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Shut up, Make Me

“Eren, this is the last time that I’m going to warn you about talking during my lecture. If it happens again, I’m going to have to call your mother.”

“Yes, sir.” Eren grumbled.

Levi snickered from behind Eren and tapped the end of his pencil to his bottom lip, drawing the brunette’s attention to the deluctable piece of flesh. “Wouldn’t want daddy getting angry at you now do you, Jaeger?”

Eren shot him a glare. “Leave me alone, Levi.”

Levi raised his eyebrow and eyed Eren’s crotch. “Are you sure about that?”

Eren felt a blush coming and quickly turned around in his seat. He huffed as he propped his chin into his palm and mentally cursed at the world.

This is why he hated Civics class.

“Now, as I was saying, the government is made up of…”

Eren rolled his eyes and picked up his pencil. He had already read the second chapter last night, so what was the point in listening when he already knew the fundamentals of the federalists?

Zoning out Mr. Smiths voice, Eren found himself in his own world; a world in which didn’t contain a particular raven head with silver beaded eyes and a reputation that could kill.

Levi Ackerman.

He was known for being an unpredicting and violent person at Trost. Yeah, he may have also built up a reputation for being a man whore, but it’s not like anyone really cared. As long as they got fucked in the end, then there were happy endings for everyone.

And all Eren wanted was to be left alone from said man. It was like Levi was trampling him with invitations to get fucked in any position, at any time, and at any place, every day since junior year. It was getting annoying, and it was getting annoying pretty fast. Well, at least it was annoying in some VERY distracting ways.

When the bell went off to signal the end of third period and the beginning of first lunch, Eren gathered his things and sauntered out of the classroom.

He could feel a pair of eyes digging into the back of his head, but that was the least of his worries. What was more important at the moment was filling up his empty stomach. He made the terrible mistake to skip out on breakfast this morning, which in turn, made him totally regret doing it in the first place with how his stomach was growling out in protest.

Swiftly maneuvering through the crowds in the hallway, he made his way to his locker and went to unlocking the damn thing. He swore the piece of shit hated him.

“Want some help with that, Jaeger?”

Eren rolled his eyes. “Go away, Levi.”

“Aw, does the little Jaeger want his daddy?”

“No.” Eren spat as he opened his locker and stuffed his bag in. “Why would I?” He questioned as he slammed the door and turned to face the short raven. “He’s dead anyway.”

Levi smirked and leaned forward, just far enough so that Eren could smell the faint scent of Cologne wafting from him.

And boy did that have his head swimming.

“Want one?”

Eren quirked his eyebrow up and snorted. “You are unbelievable, you know that?”

Levi grinned and brushed his lips against Eren’s ear. “I’m also unbelievable in bed,” He whispered, his hot breath fanning over Eren’s skin. “I can also fuck that pretty ass of yours into the fucking oblivion.”

Eren scoffed. “I beg to differ. Someone of your height can’t possibly dominate someone like me.”

Levi cocked his eyebrow. “Oh really, Jaeger?”

Eren looked into Levi’s eyes and traveled them along his face, absorbing each and every crease before they shifted down to his parted lips. “Yeah.”

“Then fucking show me.”

Eren rolled his eyes and pushed off of the lockers. Why are short midgets so damn horny?

“Maybe next time, Levi.”

“You didn’t seem to say that when you went running after Jean yesterday a-”

Eren slapped a hand onto Levi’s mouth and glanced around him before setting his eyes on his charcoal ones. “Ever heard of shutting up?”

Levi pushed Eren’s hand away and grinned. “Make me, bitch.”

That’s it.

Eren grabbed Levi’s hand and pulled him into the boys bathroom, slamming the door shut behind him as he hoisted Levi up onto his hips and immediately went at attacking those lips. Sucking, and licking, and biting at that flesh before slipping his tongue out just far enough to lap at the blood.

Levi moaned and fished his fingers into Eren’s messy hazelnut hair, harshly tugging on the strands and causing their chests to push up against each other. Eren growled and dug his fingernails into Levi’s waist as his other hand wrapped loosely around his neck, guiding his mouth into sync with Levi’s lips as he gave a slight tilt to his chin with his thumb and index finger.

“F-fuck me…” Levi gasped out.

Eren chuckled. “Weren’t you going to be the one to fuck me?”

Levi rolled his eyes and pulled Eren back into the kiss.

“Shut up, brat.”

*I’m supposed to be doing my AP LIT homework, but I felt like writing a gay thingy sooooo yeah*


The PPAtale members that i know….. so far (what they look like)
I add some designs or change the style~ sorry my imagination always do something unexpected… ╮(╯▽╰)╭

•Dream!Jace / @pwnage101
• Ink! Seany / @sleepysheep-seany
•G!S! Sketchy / @sketchy-artz
• Palette! Bleuy & PPAtale / @bleuybleu

Been browsing through YouTube and found some SeaNanners videos where Jacksepticeye is in them (I don’t think Jack uploaded them on his channel). They’re pretty funny stuff, regardless whether Jack’s in them or not… So yeah, for anyone who whats to see game-collabs Jack was part of or just want to waste a few minutes with something different…. Here! 

*drops all these in an untidy pile on the post*

the signs as breakups

aries: the one where they break up with you after 2 weeks with a lame explanation

taurus: the kind that makes u rly sad bc they still treat you well afterwards

gemini: the one that happens over facetime

cancer: the one that ends after like 3 years and leaves you crying over old photographs

leo: the one that ends abruptly, out of nowhere, and you don’t really understand why until years after

virgo: that one breakup that wasn’t technically the end of a relationship but felt like a breakup anyway bc the feelings were real

libra: was this a breakup? ur not rly sure bc they still treat u like more than a friend afterwards

scorpio: the one ending in a passive aggressive argument of tension and miscommunications

sagittarius: the one that happens bc they said something you didn’t like and they refused to apologize

capricorn: the one that ends mutually

aquarius: the one that ends bc they say you’re simply “not compatible anymore”

pisces: the “its not you its me” breakup

Being completely exhausted from another day’s hard work, Conan sits on one of the couches in the Detective Mouri agency.

Sighing, he glances up at the clock. It was getting close to the time he usually goes to sleep.

“I guess I’m lucky that there aren’t any letters tonight, I’m getting tired…” Conan said, laying down on the couch before soon dozing off.

Eventually, Ran entered. Realizing he was asleep, she gently picked him up and carried him to his room, laying him on his bed and tucking him in. “Goodnight, Conan-kun.” She said, leaving the room and closing the door.