They should slow down the car, but then again, Max was sure it was called a high speed chase for a reason.

“Max jump.”

“But Davi-”

“Max jump now!”

The redhead screamed, pushing Max out the car door as he swung the car past a field of green and yellow grass.

The child screamed, reaching for David. He snagged the scarf around his neck but the only thing that succeeded in doing was ripping it away as he fell. He rolled, the world spinning and mild pain shooting up his side as he hit the ground.

He was dizzy by the time he’d stopped rolling and his ears were ringing. He was wheezing, eyes closed as he tried to ignore the pain and sit up.

Where was David?

Where was Daniel?

David had been driving away from Daniel and he.. He attacked them.

And now he’s alone.

The distinct sound of tires screeching and metal grinding was still vividly loud even at the distance he was at.

And then Max heard it.

A gunshot.


“Oh God no..”




This probably doesn’t go with the au at all but just a little idea I got. Hitman au by @gutzix

Dianakko week Day 6 - AU (years later - no magic AU)

Au where Diana is an excellent doctor in her prestigious family clinic, while Akko is a freelancer in the entertainment field and can work at home



I got around to read the 8th chapter of “Got the Baby Blues” and WOAH, I loved it! So I doodled this gift for @offense-unintended

(Okay, Lance is too much dramatic, but at least this time I remembered the clothes thing ^^.’)

Sketchy Bonus with Akira and McClain!


AU →  Rhaenys and Aegon Waters, the delegitimized children of Rhaegar Targaryen, return to Westeros after years spent in exile.  They mean to take back their birthright, which their father and the usurper both stole from them, and prove that despite being stripped of the Targaryen name, they are still dragons.