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How feasable and/or effective would it be to eject an empty handgun magazine and kick it (accuratley) towards an opponent from mid-fall during a close quarters fight (say a melee attacker rushing down a corridor towards the kicker)?

No, and no.

So, first thing is that, depending on the handgun, the magazine may not drop freely. This is a preference feature. Some people prefer to release the magazine and pull it free, while others prefer to allow the magazine to drop freely into their hand when ejected. There isn’t really a, “better,” option here. Both positions come down to what the user finds more intuitive and comfortable.

If you’re wondering, this isn’t something that’s likely to trip up an experienced shooter. Anyone who’s spent time on a variety of firearms should be able to adapt to the gun they’re handling. You can also tell if the magazine will drop away when you load a magazine; based on the amount of friction experienced.

Even with a pistol where the magazine can drop freely, you’re not going to want to literally drop the magazine on the floor, or kick it. Handgun magazines are expensive; Depending on the model of handgun, those could cost anywhere from $10 to over $100 (on some rarer pistols). (I was specifically looking at a Bren Ten magazine for the upper end of the spectrum, if anyone’s wondering.) If anyone’s thinking back to the Desert Eagle post from a couple months ago, those magazines will set you back a little under $50 each. You do not use these once and discard them.

You also don’t, usually, want to eject empty magazines. Much like your car, you never want to run a gun dry. While it’s fairly easy, in a controlled situation, or on a range to keep track of how many times you’ve fired, and to know the exact state of your weapon; this is much more difficult in a real firefight.

You reload when you think you might be getting low, or when you’ve got time and ammo to spare, you put the partial magazine in a different pocket from your fresh mags, and replace it with a fresh one. The last place you ever want to be is in a situation like the one you just described: staring at someone who wants to kill you with an empty gun in your hand.

Fresh mags are heavy. That is to say, depending on the gun, a fully loaded magazine can easily weigh more than a pound. Most of that weight comes from the loaded rounds; the magazine itself is just a thin plastic or metal shell to hold and feed them into the firearm. They’re really not designed to take much abuse, and depending on the magazine, may be somewhat fragile.

Under controlled circumstances, kicking a falling object is something that a practiced martial artist should be able to do easily. Putting it in the rough vicinity of where they want it is also quite doable. Being able to do either of these things in an actual combat situation, not so much.

This is the kind of stunt you’d expect to see in a John Woo film, (I’d be slightly surprised if he hasn’t done some variation of this), and I know I’ve seen it on film before, somewhere. It’s in that range of slightly ludicrous that plays well when you’re working with characters that are (at least) slightly superhuman. But, if you’re dealing with normal, mortal, characters, this is neither feasible nor effective.


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don’t push it cowboy (carl grimes x reader)

You have been on your own since the beginning, always keeping yourself away from people. So when a boy in a sheriff hat came fighting into your life you were more than surprised.

pairing: carl grimes x reader

warnings: violence, and swearing

a/n: takes place in the beginning of season 7. Unedited I hope you guys still like it :) might do a part 2!

Y/N= your name

  That morning had been like any other you woke up huddled on the branches of a tree with your backpack. You would climb trees to insure yourself safety as you slept, people rarely look up there and if they did they might just think you were a corpse (you had enough walker blood on your clothes from fighting to look like one) and the dead had no possible way of getting to you.

You got down the tree and started towards the gas station you saw last night. By the time you got to the gas station last night it was too dark to go check inside so you decided to wait until morning. You push threw the door and a small bell jingles causing you to grab your gun out of instinct, you hold up the gun as you make your way down the first isle. 

“Shit” you breathe, as you throw an empty can on the ground, nothing absolutely nothing. You walk down the final isle almost at the front when you hear that damn bell jingle as someone or something walks into the small gas stations store you put your back up against one of the shelves to try and not be seen before you have a plan. “I got this one dad.” is all you hear before the door shuts. 

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I have a story to tell you buddy. Once I was on the deathwatch with a Blood Raven, were fightin' xenos and the like. Then one moment he turns to me and goes "got any ammo? I'm all out" so I'm like "yeah one sec" but he cuts me off with a "never mind I got it". I look down and HE STOLE THE MAGAZINE OUT OF MY BOLTER AND THE ROUND IN THE CHAMBER. These assholes with nick anything worth a damn.

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Hey Steph! Can you explain to me the whole amo=love instead of ammunition concept? I see it around a lot, but don't remember it being referenced in Sherlock? Is it just something this fandom made up? Thanks :) have a good day!

Hi Nonny!


Mary gives us what she thought it meant here:

SHERLOCK: Who employed you?
MARY: Anyone who paid well. I mean, we were at the top of our game for years, and then it all ended. There was a coup in Georgia. The British embassy in Tbilisi was taken over; lots of hostages. We got the call to go in, get them out. There was a change of plan, a last-minute adjustment.
SHERLOCK: Who from?
MARY: I don’t know. Just another voice on the phone, and a code word, “Ammo.”
MARY: Like ‘ammunition.’

Ajay explains how he was tortured with it:

SHERLOCK (calmly, quietly): What did you hear, Ajay? When you were a prisoner, what exactly did you hear?
(John glances across to him as he speaks then looks back towards Ajay and blows out a quiet breath.)
AJAY: What did I hear?
(He opens his mouth to form a word but hesitates for a moment before he manages to say it.)
AJAY: Ammo. Every day as they tore into me. Ammo. Ammo. 

Then Sherlock figures out “ammo”in this exchange here:

SHERLOCK (over phone): The English woman. That’s all he heard. Naturally he assumed it was Mary.
MYCROFT: Couldn’t this wait until you’re back?
SHERLOCK (still in the same room in Morocco, although it seems that Ajay’s body has been removed): No, it’s not over. Ajay said that they’d been betrayed. The hostage takers knew AGRA were coming. There was only a voice on the phone, remember, and a code word.
MYCROFT: Ammo, yes, you said.
SHERLOCK: How’s your Latin, brother dear?
MYCROFT (frowning): My Latin?
SHERLOCK: Amo, amas, amat.
MYCROFT (still frowning as he translates the Latin words): I love, you love, he loves. What …?
(He stops. Apparently he’s got it.)
SHERLOCK: Not ‘ammo’ as in ‘ammunition’ but ‘amo,’ meaning …?
(Mycroft raises an eyebrow then starts to straighten up, his face stern.)
MYCROFT: You’d better be right, Sherlock.
(He hangs up. Sherlock does likewise, and the Holmes brothers start to move away.)

And then followed up here:

LADY SMALLWOOD: This is absolutely ridiculous and you know it. How many more times?
MYCROFT: Six years ago you held the brief for foreign operations, code name “Love.”
LADY SMALLWOOD: And you’re basing all this on a code name? On a whispered voice on the telephone? Come on, Mycroft.
MYCROFT: You were the conduit for AGRA. Every assignment, every detail, they got from you.
LADY SMALLWOOD: It was my job.
MYCROFT (unfolding his hands and sitting back): Then there was the Tbilisi incident. AGRA went in.
MYCROFT: And they were betrayed.
LADY SMALLWOOD (firmly): Not by me.
(Mycroft just looks at her. She takes in a breath and sighs it out.)
LADY SMALLWOOD: Mycroft, we’ve known each other a long time. I promise you, I haven’t the foggiest idea what all this is about. You wound up AGRA and all the other freelancers. (Slowly, emphatically) I haven’t done any of the things you’re accusing me of. Not one. (Even more emphatically) Not. One.


So essentially, Mary assumed it was just a codeword for guns, and Sherlock thinks it has to do with Lady Smallwood, whose code name is Love.

Now that I’m re-reading and examining this scene though… They never actually are referring to the PERSON “Amo” are they? EVERYONE keeps saying “the English woman AND a codeword”. IF Lady Smallwood was directly being referenced, why are they NOT saying “The woman ‘Amo’”, or… Love. Why use an obscure Latin word rather than call her what they think the codeword was? 

And what’s even more curious, as I reread the text above… they NEVER SAY IF THE VOICE AND THE ENGLISH WOMAN ARE ONE IN THE SAME. I even went back a bit to clarify the second exchange:

AJAY (savagely): We were betrayed!
SHERLOCK: And they said it was her?
AJAY (to Mary): You betrayed us!
SHERLOCK (firmly): They said her name?
AJAY: Yeah, they said it was the English woman.

“They” is referring to Ajay’s CAPTORS, and THEY’RE the ones saying they were looking for an English Woman; NOT necessarily the person who was on the phone. 


AND it’s that last bolded bit by Lady Smallwood that has me interested indeed. She has NO idea what Mycroft is talking about. And following the convo, Mycroft looks guiltily down to the table and then to the one way mirror, PROBABLY silently hoping his brother hasn’t figured out the inconsistency here.

So. This has me thinking that Mycroft WAS and IS indeed involved with AGRA / Mary, MYCROFT was the soft voice on the phone (which then could tie back to TGG and the soft voices directing people to Moriarty) and AMMO is indeed the codeword, not Amo. “Amo” is literally Sherlock having Love on the brain… this is the connections he is making, and it just HAPPENED that Smallwood has the codename “Love”.

What’s bothering me about the whole Ammo thing is that they SPECIFICALLY keep saying Ammo SEPARATE from the person they are looking for, and that makes NO SENSE if they are looking for a person. Why Latin? MARY is the one bringing up “ammo” in the first place. I think she definitely betrayed her team, and knows EXACTLY what AMMO is. It’s NOT a person, it was her mission. 

Another thought, was it OMMA? There is a very brief scene where OMMA is shown on screen as well. Could this or AMMO be another acronym like AGRA?

These are all things to think about, and I’ve probably confused you even more, Lovely. Sorry. D: I love when I’m freeform meta writing and come up with thoughts as I write replies to this stuff only to confuse the issues further.

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I know you said you were only doing the kink prompts, but I've been feeling kind of insecure about my weight, so would you mind too much if I asked you to write about Alex and Laf comforting a chubby John? I understand if you'd rather not, but I hope you have a nice day!

Absolutely anon!!!


John was in a mood. The sort of mood where he wouldn’t say what was on his mind but also made it clear that he was in a bad mood.

He came home from work with a scowl and threw his bag on the couch, storming to the kitchen. He pulled out a beer, then walked to the couch and threw himself on the opposite of his bag, all without a word to Alex, who watched from the stairs.

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Can you please do jealous headcanons for Ichigo, Shuhei, Kensei and Renji? Thank you!

Ichigo Kurosaki: This poor baby gets jealous so easily, but he won’t ever admit it! Everyone can see the angry in his eyes and how he wants to barge in the conversation and snatch his lover away, but he thinks about his pride and keeps it all inside.

Shuhei Hisagi: It is hard to actually maks Shuhei jealous but when he gets jealous you can tell. He looks distant and stand off-ish he just glares at his lover and the person that he is jealous of until they both get uncomfortable and part ways.

Kensei Mugurama: If you asked Kensei he would tell you “ I never get jealous” and his lying when he says it too. Kensei will throw such a fit when he sees you talking to a particularly guy, and seeing his partner laugh and smile at their “corny ass jokes”. His lover won’t know that he is jealous until they get home and he starts yelling at them for being “too” comfortable with a random guy.

Renji Abarai: Renji is the type of guy who would tell his lover straight up not to talk to someone because he is getting jealous. His lover might think that he is joking and might start laughing but when they see how serious he really is, they will comply and not talk to that person at all.


For Fandom Bingo, Square 4-4: Apocalypse AU

Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn and Harry Potter crossover

Warnings: Blood, gore, mentioned character deaths

Summary: They called it the Radiance. The day the world lit up. Seventeen years later, in a world hostile to humans, hunter and scavenger Harry Potter just wants to make his way home.

Something is watching him. But then, the Wastelands are never really empty. Just emptier than the rest of the world.

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Watch_Me (Wrench x Reader) [3]

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_[part 1]_[part 2]_[here]_[part 4]

writing this from my ipad and surprise! Part 3 is officially up for reading. 

“Shaun, fuck you.” I said as I took down a ctOS guard. Dealing to clean the video before it sent to ctOS. I had hacked the entire camera system and override its system if anyone tried to hack in. Luckily, I installed a safe passage which only me, and me alone to hack it. “Like seriously, fuck you.”

“Where did the happy mood went to?” Shaun asked. I could sense that he was smiling. “I thought you were warming up to me.”

“Nevermind that,” I crouched down and did a silent assassination to another guard. I quickly moved within the shadows. “How was London?”

“Splendid, the Frye Twins were magnificent,” I rolled my eyes as I threw a dagger at the unsuspecting guard that was coming towards me. “I’m surprised that we found the Kenway Mansion. Still intact.”

I check my surroundings with my Eagle Vision which there were no guards. I put away the sniper rifle and disrupt the entire area, just in case the security guards call for backup or the public call 911. “Do tell, why am I at the ctOS tower?”

I loot the body of the dead guards. Got a few ammo and some… food. “Someone had saw what you did and well, its on is way to Blume.”


“But! We can erase the video if you hack the tower and replace it with something more humour.” Rebecca interjected before Shaun could open his mouth. I massaged the temple of my head as I let out a frustrated sigh.

“…Probably those Dedsec must have check me out,” I walked over to the tower, using my tablet to hack away, destroy and rebuilding the firewall, add some fake data, extract the video and replace it. “Done,” I leaned back, letting the fake video go.“

"Wait, what do you mean Dedsec?” Rebecca asked. She was curious, I can tell. “(Name), what did you do?” Judging by her tone, its like a mother, finding out what did her children did when she wasn’t looking.

I didn’t answer her question, instead I climb down the building, vault over the balcony and tuck and roll on the floor and walk to my vehicle. Breatheless from the climbing and killing, I open my mouth and said,“I’m sorry, what you say?” Still a bit peeved from Shaun, I’m not going to answer her. Sorry Becs.

I hear her sigh from the other side of the comms. “We will discuss this tomorrow. Rest up girl.” I took my bike from its hiding spot that was within the branches. “Tomorrow, you are helping out a friend of ours.”

I already put on my helmet and the ignition of the bike has already on. “Right, brief me tomorrow.”

“Be safe out there,” Desmond’s voice came. I almost went out of balance. “Becs!” I hissed. I almost, almost crash into a car.

“Sorry but its the best way to cool you down…”

I stopped at the traffic light. It was on the red. “You know how I don’t feel about this…” After what had happen to Desmond, I’ve been doing hacking missions all over the globe. Getting in fights and joining the Mafia, the Italian Mafia are the modern Italian Assassins Brotherhood.

His death had broke my heart. We were lovers, getting ready to settle down, ready to start a family, ready to get away from the conflict. Until Juno ask Des to place his hand at the glowing globe of the Ancient Temple.

Now I can’t risk falling in love with another man. Knowing the danger that I will caused the individual, will make my heart to be shattered once more.

The lights became green and I rode on. To a hideout that was an apartment. “Becs… just… Just don’t do it.” I used the lift to go to my designated floor and unlock the door.

Make my way to my bed and flop forward. Letting sleep to win over my tired body.

[ somewhere in San Francisco ]

“Sir, we found the Assassin.” The figure shuffled the pages of the file. They stood up, pulling a photo out of the file and placed it at the whiteboard. “She is here.”

“Well,” Another one spoke. “That is quite a surprise.”

“Should we send Team Sigma?”

“No, they are at London, dealing with the Assassins as we speak.” He took a sip of his Whiskey.

“Then, how do we deal with this extinct kind.” spat another Templar. “She doesn’t have any allies in San Francisco nor does she have anyone to assist her.”

“Except for Dedsec…” The figure piped in. “That group always targeting Blume and their ways are horrendous.”

“What should we do, your Excellency?”

The Leader of the Council of Elders of the Templars, the highest rank of all, Ellen Kaye emerged. The Templars around the table stood up as they watched her. Walking to the screen, watching the video.

“Observe this stray. We must learn what is her purpose in San Francisco.” Ellen turn around. “If she triggered something, send in Team Theta. They will handle this." 

They recognize me at the gun range now. Pretty sure I stick out like a sore thumb lol. Picked up another small ammo can for the ammo I got for my newest rifle, and a fishing info packet to get ready for spring fishing.

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Thyroid and Rectum?

Ever screamed in public?

Uh yes one time I sliced my little finger open pretty bad and I yelled so loud that my group at the time came running down from the other side of the park.

Chosen weapon in a zombie apocalypse?             

Well guns are limited by ammo and I have very weak arms so probably couldn’t swing a sword (or other close combat weapon) around.
I’d have to say a rocket launcher or basically any kind of long-ranged explosive (if I could get hold of one) because although it’s got ammo limits like the gun it has about triple the damage of one and you can use it long range so you’d be a safe distance away from oncoming hordes. Also you don’t have to rely on accuracy as much becaus with a gun you need to get headshots to effectively kill a zombie but with a rocket launcher you pretty much obliterate them out of existence.

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how do you get ammo's nails trimmed? my husky won't let me or any groomer come near his feet lol he'll run or scream when I touch them or he'll give the groomers a hard time.

Sorry I didn’t see this sooner!  Ammo isn’t a super fan of getting his nails trimmed either.  I can do them myself and we just go at it really slowly - when we were first starting out I would sometimes only even do 1 a day.  Usually if I’m in the area and he needs them done I will stop at a groomer and Ammo will stay still if I hold them and they do really quickly.

If he’s food motivated I would start with touching his feet a bit and rewarding for just that and slowly work up to completely handling his feet and then introduce the clippers back in - even if you don’t cut right away as I found Ammo got nervous with the clippers too.

I also use a “scratchboard” to help with his nails.  There’s a good group on Facebook called “Nail maintenance for dogs” and they have a lot of info on scratchboards and just nail trimming in general - it might be a good resource to look into if you have facebook!

This is a short video of Ammo using a scratchboard (it’s pretty flimsy because it’s just on a clipboard at the moment instead of a harder board).