be there - let alone to be in a relationship with her son. She was frustrated with the fact Damian refused to leave Gotham with her because he’s built a family here.

> You dated for a good few years before he proposed to you. He took you to the same restaurant you went to on your first date but he got called out for a mission.

> So, you ended up back at the Manor with Damian coming through the window a while later and proposing to you in his vigilante gear.

> Of course you said yes and you tackled him to floor, kissing him to show how overjoyed you were.

> The Batfam were so pleased with idea, Bruce supported you guys from the beginning with Alfred low-key shipping it so when you told them you were together, you both received hugs from Alfred.

> Dick loved the idea and was like the big brother you never had, any issues with Damian and he’d offer to help you out. Jason didn’t really care but keeping Damian in check earned bonus points with him.

> Tim was still in disbelief but despite how he and Damian didn’t get on very often, he was so glad Damian was happy and found someone like you. Duke was cool with it, and looked out for the both of you.

> Barbara became that supportive older sister who’d put Damian in his place if he ever hurt you. Stephanie still can’t believe Damian got someone as nice as you, seriously how was that even possible. Cass loves the fact you both make one another happy and that you’re both so loyal to each other.

> The wedding was a beautiful but small gathering, you invited members of the League and your closest family members including the whole Bat Family of course.

> For your honeymoon you travelled the world, Damian showed you the most scenic destinations rather than focusing on famous cities because Damian always preferred nature anyway. You had about a week together considering he had to get back to Gotham but it was definitely worth it.

The Knave is not necessarily getting in the way of the romance, but just getting in the way of things in general. He’s a thief, and obviously Emma’s a sheriff. Hook’s in love with Emma, and so with all of that involvement, I’m just an annoyance. I’m keeping her in a job.

michael socha

(i’m sorry i can’t hear you over the sound of my scarlet captain swan brot3/ot3 screaming)


damn robin, you got got

Another month, another blog eulogy. Okay, here goes.... I met Robin Williams, for real, in the basement of Catch a Rising Star in the winter of 1982....

….I had been walking past him since late 1980, when he would show up at Catch and climb onto the stage and get the longest loudest craziest ovation of any big star that would wander into what was then the center of the comedy universe. He would do at least 30 minutes, sometimes closer to 40-45, and push back all the other comics who were waiting to go on. It didn’t affect me, because I was so new at the club, another late night act, so maybe I might go on at 2:15 am rather than 2:10. Back then, if you got up at Catch, you were paid $6 in cabfare. That’s what they called it, cabfare. As my best friend, Eric Zoyd, used to say, “I call it a livelihood.” I knew I had made it the first time I got cabfare. And I knew I had really made it two weeks later, when I saw Robin Williams come off stage, drenched after 45 minutes of whatever it was he was doing, and got paid the same six bucks.

I became an emcee at the club and got to bring him up a few times, which was at once tremendous because the audience responded like it was your idea to have him come up. Later, it was downright humbling, because you went up after he was done, after the audience was Dresden, and your best lines just laid there. So, you did the brave thing and quickly brought up the next act, the next guy whose only bad quality was that he wasn’t Robin Williams. 

So when I say I met him for real, I mean we finally had an exchange that did not involve a crowd screaming in the background as I handed him the mic. I was hanging out in the basement of Catch and Robin came off stage, got his backslaps and cabfare at the bar, slipped through the coat room (where three years before a couple of mob guys had broken Joe Piscopo’s nose) and down the narrow staircase into leaky dankness just below the center of the comedy universe. He did what countless others did when they got to the basement of Catch a Rising Star. He might have used the dollar bill or the five dollar bill of his six bucks cabfare. And then he noticed me. He had just finished filming “The World According to Garp.” I asked him if he had read the book before he took the part. These were the kind of questions I asked back then, arrogant Harvard wiseass that I was. He was not insulted at all. He started to speak, in that soft soft voice of his, a voice I had never heard. “My agent called me in Malta when I was filming ‘Popeye,’” he began. “He was all excited. I had never heard of the book. I said I would get back to him. We had the afternoon off and I went to a flea market, and was looking at a bunch of buttons in a booth. There, in the middle of a pile of buttons, was one that said, 'Garp.’ Probably some Maltese word. I took it as a sign. I called my agent back and took the job. Then I read the book that weekend. I couldn’t believe he was a prep school wrestler, just like me." 

And then somebody else came downstairs to do what people did in the basement of Catch a Rising Star.

A year later, "The World According to Garp” comes out. An absolutely impossible novel to adapt is adapted pretty damn well. And the world got to hear Robin Williams talk in that soft voice. The next time he came to Catch, I was emceeing. Before I brought him up, I asked him, “You remember the scene when you and Mary Beth Hurt are in bed and she talks about one of her students (who it turns out she’s having an affair with), Michael Milton? And you say, 'Michael Milton? Sounds like a flavor in a gay ice cream parlor.' We have strawberry swirl, lemon lick, Michael Melton… Did you adlib that line? Because it sounds like something you’d say on stage.” A year later, still arrogant. Robin Williams smiled and said, “I was adlibbing the whole film and every time (the director) George Roy Hill would yell "Cut!” and say, 'I know you have to do that .Robin, but let’s stick to the script.’ When I did that line, the Michael Melton line, he didn’t yell “Cut.” We ended the scene, and he said, 'That one I’m gonna let you have.’ It was the only one that made it all the way through.“

I left Catch at the end of 1986 and over the last seven years of my stand-up life, I would run into him a couple of times a year at the Improv or the Comic Strip or Stand-Up New York, when he would topple that night’s schedule and make the club owner’s week. If he recognized you when he came off stage, you got a hug and needed a squeegie after you broke free. He remembered faces and always loved an old joke he hadn’t heard, and always had one you hadn’t heard.

Onstage, his brilliance was never questioned, but the route he might take was. Comics loved him as an actor, and actors loved him as a comic. That is as diplomatic as I can be. My one regret is that I never asked him if he adlibbed the last line in his Oscar winning performance in "Good Will Hunting.” As Matt Damon drives off and he reads the note Will Hunting left in his mailbox: I gotta go see about a girl…. Robin Williams smiles and said, “Stole my line.”

When I started at the Letterman show in 1991, he would come on at least twice a year. The hugs were longer and mercifully drier, especially after he got sober and we finally had something in common.

As I said on Twitter, he was always humble and always ready to give it up, which for me, is the most admirable quality a comic can have. Here’s the photo I posted earlier….

And here’s the story behind it. It’s 2006 or 2007, I want to say. Robin has just finished destroying for three segments. At the end of the last segment, he was telling Dave some of the great heckle lines he’s heard launched at comics from the audience. I rushed up as he was leaving, got my hug, and said, “The best heckle line I ever heard was some guy who yelled, 'Hey, move out of the way. I can’t see the brick wall….’”

Atque in perpetuum, frater, ave atque vale.

I really miss Sean Maguire’s facial hair in Timeless, but oh god i love a man in a suit, he never got to suit up as Robin Hood and it is a damn shame.

Every Sunday I watch Once and as I sometimes literally drool over all things Lana (and more and more, Bex) I am reminded of how gay I am.

But, when Sean Maguire wears a suit I remember I’m still very much into the guys.  God damn.

First Day (Extended Sneak Peek)

So I heard we’re spreading positive vibes because of stupid rumors. How about a super long sneak peak of the first chapter of First Day? Remember? That time travel au I started writing back in like March of last year? No? Too bad. You’re getting it anyway.

Takes place five years after mid-season four. Canon divergent from the end of 4a.

It’s been the kind of week that cranks the tension in her shoulders like a wet rag being wrung, only her sanity is what’s bleeding away instead of water. A vague sense of unease creeps along her spine as thunder rumbles in the distance, but she brushes it aside as she reaches for the black waffle iron in the upper cabinet. Lingering stress, likely, from long hours spent in budgetary meetings and longer nights spent rocking, walking, and driving a colicky baby to sleep.

She needs to stop moving for five seconds and have a seat, remove her heeled boots and rotate her ankles, fold her toes into the floor until the joints pop and release. If she does that, though, she may never get up again, and she’ll be damned if she doesn’t see this dinner through with Roland.

Tonight, they’re making his favorite: homemade waffles from scratch. Breakfast for dinner, for his report on the science of cooking for the fifth grade science fair.

That’s the idea, at least.

Thus far, two eggs have rolled off the counter, a light dusting of flour continues to choke the color from Roland’s curls despite her efforts to comb it out with her fingers, and not five minutes ago he’d sneezed straight into the batter, prompting an abrupt restart of the whole process. They’ve come full circle now, accident-free long enough that she’s a smidgen more optimistic they’ll be able to start actually making the waffles soon.

As she walks toward Roland’s mixing station, she clips the kitchen island with her hip. Her grip tightens around the waffle iron as she stumbles forward, biting the inside of her lip and smothering a stream of cursing as the fine threads edging her temper fray even further. This is the third time tonight she’s snagged that corner, and the already tender bruise screams in protest.

She sets the appliance on the counter next to Roland’s workstation, hand drifting to her hip, gently probing. She’ll need to ice it later, can almost feel the purple mark spreading under her skin like an ink stain.


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