got crayons

part 2 of 3rd grade teacher nursey?? yes?? ok

(part one)

  • calls all of his kiddos “little bro” regardless of gender. the occasional “little dude” or “little man”
  • the first time he wears a short sleeve dress shirt to school all the kids are obsessed with his tattoo
    • “mr n has a forever drawing on his arm :000″
  • hes the ultimate kid whisperer. anything these kids throw at him? hes got it covered
    • kids are fighting about who gets the 64 pack of crayons. jeremy got them yesterday and now he wants them again?? theres like 4 other kids who want to use them jeremy dont be a dick
    • nursey’s like “can i give you guys a special project? i need a big drawing to put up on the wall. but you all have to help and you all need to use the crayons”
    • jeremy, immediately distributing the crayons and getting a big ass piece of paper: ok mr n!!!!!!

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Gai n Kakashi got married like on the playground when they were 9 and that was it. that’s their wedding day forever that’s the day they both point to whenever anyone asks when they became husbands and they don’t even have a certificate or anything but they will force the other jounin to tell you yeah it happened yeah it’s official can i leave now

So there it is! Special thanks to @minchen0897 and @ceara-banana - You know what you did <333

Dead Robins Society - Runaway Part II

Summary: Finding Jason is harder than expected, but there is one person that should know where he is…

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Jason was hard to find if he did not want to be found. He had been trained by the best as well as the worst and Damian was still only twelve. It was an excuse, sure, but right now, he was okay with that. Jason would have been proud.

Sighing, Damian curled himself up on the backseat of Steph’s car. It was a hunch they were following. Nothing more than a hunch, but at least they were moving. If Jason had been with them, he would have fiddled with the radio, singing along whenever he knew the lyrics, but he wasn’t here.

For some kind of idiotic reason, the dummy had decided he wasn’t worth Damian’s time. Wasn’t worth being around him and being a bad influence on him. Which was the most moronic conclusion Damian had ever heard and he hated even thinking about it.

He didn’t understand it, either. Didn’t understand what he was doing here in the car with Steph either. In what little time Jason and he had spent together, Damian had been given so much… he was in no place to ask Jason to give him even more, no matter how much Damian wanted his brother to come back.

Just before he could fall asleep, Steph put a cassette in the old radio, filling the car with what she called ‘music’. Damian called it ‘crap’ and shot up in his seat. “Will you turn that down!”

“Just put your earphones in.” Looking at him through the mirror, Steph grinned and turned the music louder. It was a punk band with a female lead that had no idea what it meant to hit a single note.

“I’d still hear it,” he complained.

“Yeah, well, sucks to be you. I’m driving and I need to stay awake.”

“Oh for– just let me drive.”

Steph considered it. He knew she considered it by the glance she gave him. Her reply still came out dry and negative.

“Let’s talk again once there’s hair growing on your face.”

“If facial hair were a prerogative to drive,” Damian started, pulling out his iPod. “Neither you nor Drake would ever be allowed. Just pull over next time you get the chance. I need to pee.”

“Again?” Steph whirled around.

“Keep your eyes on the road!”

“Shit!” Cursing, she brought the car under her control again, flipping the honking man behind them the bird. “Still need to pee?”

“Not anymore,” Damian grumbled.

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with my upcoming deadline, I’ve not been able to play Little Nightmares, but i’ve been looking forward to this game for SO LONG (and I will play it myself once i’m done with work) that I’ve been watching the Markiplier episodes of it as a wee treat

and seriously… did I make this frukken game?

It’s literally about little scrappy urchins in this big bad world with no shoes and are basically starving all the time and nothing good ever happens and they wear oversized things with hoods do you have AND IDEA how much my aesthetic this is??

there will 100% be crayon art themed around Little Nightmares

You will be so kind as to let me know the Expence of the Nuremberg Crayons_

John Laurens to Gabriel Manigault, in a letter dated June 16, 1776

There is a writing utensil/art supply manufacturer called Faber-Castell, which is based near Nuremberg and was founded in 1761, so it’s likely that Laurens got his crayons from there.  I have no other context for this.


It’s early morning. Weather, it’s a bit gloomy. Doctor, he sits on swing with sad looking face, looking at the ground. He just lost someone in the future. Someone who was very precious to him. Oh how badly he wish this person to be alive again.

Suddenly, little girl comes from somewhere straight to the Doctor. She sit down next to him. She looks at the Doctor and says “You are lonely, aren’t you?” Doctor, he lift up his eyes at her and says “Very, very lonely.” and starts to cry. Little girl rises up, goes in front of the Doctor and says “Bowtie man, don’t cry. I feel lonely too.” This little girl gives tight hug to the Doctor, which makes the Doctor feel better. Soon girl asks “Do you want to draw with me? I have these new crayons i got from my mum. And this new sketch book..”

Doctor starts to smile a bit and says “Okay, very well. One drawing.” When little girl hears that, she starts to smile too and very brightly. Her smile makes the Doctor even more happier.

“I want to draw us! in here, in the playground!”

After many years Doctor finds out, that this little girl he met that day in the past, in the playground, was this precious thing he lost in the future. And it was you.

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Make Me Choose: Bigbang 2012 or Bigbang 2015