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Asexuals can be l or g or b or t, but if you don't experience same sex attraction, then you're not. Asexuality is not inherently gay.

Oh wow. You managed to pack so much right and wrong into those 26 words. Let’s try and unpack that, shall we?

Things you got right(to boost your confidence):
“Asexuals can be l or g or b or t”
That is correct! For example, I am a biromantic asexual gal. Good job!

“Asexuality is not inherently gay”
This is also correct! Just because I am asexual does not mean I am L, G, B, or P(forgive me if I forgot any). To be fair though, trans people aren’t inherently L, G, B, or P either, but since you were specifically referencing asexuals, I’ll give you that one.

Things you got wrong:
“if you don’t experience same sex attraction, then you’re not [LGBT]”
The thing is, you do not have to be attracted to the “same sex”(I put this in quotes because it is kind of transphobic) to be bi or trans. Sorry!

The entire message
Since I’m assuming you didn’t send this to me for shits and giggles, I’m pretty sure the message of this was that asexuals aren’t inherently part of the LGBTQ+ community. Aside from the fact that words have meanings and none of them meant what you wanted them to mean, asexuals are part of the LGBTQ+ community because we are not sexually attracted to the opposite gender, but thanks for trying!

Anywho, I hope my response was educational. You didn’t do that badly, 50% is actually pretty good! Have a great night!!!

- your friendly neighborhood asexual

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can I just share this one time in qp when the mcfuck i was boosting got tagged with a pulse bomb before backflipping Directly Into Me killing both of us instantly because im still not sure if this was a malicious act

i am absolutely him, 1120%

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i know i sound silly but i havent been drawing for a while but since i saw ur art i pulled out my sketch book and got a boost of inspiration from u!! idk! i love ur art so so much pls don't ever stop


Regarding any rumors or posts you may or may not have seen about me, everything was taken out of context and is extremely misinterpreted. Please signal boost this as this witch hunt mentality has bullied and hurt a lot of people before. It started in 2013 and has since then escalated into outlandish and wild accusations. I will never leave but this brutal attitude has got to stop. 

Okay but here’s the thing

I have this task for some Norwegian class to find a poem that i like, and then read it to the class

and i just found the best poem ever written


Dear, babycarrot - Henrik Ibsen 1942




lives in the shadow of the carrot


Hey, so… I recently had to move out because the landlords wanted the house back, and they didn’t give us much of a chance to find a better place/save up. I’ve been looking for work and handing out resumes since I got the bad news, and even more so since my savings ran out mid May.

Now that we’ve shelled out money to move into our new place, and we’re in the midst of setting shit up, my partner’s car decides to break down. I don’t know much car lingo, but I know the issues involve the normal brakes, the emergency brakes, the back wheels. Basically, it can’t move and its sitting in the shop. My partner needs his car because his job is an hour away. We also use that car for everything ( going to cons/events to sell stuff, see family, buying groceries, etc) He says we can technically pay for it but it’s gonna knock us further into the negatives and we’re already in a bad spot because of all this moving. So I’m starting up emergency commissions. I really need to do something and this is all I can do besides apply to more jobs and wait for someone to hire me.

Want something like these below? $25

Want something like these? $15

Want something like the Sombra I did, I’ll do that for $20

*message me for more info on multiple characters per image*

I also have a Ko-Fi if you just want to donate. I’ll try and draw something tho because I feel like I should.

If you can, I’d really appreciate the reblog. 

Anything at this point would help so much. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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Kirollis Duskhaven:

A Sin’dorei intelligence expert currently running paramilitary operations for the state. Former criminal who reformed and spawned a tremendous military career. Always quick with a joke, or a silly statement, especially during tense times. Most have two things to say about him, either he’s annoying or he’s funny, there’s no in-between. Always a charmer, always inquisitive, always ready for a fight. Self proclaimed peoples champion. Rebellious by nature, but a strong leader when called upon. One things for certain, within his presence you’d be hard pressed not to snicker at least once.

Open for any and all RP including long standing plots, blurbs, friendships, enemy ships, best suited as a comedic relief character or a heroic type. Can play both main roles and support roles in arcs.

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This little ball of sunshine is a world explorer, monk instructor, and healer. She studies both the White Tiger and Jade Serpent disciplines, she now trains younger (Toddler aged) monks. Growing up most of her life an orphan, who found solace and acceptance in a mercenary group at a young age, she was given an expanded view of the world. While still young, sitting at 25, she is wise beyond her years. Echoing the teachings of the Pandarian monks including acceptance, peace, empathy, and harmony (Among other things). Drawn to any sort of beach, she’s picked up the hobby of surfing in her downtime.

Open for any and all RP, including long standing plots, blurbs, friendships, romance. Best suited as a support character rather then a major player. More of a slice of life character rather than action adventure, while she can fight- mostly she defers to healing. Can be used as a wandering healer -anywhere-.

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A now reinstated Kirin Tor investigator of Arcane anomalies. When the Horde was expelled from Dalaran, this mage deferred to becoming a relic hunter for the Reliquary. With the events that transpired in Legion, he is now back in the fray and exceptionally busy in the Isles. A suave operator with an inquisitive mind and a hunger for learning about anything to do with the arcane or magic in general. Can be brash, or racist, not the person you want in mixed company. This eccentric elf is used to a life of high society, and it shows in his demeanor.

Open for any and all RP, including long standing plots, blurbs, friendships, romance. Can be a main character or a support character. Best venues to have him in are arcane focused, as he can swing by just to investigate and do his job.

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Open for any and all RP, yada yada, you get the picture. Can be used as a main or supporting character. Stationed in Silvermoon to curb the outpour of demonic forces set off course from the Isles, she is usually found there or Azsuna and Suramar. 

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Soul Punk hidden message

Certain letters in the lyrics of the the album booklet were highlighted a different color, spelling out a hidden message in Patrick Stump’s Soul Punk album. This is what it says:

Fear is killing us. - Explode

But true love can survive. - This City

If we cooperate. - Dance Miserable

We can beat doubt. - Spotlight

But first rebuild trust. - The “I” in Lie

Take responsibility. - Run Dry

Happiness is still free. - Greed

Though not always apparent. - Everybody Wants Somebody

When it’s right in front of us. - Allie

So keep calm. It’s gonna get better. - Coast

A polydin fanfic where Shiro and Lance are in a long-term committed relationship where Shiro is poly and Lance isn’t.  They’ve worked it out, though, so that Lance is Shiro’s steady relationship and he can have flings and short-term ones as long as Lance is okay with it.  He is because Shiro will go out on dates and screw around with other people, but he always comes home to Lance.

But, one day, Shiro approaches him and tells him that he’s really fallen for one of his short-term flings and would like to see him seriously.  Lance thinks this means that Shiro is breaking up with him and is devastated, but Shiro is like “No, not at all!  I understand that this is a huge change from how we’ve lived our lives, but I honestly think the three of us can work.”  So Lance agrees only if he can meet and approve of this other guy.

This other guy, Keith, is a scrawny, dour tattoo artist who never learned that mid-00′s edge was never in style.  Lance hates him at first, both because he’s taken Shiro’s attention away from him and because he just has a nasty attitude.  Keith doesn’t win Lance over and Lance is ready to go and tell Shiro that it’s not happening, he cannot date Lane and Keith at the same time, but Keith stops him before he leaves and tells him that he understands.  He’d never consider sleeping with another person’s boyfriend before, but he’s also never met a guy like Shiro.  And it’s so sincere and Keith looks so genuine that Lance gives him one more date.  And then he agrees to a third date.  And then he goes to Shiro and says it’s okay.

And it’s fine for a while.  Shiro’s date nights with Keith become more frequent.  And longer.  And Lance is used to Shiro going on dates – he’s been with him for, like, six years or something – but he’s never felt lonely like this.  Shiro’s always comes home and more and more frequently, when he’s with Keith, he doesn’t.

Until he runs into Hunk, an old high school friend, one day.  They reconnect and it’s almost exactly like old times.  He starts inviting Hunk over on Shiro’s date nights and it’s amazing.  They play video games, watch bad movies, and talk all night long.  Best of all, he doesn’t feel so lonely anymore.  Everything’s great.

Then, one night, Hunk kisses him.  Lance freaks out.  He has a boyfriend.  A boyfriend he’s in love with.  Hunk apologizes and admits that he had such a huge crush on Lance when they were in high school, but he couldn’t work up the bravery back then, and that’s not an excuse for anything but he figured that, y’know, Lance has a boyfriend but he’s never around that maybe it wasn’t working out for them?

Lance asks Hunk to leave.  He’s devastated and feels guilty because he feels like he cheated on his boyfriend and also because he kind of wanted to kiss Hunk some more.

He discusses it with Shiro the next day.  He apologizes profusely and explains what’s happens and Shiro goes, “FIRST OF ALL I’m really sorry you felt so lonely I thought I was able to balance your needs with my and Keith’s needs but I guess I got so wrapped up in the newness and excitement of my relationship with Keith that I wasn’t able to give you the attention you needed.  I think the three of us need to take the time to sit down and discuss our needs and boundaries.  But also WHOMST THE FUCK.”

Lance has never seen Shiro so angry at someone, and he’s worried he’ll make it worse by telling him that, hey, maybe Lance is poly after all and maybe Hunk can be his other boyfriend.  He tells him anyway, because there’s no reason to keep lying at this point, and Shiro is shocked and a little confused, but thinks it’s fair for Lance to have someone else in his life.  He agrees to share Lance if he has the opportunity to meet Hunk.  Lance calls Hunk and Hunk is a little wary at first (’cause he’s certain Shiro is just going to come and punch him in the face) but he agrees.

When Shiro and Hunk are on their date, Keith comes over and keeps Lance company.  Lance is freaking out because, oh my God, what if Shiro doesn’t like Hunk?  What if he’s still angry about Hunk kissing him?  What if he comes back and breaks up with Lance for wanting to see someone else.  And Keith is all “Dude…it’s Shiro.  Like, he’s got his problems – everyone does – but he also strives to be the most understanding and selfless person they know.  And he loves Lance.  Like, a lot.  Would Shiro really do something like try to ruin Lance’s happiness out of spite?”  Lance doesn’t want to admit that Keith is right…but he’s right.  His little confidence boost got Lance through the rest of the night and, when Shiro returns, he gives Lance an enthusiastic thumbs-up.

So Hunk joins the family.  After a while he meets Keith and they’re both, “ffffffUCK” and start seeing each other as well.  They all move in together and live happily ever after.

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21 MSR (anti Diana maybe? Just watched The End and I hate her.)

It’s not really anti-Diana? I think. You be the judge. Set in Biogenesis, rated (soft) R I suppose. I don’t know how to categorize it either. Sorry. All I know is it’s short (for me anyway). 

Diana strides back into his bedroom with a small smile playing around her lips. Warm air caresses her body and she hopes it’ll soon be replaced with his strong, determined hands. Diana has always loved his hands. His eyes are closed when she approaches the bed.

“Fox.” She whispers and he slowly, almost with difficulty, opens his eyes for her. They’re glassy like he has a fever. Unfocused. She recalls his focus from way back when. Knows exactly what it feels like when he gives you your full attention. When his eyes see nothing but you. This is not it and after all this time, now, maybe this is for the best.

“Fox.” She repeats in a low voice. He just blinks at her without once looking at her bra-clad breasts. Diana’s fingers tingle with the need to just open it and let it fall. Make it even clearer what she wants and what she can give him. In the end she decides to be even bolder.

“Let me take care of you.” Diana tells him before her hand sneaks under the covers. His body is hot against her skin as she moves over his stomach, his thighs. She pauses there. He is still, his eyes shut tight again as if in concentration. Diana strokes his thigh gently, squeezes it, before she lets her fingers wander further and slip under the waistband of his boxers. The gasp she expects when she comes into contact with his length never happens.

“’m tired.” He mumbles into the pillow and so Diana grabs his flaccid cock hard hoping to elicit any kind of reaction. There is none.

“I want to make you feel better.” She whispers leaning forward. The soft fabric of his sheets glide against her bare stomach and her breasts. She wants more; she wants to feel his hands on hers. Every part of her demands it.

“Scully.” He sighs and Diana stops momentarily. A second passes before she starts again; she changes her rhythm, her force, and nothing happens. His cock barely moves, just twitches lazily once or twice.  

“It’s Diana, Fox,” she reminds him and he mumbles something into the pillow. “I’m going to make you feel better.”

“Where… Scully?”

“She’s not here, right now,” her hand rubs against him faster now but his penis remains unresponsive, “You were just on the phone with her. Remember?” He is quiet, his breathing even. Diana wonders if he’s fallen asleep. She forces herself to stop, but she can’t take her hand away just yet. She stares at him, his eyes closed, his eyelashes softly caressing his cheek. He’s beautiful, she thinks, so very beautiful. But, she realizes in that same moment, he is no longer hers. Oh, she’s known for a while but denial, that sweet taste of not seeing, not believing what was right in front of her, she sucked it up again and again. Slowly, she extracts her hand from inside his boxers. It’s an embarrassing act, but at least there is no one there to witness it; even Fox is blissfully oblivious. She shivers in the sudden realization, in the loss of warmth and gratification.

“Scully.” He murmurs again into the pillow. His voice strains and sounds confused. Diana puts her hand on his forehead; it’s cool against her touch and even though she can’t feel it, she knows his brain is beginning to work against him, surely driving him towards insanity. There’s not much time left.

“You know, it hurt when I realized that you’re not in love with me,” Diana tells him putting her top back on and putting her hand around his bicep. He startles; his eyes still squeezed shut, but his mouth opens in a soundless ‘o’. She can’t know if he hears her, and it’s not important as this is for her; his mind, overactive and torturous, must register it somewhere anyway. “But nothing can compare to the pain I felt when I saw you fall in love with her.” Diana doesn’t say, doesn’t even think, the other woman’s name.

“Scu-” Fox tries desperately and Diana nods. It’s time to stop blaming him, or her, for something they had no choice in. She tried to come back, to find her way back to him and into his life, but there’s no place for her anymore.

“I’ll call her. I’ll make sure she’s there, Fox.” It’s the least she can do, she doesn’t say, but she fears he can hear her anyway. This is only the beginning, she knows, as she picks up the phone. She watches him lose his mind, his sanity, right in front of her eyes, as she makes the necessary calls.

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Hey Cami! I noticed recently that Betty's hair turned completely Pink when Gaster was about to Blast her in Do or Die... Was it because she was SCARED? Did she experience FEAR at that moment? I mean, she didn't have enough SOULs to use Rhabdophobia at that moment... and her face pretty much reflected FEAR... Anyways keep up your amazing work and TAKE BREAKS and DONT OVERWORK YOURSELF!

Here’s your golden star ( owo)/☆

Is the reson of why she didn’t die, Kumi couldn’t get out of gaster’s shield but since Betty got scared, she got a small power boost allowing kumu to be strong enough to break free.

Now let’s see if someone figures out what exactly does she fear.