got crayons

HTTYD au Pisca

Currently doesn’t have a name, but likely because she’s just known by a title (which I have yet to decide)

There are certain areas you do not fish in. The waves are too dangerous, the rocks too sharp, the area a graveyard of ships and wreckage.

And because you might be unfortunate to come across ‘her’.

She seems untouched by the icy bite of the water, can traverse those deadly rocks as if walking of flat ground, and some stories even say she’s burst from the water itself, boarding ships and leaving no survivors. How those stories got around if no one lives though, is up for debate.

Around her are dragons, small ones mostly, infants, but that’s not what’s dangerous. What’s dangerous, is her Scaldron, a huge beast of an ancient water dragon that she seems to silently speak to, boiling off flesh with a single spray from its mouth, her own skin, though burned to a point where it’s surprising she’s alive, never even getting touched, clad in her cloak of seal skin and dragon scales.

Mostly, she’s harmless, only attacking those who go near those dangerous waters, be they fisherfolk, the lost, or the curious, however in recent years, her decision on what counts as ‘her’ waters has been growing and growing, pushing people out and taking fishing water from neighboring villages. If she continues, it could cause a serious threat. 


Gai n Kakashi got married like on the playground when they were 9 and that was it. that’s their wedding day forever that’s the day they both point to whenever anyone asks when they became husbands and they don’t even have a certificate or anything but they will force the other jounin to tell you yeah it happened yeah it’s official can i leave now


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I love when people ask “If you were a ______, what would you be?” because I love to fuck around with it.

Someone asked what kitchen utensil I would be so I told them I would be a spork because I am neither a spoon, nor a fork, but also both at once. 

Someone asked me what cheese I would be and I said processed cheese, because I appear to be one thing when in reality I’m something totally different. 

What crayon? I’m the yellow crayon that got some black on it, so in reality it isn’t yellow anymore (even though people will continuously call it that).

What kind of dog? Probably a fox, because although its scientifically a dog, people still wonder if maybe it’s a type of cat instead.

What country? I’m Australia because I’m both a country AND a continent


It’s early morning. Weather, it’s a bit gloomy. Doctor, he sits on swing with sad looking face, looking at the ground. He just lost someone in the future. Someone who was very precious to him. Oh how badly he wish this person to be alive again.

Suddenly, little girl comes from somewhere straight to the Doctor. She sit down next to him. She looks at the Doctor and says “You are lonely, aren’t you?” Doctor, he lift up his eyes at her and says “Very, very lonely.” and starts to cry. Little girl rises up, goes in front of the Doctor and says “Bowtie man, don’t cry. I feel lonely too.” This little girl gives tight hug to the Doctor, which makes the Doctor feel better. Soon girl asks “Do you want to draw with me? I have these new crayons i got from my mum. And this new sketch book..”

Doctor starts to smile a bit and says “Okay, very well. One drawing.” When little girl hears that, she starts to smile too and very brightly. Her smile makes the Doctor even more happier.

“I want to draw us! in here, in the playground!”

After many years Doctor finds out, that this little girl he met that day in the past, in the playground, was this precious thing he lost in the future. And it was you.

For @poemfreak306