I got around to read the 8th chapter of “Got the Baby Blues” and WOAH, I loved it! So I doodled this gift for @offense-unintended

(Okay, Lance is too much dramatic, but at least this time I remembered the clothes thing ^^.’)

Sketchy Bonus with Akira and McClain!


AU →  Rhaenys and Aegon Waters, the delegitimized children of Rhaegar Targaryen, return to Westeros after years spent in exile.  They mean to take back their birthright, which their father and the usurper both stole from them, and prove that despite being stripped of the Targaryen name, they are still dragons.  


teenage AU in my vision???
Nikki certainly was keen on wrestling, so many were afraid to deal with her, Max would most likely be a “man in the shadows”, very sarcastic and troubled young man. aaaAAAAND Neil… would be a nerd….who covers his friends when they commit any “crimes”….


Jonerys AU | Child of Ice and Fire

“She was born in the harsh winter. Her mother died fighting for the spring. Her father soon followed, but not before raising her to become a valiant queen.”

*Note* I couldn’t help making this I swear! I also made this supper fast so that’s why the color is off! I don’t know what her name will be yet! I’ve been debating it! Either way this was fun to make! I hope you guys think it’s cute and feel free to interpret this as you like!

P.S. To the haters! Just ignore my stuff and do your thing else where.