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Walk to the ends of the earth and you might just find yourself along the way. 

Puppy Love

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Prompt: You and your dog, Max, run into someone at the park who just so happens to be insanely hot, single, and into you. (AKA the one where you and Sam have dogs and then go back to his place and have sex with each other)

Tags: AU, fluff, omg doggies!!!, Sam’s basically perfect ugh, smut, light spanking

Words: 2,592

Note: A+ for the original title amiright? also, sorry it took so long for me to write something, ugh. hope you like it!!

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Jin (EATJIN) 7.4 million subs

  • so Jin would totally be a vlogger
  • he does day in my life videos, reviews, Story time videos, and of course his legendary eat jin videos
  • he mostly films his six best friends and their adventures
  • and let me tell you, living with Kim taehyung and having the best friends he has, there is never a dull day in his life
  • and before he started making a lot of money on YouTube, he used to be a barista for a small coffee shop
  • there was a lot of story times about the crazy people he met on a daily basis (like this really cute guy named Namjoon? what? maybe more on that later?)
  • (Are you guys feeling a coffeeshop!au cause I am)
  • (okay I’m doing it)
  • (anyways)
  • there was a time when he was filming a baking video with his fellow
    Youtubers, Min Yoongi and Kim Namjoon
  • and it was no secret Namjoon wasn’t the best baker so the video was bound to be at least a little funny
  • well, jin wasn’t wrong
  • he left them alone for 5 minutes
  • and he comes back to he smell of smoke and Namjoon yelling frantically
  • And of Course Yoongi was no help what so ever as he just laughed his ass off in the corner
  • Jin was running around trying to find his phone, but couldn’t and just ened up crying
  • And Namjoon tried to help a little
  • but failed
  • He tried to comfort Jin which only caused him to scream loudly, a finger shaking in his face
  • in the end, Yoongi put out the fire and got all the smoke out, but in never let Namjoon step into the kitchen again
  • lets just say that video got MANY views
  • so yeah, never a boring video when it came to Jin’s channel
    even his review and recommendation videos weren’t boring because living with Kim Taehyung also meant that knocking didn’t exist
    so Taehyung would burst into his room at anytime, and even during videos
  • he’d be off in the background making snarky comments
  • which usually ended up with both of them wrestling on the floor
  • but y’know, thats life
  • this was the perfect kind of life for a vlogger, like Kim Seokjin himself
  • his Eat Jin Videos
  • for some reason everyone on the planet is obsessed with them
    and it’s just him eating so he doesn’t really know what makes them so special
  • but hey its working right? so why not
  • but he’s not just known for his youtube channel
  • His twitter has quite the large following
  • mostly because of his legendary comebacks
  • and everyone lives for it
  • he gets millions of retweets
  • so yeah, Jin is just really lovavble, sassy guy that likes to document his crazy life with the other six guys.


Namjoon (Joonmonster) 

Yoongi (MinSuga/talkswithsuga&hope)

Clay Jensen rant

Did ??? People even read the book??? Listen I hate being one of those “if u dont read the book u cant even comment” bc thats bs but series Clay isnt much different anyways. If anything more attached to Hannah but…. he didnt do anything wrong??? Like he did (the picture he leaked of the stalker and all bc of his anger) but not to Hannah. This is a guy who suffers from anxiety and panic attacks and whose best friend just fucking died and to some extent I bet he blamed himself when he thought he allowed his friend to drive drunk. Obviously when Hannah said leave he would leave bc SURPRISE people with anxiety fucking hate confrontation and if someone u really care about screams to you “GT THE FUCK OUT” his reaction was obviously gonna be to leave, let her cool, and try to talk later. Bonus points for him if he tried to avoid the screaming afterwards and at least try to pretend things were better with her because thats REALISTIC FOR PEOPLE WHO SUFFER FROM REALLY BAD ANXIETY. All he did was never truly confess his feelings because damn she was never just a friend. He always liked her. And confessing feelings is never easy especially for people who suffer from anxiety. Hence why he would push her away from time to time and doubt whether she wanted her to be with him. Not because “Hannah’s fault” or anything but because people with anxiety are constantly doubting people’s love and intentions for them. Always doubting whether others actually care or if they got bored with them. So yeah. Maybe Clay could have stand up for her and take more action. But from his PoV things werent that bad for her atm and he couldnt mentally do it. So many of you say “he redeemed himself” no he didnt. Theres nothing to redeem for tf?? Him feeling guilty is the fucking worst bc he truly does not deserve to feel guilty when hes mot guilty of shit. Yes the sings are clear but that doesnt mean people are always able to do. From someone who has been depressed and has dealt with depressed people around her, sometimes we just dont know what to do and the only person able to save themselves once depression hits you is the person itself. Once Hannah was bad because of all the things that happened to her, Clay or anyone noticing might have call a professional but the only person who would truly convince her to live would be herself. Stop. Blaming. Clay. Depression and suicide isnt black and white and isnt always someone’s fault. The whole point of this show and book is to show that is a bunch of stuff accumulated and how we deal with them.

Clay not noticing she was depressed doesnt mean he killed her. Clay not going against her wishes of being alone doesnt mean he killed her. Clay not wanting to talk about his best friend’s death (something he prob feels partially guilty for until he found out the truth) (plus also lad at the memory of him) and lashing out on her doesnt mean he killed her. Him not noticing doesnt mean he killed her. It means he liked her so much, even loved her. But he was also going through his own shit. And if hannah never talked directly to him how was he supposed to know?? A best friend’s death isnt a little deal. Is a big fucking deal. He suffers from anxiety and panic attacks (mental disorders my people) and his best friend fucking died. Thats traumatic af he saw his body there. And even before that, he was getting to know Hannah so is not like he would not whats her usual behavior and whats not. Yes he could have done something if he had realized. But him not realizing didnt kill her. Hannah even said so herself.

So stop saying he redeemed himself or that he did take part into her decision of killing herself or he was also at fault. He wasnt. Even Hannah knew that. Stop romanticizing his anxiety and self-blamed behavior bc if anything all this unjustified guilt was driving to the place Hannah was. So liking or thinking he deserved all that guilt is literally 1) not getting the show/book and 2) romanticizing his bad mental health and paranoia

This Probably Won't Cheer You Up at All
  • <p> <b></b> • Back in MyStreet Where We See Travis, Dante, Katelyn, Kawaii~Chan, and Laurance Playing Cards Together •<p/><b>Travis:</b> Man, it's suddenly got boring without the others here.<p/><b>Katelyn:</b> Yeah, you're right.<p/><b>Dante:</b> They're so lucky though! They don't have to deal with anything!<p/><b>Kawaii~Chan:</b> Kawaii~Chan suggests that we should go visit them soon.<p/><b>Laurance:</b> Yeah, it'd be nice to see them again.<p/><b>Travis:</b> Now that I think about it, I wonder how they're doing?<p/><b></b> • Meanwhile •<p/><b>Aaron:</b> *falls off a fucking cliff*<p/><b></b> • Back at MyStreet •<p/><b>Dante:</b> They're probably having a great time together!<p/><b></b> ~~~~~<p/><b></b> I'm so sorry I just needed something to cheer me up, okay?!<p/><b></b> aaron why ;-;<p/></p>
“’I’ve got to get more people to help,’

“the Host mutters as quietly as he can possibly manage. He sends one last glance back towards Dr. Iplier, sending him as much mental support as he can in those few moments, and then he’s off. Instead of walking straight down the hallway, he takes a bit more of a winding, longer path through several rooms. For a moment, he pauses in the dining room, deciding to bring a plate with him to cause a distraction noise. He’s afraid that leaving the doctor with Google for this long might be bad. Eventually, the Host emerges back at the door to the basement.

“He quickly, but quietly, opens the door, peeking out only to throw the plate across the hall as hard as he can. The dish crashes against the wall, shattering, and the Host quickly closes the door, not even waiting to hear Google’s reaction as he dashes down the stairs. The Host nearly stumbles on his way down the stairs, catching his balance by holding onto the wall as he scrambles into the basement area. He doesn’t know this place very well, so it’s more difficult to see where he’s going, but he remembers which room his friends are in.

“The Host opens the door and is almost immediately shoved backwards by Bim. ‘What do you think you’re doing?!’ the figment cries. ‘How could you run away while he’s in danger?!? Do only care for yourself?’

“‘I’m not strong enough to fight Google!’ the Host admits, guarding his face with his arms. He’s afraid, and Bim is angry. ‘I came to get help! Dr. Iplier’s a good friend of mine, but if I tried to fight Google right now we could both get hurt! He needs help! We need to go back up there!’ the Host explains frantically. ‘Please, believe me.’

“‘We believe you,’ the Jims say in unison, emerging from behind Bim.

“‘And more importantly, we have to stop Blue,’ Oliver stutters, his voice wobbling.

“‘Oliver’s right,’ newsman Jim pipes up. ‘I sense a disaster approaching soon if we don’t act now.’

“‘You’re… you’re… right…,’ Bim sighs. ‘God, I’m sorry, I’m just really scared. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, or why I keep lashing out at people!’

“‘It’s okay. You’re scared. I’m scared too,’ Oliver says, patting Bim on the back softly.

“‘Yeah, I guess so… now let’s get up there and kick some robot ass!’ Bim yells, his mood changing in an instant and drawing laughs from the other figments.

“The Host has few choices now. Should he let Bim take the lead, take the lead himself, or risk spending more time on making a decisive and well thought out plan which would undoubtedly work better but might take to long? It’s your choice.”

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“Evan you can’t keep doing this to yourself.” His friends murmured to him on numerous occasion’s.

today he was with with Delirious, going onto their next heist for some cash. He pointed the pistol at the cashier with a defiant curse. He let the gun pop, rushing towards the register to pull the cash into his bag.

“V-Vanoss, the cops! thee cops are here!” his partner in crime shouted. 

He gave a nod, rushing out of the building and into their escape vehicle, leaving the Mini-mart to it’s own defenses. 

“Drive!” He shouted. 

Delirious slammed his foot onto the pedal, causing their stomachs to lurch at the sudden acceleration.

 Bullets ricocheted off their vehicle, causing the two to hiss in fear. Delirious swerved, casing Vanoss to loose his grip on his cash bag. 

“NO!” He shouted, hand splaying out in a desperate attempt to grab his loot. 

His fingertips grazed the bag, but in a twisted fate of karma the bag stumbled back onto the road. He watched in longing as they moved farther and farther away from both the cops and his hard earned cash.

Delirious silently drove into a darker area, getting out of the car with a small thump as opposed to how Evan slammed his door.

“I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!” Evan screeched, grabbing his owl mask and throwing it onto the floor.

He ran his hands threw his hair, n a desperate attempt to hold something.  Tears began to build up behind his eyes, lips quivering in disdain.


Suddenly, a clattering was heard. Evan turned, catching a glimpse of deep blue eyes, before he was enveloped into a hug.Evan froze, unable to comprehend what was happening.

“Stop it you idiot.” Delirious hissed. “it Was a mistake, one that we all make, stop beating yourself up for it.”

Evan swallowed, allowing the taller male to pull him closer.

“Everyone has bad days and bad weeks Evan,” Delirious laughed. “Sometimes we just need a hug to feel better.”

Evan closed his eyes, letting a tear fall down his cheek as a smile made its way onto his face.

“Thank you.” 

So yeah i got bored, and  had a sad .dream last night.

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i am in love with Sad Evan, I’m Sorry

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Do not liSTEN TO THIS SONG while picturing Will and Nico because you’ll probably end up staying up super late drawing them making DUMB TWITTERPATTED FACES AT EACH OTHER LIKE I DID.


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The Vampire Diaries Preferences: First kiss

        Your pulse was off the charts, and you were so frightened that every time you tried to speak, it came out as a mere squeak of air. The Vampire slowly marching toward you was hungry, and you were his pit stop. But as he got closer you seemed to gather some more strength, and you screeched for help at the top of your lungs, hoping that someone would hear- preferably one of your other blood-sucking friends.

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