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Regarding any rumors or posts you may or may not have seen about me, everything was taken out of context and is extremely misinterpreted. Please signal boost this as this witch hunt mentality has bullied and hurt a lot of people before. It started in 2013 and has since then escalated into outlandish and wild accusations. I will never leave but this brutal attitude has got to stop. 

Okay but here’s the thing

I have this task for some Norwegian class to find a poem that i like, and then read it to the class

and i just found the best poem ever written


Dear, babycarrot - Henrik Ibsen 1942




lives in the shadow of the carrot


Spam Video Alert

So another spam video is getting submitted anonymously to random blogs. It’s a music video titled “Crosa Rosa - Sweety (Official Music Video)”, and you might remember them from another similar stunt with at least one of their other songs. Whoever’s spamming this video is probably farming for views, so keep that in mind before you click play. If you do decide to watch it, please note the MASSIVE EPILEPSY WARNING

The thumbnail can be creepy to some, so if you wanna see a screenshot, it’s under the cut.

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Hey, so… I recently had to move out because the landlords wanted the house back, and they didn’t give us much of a chance to find a better place/save up. I’ve been looking for work and handing out resumes since I got the bad news, and even more so since my savings ran out mid May.

Now that we’ve shelled out money to move into our new place, and we’re in the midst of setting shit up, my partner’s car decides to break down. I don’t know much car lingo, but I know the issues involve the normal brakes, the emergency brakes, the back wheels. Basically, it can’t move and its sitting in the shop. My partner needs his car because his job is an hour away. We also use that car for everything ( going to cons/events to sell stuff, see family, buying groceries, etc) He says we can technically pay for it but it’s gonna knock us further into the negatives and we’re already in a bad spot because of all this moving. So I’m starting up emergency commissions. I really need to do something and this is all I can do besides apply to more jobs and wait for someone to hire me.

Want something like these below? $25

Want something like these? $15

Want something like the Sombra I did, I’ll do that for $20

*message me for more info on multiple characters per image*

I also have a Ko-Fi if you just want to donate. I’ll try and draw something tho because I feel like I should.

If you can, I’d really appreciate the reblog. 

Anything at this point would help so much. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Ebay Art thief issue

I am unfortunately forced to make an actual call-out post upon an Ebay seller who using artworks picked form the net of various fandom, editing, removing watermark and sell them as T-shirt.

I can’t localize every single work, this person doing this for a while and their list is rather huge and I am really certain none of those images used with permission from the original authors.

They ripped off one of my DbD fanwork (no comment) and selling it for their own gain;

I also recognized one of @kawarayane‘s work same way, stolen, edited to fit on the shirt design and watermark edited out; link here

I also tracked their other DbD shirts which artwork I did see but can’t recall the original author but you maybe recognize your work, then please do a report and get these removed (along side other fandom artists work which being stolen by this person)



Every support helps to get this thief down - if they editing out even watermarks they perfectly know what they are doing and I would prefer to have his ebay account shut down or at least suspended as this is not right thing to do. Just because it is on the internet not means it is free to use or even worse sell it, something an artist spent time, effort in it. Time is money, it is not right to profit from someone else’s work.


today’s nonsense was chrom-centric

daenerysn → arwens

so… i’m finally changing my url. i can’t believe but something really nice happened to me and i got one of my dream urls!!!! i would be thankful if you reblog to spread the word! i’ll be tracking #userarwens and #daenerysn for while.

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