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“If you could order a crime as one orders a dinner, what would you choose?”

“A very simple crime. A crime with no complications. A crime of quiet domestic life… very unimpassioned — very intime… Supposing, that four people sit down to play bridge and one, the odd man out, sits in a chair by the fire. At the end of the evening the man by the fire is found dead. One of the four, while he is dummy, has gone over and killed him, and intent on the play of the hand, the other three have not noticed. Ah, there would be a crime for you! Which of the four was it?”
- Agatha Christie, The ABC Murders


Lost characters according to Sawyer: 9/10 - miscellaneous I

does anyone even remember forever anymore like that whole year or so of my life just seems like a weird dream nowadays its so surreal how quickly i lost contact with almost everyone sakjdhksah like. i shed so many tears but had such a good n pure time bc of that show n now its like it doesnt even exist anymore.. rip

Ok, I want everyone to stop what they're doing

If you haven’t already, I want you to watch Galavant. It’s a really good show that was on ABC and got cancelled. It’s only 18 episodes (two seasons) long, and it’s on Netflix. The songs are by Alan Menken, the same guy who wrote the soundtracks for Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Tangled, Pocahontas, Enchanted, Hercules, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and so much more. The show is has ridiculously catchy songs which will get stuck in your head. Not only that, but the humor in it is great. Both of these are quotes from the show:

Galavant: You know, sometimes I see this glimmer in you. You know, you’re-
Madalena: Eat that last danish and I will reach down your throat, pull it out, and beat you to death with it.
Galavant: Never mind.

Galavant: Aren’t you sugar and spice and everything nice?
Isabella: Well, aren’t you rudeness, and sarcasm and everything… Oh…
Galavant: No, go on. You find something that rhymes with sarcasm and makes sense, and I’ll take the fall tonight.

Galavant isn’t being renewed for a third season, but it is being turned into a Broadway musical. It’s a really great show and I really hope more people will watch and enj

Here’s the thing - ABC will keep Once Upon A Time on for FAR too long and even put out a Season 7 without most of the major characters yet for Still Star Crossed, they doom it out of the gate.

This show has everything.  Several lead characters who are strong women, not to mention women of color, romance, great premise and the potential to really dig into some fun story lines and they blow it. Set it up to fail from the beginning. You would think that the money they sank into this thing would entice them to give it some room to breathe and grow, but, nope.

I’m mad. Seriously mad.