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I think there’s something strangeley musical about noise. If you take a high frequency and pitch it way down to where it’s aliasing, you’ve got a pretty cool thing. You layer that in the mix, and suddenly it becomes thicker, even though sometimes you can’t necessarily hear it. A song like “Mr. Self Destruct”, obviously you’re going to hear it, it sounds like a vacuum cleaner running through the whole thing. But a lot of times it just thickens things up without being noticed as, “Oh he’s just layering some noise in there.”

guys i suddenly remembered that when i was like 10 or something i had a neopets account and lied abt my age so i could go on the forums and there was this one girl who was really mean so i made friends with this other girl and we started an alliance and called this girl out whenever we could and we called our alliance The Dark Side and we had star wars themed aliases and got a ton of other people to join our alliance and the mean girl had a bunch of people on her side too and i made a second account to go undercover and m a n it was Wild

Life on the Road

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Written for @atc74 and @mamaredd123‘s Fabulous 300 Challenge

Prompts: Drivin’ My Life Away by Eddie Rabbit, main character kills someone, acceptance

Characters/Pairing: Reader, Sam, Dean

Word Count: 3.5k

Warning: You kill someone

Paved roads, gravel roads, dirt roads, any roads–you’ve driven them all. It’s been at least two years, maybe more, maybe less, since you left home. You’ve never really kept track of the time. You had intended to find a job, an apartment, roots somewhere–anywhere really–but instead you found that the open road called your name and you didn’t need roots; you just needed gasoline and places to go. There was this diner and that diner, this landmark and that landmark, so many places to see and experience, none of them important in your family’s eyes, but all of them worthwhile to you. It was the same routine everyday but with new people, new landscapes, and new foods. You weren’t sure if you’d found yourself yet either, but life had found you one way or another, in the form of a 1972 Chevy Cheyenne and rubber meeting the road. You were content.

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The foxes meet uncle Stuart. Maybe he needs Neil's help with something? Because let's face it, before he started making 'mistakes' and sacrificing everything to stay he was pretty damn good at what he did.

Andrew was staring at him, his arms crossed, ready to kick him out the second he made any move that even suggested he was going to take Neil away. He had wanted to kick him out before he even got his foot in the door but Neil had insisted on hearing what he had to say. So now, Neil, Stuart, Kevin, Nicky, and Andrew were in their living room in awkward silence, waiting.

Finally, Stuart cleared his throat.

“I need your help, Nathaniel.”

“It’s Neil now.”Andrew’s fingers dug into his bicep, needing to stop himself from taking a swing at this guy.

Stuart nodded. “Right, Neil.”

Neil regarded him cautiously. He was family, the only family who had been able to save him from his father, but he was still a member of the mob and he didn’t know how far he could trust.

“You’re calling in your favor, right?”

“Favor?” Nicky sounded horrified. “From what, saving your life? You’re family! What is this, the Godfather?”

“Be quiet, Nicky.” Neil didn’t take his eyes off Stuart. “What do you need me to do?”

“I need one of your aliases. I’ve got someone looking to disappear, and I want to give him an identity that’s already been established so he’s not coming in out of nowhere.”

Neil nodded. “I can give you my German one, I’ve still got the passport and birth certificate for it.”

Andrew stiffened at this. He didn’t like the idea that Neil had some contingency plan hidden away at the back of his closet in case he needed to run again. On the other hand, if he was giving it away he hadn’t been thinking about using it. Of course, there were still so many more…

“What did you look like then?”

“Blonde, with green contacts.”

Stuart nodded, writing this down in a small notebook. “Anyone you knew that could verify his identity? Old contacts you could call in?”

“An ex bodyguard we had there, I’ll see what he can do. If not, I’m sure the Moriyamas have someone there they can put up to it.”

It was strange seeing Neil like this. Andrew had seen him backed into a corner, wild eyed with fear and willing to do anything to survive. He had imagined that was how Neil had always been while on the run, but now he could see that wasn’t true. Here Neil was calm and pragmatic, recalling all the necessary information from the old days on a second’s notice. Andrew wondered if he’d always be like that; instinctually ready to run, knowing exactly where to go and who to be.

Stuart continued to pepper Neil with questions on how best for this person to take on this German persona. His fake background, where he could have been all this time, fake family, what his mother’s persona had been. The whole time Nicky looked sick and Kevin looked horrified, truly realizing the life he’d almost had. He’d been beaten and tortured by Riko, he’d had to run after his hand was all but destroyed. But he hadn’t run like this. He hadn’t been Neil. He hadn’t known the spray of bullets after him, the feel of them cracking through muscle and bone, and saw of a knife over his skin. Andrew hated the thought, and hated more that it was all being brought back for Neil in this place that was supposed to be safe.

“Alright, that’s all I should need for now.” Stuart tucked away the notebook as Neil went to get the paperwork he would need for whoever this was to take up Neil’s old identity. “If I need anything else-”

“You can call,” Andrew finished for him. He didn’t want any more mob bosses from Neil’s past popping in and out like they belonged here. They weren’t part of Neil’s life anymore.

When he came back and handed over what Stuart needed, Andrew took stock of him. Face neutral and composed, hands still and firm, but shoulders trembling ever so slightly. It would take him a while to come down from this later tonight. If Kevin tried to get him to go to their midnight training session, Andrew would threaten to break his other hand.

“That should be all. I’ll stay out of touch unless I need you.”

Neil nodded. “Alright. And… Thank you, Stuart.”

He cocked his head to the side. “For what?”

“For whoever this is you’re helping run away.”

Stuart lowered his head a little, the formality going away ever so slightly. “It’s what I would have done for you and your mother, had I known.”

“I know. Goodbye.”

“Goodbye, Neil Josten. I hope it is a very long time before we hear from each other again.”

“So do I.” Neil walked him out, closing the door firmly behind him and locking it. He took a deep breath in, and Andrew waited, ready in case Neil needed him, needed to break after that harsh call from the past. But instead he just let the breath out slowly, relaxing his shoulders.

“You alright, Abram?”

“Yes, Andrew. I’m alright.”

The man named... 2

I was daydreaming on the bus, and–

Lin Chen’s the kind of guy who’s A+ at bullshitting people, and when it comes to undercover/Jiangzuo Alliance work, this means he’s always got at least 5 aliases ready to use at any time.

On the other hand, Zhen Ping’s the kind of guy who prepares meticulously for everything else, but always forgets to think up a fake name. So they’re both on a mission this one time, hiding behind a building. Lin Chen is like, “If we get caught, just give them your fake name straight away; make them think you’ll co-operate” and Zhen Ping is like “Shit, I forgot to think of a name again.” Lin Chen pauses for a moment and then says, “You know what you can use…”

(Zhen Ping is like “F U, you can keep 夏夏 to yourself.”)

Thankfully, they don’t get caught, so he doesn’t have to use anything, but the next time Zhen Ping needs an alias, he panics and blurts out the first thing that comes to mind, which is “我名叫夏夏。”

Later, everyone hears about it, and Lin Chen doesn’t say anything, but his face is unbearably smug, and Zhen Ping is like “真是可恨。” 囧

And then, because he’s a huge troll as well, the next time Li Gang and Zhen Ping are out together and someone asks for them to identify themselves, Li Gang is like “咱们是夏夏的人。” and Zhen Ping is like “F U, Li Gang.”

It turns into an in-joke, and then the Jiangzuo Alliance people just start using it everywhere when they’re doing business. But bc their business involves a lot of fighting for great justice, 夏夏’s reputation grows until he (and also she, bc Gong Yu used it that one time as well) gradually achieves cult status among the people as the greatest Xuanjing Bureau operative. Eventually the Emperor hears about it and calls Xia Jiang in, and says “I’ve heard reports about your operative in the Jianghu. He’s doing excellent work, keep it up.” And then he adds “Look, I don’t wanna tell you how to name your disciples, and I know you’re into the naming themes and all, but seriously, 夏夏?”

So now Xia Jiang’s gotta secretly find this guy, bc he can’t admit to the Emperor that 夏夏 is nothing to do with him, but according to his reports, the €¤§€¡¿}{#@& seems to be in five different places at once, heroically saving the day in each one, solving cases the real Xuanjing Bureau operatives can’t, is a master swordsman and a musician and a physician of some sort and a genius strategist (because MCS can’t help himself), and most importantly, can only ever be tracked to the Jianghu border, after which he (or she, and how can they not even be sure of the gender!?) disappears. In canon-esque times, Xia Jiang gives up because he can’t justify the expenditure and the legend of 夏夏 lives on… (because Xia Jiang still can’t admit that it’s not his operative)

In happier times, though, because everyone comes in and out of the Lin estate, Xia Jiang manages to trace them, even though he doesn’t know precisely who it is. So he sends officers in who are like “这夏夏给交出来!” and Lin Shu figures, that with the Empress Dowager around, he’ll be the one who gets off the lightest, so he’s like “I am 夏夏.” But Jingyan is there too, and he feels that, as a prince (and with Prince Qi around) it’d better be him, so he’s like “No, I am 夏夏.” But Zhen Ping guiltily remembers that time he was 夏夏 and accidentally set off that bomb, and he doesn’t want his Young Marshal or Prince Jing taking the blame for that, so he jumps forward, like “No, I am 夏夏!” And Li Gang remembers that time he was 夏夏 and offended that governor so he’s like ”I’m 夏夏!”. Lin Chen is a troll, so he swaggers forward as well, tosses his hair back like, “Quite obviously, I am the real 夏夏!” and then the whole Lin mansion is filled with 夏夏s and the poor bureau officers can’t arrest ALL of them, and so they arrest none of them and Xia Jiang coughs up blood in rage and has to seek medical attention.

(In a modern day AU, they start a hashtag, #weare夏夏.)

it is a miracle that i managed to finish this before christmas ended considering how many times my hand was not cooperating for this! even if tumblr killed the quality a-ahaha…,,,

anywho, this is for the usuk secret santa to aphfeli, sorry that i couldn’t include the snowball fight portion of the request,i hope that you’ll enjoy this anyway and that you’re having a wonderful holiday!