got all the clothes for christmas

depression tips™
  • shower. not a bath, a shower. use water as hot or cold as u like. u dont even need to wash. just get in under the water and let it run over you for a while. sit on the floor if you gotta.
  • moisturize everything. use whatever lotion u like. unscented? dollar store lotion? fancy ass 48 hour lotion that makes u smell like a field of wildflowers? use whatever you want, and use it all over. 
  • put on clean, comfortable clothes. 
  • put on ur favorite underwear. cute black lacy panties? those ridiculous boxers u bought last christmas with candy cane hearts on the butt? put em on.
  • drink cold water. use ice. if u want, add some mint or lemon for an extra boost.
  • clean something. doesn’t have to be anything big. organize one drawer of ur desk. wash five dirty dishes. do a load of laundry. scrub the bathroom sink. 
  • blast music. listen to something upbeat and dancey and loud, something that’s got lots of energy. sing to it, dance to it, even if you suck at both.
  • make food. don’t just grab a granola bar to munch. take the time and make food. even if it’s ramen. add something special to it, like a hard boiled egg or some veggies. prepare food, it tastes way better, and you’ll feel like you accomplished something. 
  • make something. write a short story or a poem, draw a picture, color a picture, fold origami, crochet or knit, sculpt something out of clay, anything artistic. even if you don’t think you’re good at it.
  • go outside. take a walk. sit in the grass. look at the clouds. smell flowers. put your hands in the dirt and feel the soil against your skin.
  • call someone. call a loved one, a friend, a family member, call a chat service if you have no one else to call. talk to a stranger on the street. have a conversation and listen to someone’s voice. if you can’t, text or email or whatever, just have some social interaction with another person. even if you don’t say much, listen to them.
  • cuddle your pets if you have them/can cuddle them. take pictures of them. talk to them. tell them how u feel, about your favorite movie, a new game coming out.
Things Jason Todd Has Definitely Done at Some Point

- got into a bar fight because someone dissed Beyonce

- got convinced by Roy and Kori to build a blanket fort

- accidentally shot a gun while it was still in his pocket

- let Cass and Steph braid the white streak in his hair

- went to all of his childhood enemies pretending to be a ghost

- dressed as a “zombie” for Halloween, his costume consisting of his normal clothes

- adopted 13 kittens and managed to hide them from Roy and Kori for two weeks

- took Damian to a bar and got yelled at by Batman

- tried intimidating a villain but tripped over a patch of grass and fell on his face

- knit a sweater that said #Actual Son of Batman™on the front and gave it to Damian for Christmas

- bumped into a mannequin and apologized

- blew a bubblegum bubble inside his helmet and got it all over the interior and his face

- got lost in the mall and had to call Roy for help

- cried during Toy Story 3

- held his breath until he blacked out when he didn’t get his way

- wrote ‘I AM BATMAN’ on Dick’s forehead in permanent marker while he was sleeping

-tried using Roy’s bow but got slapped in the face with the string

- got caught watching Pretty Little Liars by Tim

- stole the windows from the Batmobile for April Fool’s Day

- formed the Dead Robins Club with Damian

- got kicked in the face by Batcow

-learned the entire rap part of Fergalicious and knows it by heart

- flirted with a girl for twenty minutes before realizing it was one of his batsiblings undercover

- convinced a sleep deprived batfam member that he was still dead and was haunting them

6 of Crows Christmas Headcanons

- Wylan wants to make sure that everything is perfect because Kaz never got a chance to experience a “real” Christmas and Inej’s family didn’t celebrate it

- Kaz “grudgingly” makes hot chocolate just like Jordie used to make them when they had extra cash

- Kaz is incredibly protective of Wylan (he won’t admit it he continues to give him shit as normal) and wants everything to go perfectly because he can tell that Wylan’s biggest wish is to be loved for who he is

- Snowball fights ft. the Crew

- Inej inexplicably never gets hit even if the other 5 all aim for her

- Matthias always ends up taking snowballs for Nina

- Nina introducing the crew to traditional Ravkan holiday food and Matthias manages to get some Fjerdian liquor

- Wylan sets up an advent calendar for the rest of the crew to do together. Some days it has riddles that lead to prizes, some days it has candies

- On the 24th, the advent calendar clue reads “up the chimeny with care” 

- Inej climbs the chimeny and brings down a wrapped package. They unwrap it together to reveal a painting of the six of them because they’re all Wylan’s family now

- Matthias dressed as a Christmas tree (it’s Nina’s fault)

- Kaz in reindeer antlers

- Kaz somehow gets a full-sized pine-tree into The Crow Club. No one knows how or where he got it

- Jesper sets up mistletoes in random parts of The Crow Club. Somehow Kaz knows where they all are and avoids them like the plague

- Nina tailoring ugly sweaters for everyone 

- They all go Christmas tree shopping together and buy the biggest tree they possibly can for Wylan’s inherited mansion

- Decorating said tree proves to be difficult

- Their Christmas tree is decorated with a mixture of extremely expensive ornaments that Kaz and Wylan bought and homemade ornaments that Nina and Jesper insisted everyone make

- Nina helps everyone bake cookies to leave out for Santa that evening

- Cue a giant food fight 

- They make a huge mess but the cookies turn out okay

- All the crows get dressed up in fancy clothing for a nice dinner on Christmas Eve at Wylan’s

- Jesper wears a red bow tie with Christmas trees on it much to everyone’s amusement

- They all sleep at Wylan’s house that night

- Nina wakes everyone up at 6 am shouting about Christmas. 

- To everyone but Kaz’s surprise the cookies they left out for santa are gone. Aka Kaz got up in the middle of the night and ate the cookies so that it would seem like Santa had come to the house.

Broken Part One:


Ten months later

The coffee shop that you normally went to every morning was closed for repairs. You had to go fifteen minutes out of your way to get your daily coffee fix.

It had been a regular morning. You woke up and made breakfast for the kids before sending them off to school. They only had a few weeks left before Christmas break. They were very excited about being out of school for the next three weeks.

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So Izzy went and did Burlesque. If you’re not familiar is a dance that tells a story or revels in an a theme, and alot of times it can be sexual and involve items of clothing coming off.

Angel Burlesque asked me to perform in their Vagina Show. The Angel’s are about body positivity, including bodies of all sizes, shapes, ages and bow trans. With the Vagina Show being about women they wanted to include trans members. I got recruited a week before the show. They also had a wonderful speaker, a trans woman body builder Amanda, who talked about Cis ideologies versus Trans.

My act was Sisters from White Christmas. I played a diva outgoing sister. It was cute. Because of how short of time we had to planned, some of our routine was planned the other half was improv. So nerve-racking but know one could tell it was improved so score!

Some of the other acts I saw from the TV in the dressing room was a cookie monster bit. The girl cookie monster loved cookies and vaginas. Half the cast where back up dancers dresses as cookies or vaginas. The cookie monsters pasties were giant googly eyes.

There was a “Let it Flow” number where mother nature comes in and sings about periods. She had worming wings, but the feathers were made of “bloody” pads.

The show ended with Nasty Women based off a Janet Jackson song.

It was such a nice body positive atmosphere. I wouldn’t trade my inclusion into it for the word. Minus the cut I got falling back stage. That sucked haha.

Welcome Home, Sweetheart

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Pairing: Jensen x daughter!Reader
Word count: 1,150

Part 6 of Letters From the Dead

Y/N started school today. I think I was more emotional than her. She was so determined to do this all on her own, and then she looked up at me. Maybe she saw that I needed it, but she took my hand and let me walk her in.

Now it really hits how big she’s getting.

The next morning after breakfast, Jensen declared it was a father/daughter bonding day. You’d stared at him like he’d grown a third eye. That just wasn’t something you were used to. JJ told you that it was fun, and to ask for ice cream. That wasn’t a bad idea, either.

Your first stop was to get you some stuff to make your room feel a bit more like home. Walking in, you’d been looking down, so you didn’t even know the name of the damn store. He was pushing the cart, and you were walking next to him. “So, uh, what’s your favorite color?” He asked awkwardly.

“Y/F/C.” You shrugged. “You know, we could have ordered this online, and saved you having to come shopping with a teenager.”

Jensen laughed, shaking his head. “Dan did offer to do this part, actually.” He glanced at you before turning down the aisle of sheets. “Told her I had 14 years to make up for. Gotta start somewhere.” His voice was somewhat sad. “Hey, where did you think I was all this time?” He asked you once you’d started looking over the different colors.

Pausing, you shrugged and glanced at him. “I didn’t.” You told him honestly, your eyes going back to the middle row. You were debating between two colors, and scrunching your face. “I never knew anything but it being mom and me for a long time. I asked her once, when I was really little. There was a daddy daughter dance thing. I went with my best friend and her dad. After that, I didn’t need to know. I was happy.”

He nodded. “Well, I’m glad you weren’t torn up or something about it.”

“This!” You smiled, grabbing some sheets. Looking over at him, you weren’t sure how he meant that. “Was that…sarcasm?” You asked, putting the package in the basket.

“No! No. Promise.” He chuckled. “I feel bad enough as it is, I’d feel worse if you spent your life thinking I’d like…abandoned you or something.” That made sense to you.

As you started moving towards the bedding sets, you finally blurted out the question you had been wanting to ask. “Why weren’t you there?” You asked gently, not looking at him.

Jensen stopped. “She never told you?” You looked up at him and shook your head. “We broke up so I could focus on my career. I still cared about her, and wanted to stay friends. Suddenly, she stopped returning my calls.” He sighed. “In the letters that your mom wrote, that the lawyer gave me, she said she wanted me to live my dream. That she knew I’d go back and do the right thing. I’d be there for you guys, and she wanted me to better my life for whoever I made a life with.” Your eyes fell, feeling like you’d invaded on that life. “She’s right, though.” He told you. “I would have gone right back.” You couldn’t tell if he wished he had known or not.

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Ask Marni Senofonte, the Picasso behind Beyoncé’s iconic Lemonade and Formation World Tour looks, about her earliest memories of Barbie and she’ll say, “I remember cutting her hair.” She’ll also say, “I don’t remember how old I was. My parents were teenagers, and they had like no money. I just remember waking up on Christmas morning and seeing a stack of individually wrapped—maybe like 15—packages. My sister and I were so excited because my parents got us a whole bunch of Barbie clothes for us.” For the stylist and many other fashion creatives alike, Barbie is synonymous with the beginning of an unwavering love of fashion.

“I think it was because I was able to express and kind of put Barbie into anything. Any kind of ribbon that I had, or whatnot, I would play around with and make her shoes strap all the way up to her thighs… [Barbie] was like the first kind of object that I was able to express [creativity] through clothing.” After a beat, Senofonte adds, “And I went to Catholic school. I had to wear a uniform my whole life, which was a nightmare for somebody like me. [Playing with Barbie] was a relief, it was therapy.”

Jump forward some years and you’ll find Senofonte creating looks for a myriad of frequently Best Dressed women. The newest name to her roster? It’s none other than the iconic Barbie, of course. Today, the highly-followed (we’re talking 1.7 million followers and counting) Instagram channel @BarbieStyle unveils the collaboration with Senofonte: a range of one-of-kind looks for a league of body, hair, and skin diverse fashion dolls.

When asked about her inspiration for the designs, Senofonte references the Barbie Fashionistas line, a range of dolls offered in four varying body types (original, curvy, tall, and petite) and a multitude of skin tones and hairstyles, “When I saw all of these shapes and sizes—that alone was the inspiration. We have so many different sized women, and it’s like—especially the bigger women, they always feel like there’s nothing that fits them or makes them look cute. It was just so important to me with the Barbie collection to show a curvy woman or a shorter woman that it’s all possible.” And by it, she means making confident fashion choices. “I want a girl who is not necessarily small to say, ‘Okay, I could wear a crop top and I could wear jeans with big holes in it and fishnets underneath it and I am cute… everyone can have this. Everyone can do it. And everyone in every size—we can all be cute. It’s not just for a certain size or a certain color.”

One look at the @BarbieStyle Instagram channel, and it’s likely you’ll find an endless wealth of lifestyle and fashion inspiration. From #ootd flat-lays to selfies featuring Gigi Hadid in doll form, Barbie shows us an aesthetically rich life. Senofonte hypothesizes why the channel is so engaging, “It’s entertainment.” She shares with InStyle, “It’s living vicariously through someone. Seeing visual inspiration is so important.” So in addition to doctor, dancer, and president, you can add social influencer to Barbie’s resumé.

Oh, and thanks to the Barbie Fashionistas line and now the Marni Senofonte x Barbie collaboration, you can also add Advocate for Racial Diversity and Size Inclusivity to the list. Senofonte said it best, “We haven’t even scratched the surface yet as to what it really should be, but the fact that Barbie is making it the norm is the first step. She’s kind of always spearheaded the new norm.”

Though the dolls are not available for purchase at the moment, images of the full collection can be seen below or on the @BarbieStyle channel. From remixed denim silhouettes to ‘Victorian Punk’ looks reminiscent of Beyoncé’s Lemonade costumes, scroll through to see every single look and exclusive design sketches from the Marni Senofonte x Barbie range.

So, I’ve been thinking about posting a before and after pic, for days! But sadly I was very ashamed of my before picture, even tough at the time I was very confident about my looks and the way that bikini fitted me, I just couldn’t help to see how big I was, compared to my new self, but after thinking about it, if then I was proud and fierce about myself, I shouldn’t feel ashamed about it now! I shouldn’t judge that person who I used to be because she was amazing, loving and cute.

So here it is, 6 months post surgery progress. It wasn’t easy, I’ve struggled trough the liquids only month, dealing with the pain and uncomfortableness (this word exists?!) of eating something I shouldn’t because my stomach couldn’t take it, sacrificing my amazing drinking Friday nights with my best friend, and the big ass lump I got during Christmas week because I rejected the stitches. All of that plus many other things I can’t think of RN, but stuff that doesn’t matter anymore, cause I like where I’m getting.

I’m not gonna lie, only in pics and when I try on clothes I feel the difference, I still struggle with my mind and when I look closely at my kinda loose thighs, my not so firm stomach and boobs, and my butt, I feel like I’m not even close to where I want to be, I’m not as perfect as people that are nice enough to make good comments about my changes, say I am, so if you think this surgery it’s going to suddenly erase all your insecurities and problems with self stem, it won’t, but I will be a great tool for you to start appreciating how strong and amazing you are, and that’s a good start.

I’m uploading this because when I was researching to see if I should get the surgery I loved looking at this kind of pictures, so if you’re thinking about getting it done and you have questions, I would be happy to answer them, from the patient point of view, nothing medical!

Btw that’s the same bikini, I wish the rest of my clothes where like him and still fitted me so I didn’t need to buy a whole new closet, basically because I’m not fucking rich! Also it looks like I’m sucking in my stomach, I’m not I just pushed back my shoulders to get a better posture, selfie tips 😜

Why I love dating a genderfluid person

It’s incredible, it really is. I get to be a part of this amazing person’s life. I get to experience having a girlfriend, a boyfriend, and sometimes neither, which is truly a beautiful experience. 

Sometimes it can be hard for my love. They’ll feel so proud when using a gender neutral bathroom, but then apologize to me for asking me to use different pronouns. My love will ask “you’re a lesbian…how could you be okay with having a boyfriend? I’ll just be a girl, it’s okay”. No it isn’t. You see, yes, I’m a lesbian. But I am IN LOVE with this amazing person. It doesn’t matter what type of anatomy they have, their body is stunning. It doesn’t matter if one day that body gets changed. I will always love that body, but more importantly, the person in it. Because guess what? A person isn’t defined by their body! They’re just this really sweet, kind, incredible, simply cool person, and if their body fluctuates, so what?? They’re still the same person I fell in love with! And you know what else?? Even though I’m a lesbian, I LOVE having a masculine AND feminine significant other. It’s amazing! Growing up I always imagined picking out clothes for my future boyfriend. Then I got hit with the gay realization and I fell in love with all of the wonderful things about being with someone who’s feminine. And guess what? I get to have BOTH! How lucky am I??? I get to go with my love and pick out axe and cologne, and also try to find the perfect Bath and Body Works sweet scent. I can have a fucking field day at Christmas and get them button-downs and ties and baggy jeans and binders. And I can also spoil them with tank tops and cute bras and skinny jeans and plaid. And the suits….oh god. I’m sorry, but people in suits…I don’t care if it’s a girl or a guy in there but suits are SO ATTRACTIVE. 

But honestly, it’s amazing. I get it all. I honestly consider myself the luckiest person to be dating such a handsome, gorgeous, incredible person. I’m so. damn. lucky. I can’t even begin to express how much gratitude I feel for my love for letting me be a part of their life like this. Sometime’s they’ll be scared that it will all be pretend to me, that I won’t see them as anything other than their anatomical gender. But no. It’s the realest damn thing in the world. I have a girlfriend some days, and a boyfriend other days, and I consider myself truly honored to have this amazing person in my life.

To anyone out there who is dating a genderfluid person or nb person or any combination of those, respect your significant other. Love them with everything you’ve got. Anytime they apologize for asking you to change pronouns, offer them a kiss and tell them they NEVER have to apologize. Anytime they struggle with dysphoria, hold them close and whisper to them how you see their body. If they feel like their body is too masculine for what’s inside, tell them which parts are beautiful, which parts are gorgeous. If they feel their body is too feminine, tell them the parts you find most handsome. If they don’t want to look at pictures of themselves or have any kind of physical affection, RESPECT that. Always respect them, that goes without saying. Doesn’t matter who you’re dating, you SHOULD RESPECT YOUR S.O. Dating a genderfluid person is the most incredible experience of my life and god I wouldn’t have it any other way. Don’t ever let them go.  

Byeler headcanon 🚲💗

When Will was around 7 or 8, all of his friends got bikes for Christmas and he was really disappointed that he didn’t get one, but he didn’t say anything to Joyce about it, because he knew that they were struggling to afford bills and clothes etc, so he never mentioned anything to her about the bike.

He would walk to school with the boys and they’d all be on their new bikes, Lucas and Dustin speeding off in the distance, racing each other, laughing loudly as they rode along. Mike would ride slowly beside Will, so that he didn’t get left behind, before stopping and letting him get on the back of his bike and ride with him. Will would always love riding with Mike, clutching on to his jacket and feeling the wind brush against his face as they rode along. He would smile vehemently and play silly games with Mike as they went along, like drawing things on Mike’s back with his finger and having Mike guess what he was drawing. Mike would always laugh, as it was always a dinosaur, Mike’s favourite toy he had.

One day Mike asks Will to come over to his house after school as he has something for him. Will goes with him after school, eagerly wondering what it is Mike is talking about. They walk into the garage to see Mike’s bike propped up in the middle of the room, with a red bow tied to it. Will looks confused and Mike says, “It’s yours! I got a new bike for my birthday, so I don’t need this one now! It’s all yours!” Will can’t believe it and starts jumping up and down like mad. He runs over to Mike and hugs him tightly, still while bouncing up and down from excitement. Mike laughs and says, “ I take it you like it then!?” Will’s tightening grip on Mike, answers the question for him.

Mike then spends Sunday afternoons teaching Will how to ride it. Mike starts off by holding the back of the bike as Will wobbles along, and he falls off every once in a while, and Mike freezes for a second wondering if his friend is okay, but then Will laughs and they both end up in a fit of laughter together. Eventually Will gets the hang of it and ends up being just as good as Mike.

They both take early morning bike rides around the rural areas of Hawkins and one day when Mike’s bike is in for a repair at the shop, Will takes great joy in saying, “Need a ride?” They both ride off on Will’s bike, him feeling warm and fuzzy at his best friend wrapping his arms around him so tightly. Every once in a while, Will pretends his bike has gone for a repair, just to ride on the back of Mike’s bike with him. Mike knows that Will just says it so he can ride with him, but he doesn’t mind, if anything, he quite enjoys having his best friend riding with him and drawing silly doodles on his back of objects, and him having to guess what they are, before they both burst into fits of laughter over how what Will draws on his back, feels nothing like what he says it is, but Will argues that he’s just playing the game all wrong.


pls tell me that i’m not too late So sorry for letting you wait til the very last day, it was a pleasure for me to have your request, i wanted to draw all of them but winter clothes got me 

or maybe i should draw all of them

As it’s late for christmas wishes, i hope 2017 would be a great year for you, like what you have done to me in 2016 with all your beautiful tags and your dump-Lings (´ ω `♡) wish you the best and lots of luck!!!

Everything you want me to be

Anonymous said: GoM + Takao + Hanamiya when they expect their s/o to be interested in clothes, shoes, makeups, bags, etc. But instead her interests are books, specifically novels, computer and internet, anime and J/K-pop, and writing?

A/N: HERE YOU ARE! It was so fun to write that! I like how creative you were with your ask. I hope I didn’t disappoint you or anything (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و If I did you can tell me! I… I can stand all the criticism (ಢ⊱ಢ 。) my personal favourite here is Midorima (*≧▽≦)ノシ))


You can feel full of suspicion glare boring into your skull as you scroll down your phone. You don’t even bother to look ahead. You’re too pissed and if that meant you’d fall over a trash can then so be it.”

“My answer is not changing, Seijüro.” you inform your boyfriend yet another time this day, “Please just stop staring at me like that. It gives me creeps.”

“How am I looking at you, (Name)?” Akashi frowns.

“Like I’m a crossbreed of giraffe and elephant.” you sigh and pocket your phone, “I wouldn’t tell you in the first place if I knew you’d be like that.”

Akashi blinks at you, realising that maybe he has been staring a little to much. He shakes his head lightly.

“I’m sorry. I’ve just never met a girl like you.”

“Is that a bad thing?” you ask, starting to get worried.

“No… I don’t think so.” he replies after a moment of silence, “It’s new.”

“Is new, bad?”

“Definitely not.” Akashi smiles softly, “It’s interesting.”


Shopping malls. Stuffy, loud, full of people and nerve-wracking mix of smells. To say the least, Aomine was not a fan of them. So when you asked him to accompany you to the store, he reluctantly agreed but only because it was pretty late and he didn’t want you to walk alone at night.

With every single shop the two of you passed, Aomine’s face twisted. Just give it few minutes and he’ll undoubtedly hear: “Oh! There’s a new dress by insert-some-bloody-fancy-sounding-designer-name!” or “I need that bag!” But as you manoeuvred around people, not even sparing a glance to those fancy looking rugs, Aomine found himself baffled.

“Oi, (Name)?”

You hum in response, not slowing your pace.

“Don’t you want to…” he pauses, not really sure if turning your attention to the dreadful side of shopping is a good idea. But his curiosity is eating him. “You don’t want to try some stuff or get a bag?”

You frown, stoping on your tracks. “No. Why? … should I?” you add a little bit more frantically. You were neither hipster nor fashionista. Just… ordinary. What if Aomine didn’t like your style, what if… Your stern thoughts meet Aomine’s low chuckle.

“That’s not what I’m saying.” he says, “I was just curious. Usually girls love that kind of things.”

You glance at Aomine, the innocent look on his face easing your mind.

“It’s not really my thing, you know… I’m more books-music kind of girl. Very low maintenance…” you smile, embarrassed, “It’s not a good thing, I guess…”

“It’s great.” Aomine interjects with a huge grin, “I love it.”


“What are you listening to?” Kise asks as he plops on the ground beside you. You hand him earplug and lower the volume so the song would not scare the shite out of your boyfriend.

You hear Kise chuckle. “Well, well… who would have thought! Little miss Proper-Lady has a taste!”

“I’m not only looks and brains, Ryota!” you huff but internally you positively beam, “I also happen to have an extraordinary music taste.”

“I wouldn’t have guessed you like (Band/group’s name), (Name)cchi. You look to girly for them.”

“Well, frankly speaking you didn’t struck me as their fan either.” you state tartly but you’re not really mad. “Who’s your bias?”

“I don’t have one!” Kise sneers, “I’m a guy. We don’t have bias’”

“Oh come on! I know you do! Everyone has!”

“Well, I don’t.”

“Yes, you do!”

“No, I don’t.”

You give your boyfriend a look full of doubt. Kise chortles nervously.

“I don’t. I mean it.” he repeats but as you wiggle your eyebrows suggestively, he finally gives in, “Just don’t tell anyone, got it?”

“Fret not, Ryota. Your secret’s save with me.” you beam, “Name you bias in three… two… one…”

“(Idol 1’s name)!”

“(Idol 2’s name)!”

The friction between you is nearly palpable. Honestly, you believed this would be a bonding experience. Too bad the two of you glaring at each other says otherwise.

You take a deep breath before commenting stiffly: “It’s a free country.”


You’re nervous. No! Scratch that! You your stomach hurts and you feel your legs giving in underneath your weight. All because of something important and far more intimate than sex is happening. Access’s to body and mind are on completely different levels and now you’re more than well aware of that major gap as you pace back and forth, waiting for Kuroko to be done.

“… and? What do you think? Tetsu?”

“I’m not done yet, (Name).” Kuroko informs, his eyes not leaving the computer screen as he scrolls down the sentences you wrote. You ponder why does it take him so long.

You’re about to ask but Kuroko cuts you off. It’s not that hard to pinpoint the moment when you open your mouth since you’ve kept pestering him every 5 minutes now.

“Just sit back and wait. I’ll tell you when I finished reading.”

You give out inpatient sigh but plop on the couch.

Some time later, Kuroko rubs his eyes before turning swivelling chair to look at you.

“And?! How is it?” you shot up, anxious about his opinion. “What do you think? Did you like it?! Just… tell me everything. I… I can stand criticism.”

Kuroko ruffles his hair and sighs, a tad consternation visible on his usually stoic face.

“… your grammar, (Name).” he says slowly, “Your grammar is awful.”


“I completely understand what you’re saying, (Name). You have my full support on any of your hobbies and if you ever have an extra ticket to any concert, count me in. After all who am I to judge you? I’m an adult man yet I happen to carry toys around me sometimes just because my horoscope tells me to. I also breathe and live according to what it says. I don’t have the right to question your interests.”

More or less that was what you thought Midorima would say to you after finding out that your interests did not included talking about make-up and singing up on a waiting list for a designer bag. The least to say his reaction was not something you assumed could happen.

For the past minutes Midorima has been scrolling through his phone, probably asking his personal fortune teller if dating you was a good idea. Finally Midorima puts down his phone and fixes his glasses, before locking his eyes on you.

“Madame Antoinette says you should reconsider your options, (Name).” he informs straight-face. “If you don’t, the repercussions will be awful.”

You sneer at the ridiculousness of this situation and the Madame Antoinette herself. Who the hell names themselves that?!

“Comes from the man who believes that number nine represents the devil!”

“Now, (Name), let’s not be so hasty about this.”

“You bought a paint sprayer to cover every bloody ‘nine’ in the registration plates you saw, Shintarou!” you exclaimed, throwing your arms in the air, “You went to jail, for goodssakes!”

“… it was just a lockup.” Midorima corrected tartly, “But that’s not the point! You need to reconsider your options, (Name)! Madame Antoinette is never wrong!”

“Oh, bite me!”


“Come on! Just five minutes!” you whine, tugging on Murasakibara’s sleeve. (Band/group’s name)’s band new single has just became available and for those who buys it within the next 10 minutes there’s a promotional poster. Pretty neat deal but the only problem was your boyfriend was dead-set on passing that opportunity.

“Pleasepleaseplease… Please! Atsushi! I’ll buy you… I’ll treat you for burritos. A whole month!”

Murasakibara halts and it gives you some hope only until you see him glaring down at you.

“I won’t fall for this twice, (Name)chin. You said it the last time and all I got was a coupon. And it was just ten percent off type.“ he informs and resume walking. Or at least he tries as you jumped in front of him and push him in the direction of the shop.

“What are you doing, (Name)chin?”

“I’m using my chance to prove my dedication to (Band/group’s name).” you pant but Murasakibara doesn’t budge. “I don’t deserve to call myself their fan unless I support their hard work!”

“Why are you into…” Murasakibara pauses, glancing over his shoulder to look at the flashy poster sticked to the windowsill. He really doesn’t get it. “I thought you were into… I dunno… bags and clothes and all that stuff. You’re a girl after all.”

“I couldn’t care less about brands. You only pay for the name. What’s so great about it?”

“Then what happened with the scarf I gave you for Christmas?” Murasakibara asks after a moment of silence. “I haven’t seen you wearing it yet.”

That remark makes your cheeks flush red. Murasakibara indeed got you some designer piece of clothing as a gift. You kept it in the closet. Under shoe boxes. And a vacuum cleaner.

“Well… I have it of course!” you stammer slightly, “I keep it for special occasions of course!”


“That’s so rich, (Name)chan!” Takao rolls with laughter, “I wouldn’t have guessed! You look so… so normal!”

You give your boyfriend a blunt look from above the book you were reading. It was plain ridiculous how did Takao insist to make such a fuss about you being a bookworm. Really.

“And how should I look, eh?” you deadpan, “It wouldn’t be tattooed on my forehead, Kazunari, now would it?”

Takao laughs harder, probably at some absurd picture in his mind of an encyclopaedia’s headwords being engraved allover your body.

“What an opportunity!” Takao exclaims, rubbing his tearful eyes, “I just can’t let it slide. You’re not getting away with this.”

“Get away with what exactly?” you ask snappishly, “If you’re planning to tease me about my taste in books then good luck.”

“What do you mean?” he frowns, “Your hobby has just became my ultimate weapon! I’ve never believed the books could be dangerous. Who would have thought I’ve lived my life in ignorance for so long!”

“I highly doubt that.”

“How come?”

“Because in that case,” you raise your eyebrow mockingly, “You’d have to read them all.”


The distasteful scowl on his face is enough of a confirmation that he didn’t expect you to be into… well… into something the girls he knew weren’t interested in. Hanamiya’s expression only worsened as you let him into your bedroom, walls covered with colourful posters, bookshelves filled to the point he preferred to keep away from them just in case they would fall over.

“So… you’re one of those girls, eh?”

Those girls?” you raise your eyebrow questioningly. Truthfully, you were pretty damn nervous about opening up about your hobbies. You only managed to reveal your intellectual treasures after few months of being with Hanamiya. His reaction… you were pretty hurt. Hurt and angry.

“Which girls? Dumb bimbos who spend their days wondering what lipstick they should wear? Or those disgusting wenches who feed of their boyfriends, convincing them that if they love them they should buy that bloody Chanel?”

With every another sentence of your rant, Hanamiya’s eyes widen. It’s been the first time you to snapped at him. You’ve never been anything but patient and kind, and yet here you were, fuming. He wondered if maybe he crossed the line or something.

Despite his inner musings, Hanamiya manages to keep his face cool. He smirks and flicks your forehead, then casually strolls around your bedroom, checking out titles on your bookshelf.

“Don’t be dense, (Name). I was joking. It doesn’t really matter to me what you—“ Hanamiya cringes, feeling your intensive glare boring in his back. Wrong words. “There are no girls like you. There’s only one (Name).”

Still facing the bookshelf, Hanamiya smirks smugly. He managed to wriggle his way out of a possible argument and it was pretty damn neat move. Hanamiya’s eyes slide over book covers and one particular title, makes his stomach twist. Hanamiya’s throat goes dry.

“But… (Name)… you’re not fujoshi, right?”  

My Father the Super Villain

And now the full version of Michael Wynters (Snart) finding out Len is Captain Cold, meeting Barry, and getting pulled into a mission against Zoom, first headcanoned by @horchatita, then stolen by me, @lisellevelvet, @coldtomyflash, and @xxxneweyesxxx, with a title from @wacheypena.

FYI, this thing in its entirety is over 10k. Well done, folks! Beta-ed slightly from the previous separate version that was HERE.

The original prompt:

I woke up today with a lot of feelings about Michael Snart growing up Michael Wynters, who just happens to have that parent with no interest in the PTA, who will sign all the forms you need but never chaperoned anything, for no reason other than “those mother hens freak me out,”  and will just pay for the whole box of fundraising chocolates himself. It’s nothing out of the ordinary and Michael is a bright kid who knows how to get back home after school by the time he’s eight (which is not to say his dad and aunt and uncle don’t watch from a safe distance most days).

So there are no warning signs from school, it’s just Michael’s dad isn’t involved is all, but his kid is happy and in good health so no one asks questions about it. It would all be fine if it weren’t that Michael is a bright kid, that he knows antique dealing and gym boxing don’t cause the kind of injuries his father treats every other week, that he understands the smaller things they own (watches, clothes, that perfectly realistic life size BB-8 he just got for Christmas) are out of the price range of the house they reside in, the car they drive.  

It’s just he knows his dad is a suspicious man but he raised a suspicious son who knows how to freeze frame a news clip online and stare at it side by side with a picture of his dad. And he’s not smiling like he is in Michael’s picture, his blue eyes aren’t shiny with amusement but covered under dark goggles, but it’s him. It’s him with that snarl on his face and those people cowering from him.

Michael hasn’t left his room in five hours and for all Lisa and Mick knock and threaten at the door it takes Len getting home to tell them that it’s simple, because Michael is a bright kid.

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Ohio Gothic

- They say you can see for miles if you get up on top of the biggest hill in town. They’re right, and you immediately regret testing it. You have nightmares for weeks afterwards. You should have listened when they told you to stay away from the hill.

- A train whistle wakes you up every night at 2 am. It must be right outside your window - you can feel the bed shaking as it thunders past. But the only tracks nearby haven’t been used in over 50 years.

- There’s a small patch of mold on the ceiling above your desk. Above all your desks - school, work, even at home. You scraped off the one at home one night, and found that it had tripled in size everywhere else the next day.

- There is fog covering the low valleys in the early mornings of summer and fall. It’s so thick, you can never see the ground below, and looks almost sturdy enough to walk on. You never mention that time you saw the neighbor boy actually doing it.

- “Knee high by the Fourth of July!” They tell tourists and out-of-state-ers that it refers to corn growing. You do, too. You know that if you tell them the truth, they would leave and never return, and the crops would not be as plentiful.

- The Cuyahoga River caught fire once, back in the day. Only once, but you swear sometimes that you can smell the thick smoke and see flames dancing on water as you cross over the bridge into Kent.

- The man who works at the butcher shop claims to be from Ohio, but the accent is all wrong. Your mother says darkly that he is from Cincinnati and that you are never to turn you back on him. The meat you buy there looks less like it was cut and more like it was ripped out of the cow.

- There is a buckeye tree growing in your yard. It is in the way for the swing set you want to put up. You decide that the swings aren’t that important after all. You dare not touch the buckeye tree. Your best friend was never the same after they tried to climb the one in their yard.

- There are four Ohio State University shirts in your closet. You don’t know how they got there. You don’t know where the OSU Christmas tree ornaments came from either. All of your clothes are scarlet and gray during football season. You don’t question it.

- It is snowing. It is always snowing. You can’t remember what the sun looks like, or the grass. All there is are cloudy gray skies and snowdrifts. The ones in the parking lot at Target are bigger than your house, and every day they seem closer to the store entrance.

- A stray cat wanders the neighborhood. You were warned to never go near it as a child. They call it the Sewer Kitty. You saw what it becomes down in the sewers one time. You were scared to use the bathroom for months afterwards.

- They tell you that your graduating class is the biggest in years. You frown, thinking back to when you were younger and were told your class was one of the smallest. When you try to ask your friend about it, she shakes her head silently and refuses to look in the shadows.

- The local pizza shop is dirty and smells funny, the sauce is so much more red than any of the other places, and kids regularly go missing from the nearby local elementary school, but you can’t stop ordering from them.

- The apple orchards are lovely in the fall, all bright colors and sweet smells. You can never find them at any other time than a few weeks in October. Your mother just wakes you up one morning and announces you’re going to get apples. You pick a few on your own and tell yourself that the dark red liquid that drips down your hand from the fruit is just sap.

Lemme tell you why my roommate is better than yours

He once casually made a remark about my room always being a mess and it basically triggered my anxiety and I went quiet but clearly got upset. He didn’t say anything else about it and got kinda quiet too. Then I went home for Christmas and upon my return he said “please don’t be mad but I did a thing.” And he takes me too my room and all my clothes are picked up and the papers/mail are in a neat pile. And the obvious trash is gone and I was like dear god

This is the best Christmas present

Fast forward to last week I dropped my phone on my face and chipped my front tooth a little and it really bothered me and today he’s like I got you a present and it’s one of those little round phone things so that you don’t do that and I’m just like fucking stop being precious you piece of angel face

Essays in Existentialism: Once

Prompt : Clarke and Lexa have a one night stand… and then another… and another. Until they just leaves clothes at each other’s place.

“This was fun,” Clarke nodded, pulling her shirt down and searching for her pants. The room was almost lit from the streetlight outside, though it was clouded and muted in the rain. Her shirt was still damp from the sprinting across the street in the storm, but she didn’t have an alternative.

“Yeah,” Lexa nodded, still propped in the bed watching it happen. She hovered her hand over the lighter as she lit the end of a cigarette she didn’t particularly want, but needed as a shield against having nothing to do with her hands. “Did I earn your number at least?” She watched the blonde chuckle and find her pants as she tossed the lighter onto the side table. Clarke began to pull them on as Lexa sat up in the bed, still naked and tingling. Though spotless, she found an old cup to flick ashes into.

“Was I wearing my jacket?”


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Boston General Master List

Summary: Being a doctor was something you always dreamed of. Every since you were a small child all you wanted to do was save lives. As you got older instead of asking for barbies and dress up clothes for your birthday or Christmas you asked for doctor’s kits and toy surgery kits. It’s all you ever wanted. Now here you were, starting your internship at Boston General, and you were hoping it was everything you’d ever wished for…but you’re finding out it may not be everything you imagined – maybe it’s more.

A/N: Graphic made by a lovely, wonderful anon! This is an AU. This master list will be updated every time a new part is added. Happy reading my loves. 

Part One - Born For This

Part Two - The Irony of Choking on a Lifesaver

Part Three - Emergency

Part Four - Alone Together

Part Five - Backseat Serenade 

Part Six - Guts 

Part Seven - Hurricane

Part Eight - As Lovers Go **COMING SOON**

Professor Pride Winter Break

gif belongs to of-badges-and-guns

Title: Professor Pride Winter Break

Characters: Professor!Pride x Reader, Gibbs

Word Count: 1,728

Warnings: fluff

A/N: I know it’s early, but I wanted to post this now! I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3

Series Masterlist

You quickly got settled in at Dwayne’s place.  Your mother sent you the rest of your things, as promised.  It turned out that you didn’t have much left there to begin with.  It was mostly clothes, photos, and a few other small things.  You were glad that it was winter break for Dwayne, otherwise settling in would have less enjoyable.

It was only a week before Christmas and you needed to buy something for Dwayne.  The two of you decorated the tree only last week.  That was an experience in itself.  You smiled at the thought.  You grabbed your phone from beside you, going back inside the house.

You padded into the living room, plopping down on the couch next to the professor.  He smiled at you, wrapping his arm around your shoulder and pressing a kiss to your forehead.  You snuggled into his side.

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Christmas with Evan’s AHS characters

Have a Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Likes, reblogs and comments are appreciated. Gifs aren’t mine.

Tate Langdon:

The pair of you would snuggle on the sofa, all day, eating food that you usually wouldn’t, and watching Christmas movies. Tate would insist upon watching Home Alone and you’d insist upon The Nightmare before Christmas, pointing at Jack and saying that was Tate, making him grin dorkishly. You’d both sing along to the songs, laughing when the other messed up the words, and smiling fondly.

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Kit Walker:

You and Kit would sit by the fire, wrapped in each other’s embrace and a thick blanket, watching the children unwrap presents, grinning ear to ear at what they had been given, before playing for hours on end with them in their own little world. 

Kit would most likely hand you a present sheepishly, even though you had insisted that you wouldn’t buy presents for each other this year and only for the children. You’d unwrap it, scowling slightly at Kit for not listening. Your heart would melt when you opened it to find a locket with a picture of Kit, Julia and Thomas in it. You’d turn to Kit, grinning and pulling him into a long kiss, dragging a groan and gag from the children on the floor, making you both chuckle.

After all the wrappings were thrown away and the children were finished playing for awhile, you’d all sit around the table and have a nice meal. Then Julia and Thomas would disappear into the kitchen to decorate the gingerbread that they had made the night before, leaving you and Kit alone at the table. Kit would insist of cleaning up and you’d follow him into the kitchen. You smiled, watching your children draw faces on the four gingerbread people.
“Look, Mummy, it’s daddy and you.” Thomas giggled, wiggling a gingerbread man that has crazy, swooped back hair. 

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Kyle Spencer (Pre-Death):

Kyle and you would go to see the Christmas lights and skate for a little. It had became almost a tradition amongst the pair of you, since he didn’t want to spend time with his mum and you wanted to spend Christmas with him. You’d probably both fumble and stumble on the ice, Kyle falling over a handful of times and cursing under his breath. You’d skate over to him, helping him up, he’d wrap his arm around your waist, mumbling against your shoulder blade that he wasn’t letting you go.

 After you were done skating, slightly damp and the cold are getting to you slightly. You’d take a seat on a blanket, watching the couples and families skate across the ice almost effortlessly. Kyle would exhale, watching the large Christmas tree behind the ice rink. The bright, colourful lights twinkling in the night beautifully. He’d lean back on his elbows, exhaling and watching his breath disappear into the night sky. He glanced over at you, to find your eyes already on him. 

“Merry Christmas, Kyle.“ 

“Merry Christmas, Y/N, thank you for making this holiday bearable.”

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Jimmy Darling:

As like every year, the people in camp would have a huge feast, laughing and eating, getting drunk and making eggnog. It was tradition in the Freakshow, they didn’t expect gifts nor did they give, because they were just happy to be in each other’s company. The same was with you and Jimmy. 

The both of you would pull on coats, scarves, gloves and hats, before fetching Ma Petite and heading outside to play in the snow. You’d join forces with Ma Petite and hide behind a tree, gathering snow balls and peaking round the tree, watching Jimmy run from tree to tree, trying to get close enough to get a good hit. Just as he was sprinting between trees, Ma Petite would start throwing snow balls, you soon joining in. Jimmy was hit in the head, arm and chest, toppling over into the snow with a poof. Ma Petite, unsuspectingly, would rush out, the crisp white snow crunching under her feet. She sunk onto her knees beside Jimmy, his eyes closed and his tongue sticking out his mouth.

“Jimbo? Are you dead?” She’d squeak, poking his cheek.

You’d come out soon after, laughing at Jimmy’s act. Jimmy’d roar to life, grabbing her by the waist and mercilessly tickling her sides, making her too topple over and giggle hysterically. Jimmy’d finally stop and she’d gasp for air, scowling at him. He lay back down, grabbing your ankle and pulling you down too. You’d lie on your back, staring up at the grey sky, watching the snow flakes fall down. You’d wave your arms and legs, giggling, creating a snow angel underneath you. Soon Jimmy and Ma Petite would join in, laughter filled the air.

After all the fun and games were over, you’d all trudge back to camp, clothes soaked and noses red from the chilly air. You’d then snuggle with Jimmy in bed, drinking hot chocolate.

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James March:

James would host a huge Christmas ‘gathering’ as he would call it, he refused to call it a party. He invited all the guests in the hotel and even the staff, to your surprise even Miss Evers was on the guest list - which you appreciated. He even promised not to kill during the festive day, which didn’t go unnoticed by the people familiar with James. They thought he would’ve gone crazy when they got the invite, before assuming that it was just an accuse to get all the guests in one place to kill and torture them, but they were wrong. Since your appearance in the hotel, James was enjoying the festive season a ton more, as was the hotel.You’d all drink and dance to all different types of music, laughing and talking the  night away.

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New Year’s Kiss

Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,138

Warnings: language, Jensen being adorable af (yes that’s a warning)

A/N: This is for @one-shots-supernatural 10k Celebration Challenge!! Sorry it has taken me so freaking long to get this out but here we go!! I hope you enjoy it!!! I wrote it pretty fast so it might actually be shit tbh….

*throws it and runs away to hide under the Christmas tree*

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