got bored and decided to try making one of these

Gunnar + Sass, episodes 6, 9, & 10

(Guess who got bored, decided to try making a gifset, and has all the episodes of Sinbad at her disposal…)


My name is Oliver Queen; but you knew that. After 5 years away, I came home, with only one goal: One to save my city. Along the way, I gained a brother. I saw people that I’ve known my entire life, become superheroes… And I fell in love. But I lost people. Forever. The person that I was and the persona that I created… He failed. But Star City still needs saving! And you can bet your last dollar that me and my team will bust our asses trying to save it, or breathe our last breaths trying! All of you have come with us this far and I would ask you to come just a little bit further; With the Green Arrow.