got around to drawing the otp go me


Ichiji: “Excuse-me Miss Laurel, but it appeares that my foolish little brother thought it would be funny to play with food. I got water and some vanilla ice cream all over me… Care to help me clean this mess?

Niji: “Hey Moon boy! I was around in the kitchen, trying to find something sweet to eat. I spilled some honey on my clothes and now I’m all sticky… Care to lick me clean “Honeymoon” baby~?

Mun tried to draw liquids fffftt


They’re going to die one day. Die because of these two sexiness~



Alternative Universe AU Meme 6/17


Ahaaaa, now this week was more my speed, since the GBA games are probably my favourite in the series. i been working on these all week and i felt they would work better if i uploaded them all as one photoset, soooooooooo~

also I was thinking of doing more but some characters just absolutely stumped me (Eliwood WHAT WOULD YOU BE), so I decided to just keep it one picture for each game.

Excuse me but Even loves to embarrass Isak!!!! It doesn’t matter if others are around or not [see: the Kitchen Dancing scene]

• Even texts Isak the most ridiculous cheesiest sappiest puns in the middle of class!!! Isak has to physically hold back reactions so the teacher doesn’t catch him!!!
• Even intensely stares at Isak when they’re hanging out with other people (ummm this is already canon) because Even doesn’t know the meaning of subtle and Isak gets flustered!!!
• Even always being a weirdo and making a giant fool of himself when they go out and Isak feels the weirdest combination of embarrassment, fondness, and SHUT UP EVEN BUT ALSO DON’T!!!!!
• Even leaving ridiculously romantic but sincere drawings in Isak’s locker or notebooks for Isak to find randomly and Isak has to go to the washroom for a bit cause he can’t be seen in public with his face split in half with grinning like a total loser he’s got a reputation to maintain dammit!!!!
• Even doing all this shit cause he absolutely loves how Isak reacts and Even can’t get enough of it!!!!!!